Spurs Want Robert Green

According to this morning’s Sun, Tottenham are about to make an offer for Rob Green. They value him at £6 million. Obviously I hope we and Rob Green himself tell them where to go. Indeed, it will be an interesting test for Green. Does he see us or them as a team likely to win things in the future? If Man U or Arsenal came in for him I could understand his head being turned. But Tottenham? He’d be mad. And then of course there’s the frightening prospect of Tottenham offering Paul Robinson in part exchange…


27 Responses to Spurs Want Robert Green

  1. Prince H says:

    NO WAY!

  2. Joseph says:

    No matter how much we try to convince ourselves, at the end of the day, when it comes to who is a bigger club out of us and Tottenham, it’s not really a competition is it?
    I hope he don’t go, and I think it’s more than likely just lazy journalism again as Tottenham seem to be getting linked with 5 new players everyday, but if he went he could justify it I think(not to us fans of course, but to himself and anyone else not involved with West Ham)

  3. Mark Frost says:

    Well obviously he would see Tottenham as a much bigger club as they clearly are and he would follow a well trodden route – Peters, Kanoute, Carrick, Defoe etc. The reason he wouldn’t go is that West Ham now have a backer who pays ridiculous money (why else would Parker ruin any chances of playing for England by going there?) and Tottenham still have some sense of reality.

  4. Nails says:

    Gordon cost 9 million! RG is only worth 6???? I think not not my cheeky north london wanna b’s. If i were at whufc i would tell the Spuds to double it an give us robinson. they would soon leave it ! And this is all about whufc being a changing club and a holding rather than selling club! Come on you irons !

  5. Pete says:

    see i read stuff like this now and laugh but the shocking truth is a few years ago i would be in a blind panic coz of our habbit of selling of our best to keep the likes of Mr Brown and his buddies nice and warm when we was in the cold of the championship
    i see something the other day he was saying he wants his seat back at the club and tevez deal was not done by him. but i recall they all got a pay rise as they sold off players as we got sent down a division i am not sure but i think they played a great deal in the selling of a great deal of the old acadamy players cole rio…. also i am not sure but i was told di canio asked to stay with the club for a pay cut but they wanted the money how much truth in this i dont know but Mr Brown you feel out of a few fans good books many years ago

  6. jimmy e17 says:

    made up paper nonsense.

    However, I will say that I dont think Green is any better than Robinson anyway. Last couple of times i’ve seen him play, he’s been flapping at thin air. Just doesnt get publisized.

  7. Tedroy Broom says:

    Spurs in potential low bid shocker!

    This is par for the course for our stingy North London cousins and a reason they are hated throughout the country. Does anyone remember the laughable £1m joint bid for Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard?

    I sense Ramos is another false dawn for them. You can trace this back to the marvellous Christian Gross who arrived to much fanfare and was removed from his job unceremoniously. Should draw specialist Ramos be sucessful he will be out the door and on to a bigger project.

  8. stu says:

    Joseph – you’re obviously a spurs fan. As things stand today – spurs and West Ham are on the same level [same capacity, same size fans base, mid table mediocrity, lack of trophies etc…). A move to spurs would not be a move up for Green. Those days are gone I’m afraid (for you). Eventually, I hope, you guys will get that.

  9. geoff says:

    It won’t happen, so don’t panic.

  10. alan says:

    Interesting comments from mark frost Tottenham still have some sense of reality? what colour is sunrise on your planet. Are we talking about the team that paid God knows how much ‘ridiculous money’ for Bent to warm the bench, the same team who treated their most succesful modern manager with nothing but contempt. Face the reality, you live on memories, this season has seen your club behave deplorably. If there was any justice in football Martin Jol would be the opposing manager at the game that sees you relgated. You will come cap in hand to a bigger club to ask very nicely to borrow a ground so you can play a game, I just hope Barnet are in need of the revenue.

  11. Prince H says:

    We are not a selling club any longer! (Or at least I try to convince myself bout that). The reason we lost Tevez and Yossi last year was because they did not have contracts and really wanted to go. I think Green may be flattered, but its hard to see that Tottenham is a big step for him – and he has a longtime contract. We all know – including Curbs – that Green is our most important player. So NO WAY!

    Ramos can point at any player and say “We want him”. The press will write it down, but as in most cases it won’t happen.

  12. Shaun R says:

    another random low bid from THE most desperate club in the world! Laughable…

  13. Jamie says:

    hahahahahaha hang on hahahahahahahahaah no wait sec hahahahahahaha is this a joke?? no chance of him going, its so annoying when they get the wrk experience kid to fill up space at the sun, you would have thought they would have learnt there lesson after having to apologies for the bellamy/curbs story…

  14. Paul says:

    First i want to say is Green isnt that great nor is Robinson but i must give give you some facts Tottenham are a far bigger club then West Ham, always have been always will be, honours list, fan base, history etc.

    If spurs want Green he will come, as simple as that. West Ham have been relagated in the last few years, when were spurs last down (1977). I think West Ham should face facts.

  15. Gopher1882 says:

    As a Spurs fan I would love to see Green at the Lane but it ain’t gonna happen. The comment earlier about wages was a daft one (especially as west ham were going to offer darren bent more than we did). He is doing well at West Ham and Capello won’t be blinded by the big four in the same way previous managers were. He will get his chance. Also on the point about Robinson, I seem to remember a certain England Keeper going through a terrible patch at Liverpool but a move did him a world of good and went on to probably be the most consistent english goalkeeper at the present time.

  16. Joseph says:

    Don’t insult me Stu.
    Just because I refuse to be deluded I get branded a Spud.
    I prefer to see myself as a realist(maybe a pessimist!)thankyou very much.
    I remember seeing a survey on fanbase size, and we do quite well given our lack of trohpies and success but still come in way behind both Newcastel and Tottenham(with Villa, Everton above us also)I would say our fanbase is akin to that of Man City and Sunderland which is quite an achievement given that they have a few more trophies than us.
    Our stadiums are the same(although ours is much cleaner than their filth pit!)and apparently we are both looking to expand(heard Tottenscum have 20,000+ on their season ticket waiting list, not quite Arsenal I know, apparently they have 50,000+ on theirs!!But probably more than our own, indeed have we even got a waiting list?)so we are on equal footing there.
    On current league form we are better of course, but that would also suggest Blackburn and Portsmouth are a bigger club than ourselves(yeah, right)and Man City are bigger than Liverpool.
    And no West Ham fan should ever bring up trophy count as you should bloody well know(this is where we are way behind the rest of the “big”clubs)
    Maybe I’am negtive but I have seen it all happen before…we call purselves a club that does’nt sell, then we end up losing our best players to a club I effing hate.(look at Varlitos and Yossi form last season)
    I hope Greeno stays and think he will do.
    It’s just nonsense paper talk.

  17. stan says:

    if it is true, time for the new board to show us fans what they are made of!

  18. crazyhorse says:

    joseph you sure do sound like a spud.West Ham are a club in progression and Green isnt going to that dump.Blimey it really is silly season

  19. crazyhorse says:

    So Paul you reckon spurs will always be a bigger club,are you mystic meg,or havent you found out where our club is going with a new stadium etc.Reading some of these comments I wonder where some supporters hearts are,if in fact they are not spuds in disguise

  20. crazyhorse says:

    The only fact that you should face Paul is that like other spud fans you are deluded,keep on taking the prozac son

  21. Plaistow54 says:

    Will not happen. Green is a popular player. Curbs will only weaken his position by allowing him to be sold. Personally i think Curbs would strengthen his position by doing what Fergie did with Ronaldo & put a 75 mill pricetag on Greenie. As far as Green moving to a “better club” he would do well to consult the League Table first. I think he is clever enough to do that.

  22. brooking is still the best says:

    it wont happen!

    why are the idiot spuds getting so excited if like some say on this blog he aint better then dropinson! They are having a girarf

  23. WHU Kim says:

    Joseph, stop embarrassing yourself on a site for West Ham fans. I suggest you read the previous article by Dan, that was written by someone who unlike you loves and supports the club.

  24. crazyhorse says:

    Totally agree with you Kim,Joseph is not true claret n blue with comments like that.Truth is he’s probably a closet spud.For those who don’t know much about Faubert watch him on you tube he’s dynamite.I watched him in a reserve game and he has pace and skill

  25. Joseph says:

    Pah, what are you giving me grief for?
    You lot sound worse than the deluded Georedies(who think their club is the biggest in the world!!)
    I’am simply realistic.
    I never wanted Kanoute, Carrick or Defoe to leave, nor Joe Cole, Rio, Yossi or Carlitos…but what happened?
    I would love to be as optimistic as you lot, but I’am afraid I have seen too many players leave us to be like that.
    I’am no closet spud you twats.
    Fact is this, how many trophies have we won?
    How many Euopean campaigns have we been on?
    How many league titles have we won?
    Please, let’s not kid ourselves.
    We ain’t even in the top 20 most succesful English clubs of all time for gods sake and we have so called fans here saying we are the biggest club in London…Fools.
    I love my club, but at least I’am realistic(although some say pessimistic).
    Do you not realise that you sound just as bad as them stupid Geordies with your “big”club talk..we simply ain’t I’am afraid.
    What next? Mourinho for West Ham or we riot? Don’t be idiots.

  26. crazyhorse says:

    ian why do u let plums like joseph on here,u know he is not a hammer just a fake,ban the fake

  27. Cotteepotty says:

    Its very unlikely that Green will go to Spurs. One because I don’t there is huge diference between him and Robinson. The spurs man has had a very poor run of form and is suffering. Green has been in great form and deserves the crack at the England set up. I think this will come now as Robinson is’nt getting in the Spurs side. The other is becasue Green beleives that being in top 4 – 5 team gets you noticed , so I ‘d be worried if the likes of Arsenal started sniffing around. He also beleives playing in Europe helps and although Spurs are in the Uefa this season I doubt very much they will be in Europe next season. He has as much chance if not more getting there with the Hammers at the moment .
    I would be interested to see if any top players at our club did move to Spurs. To my recent memory I can’t think of any that have moved to north London when relative parity has existed between the clubs. Obviously the dire position we were in during the relegation a couple seasons ago saw Defoe, Kanoute ,Carrick go but in my opinion only due to the lure of premiership football and good wages. The Hammers can certainly match this at present. During the Rednapp years there certainly was’nt a one way street on transfers as we were seen as an attractive prospect.
    This big club argument does’nt hold to much water for me. Certainly Spurs have been more successful and have a bigger fan base built on this. However with success the Hammers fan base has just as much if not even more potential. The development of the Thames gateway , canary wharf etc will bring new blood. Along with a bigger stadium the only missing ingredient is some silverware entice to them in.

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