Jermaine Defoe Poll Results

The Jermaine Defoe poll has now closed. 450 of you took part and you split 55%-45% in favour of re-signing him. I’m slightly surprised by that, given the comments many of you made. Perhaps the silent majority has spoken!


22 Responses to Jermaine Defoe Poll Results

  1. lawrence says:


    We need a goalscorer and Defoe is a proven one at Premiership level. Its a case of needing the right player and he is probably the one we need.

  2. scott says:

    I think the ‘silent majority’ have remained silent and not even taken the poll!

  3. leon says:

    bring him back and soon

  4. Gee says:

    I don’t care about the man, just like the man don’t care about the club. Good football and goals is good enough for me.

  5. Pete says:

    well im shocked to be honest im suprised he got more than 5% we are a loyal buch as a rule and he showed us where his was with himself

  6. englands number 6 says:

    if he comes back it will be like paul ince x10. he would have to score 50 goals a season to stop the boo boys.

  7. colney says:

    no thanks.leave the snivling little sh1t to rot at the scum.

  8. Big Casino says:

    you can’t put Defoe’s wrong-doing in the same category as Ince……. come on, the guy handed in a transfer request 24 hours after we got relegated, he didn’t put a Spurs shirt on until we sold him some 8 months later at the end of the january transfer window…. and he didn’t put the spurs shirt on until after the deal was done………

    unlike lampard he still has a good word for the hammers fans and the club – and although he wouldn’t be my first choice if we’re going to shell uot £10m+ on a striker, he is a natural and proven goalscorer – and I for one would take him back.

  9. Biffo the bear says:

    I’m very surprised as well. I suppose it reflects the attitude that the players themselves have; whatever club they’re at is the one they love until they want to leave, nobody seems to care if a player is motivated by anything other than money. I do realise that football, for a player, is the business that they work in and money is a factor. There may be comparisons made to ordinary life ” if someone offered you more money to work for a competitor…” etc.
    I do feel that football is slightly different in that it arouses strong emotions in it’s ‘customers’ the fans. I believe that a football club is more than a sporting or entertainment business and something of it ‘belongs’ in a way, to the fans. As fans of West ham United, I believe, there are certain things which don’t sit right; slapping someone just for wearing the opposition shirt, leaving your mates behind, not standing your ground…things that ‘fans’ of other clubs do. Another, that doesn’t sit right with me is having a player back, regardless of ability, who disrespects the club which, undoubtedly, Mr Defoe has done. If he didn’t think he’d disrespected our club he wouldn’t feel the need to express regret for his behaviour, which he did before the home game in our first season back in the premier league. Other players have left and putting aside the usual “…I’ve supported (insert current club) since I was a boy and am proud to be here…” statements when signing for their new club have managed to complete their move elsewhere with their dignity intact and could quite easily end up coming back at some point.

    Whilst it is important that we have a striker that scores goals i do still think it’s more important that we try to keep hold of certain values as a club, and as a group of fans.

    So, I’m disappointed at the result of the poll but not really surprised, it seems like anything is now acceptable.

  10. Mac says:

    And Paul Ince for manager?

    If we were in a relegation battle, then just maybe. But when we’re mid-table, without even the full compliment of strikers, no way.

    Can’t see him being accepted again. And would he even want to rejoin given the level of abuse we put his way when he pops back once a season…

  11. horsham hammer says:

    dont want the short arse back , let him rot on the bench at spurs! he made his bed so……

  12. Batman says:

    I’d take him back and I’d have ince back too as manager. In a 442 article last year, Ince said no matter what people say, west ham will always be my team”. Theyve made mistakes, big deal, we all have.

  13. robbie tha hammer says:

    we do not want that runt back! have we all forgot he relegation day request? there is so much talent out there and we are talking about defoe, jermaine defoe. he’s only getting older, true he can score, but so can a fit bellamy, zamora and ashton. defoe can stay at shite heart lane and fight for his spot, we’ll gladly take bent of their hands. fred will fit in as well.
    @#&% JERMAINE!

  14. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I think we should get over these grudges….it’s silly. Especially in Defoes circumstances i.e, young, agents influence, relegation etc etc.

    If an ex-player does want to play for us again then we should accept this….it’s like an apology plus they’d be fired up to do even better feeling a sense of owing us something back.

    Defoe is class. If a manager gives him a run then people will see this. I think the 45% who voted against it are not being honest….what’s with the hate? spread the love.

  15. Plaistow54 says:

    I’m not surprised by the result. Defoe is a paradox as far as we are concerned. He is exactly what we want but exactly what we don’t want. West Ham are a loyal club & that has carried us through bad times before. We were going down, he knew it, racked up a whole heap of cards & went. He is a proven goalscorer. No one can deny that but can he score goals while taking stick from the fans. I doubt that he would come back, he is not stupid. He knows what is going to happen & he will either stay at Spurs or go to Villa Park. Speaking of loyalty, i find it hard to fathom why we are trying to sell Zamora. Curbs must feel he doesn’t fit in. The man is claret & blue. He formed a partnership with Tevez & played with an injury because we needed him. I would rather someone with maybe lesser ability who wants to play for us. Curbs has offered him & a mill in cash for Shorey. Coppell won’t go for that. Good. We do need another striker though & Tiago the midfielder or Fred from Lyon would be brilliant signings given the current situation. It depends on Gudmundsson, what does he want, 9th or 10th or 6th & Europe.

  16. colney says:

    tabrez,your not taking this the right way mate.

    west ham til i die is the title ov this site.and thats exactly what we look 4 in suporters,managers and certainly players.

    2 days after relegation is a massive insult to anyone who is in love with this club.

    the geeza has mde a mistake ,yes ,however why o we need to take him back when he has just stated again he wants to stay there?

    your commets dont make sence my friend.

  17. Iron Man says:

    I can not believe what I am reading.

    Let Defoe have the chance to wear the shirt again? The same shirt worn by Trevor Brooking, Bobby Moore, Geof Hurst, Billy Bonds, Alan Devonshire, Tony Cottee, Paolo. You have got to be joking. The argument is
    ‘Well, he slept with my wife and she did leave me and the kids for him but, you must admit, he is a good plumber and he hasn’t got any work. I do have a dicky radiator so why not use him? He did say sorry, after all’

    Are you all INSANE?

    He has made his own bed. Let him lie in it.

    Personally, I hope he is left to rot on the bench somewhere. Anywhere, so long as it is not at our expense. I’m not paying his wages. NEVER!

    I will toast and eat my season tikcet on the pitch if he is ever allowed anywhere near a West Ham United shirt.

  18. colney says:

    parker out 4 6 weeks.


  19. Carlos Tabrez says: colney, my comments do make sense and I’m sure you would see this if you just got over your hatred for DEFOE.

    If we sign DEFOE and he is our top scorer or wins us a final somewhere what will you do then? are you going to be all miserable and still be against him? but are you supporting West Ham then? No….this shows that your argument is flawed. As a West Ham fan, you have to support West Ham players; if we sign him what will you do?

    He was a young kid going on his agents advice – by all means, there are ex-hammers like LAMPARD that deserve all the flack they get because they continue to put our club down but I do not think DEFOE is the same as them.

    Your right, West Ham til I die is the title of this site….and its for fans. if you think that in the modern game players are going to stay at their clubs all their life (or die for it as you suggest) then you are being unrealistic. This loyal “Til I Die” attitude among players has long been dead. Giggs – one of the last few. A player will do whats best for him – a manager will do what’s best for him – a club will do whats best for it….Its about money and medals; you won’t get players dying for their club so I think you should accept this.

    Suppose we buy him…yes its only a presumption but if he comes to us this would mean that he wants to play for us? otherwise he wouldn’t sign right? then isn’t this the attitude you’re looking for in a player? somebody who wants to play for us? I think your argument doesn’t make sense my friend but I defend your right to an opinion, as I hope you do mine, how ever wrong either of us may be. All the best.

  20. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, pity about Parker isn’t it, good player. The knee is a complex joint & i hope the physio’s can get him back in six. Faubert is almost back, he is the goods. I hope we don’t put too much pressure on him. I like the sound of this Tiago from Juventus too. They call him The Masher. He picks up & controls balls well in midfield. I hope we can get him. With him, Noble & Faubert in midfield we could play 4:5:1 on a regular basis & with Ashton or Bellamy up front & an engine room that can score as well, we would be hard to beat.

  21. Upton Spark says:

    Plaistow54.. I have enjoyed reading your posts mate as they always make a lot of sense.
    Like the sound of Tiago myself,but is it just paper talk?

    I do hope we buy at least one decent player during the January window.

  22. Plaistow54 says:

    Thanks, yeah it is the silly season & Tiago may go to Spurs according to reports. You never know, they may try then to do a deal on Bent. If we could get him for 10 mill, Bent is good player but methinks he has stuff to fix up with Curbs. Lyon have taken two offers on Fred. One is PSV & the other is unnamed. A striker would be good despite the fact that i personally think Zamora is o.k. Carlos is right in the fact that there is little or no loyalty in football these days. Defoe moved on because he was pushing for a place in the national squad at the time & he knew that is difficult to do in the Championship & would have had to take a pay cut too. You have to face the fact that some people don’t forget & i can’t see him giving his best under those circumstances. Gudmundsson said in Dec. that we could have a 10 mill signing if we needed it but Curbs says the situation has to be acute. We need to score more, however Curbs decides to do it. Yes i hope too that we sign.

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