Why Eggert Left

The Independent has a revealing article about our £18 million loss and the real reason Eggert Magnusson left his post. Read it HERE.


36 Responses to Why Eggert Left

  1. crazyhorse says:

    More newspaper rubbish,the same stupid paper that said that Zamora and four others will be allowed to leave,and Zamora has said he’s going nowhere

  2. MC HAMMER says:

    I read this article this morning and I came to the conclusion that BG is going to pull in the purse strings. I don’t think we really need anybody else in our sqaud apart from a backup striker in place of Camara who is very poor and I don’t think Curbs can attract anybody of sustance. Even though I think Curbs is doing a good job under the circumstances, I don’t think he will ever be able to sign any top class players because his scouts don’t seem to be flung wide and far and I don’t think he is well connected with the agents. Perhaps he is too straight! I think the loss of Eggert is far more serious than has been discussed on the forums. We really miss him, a man of passion, someone we could trust and believe in. Let us hope that BG and his son(s) can fall in love with the club then we might have some great hopes for the future.

  3. Gee says:

    sounds like more rubbish. Turnover is only down a few million, the rest of the loses were clearly the cost of buying all the players last January (about 23 mill and our losses are about the same).

    In football to increase revenues you need success which requires speculating on better players. The new owners are here for the long term and have invested money in the club now with the hope of making more in the future via success

    That is exactly what we have done, so all looks good to me and I don’t see where the problem is?

    If revenues were severely down or were showing a year on year down trend I would worry.

    If we were worried about short term gians (aka Mr T Brown) then we would never speculate on players to bring success and would plod along with a 15 man squad, taking relegation on the chin. Sound familiar,

  4. crazyhorse says:

    For gods sake,a stupid newspaper comes up with rubbish and people hit the panic buttons.Our club is financially stable,there is no need to worry.And BG is a good friend of Eggerts.Havent we learnt yet not to take these trash newspapers too seroiusly.I agree with Gee on this our clubs revenue is ok and there is no need to get worked up over a pathetic tabloid

  5. crazyhorse says:

    What has a trash newspaper and andrex toilet roll got in common…doesn’t take much to work out does it

  6. Karl says:

    Zamora is going nowhere trust me i know what i’m talking about, i just put £10 on Arry going to Toon!

  7. Tallboy says:

    Andrex is Quality!

  8. crazyhorse says:

    Zamora has stated himself today he is going nohwhere,its plastered all over nesnow west ham united so thats settled

  9. Rooster says:

    I published this kind of post about a month ago, the Independent need to employ me!!
    Buying Ljungberg was ok by BG, but 85k a week wages, nearly 5m a year, lmao, whats that, a million a goal? highest paid goalscorer ever known, hence the reason was asked to resign.
    I reckon BG is going to be a good chairman, maybe a bit hard, but thats what we need.
    Go on BG.. dont put up with no Sh*t.

  10. Rooster says:

    lol Karl.. yu nutta!!

  11. crazyhorse says:

    BG is a good chairman and does have a passion for football.We have plans for a new stadium so need to get paranoid because some tow bob newspaper spews out a load of old tosh.Agree with you rooster BG is a tough chairman and unlike skidmark(terence brown)BG will takes us further

  12. Kent says:

    The article may be “rubbish,” but the principal point is, in my view, absolutely correct. When scouts could go to South America, The Championship, Eastern Europe, Asia, Mexico, Africa, or even the USA to find decent role or starting players for significantly cheaper price, it’s worth noting.

    Freddie, Parker, and Dyer were absurd signings, both in terms of their relative skill levels as for their prices. The absurdity of their signings is made all the worse when looking at some of the free transfers (and cheap ones) by other Premiership sides (e.g. Hreidarsson or Geremi). Hell, Parker cost $7 million. That price could’ve brought us Bale ($5 million), Jagielka ($4 million) or Koumas ($5.3 million). …just one example.

  13. gandolf says:

    As far as i’m concerned its all the usual rubbish. This includes Ljunbergs wages which i understand are nothing like 85k a week.
    Eggert did his bit in keeping us in the top division. With the obvious rubbish going on at the club new faces were definately needed.
    To buy good players costs top dollar, i feel we now have some quality players. BG will monitor future dealings in the markets. I expect quality youth to be bought in now to compliment our more experienced players.
    A top half finish this year and a push for top 6 next would be a great acheivement.

  14. crazyhorse says:

    Parker is a talented player and weill continue to prove that when he comes back from injury,we are no longer a club going in for a penny in for a pound and we are not in the market for buy one get one free like a supermarket.We are financially sound and in much better condition than we have been under that conman Brown.Kent if we are to achieve our aims some money has to be spent,unless of course you prefer we sit at the dogfight part of the table again.Our squad are all coming back from injuries you will see even more improvement,so for gods sake lets all stop whinging,get behind curbs and the team,and stop pushing the panic button.

  15. Icehammer says:

    Even if Eggert and Björgolfur are my countymae and and I know both I peronally, albeit I have not talked with either of them since the takeover of (my club) West Ham last year and I am sorry to say that I had no part in their original decision. Eggert has a very passionate and outgoing person as You have all experienced while Björgólfur is a much more reserved but not less passionate. There has not been a whisper of gossip here in Iceland of any serious breakup between the two because of what has happened at West Ham and It might be as simple a reason as that Björgólfur might heve felt that Eggert was to emotionally involved and that his friend was putting his work at West Ham before his own health and wellbeing or that he was loosing objectivity getting ahead of himself by putting short times goals ahead of the long time goals like pressing for Europe already this year etc. Björgolfur is a buisinessman but also a humaniterian and a I think that he less likely to to want to go too far too soon and will be satisfied with mid table result this year and I think he will not want to base the clubs long time future on merchenaries but rather on the roots of the club and he will want the Academy and West Ham traditions to be the fundamentals for results on and outside the field. He want’s to build a new stadium and keep the current supporters as well as add new ones.
    He has been involved in Icelandic soccer as a chairman of KR (for me a club that I despise as much as any West Ham supporter would despise Millwall os the Spud’s) and he has helped them finacially and seen them buy (the best) players but without long term success and they beat relegation in their last game this season in spite of having the best squad on paper. Money and no heart does not give long term results and love for the club can’t be bought, it has like diseases be there from birth or be acquired.
    Noone in his right mind would like to have a 60000 Chelzki type “supporters” that only support the team when things go well that will leave You for the next “top” club if you are going through troubled time.
    So I choose not to spend my time on speculating why Eggert went away or if we get to paly in Europe next year (my opinion is that the bad run last year started when the players lost their self esteem and inflated ego’s when they found out that they were not good enough for the Italian mob from Sicily) and wheather Björgólfur might buy all the best players in England and abroad.
    I just hope and beleve that he will keep his head cool and start strengthening the foundations of this great club and get us up among top four in the premiership and in Europe when we are good and ready to stay there for the long run.
    Nobody not even Björgólfur has the money to buy players for millions of pounds year in and year out, just for love of the club or the sport.

  16. crazyhorse says:

    I agree icehammer its not about spending all the time although int his day and age a certain degree of finance has to be put on the table to get premiership players or talent from abroad.I believe an healthy balance towards buying and selling helps.This year will be mid table,then push on after that.West Ham may have spent alot last transfer window,but of that was gained back thru sales of the likes of coker and Harewood.It annoys me how a stupid newspaper never seems to mention the amount teams like man utd have spent

  17. Nomad says:

    Thanks Icehammer, a really thoughtful and helpful contribution.

    I think that January spending is too often a sign of desperation – overpaid sticking plasters for the cuts and bruises of the first half of the season. Who is available now that would really strengthen the squad? Difficult to say while we still have so many coming back from injury.

    Lets wait till the summer.

  18. crazyhorse says:

    I was impressed with Ashton on saturday he looks like he’s finally getting back to his old self and looked leaner aswell.And with Faubert back and zamora,bellamy coming back soon this will be great,so maybe we should stick with who with have and see what happens in the summer

  19. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, i tend to believe the real reason Eggy went was more his emotional involement in the clubs dealings. He successfully took us through one of the most turbulent periods of our history & would no doubt remain one of the West Ham faithful. One of the reasons that we have recovered is him. We did what we needed to do against Fulham, it was dour in parts but full points at home is what we have been asking for. We had heaps of chances to make it three or four but what worries me is that it took Ferdinand to win it. Ashton is getting better by the minute & we have Bellamy & Zman to come back but they will both take time to reach full fitness & get that sharpness that you need at Premier League level. Cole has answered the call the past couple of months but has never been a prolific goal scorer. Camera hasn’t done much & will he return fully fit from Africa ? With a full complement of players we have an aggressive midfield but we need to put the chances away. The reason we have a good goal average which historically is unusual for us is because Curbs has sorted out the defence. Well almost. The January window is a desperation time for some clubs, but not us. It can be used as time to address things that need to be fixed for the run home. Given that we have only one real three quarters fit proven goalscorer at this stage, i think thoughts of another striker who could fit in quickly are not offside.

  20. ironsmith says:

    This really is much ado about nothing and a rather pointless article over the finances of a football club who are now more than capable of financial success. I would much rather read icehammer than independent any day! BG in his short tenure to date with the help of the brilliant curbishley has established west ham as a top half team with a strong squad and ready to do some real business in the future and yes it has cost him a few bob so far to get there- we all know that anyway! As for eggy we will never forget his contribution in achieving the position we have today and in guiding our club safely through one of the most tempestuous periods in its history and always with such honour and dignity. Thank you so much Sir and for whatever reason you left we were all very sorry to lose you!

  21. crazyhorse says:

    Plaistow54,we are winning at home now and ashton is virtually back to his old self.I understand your worry and you are right we dont need to panic buy,but we are ok.Ferdinand scoring and other players who are not forwards made me concerned,but now i see it differently…it shows commitment in times of an injury crisis.Imagine what we will be when players are all back to full strength

  22. Kent says:

    Oh course we have to spent some money. My point is that money is not well spent by the club–because members of the club are paying a lot of these wages–by signing mediocre (see Dyer, K), injury-prone (see Parker, S) or aging mediocrity (see Bellamy, C or Ljungberg, F). My argument is that paying like, say, $7 million for Parker is not necessarily money well spent when we could sign his younger equivalent from Argentina at 1/10 the price and much more upside. I don’t doubt that the club THINKS it’s signing the best guys out there, I’m just here to say that they are spending money in an inappropriate manner…often times (e.g. Faubert remains an unknown). Every West Ham fan expects the club to win and to put out the best squad that it can…I just question the decisions. Successful clubs spend money wisely and they find players young instead of jumping into the gross expense of the transfer windows. For my money, I’d rather sign a young stud for relatively less money (say Koumas) and develop him on our squad. Then, two options come into play later: 1) keep him or 2) let him go for a tidy sum. We don’t have the option with our current crop of signings.

  23. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    The link appears objective, rational and evidenced. But Bobby Z going would be a killer – and Johnny Pants too …aaagh.
    (In response to Crazyhorse/2.51 am; we are hardly barnstorming wins at home whilst your 11.18 pm asking why the papers don’t rattle-on about manure’s spending suggests that knowledge is required re their recent financial report which (sadly) rates their awesome performance within the financial efficiency league of world teams as being, er, near the top).

  24. stan says:

    after reading other blogs it seems that bg is tightening the purse strings and looking to get some continuity and a gradual change for the club. i dont think that we will be signing anyone until the summer and even then i cant see a big name coming here of the anelka mould. i quite like the fact that we still have a few good young players coming through and its nice to think we are comfortable enough financially to keep hold of the sears, collison , tomkins , ferdinand and nobles which i think is a far more healthy situation to be in rather than a newcastle or tottenham who spend all there money on over inflated players with huge egos. just think if this takeover had happened 10 years ago think of the players we would still have.

  25. stan says:

    I think what im trying to say is that this takeover could work two ways. we could be a club of values, who can nuture young british talent into the first team and who stay at the club for most of their career if not all of it mixed with shrewd purchases. or buy over priced crocks egotistic and call ourselves “circus tottenhamleedsnewcastlechelski souless united fc”

  26. Johnny says:

    Presumably the figures include the loss of over £5 mill from a certain fine?

  27. Bekim says:

    i love west ham united football

  28. crazyhorse says:

    Stan its great nurturing the young players but u need experience out there aswell.Maybe u would like to see us in a dogfight again,we have to progress and thats what is happening

  29. Doc H Ball says:

    I’m with Stan.

    We’re safe from relegation and, equally, we’re not going to get a European place whoever we sign. Everton, Villa, City and Pompey are all likely to be ahead of us in that particular race. It seems the perfect time then to assess what Curbs has bought and to blood a new crop of youngsters and I think BG’s called it right.

    As for the longer term, I dread the idea of a 60,000 stadium in some barren wasteland. I’d prefer to upgrade UP by filling in the corners and doing something with the East Stand (relocate the bus garage perhaps) so we could house around 45,000 loyal fans in our manor. I’m fed up with numerous clubs all competing for the same small slice of pie – just how many teams really think they can be top 4? Don’t get me wrong, I crave success (the Cup Final of ’06 still keeps me awake), but I want to do it our way rather than sell our soul.


  30. brooking is still the best says:

    Who know’s what or who we will buy in the summer but one thing I’m looking forward to now is, seeing how good this squad is. We have quality throughout the team and with players coming back, who know how far they can go.
    I think most fans will have to agee, this squad is the biggest, best and one thing i like the most, together we have had for ages.

  31. crazybiggobneddy says:

    I think that I’ve already said everything that needs to be said. The rest of you are not entitled to an opinion.

  32. WHU Kim says:

    No one knows the truth with regards to player contracts and wages as it’s obviously confidential so why do people get hysterical over what is at best guesswork? The position the club are in does not warrent more players being bought in January, let’s see how well our injured players fit in when they get back. As for the poster questioning Parker and Bellamy’s class, I watch us play home and away and they are better quality than we have seen at this club for several seasons.

  33. crazyhorse says:

    Agree with you kim about Bellamy and Parker

  34. crazyhorse says:

    crazybiggob neddy,can u enlighten us all to what the hell u are talking

  35. crazyhorse says:

    Everyones entitled to an opinion neddy its called free speech

  36. crazyhorse says:

    would be nice doc h to stay where we are but unfortunately theres no room for expansion,we need capacity,and it will bring in money.It will be a sad day though when our beloved ground is moved

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