Survey Results 5: Which Players Should we Sign?

I asked you which players you would like to sign in three key positions…


Nicky Shorey 57%
Matthew Taylor 18%
Wayne Bridge 25%


Giles Barnes 49%
Stephen Hunt 9%
Shaun Wright Phillips 36%
Harry Kewell 6%


Matt Derbyshire 12%
Darren Bent 27%
Kevin Doyle 6%
Kenwyn Jones 19%
Eidur Gudjohnsen 26%


Carlos Tevez 87%
Joe Cole 53%
Yossi Benayoun 19%
Rio Ferdinand 18%

One person wanted to re-sign Nigel Reo Coker!


18 Responses to Survey Results 5: Which Players Should we Sign?

  1. jonnyhammer says:

    As long as don’t sign Diouf I don’t really care, if he joins us they will get my season ticket back!!

  2. Bobby says:

    Bent?! Don´t want that spud in our club!!!

    He can rot on Tottenham´s bench!

  3. kenmei says:

    whoever voted for reo-choker should be hung

    shorey will be a great addition but at the expense of zamora has me filled with mixed emotions..

  4. Of the leftsided defenders,
    1. M. Taylor
    1. Tiago
    2. Appiah
    3. G. Barnes
    4. Shaun W-P
    1. Elmander
    2. Bent
    3. Di Natale
    4. Adriano

  5. steviebubbles says:

    dont want bent or defoe leave them were they are. PLEASE

  6. Agree with jonny … we shouldn’t go anywhere near Diouf.

    I think Matt Derbyshire is a good player.. unsure about Bent as I lost respect for him when he signed for Spurs. Still unsure about Giles Barnes too, and would we need another winger with Faubert on the return?

    I’d rather have Titi Camara than Reo-Coker.

  7. WHU Kim says:

    Reo Coker! Name and shame. No way should Bobby go, why do we need Shorey, he’s no better than George. We can pick up a young back up fullback without having to put money plus a good player the way of wiggy

  8. crazyhorse says:

    This Diouf rumour is just a stupid bunch of idiots at a cheap newspaper making up crap as they go along.We wouldn’t sign him thank god

  9. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I don’t think NICKY SHORTY is better than BRIDGE so why he has 57% of votes I does not know. Can SHORTYS mates stop voting for him please. McCARTNEYS better than both anyway. We need a young left back (theres two at ARSENAL) who’ll understand being on the bench.

    Midfielders; need to see more of BARNES to be convinced. If hes anything like JOHN (BARNES) then we should nab him.

    Agree Hammers Betting Boy, MATT DERBYSHIRE from lancashire is good. I think he’s one of the better young English talents…efficient, finishes well.

    Why DARR£N B£NT? He rejected us plus can only play when the long ball comes over the top so he can run on to it….not our style.

    Why are there not more votes for ROLLS ROYCE RIO? I have to agree with ALAN HANSEN (this doesn’t happen often), in the recent VILLA MANU game he said that RIO is currently the best central defender on the planet.

    19% for BENAYOUN? Do we forget that this awful human being changed his mind after verbally agreeing to sign his contract after being tapped up by ROTATIONAL RAFA.

    What we really need to do this January is 1) Reduce the squad; sell some players 2) Get a creative midfielder (not a defensive or goal scoring/attacking one). Creative midfielders are a dying breed in the world game…some one who slips the passes through…EYAL BERKOVIC style. And 3) Depending on how serious PARKERS knee injury is, we should go in for either SISSOKO or LASSAN DIARRA for cover. Those 3 things this jan will suit me fine.

    ….if you can arrange that please Iain.

  10. Biffo the bear says:

    So much nonsense is in the papers at the moment I’ve stopped reading them. Zamora out and Shorey in? Why? It’s all just rubbish. Someone must be getting paid to ‘leak’ all this bollocks. let’s re-sign Gary Breen

  11. alvin says:

    i dont think we need a left back, mcCartney is good enough, hes playing excellent this season so far. In mid i think we should get kewelland maybe a center mid. Up front we should get derbyshire or doyle

  12. HammerRon says:

    Hammers Betting Boy: Agree with you about resigning Tit Camara rather than NRC

  13. We don’t need another players past their prime and prone to injuries, so no Kewell. We don’t need any more troublemakers, so no Diouf either. A left-back is not necessary as McCartney has made strides and made the position as his own. When it comes to strikers, I’d take Defoe back anytime even as I remember how disinterestedly he played after the relegation. Fred is another useful possibility, a good goal tally in the French league and a full international.

    Why to employ English mediocrities at inflated prices such as Derbyshire (not any better than what we have, a squad player at best) of Nugent who hasn’t cut the mustard at this level when we could get full international such as Elmander or di Natale?

  14. matt says:

    Who are the muppets that voted for barnes over SWP?? If you saw the chelsea everton game the other night SWP was the dogs and he plays like that whenever he is on the pitch, go get him curbs!!!

  15. phone jaker says:

    ur tramps. nigel reo coker was good, if it wernt 4 him we wudnt be in da prem. remember goal against united?? he was the captain hu leaded the team. and no defoe or bent? we need a goalscorer hu can take goals e.g defoe. can score from any where and will get a minimum 20goals a season without a doubt.

  16. stan says:

    A young left back would be a great idea. we should employ someone to follow arsene around and tap up these youngens, build up a young team that we are now in a position to keep hold of. barnes will be a good player, i dont think he will be going anywhere until the summer though. we have no chance of getting swp, he is playing too regularly now.

  17. brooking is still the best says:

    i still think we need another striker, but unless we can get real quality we should wait till the summer. Maybe we should sell a few though. As the injury situation seems to be clearing, we should clear the decks for some big summer signings

  18. Rob says:

    “A young left back would be a great idea. we should employ someone to follow arsene around and tap up these youngens, build up a young team that we are now in a position to keep hold of.”

    Joe Mattock the young Leicester left back would be an ideal signing

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