Should we go After Defoe?

Jermaine Defoe has announced that Ramos has told him he can leave White Hart Lane. He says he wants to stay, but if a new manager tells you you’re not wanted it’s a fair bet you’ll be gone pdq.

The big question is: should West Ham try to re-sign him? He’s a proven goalscorer and an England international. But can we forgive him for the manner of his leaving, and is he too similar to Craig Bellamy.

Over to you.


35 Responses to Should we go After Defoe?

  1. Nick says:

    Yes! He is one of best finishers that i have seen in the premier league and once he starts scoring all the hostility would pass. The question is would he want to join us!?

  2. Stu B says:

    He’s a proven goalscorer so I’d say go for him. Can’t see him wanting to return though and doubt many of the fans would accept him back either.

  3. darren says:

    no, good god no!!

  4. Always liked Defoe but was very disapointed when he left us. He should have stayed with us when we were relegated.
    I think that really defines a true Hammer. I know it was a long time ago but true champions like Billy Bonds, Trevor Brooking and Frankie Lampard stayed with us when we were relegated.
    He had his chance but he showed his true colours when he jumped ship.

  5. bryan says:

    if we are ambitious yes.
    although the past may get in the way.

  6. hammer says:

    Listen Defoe is a great finisher and a proven goal scorer, we have to get over this oh put he left us crap, at the end of the day we got relegated, wot england international do u know that would stay with a relegated ream? and anyway he stayed for a while and helped us back up, if we can get him cheap i.e less than 6 mil then hes a bargain that i think is worth having + we need 1 more top foward. Any decent hammers fan with even a tiny bit of football knowledge has to agree with me.

  7. Steve Legge says:

    No f$££ing way, he done us over and mugged us off so let him go to the midlands where all the london rejects go, maybe he could link up with harewood!!!!!!!

  8. Prince H says:

    Yes. Proven and better goalscorer tan Bellamy. Made a stupid mistake and listened to his agent – but he was too yong and stupid then – and has apologised. So yes. Rather him than Bent. Or Nugent.

  9. Tom says:

    I was at both the home games over Xmas and the the answer from the fans around me is a resounding yes. He is the perfect tonic to complement what we already have, and will score alot of goals which is what we are missing at the moment. he will feed of Bellers or Deano. If we want european footie next season, then he is a must. Forget the past and lets move forward, he is a better aquisition than Bent, Crouch and any of the others than are being banded around.

  10. tony oliver says:

    i do not think he would want come so i think the club would look silly chasing him
    i would try prise robbie keene away

  11. englands number 6 says:

    i would rather stick my d*ck in a vat of boiling oil than watch that mercenary wear the claret and blue. Dont ever forget that a rat leaves a sinking ship, and he jumped the moment his toes got wet, unforgivable.

  12. Darren says:

    No! This is the man who – when refused a move at a time when he could have proved our salvation and made his name (he might even have ousted Theo Walcott from the world cup squad on the back of a year spent in a goal-fest) – chose instead to get sent off repeatedly to avoid having to play. And if it wasn’t bad enough that he was doing it to us, he was doing doing it to Sir Trev, a genuine, gold-plated legend. I saw him dismissed at Gillingham and it was the act of a five-star ****. No thanks, I’d rather give Britney Spears the number 9 shirt. She’s much more reliable, she hasn’t scored a penalty against Rob Green and she didn’t go to the last world cup either – so it’s not like the credentials are too different.

  13. Ironsssss says:

    Yes he is a great goalscorer and would be a far better option than Camara/Zamora/Cole. Ashton and defoe/Bellamy would be fantastic. Go get him curbs.

  14. Jonnyhammer says:

    Yes we should…though I doubt he would give us a thought….he is a top class finisher and proven goalscorer. He wasvery badly advised with the whole transfer request incident, I hope his agent got a severe rollicking

    As I said I dont think he would consider an offer from us for that reason

  15. Nick says:

    No way, some clubs and fans may be willing to forgive and forget but not only would he be a terribly unsettling influence at the club the most important thing is he is not good enough to be in the totenscum side so how the hell is he going to fit in behind Ashton Bellamy et al? He will sit on the bench whinging and whinning like the mini Ince he is. And before anyone thinks this is just because he left us, it is not, we have welcomed back many players over the years with open arms, Dicks, Frankie Mac and TC, even players who are playing for other clubs like Tevez. It is not because he left we hate him it is how and why. Let him look for his forty pieces of silver elsewhere.

  16. Russell says:

    I couldnt care less if he became the greatest footballing talent ever, he’s a dirty, sneaky rat who is only welcome at Upton Park so we can sing his song to him. I know he loves it.

  17. Johnny says:

    Fine player, but on balance I think not. I just don’t think that he is mentally strong enough to overcome the abuse he will get from certain sections of the crowd. Maybe he deserves it, I don’t know. but that is not the question.

    Similar to Bellamy? Not sure that he is, more of a poacher than Bellers I think. He won’t unsettle defenders in the way that Bellamy does or work as hard. His selfishness is admirable in some ways for a striker, but it will really p*ss off Deano etc.

  18. leo says:

    No,No,No,No…the man is a fool

  19. NunheadHammer says:

    One thing to remember is this: when Curbs made all those signings in the summer, many fans questioned his decision to sign players who are injury-prone – with now disastrous conseqences.
    Defoe on the other hand does not fall in this category – he would link up well with Ashton. I think we should forgive and forget if the price was right.

  20. Biffo the bear says:

    Trevor Brooking said, when Mr Defoe asked for a transfer before having a shower in Birmingham that the boy was badly advised. It seems he has now parted company with his agent and it’s possible that he has finally realised that as well. I’m trying to be un-biased here, thinking of what’s best for West Ham United.

    He’s a proven goalscorer, gets in the box, very dangerous, almost undefendable on his day. If played regularly, which, for some reason he hasn’t been at every club he’s been at, he’ll get 10-15 goals a season.

    As for being like Bellamy, I don’t think he is, Bellamy breaks from deeper, runs at people, fires the ball into the box where someone like Defoe hunts for scraps.

    It’s beginning to sound like it could be a dream partnership. Let’s forget that he not only wanted out less than 24 hours after we were relegated, but that he deliberately collected three red cards in the fizzy pop league and forced the club to offload him in the January. Let’s also forget that he hasn’t managed to get in the first team at *hite Hart Lane, even when they were crying out for goals.

    let’s forget that he seems to have realised that he needs to settle and fight for a place and has grown up a lot since he left us

    Or…no let’s not forget any of it, he’s a pr*ck, let’s not have anything to do with him.

    There….. the balance is restored.
    ……and relax.

  21. Stuart says:

    I agree with Johnny. He couldn’t / wouldn’t want to come back and is probably not teh kind of striker we need in our squad right now.

  22. nr2iron says:

    A pretty mixed reaction and my bet is that long established irons like myself will say NO but the new breed will want him as they also have short memories.

  23. englands number 6 says:

    Are you lot who wants him back deluded or something? or shall we say ahh he was only young, ill advised. and (hammer) what do you mean he stayed for a while and got us back up? no he didnt he asked for a transfer in the changing room. and you say any decent hammers fan with a tiny bit of knowledge! you obviously havnt got any, or you are too young. numpty

  24. JackHammer says:

    I think Defoe would fit the team very well, he is a professional and will play his best for us. He jumped ship very quickly but modern footballers are selfish, and to expect old fashioned loyalty is unrealistic, we should just buy him and enjoy the goals. Some other striker is going to be upset warming the bench so Curbs would want to be sure!

  25. Darren Lawrence says:

    We’re a funny lot us West Ham supporters. Something tells me that although Defoe left under a cloud if he came back and started knocking in a few goals he could become the unlikeliest of cult heroes.

  26. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    What a bloody mess this talented individual has caused.
    Whatever happens …and whoever plays in C&B will get my support because the players and the board & management are C&B too. However, the players can and frequently only play for the money, the board want to make some profit and I …if I don’t like giving them my wages, can stay away to watch/hear the games on the telly/radio. For us to want it all ways and conspire to dictate what OUR management should do is puerile . So, why don’t we trust in whatever the management decide and shut the f**k-up to simply cheer for the C&B and stop kidding ourselves that, as a collective or whole, we are all Alf Ramsey. (The British motorbike industry went where our international team status now finds itself …I argue that both were/are initiated by gob-shite-power)

  27. leon says:

    yes we should with out adoubt we should try and sign him but will curbs go for him i doubt it he fanices bent more witch is shame cos jamie is top class and i think we would welcome him back with open arms come curbs get him back

  28. Kate says:

    No, No, No. He was selfish and rash and I was glad to see the back of him.

  29. west ham johnny says:

    i dont think it will happen, curbs wont spend much money if any this window and will most likely bring in 1 or 2 loan deals as when everyone is fit we will have a big enough squad. if he was to sign a striker then i’d take him back as i no once he scored a few goals we’d all forgive him…….. thats just football!!!

    i reckon we’ll sign nugent on loan from pompey if they sign a striker to replace him.

  30. Clapton says:

    He has a bad attitude, goals to shot ratio is abismal, he’s greedy, why do you think he’s on the bench at Spuds!! not good enough!! none of the big clubs are intrested in him, why should we be??

  31. Andy says:

    Greedy, greedy, greedy, not a team player. No thanks.

  32. Painter says:

    no chance – even if he is that good (and i am not convinced he is) some things are sacred and we cant let jumped up little prima donnas mug us off. there are plenty of other options just as good as him ou there.

    dont sign him curbs, i much prefer him as the enemy – did you see his face when he missed that penalty – fucking priceless!!!

  33. ironsmith says:

    Would it really be worth all the fuss especially as we could get a better player from abroad? Nevertheless as a player he would improve greatly on what we have playing up front right now so I would say yes as a last resort but come on curbs you know there is better around than cisse, nugent! Fred from lyon sounds perfect!

  34. Samuel says:

    You are making big mistake to let Defoe go, because he one of the striker who can make things happen from nowhere.

    Defoe is hardworking and passioned for goals and whenever he got a chance to prove him self as a striker he does that beyond measure.

    He is a super striker who can use his individual shooting skill to the advantage of all.

    Why getting rid of him now after all such sacrifices he make and continue to make for spurs.

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