Poll: Should We Sign Defoe – Yes or No!

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33 Responses to Poll: Should We Sign Defoe – Yes or No!

  1. He knows he made a big mistake handing in his transfer request on the last day of the season.

    His fault or badly advised ?

    Time heals, there is no doubting his quality !

    Yes from me to sign him !

  2. J CORDWELL says:


  3. Chrissy says:


    He has signed a deal with MTV that will show him in a fly on the wall documentary, I think this will just reveal scandle etc… he’s knocking about with Teddy Sheringhams old flame Danniella, who was involved in the Big Brother racism claims. Is she using him or is he using her??? I think it will end in loads of media attention for the wrong reasons, we had enough of that last year.

    Defo Nooooo

  4. Yes I think we should try and sign any quality player that will improve the team, but would he come back to West Ham, I very much doubt it.

  5. Iron Man says:

    Time heals?

    Defoe to lead the strike force?

    Lets offer Paul Ince the manager’s role and Yossi Benayoun that of the Youth Team Coach as well while we’re about it.

    West Ham fans are famous for reminding elephants of things that they have forgotten…ask Clive Thomas.

    As Jim Royle would say

    ‘Jermain Defoe? Jermain my ar$@!’

    Never, never, never, never, never.

  6. Brian Sains says:

    A great big YES from me too. A badly advised young man left us, but a proven scorer he is.

  7. Mark says:

    No, let the little man know what it feels like to be kicked while youre down. We can sign much better quality from Europe and for half the price, we have a good English contingent already.

  8. Steve says:

    When we played the Spuds a month ago, the whole ground was singing “Jermaine Defo you’re a c*nt” which I proudly participated in because…. well, just because he is! Would you wan to come back, I certainly wouldn’t!

  9. Rob McLean says:

    His quality is there for all to see, but do we really want a player who requested a transfer the last day of the season and when he didn’t get it forced the issue the following season by being sent off 3 times on the trott and was told he faced a 10 match ban if he got a fourth forcing Westham to sell him?

    No I’d much rather sign a player without a past history like that who actually wants to play in the claret & blue.

    As to time heals, ask Paul Ince!

  10. Josh says:

    Regardless of what a twat he may or may not be, he IS exactly the kind of forward player we need, a striker who can work infront of the opposition. We’ll never be a force at Upton Park without a striker like Defoe on our books.

    No way he’ll come though.

  11. josh (west ham fan till i die) says:

    we are in need of strikers and i think if he can do what he did when he was with us then uefa cup here we come

  12. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Yes because he is quality but it just wouldn’t work given the bad blood.

  13. Vas says:

    Definitely a resounding “NO”. Surely we can buy someone that is as good, if not better, than someone willing to sell out, at the drop of a hat.

  14. derek hill says:

    no for his sake as well as ours

  15. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    I am abstaining from the (too simplified?) vote since only management KNOW the WHOLE situation. I argue that I am simply terrace-prole amongst thousands & that it isn’t my place to dictate by conspiring to undermine the professional leaders of my chosen team.
    If he comes, those that don’t like the decision could stay away for no more than one match, get over what ever upsets them and then resume the claret and blue march on toward Euro-footie.
    In precis: a) don’t be a headache for the management in their endavour to get us the best TEAM possible, or b) get so well qualified, respected, able or rich that the WHUFC board would be utterly daft not to oust Curb’s for your humble ass or invite you onto the board.

  16. Andrew says:

    Yeah we should go from him. We need another forward, due to all the injuries, and a quick and nippy one at that. Defoe is proven, wouldn’t need to settle in before he started banging in a few goals and would probably be much cheaper than a lot of forwards to buy, for that level of quality. Sod the past, lets move on to the future. YES.

  17. Trevor says:

    A definate ‘NO’ from me! He was quoted in the sun today saying, ‘I will not be forced out of spurs, the club I love.’… ok Jermaine THE FOE… what would you be saying if they went down this season like we did in 2004? Will he say ‘ I dont want to leave because I love you and would play in the conference for spurs, the team I love…’ trollox, he’d be outta there as quick as you can say ’50 grand a week’! What if Man Utd came in, ‘sorry boys, got a richer lover now.. you’re chucked.’ I hate Defoe, he’s a twat! If we buy him I will boo every touch… WHOS WITH ME??

  18. Biffo the bear says:

    these are opinions mate, even though we’re not members of the board or management team we’re still entitled to have, express and share them. The board, manager, coaches, players will all come and go, we’re the only ones who never leave,
    we ARE West Ham United

  19. threewheeling says:

    NO WAY do i ever want to see that mini judas in a hammers shirt again, hope he rots on the bench at shite hart lane for the next 18 months

  20. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Biffo, good point that you make in that we are keen West Ham supporters. Incidentally, I’m not a fan (as in ‘fanatic’) because I have a life other than supporting West Ham. I have taken a spank for being a Hammer and couldn’t change.
    Meanwhile, every winning entity in history has been achieved with an individual (and their management structure) at the front/top. Some of our folk really believe that they are qualified to hob-nob alongside Sir Trev and would wreck home spirit by booing into the 22nd millenium due to some pitiful grievance from an age ago that their neighbours granny may have heard about in a chippy.
    My place is behind our leadership, whatever THEIR decision, which I’d never boo because COYI is my middle name. I was gutted when Defoe dumped on us …but we are now sufficiently proven to embrace those willing to march us forward. Except if they’re French, obviously ; )

  21. The Rooster says:

    If he is about £2 million, then yes, but anymore than that, than No!!
    By the looks of things, the hammers will be going full boost without Defoe or Bent (Whom i would much rather have) I think Curbs days are looking rosier, with the players we have coming back.. WoooHoooo

  22. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    There’s been some talk in the press about us going after the Brazilian forward Fred. He’s 24,very skilfull and scores lot’s of goals. Reminds me of a young Di Canio. Check out his goals per game-very impressive.
    Talk is he is available for the 10M mark. Rather him than Defoe any day.

  23. supernumbersix says:

    1. No
    2. He’s only at Spuds because Manure haven’t come in for him. Soon as a ‘big’ club show real interest he’ll be gone.
    3. No
    4. He wouldn’t come back anyway.
    5. No
    6. Seems like everytime he comes off the bench he scores. So why does he not get a start? First under Jol now Juande. And now Ramos tells him he can go. Is there something we don’t know?
    7. And although I fear management may have a different agenda, I say an even BIGGER NO to Bent.

  24. vdm says:

    This one has certainly divided opinion – I can’t always work him out – sometimes when he’s interviewed he comes across as an arrogant, cliched ***, but I’ve also seen him come across as semi intelligent (for a footballer).
    I don’t think there’s any doubt that from a footballing point of view he would do the business, but there would always be a core of fans who would never forgive no matter what he did on the pitch.
    I think the most telling thing is the 3 sending offs – I might be wrong but I don’t think he’s hardly been booked never mind sent off either before or since and I think that says alot about the type of character he really is ( though he is now older and maybe wiser.

  25. Frank Rotterdam says:

    there are so many similar players on the continent, like Mark already mentioned. For less dough as well. He ain’t exactly a regular innit? It might even be like we’re helping him out. That may never be the case as the little twat simply doesn’t deserve it. Especially not with us. Let him rot on the bench indeed. A very big NO. Even thinking about him returning winds me up. Arrogant little pr*ck.

  26. Ian the Hammer says:

    Ha ha ha, are you havin a Steffi Ian. Defiantly NO!

  27. headmaster1 says:

    Agree with Rooster that price is a consideration here, tho he knows full well we certainly aint gettin him at that price. 4-5 million tho and we just might!
    Whilst I too, like Steve, enjoyed singing about the sililarity of Jermain to that charming word for female genitalia, I would reckon that a few weeks of a few of the boo boys would soon subside as soon as he started bursting the onion bag for us again! God only knows we do need a genuine goal scorer…….

  28. HammerRon says:

    Hell NO

  29. Upton Spark says:


    Let’s face it;he is a quality striker-YES
    Is he being dealt with fairly at Spurs-NO
    Would he be accepted back at West Ham by the fans-NO
    Would he be happy at West Ham-NO
    Would he get abuse from the fans-YES

    Three NO’S and two YES’S
    The answer then is NO
    Sorry Jermain-you are not wanted.

  30. Dan F says:

    Although he’s been bad with us in the past he was only like 20 when he did them, personally i agree with all those saying about his ability, he’s a good striker, much better than the likes of boa morte and marlon harewood! Give him a break! He’s hardly treated fairly at Tottenham and probably regrets leaving us!

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