Anton: Arrogant or Hilarious?

Anton Ferdinand has answered 20 questions in today’s matchday programme (which, as usual, is littered with spelling errors). He’s asked what his most treasured possession is. He replied “The picture that Michael Jordan signed saying it was a privilege to meet me.” Hilarious!

UPDATE: Go Anton!

UPDATE: I don’t know how people in the comments have interpreted this as an all out attack on Anton. Nothing could be further from the truth! I just thought it was a rather odd comment, which was either arrogant or hilarious. I am a great admirer of Anton. He had a stormer of a game against Fulham and his pairing with Upson seems to be working incredibly well.


29 Responses to Anton: Arrogant or Hilarious?

  1. Iron Squadie says:

    I’m a firm believer that Anton won’t be at the Boleyn next season, his behaviour as one of the Bentley boys last season being the main reason, but in all honesty, we have three top centre halves with Davs to come through as well. Let the spuds have him for Bent in exchange.

  2. Fish says:

    I think the word is Peckhamesque, it implies being arrogant when you don’t really have anything to shout about.

  3. Fostie! says:

    Well he did the job for us today so i think we’ll let it go..

  4. Braaap!

    How stupid do you look now he just scored a vital winner!!

  5. Icehammer says:

    I really think he answered this himself on the pitch today. He might be at fault with the first goal (in my opinion it was McCartney that broke the line of defence for the offside trap) but after that he was great and what a cracker of a goal.
    I know nothing of his spelling or learning abilities or disabilities, but he is already a good footballplayer and West Ham through and through and he will only get better at his job with maturity.
    I know many highly educated and intelectual giants that would relish at the thought of getting that kind of a comment from THE LEGEND Michael Jordan.
    As long as football is not a spelling contest, I see no reason what so ever for Anton to be even bothered by Your comments.

  6. crazyhorse says:

    The lad is maturing into a better player and doesn’t deserve this grief.We need to get behind our players.Ok there will be days when players make mistakes but they are only human.Also liked Ashton going to the crowd when he scored and showed the fans hid west ham badge.Ferdinand also went to the crowd to celebrate when he scored,and thats what is needed

  7. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I think CURBISHLEY will keep him. In a year, he and RIO are going to be ENGLANDS central defensive partnership. I also think RIO has matured not only as a footballer but also as a person as is evident from his interviews. He will be advising ANTON. His recent run-in with the law was also a blessing in disguise and one would hope it opened his eyes.

    ANTONS still young let’s not forget and interestingly, his progression is following that of his elder brother. This time we will be a good enough club to keep this FERDINAND and if his half as good as RIO then we’re laughing.

  8. brooking is still the best says:

    I am so pleased Anton has answered your blog for himself with the winning goal today. Why are so many on his back all the time. I know he hasnt been no angle, but who is in their teens? I hope we start giving him some support now because he is only going to get better and better! COYI

  9. Prince H says:

    I think Anton is quite a nice guy, wanting to do the right thing and even to do something for his community. Well, he has a “partyesque” side too. But he is growing up, I guess, learning from his mistakes – and I actually think he is more humble than most people think.

    But allright, he is a young man who jsut play football and earning millions. Still he is West Ham through and through. So please let him mature here and not like his brother in other teams…

    I guess Iain don’t complain how Anton spells, but the editor of the matchday programme….

  10. Joel says:

    I think he’s a good player and will be better in the future. Arrogance does suck, thou

  11. mac says:

    Icehammer, I think Iain was referring to the matchday programme being ‘littered with spelling errors’ rather than Anton’s answers.

    My own take on him is that he’s a young man maturing into a fine footballer. Yes, he had a dodgy year when he was (maybe) influenced by his peer group in the team, but let’s give him a chance. The very real threat of a spell in prison (even though he was proved innocent) has hopefully woken him up a bit. He’s a fine player and can only get better.

    Remember seeing him on Football Focus a couple of years ago when he was featured up at Mottingham stables mucking out the horses. Thought then he was made of different stuff. Anyone know if he still goes up there (in his Baby Bentley obviously)?

  12. Doc H Ball says:

    He’s alright by me. He came back from a bad injury to score the winner in our last 2 league games at UP and I was impressed by his defensive display in those games and the cup game against City. More importantly, he’s one of our own and related to the mighty Rio. Back off the kid, we need to encourage him as much as we can now and put all of last year’s crap behind us.

    as for the spelling, who gives a fack?

  13. Iain Dale says:

    Yes, I was referring to the speeling mistakes in general in the programme. It is a disgrace that we pay £3.50 for a programme which is not properly proof-read.

  14. Dan says:

    When I read that in the programme I didn’t take it to be arrogant at all. Quite the opposite in fact. If anything it’s a bit nerdy and star-struck.

    Is Anton not referring to the fact that a true sporting great – Michael Jordan – one of Anton’s heroes – was kind enough to write a very flattering thing about him on a photo.

    Would you not like a similar item signed by Billy Bonds, Julian Dicks or Paulo Di Canio?

    Don’t you think that your (very unfair) interpretation of Anton’s innocent answer betrays your own prejudices and preconcieved ideas about the boy?

    Why not give him a chance, eh? He can play.

  15. Jay says:

    You lot need to chill and give him a break. We have a potential star on his our hands for free of charge, seeing as he came through our youth system. That can only be a good thing for the club.

    In time he will prove his talent. At the end of the day, he is only 22, and not much older than myself, I’m sure he still likes to play video games and go clubbing etc, why is that your concern?

    Stop expecting footballer’s lives all to be about football. If he performs on the pitch that’s all that matters. If he doesn’t, then support him and encourage him.

    Be smart about the situation!!!

  16. Darren says:

    I don’t think Anton’s comment came across as arrogant at all – and God knows if Michael Jordan signed a picture to me that said that I’d probably take it with me everywhere. Mind you, I just paid £500 in a charity auction for the shirt that Michael Carrick wore for England against Germany, and West Ham are getting him to sign that to me personally, so I might not be best-placed to judge…

    All you need to know about Anton… Talented? Absolutely. Misguided occasionally? Definitely. Young with a ton of money and likely to make a wrong choice here and there? Inevitable, so would you. One of us? Never in doubt – I have seen him more than once, in the car park after a game, stood at the railings signing every single thing offered to him. Not for a token five minutes, but until every last one was done. Doesn’t make the front page of the News of the World, but enough for me to cut the guy whatever slack he needs.

    Oh, and the programme is historically dreadful. I publish and edit magazines for blue chip companies (car makers, airlines etc) for a living, have done for 15 years. If my team produced that programme for me they’d be fired. End of.

  17. steve says:

    this site is a disgrace. We as fans should be getting behind the players, not publicly berating them.

  18. Ekavall says:

    I say leave him alone. Who cares what kind of things a person relishes… People just have different oppinions, and I just don’t see the connection to how it could make him arrogant by putting high value of this signed photograph ? If I had a signed West Ham photo and really valued it… some of my friends wouldn’t really get it why i like it so much….but they would never call me arrogant because of it.

  19. says:

    I read the article, it sounds like he was making a joke of it. Not arrogant at all.

  20. Neil says:

    I think we can safely say Iain has a different view to the majority on this one, I’ve never seen Anton act like a little sellout rudeboy such as ego-joker.

    Give the lad our backing, he’s one of ours for christ sake, not to mention Rio’isk on his day, well, the same in his brother in almost every sense with the occasional lapse in concentration.

    Why a select few of our fans do this I’ll never know, articles like this DO massively influance a significant percentage of the clubs followers, so given a few bad performances this will be one of the bits of trash talk used against the player, how is any of this badgering players from any point of view helping us achieve what we all want?? please answer me that.

  21. Plaistow54 says:

    I wish i was 23 & could say something like that. It’s a bit tongue in cheek really as in speeling mistakes. What i really get from what he said is that Michael Jordan is a Hammers supporter & was overjoyed to meet someone from the squad. Why not ? Ferdinand was told to play football & he has. We should keep him at the end of the year. His brother always gets a good reception & i would hope we would try to keep at least one of them. Someone should proof read the programs. Someone who can speel.

  22. Darren says:

    Iain: to be fair to you I don’t think you were having a go at Anton per se, but your headline does infer as much even though you subsequently don’t follow through in the same vein. Arrogant or hilarious, you ask. Which kind of implies Anton’s either egocentric or to be laughed at (though I accept that’s not what you meant).

    Well, Anton’s not arrogant on account of what Michael Jordan wrote, that’s not his fault. Is what Michael Jordan wrote funny? Yes, it’s a privilige for a global sports star to meet the Pope, a President or any Prime Minister bar our current one you’d imagine, but little old Anton from little old West Ham? Well that is funny.

  23. steve says:

    The topic was interpreted as read . You also thought it funny to mock his spelling ability, which is a blatant attempt at Humiliation. I would have honestly expected more from someone of your standing.

  24. Iain Dale says:

    Steve, as I said above, my comments on spelling were related to the whole matchday programme and not related to Anton. There were no spelling errors in his article.

  25. mac says:

    Re your update: I never for one minute saw it as an attack on Anton.

    Footballers do have a habit of coming out with slightly oblique comments on various subjects, which for the most part, are usually hilarious which is why Iain highlighted it.

    I have a feeling Anton was being tongue in cheek and good on him for that. He knows Michael Jordan is a legend and that he’s a million miles off that status, which is why he says the message is his most treasured possession.

  26. Carlos Tabrez says:

    ANTONS 2nd half response to CURBISHLEYS half time rollicking against FULHAM is all you need to know about him. Did he sulk? No, he came out put in a performance and scored the winning goal. Doesn’t sound like a spoilt baby bentley boy to me.

    I think Iain has his favourites (UPSON, NOBLE) and his notso-favourites (BOA MORTE, LJUNDBERG, FERDINAND).

  27. Iain Dale says:

    Carlos, is there a fan in the country who doesn’t have their favoutites?!!

    Yes, Noble is my favourite player. And you;re right, I am not a fan of Boa Morte or Ljungberg. You are wrong to say Anton is in my not so favourties list. If anything I would include him in my favourties list.

  28. Carlos Tabrez says:

    …that’s fair Iain. It’s just that in the ratings you should give them a deserved score i.e judge them all on a “call ’em how I see ’em” scale rather than letting favouritism get involved.

    I mean if someone has a good game then they deserve to get a good rating. For example, from your FULHAM game ratings it seemed that NOBLE put in a almost flawless performance and BOA MORTE was playing with two right feet. After watching the match, though NOBLE did play well he made a number of errors and BOA MORTE on the other hand worked his backside off.

    In your comments, having and talking about your favourites is fine – it’s what brings debate….I just think in the ratings you can be a bit more fair on some of the guys. Thanks

  29. DevoDevo says:

    Re; the ratings – why not throw them open to us great unwashed each week and find the average for each player?

    Just a thought.

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