Survey Results 3: Players You Think Should Be Sold

These are the players you reckon should take a hike out of Upton Park…

Nigel Quashie 91.1%
Calum Davenport 81.6%
Christian Dailly 79%
Henri Camara 69.6%
John Pantsil 22.5%
Bobby Zamora 21.5%
Luis Boa Morte 20%
Freddie Ljungberg 19.6%

No one else scored more than 19%. Astonishingly two people want to sell Matthew Upson, three would be happy to sell Dean Ashton and four want to get rid of George McCartney. If I could name and shame them I would!


20 Responses to Survey Results 3: Players You Think Should Be Sold

  1. denis mcallister says:

    Got to be pantsil and boa morte ,both are usless nowhere near premiarship class.

  2. Vin says:

    I believe Benitez should cash in on Peter Crouch while he still can, he runs the risk of injuring the lanky striker. With the money from the sale tie up Mascherano to a long term deal. Even selling Sammi Hypia would be a wise move given the facrt his getting to the age where he would quit the club and take up a longer contract at a lower Premiership side

  3. Vin says:

    Appoligies i didnt see this was a West Hame site, but in saying that Boa Morte should definately go, he hasnt performed upto standard and he would be better suited to a Championship side

  4. Biffo the bear says:

    I can understand the top three, Camara hasn’t really been given a chance yet. Johnny Pants is a great player, he just needs to be played on the right of midfield, definitely a valuable squad player. I can’t quite come to terms with 21.5% of people wanting to sell Bobby Zamora, a very puzzling statistic, does no-one remember the play-off final? The away goals in the first season back in the premiership? The goal at Anfield? Sol Campbell mugged off in his own box and a perfect left-footed shot placed in the Highbury net? Playing his heart out at the end of last season having injections in his knee before every game? Is 21.5% the same percentage of people who are completely bonkers? Boa-Morte has also improved this season and, i reckon, should be kept although I wouldn’t really be that upset if he went…. but Zamora???? Please. (cue “yeah but what has he done this season?”) Loyalty, that’s what this club is about, certainly what it’s about off the field, this is a West Ham boy we’re talking about and I refer the honourable gentlemen to the examples of his fine footballing abilities that I outlined some moments ago.

    By the way, Christian Dailly (football genius) has been a great servant to the club, even if he did put through his own net away to The Wall, but his time has certainly passed now. “….. I want curly hair toooooooo….”

  5. Fish says:

    i think pants and zamora are a bit too high up that list. pants is just starting to find some form after no games in ages, so give him time. boa morte may be lacking in the final ball but he’s useful for wearing down a defence in order for a sub striker to have an easier time when he comes on. so when curbs uses him it’s always strategic so he has his uses. as for the numpty who voted for mccartney, he must have thought we’d signed heather mills recently to make bellamy look more sane!

  6. benny hammer says:

    TBH i honestly think that pantsil has done a brill job in the two games he played for us in ! he is a player who isnt affraid to get stuck in and challange for balls ! brill reserve at least and should defo not be sold ! as for deano ! i think he has been awfull the last couple of games that i saw over the xmas period ! one of them being the reading game ! i know the whole team could have done a better job but i think deano was particulrly poor that game and hopefully just lacks match practice. i am hopefull our summer signings which make our 1st squad will be able to gell as a team when they start playing together otherwise we are in trouble of loosing some much needed points ! oh and i personally think the bobby and lyunberg votes were a bit harsh s they have just not been fit ! along with most in that top lot voted to be transfered !

  7. there is no point in asking people for their opinion and then castigating them for it


  8. Aphammer says:

    Davenport should be sent back to Spuds and Quashie sent home or anywhere else. Keep Zamora, Lujungberg and Boa Morte but sell the rest on the list.

  9. matt says:

    Have a word with yourself Dennis! Pantsill may not be top of the prem tree but with his passion and fight that he has been showing he is a valuable member of any squad, especially with our injury jinx! Boa Morte I agree a shame he can’t show some of his earlier Fulham form.

  10. nr2iron says:

    Looks like Dennis has grassed himself up!

  11. Darren says:

    Zamora’s appearance on this list is outrageous and so (whisper it) is Boa Morte’s. He has been outstanding this season, especially when pushed on up front, and he and Cole (this getting more remarkable, I know) have linked up especially well. I’d take Matty over Boa Morte on the left-hand side, but in the hole or pushed up he is quick, intelligent and a little bit nasty (as that nice Mr Terry). And if that’s not controversial enough… Ljunberg is on a pension move, kick him out. He markets himself well – runs about a bit, waves his arms, has a lot to say – but is ineffective and we have better (Nobby, for example). And though I hate to say it, Deano has been looking like a busted flush the past three or four games. He isn’t working hard enough, we can all see he’s carrying some timber and from where I sit I see him warm up as well as on the pitch and for me he isn’t running freely. Lots of little half steps and a peculiar stride that doesn’t look entirely committed. It may be mental (on his part, not mine), but something isn’t right – he isn’t mobile enough or quick enough to cut it right now. It needs sorting.

  12. Ljungberg has been a big dissapointment. He is getting paid too much money for doing nothing on the field. The only problem is that no one will purchase him with his current form and injuries.
    Agree with Quashie (although he has been a bit unlucky with injuries), Davenport and let Daily go on a free due to his long service… he deserves some respect.
    Camara is on loan and has really been a flop. Shame as he was once a good player, not sure what went wrong.
    Pantsil, Zamora and Boa Morta are all decent players which are required to fill gaps due to injuries. You cannot survive at this level and be successful with a small to medium sized squad. This has been proven recently at WHU. Imagine if we did not have a large squad!

  13. englands number 6 says:

    totally agree, who in their right minds would sell Zamora, he only scores good goals , and dont forget important ones.
    i cant believe no one put Lucas Neils name forward, he is absolutely fuc*ing shite, he gives away more balls than Graham Norton in gay pride week. get rid of the overpaid aussie twat.

  14. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Biffo, as an Australian (a fair one at that, not like our arsehole cricketers) I too would get rid of Lucas…When he’s got the ball my heart is always in my mouth, his first touch is appauling and he he lacks ticker. He doesn’t chase nor does he play and lead like a captain! Sorry Lucas, but I think you belive your own pay-packet – off to Fulham my son!

  15. horsham hammer says:

    we just got to keep bobby! what on earth are you people thinking? boa, davenport and quashie should all go’ dont care where just get them off the wage bill, and for me if freddie aint performing by the summer he shoul go to!

  16. horsham hammer says:

    and i dont think lucus should be our captin, i’d give it to upson

  17. The Rooster says:

    I hate dilly dally dailly since the day he slated England off, id give him away free to Gillingham, thats if they want him! the rest can stay.
    What we do need is some quality players if we go up the league instead of pondering like in mid table like we are now, City and Villa have seem to making all the right moves, how come we dont?

  18. Upton Spark says:

    No surprise to me thay Quasie heads the poll to go.
    He was a panic buy at the time and he did just about do a job for us,but he is not a Premiership player.
    Send him back to the Championship along with Davenport.

    To the people that voted for Upson to go;
    Have you got sh1t in your eyes?
    Go and support Spurs or someone,but just go please.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    I wouldn’t be too surprised at some people’s selections, Iain. Most football supporters are a bit dim!

  20. Upton Spark says:

    I can not beleive you so called supporters who are running down Lucas Neil.
    I have been watching football for over 50 years now and he is as good as a lot of other defenders in the Premiership.
    Just for the record,he first came to us with an injury,got better then got another injury which took time to heal and then he had all the settling in period which isn’t easy,ie finding a home ,schools for the kids etc;
    On top of all this,my lad was a mascot against Everton the other week,and he had a long chat with Lucas who was very friendly and very helpfull to all the youngsters.
    He is the captain because he is the right man,plus our manager also says so.
    I would rather trust Curbs than some of our supporters who are mostly fickle!!

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