Theo Walcott Coming on Loan?

According to one of our readers, he’s seen this on a West Ham site…

Theo Walcott could be making the short move across London from Arsenal to West Ham on loan for the rest of the season. The move could see Walcott in Alan Curbishley’s depleted squad as soon as Sunday’s Premier League encounter with Manchester City.

The only reason I think there might be something in this is because I reckon if we go after another striker it will be someone on loan. With four strikers to choose from if they are all fit I just don’t think the board will stump up the required £10 million for another permanent striker without shipping someone out. Whether Theo Walcott is the answer, though, is to be doubted. I don’t see him as an out and out goalscorer. He rarely makes the Arsenal starting lineup. We’re not their nursery club. I vote no!


37 Responses to Theo Walcott Coming on Loan?

  1. Jaime says:

    Yes please. He would be a welcome addition.

  2. Pedro says:

    He’d be a good 6 month solution for you! The only reason he is struggling for Arsenal at the moment is because we play him out wide. Through the middle for West Ham could work. He is so much more skilful than Carlton Cole and he gets you off your seat in the same way Pires and Henry used to.

    If you took him on loan and gave him a run, I reckon he’d bag you a few goals!

    Mind you, I haven’t seen this story anywhere else today and the original story didn’t have a source.

  3. El Tommo says:

    As an Arsenal fan I hope you do take him m8 – be a good deal for both clubs imho. Although he’s a bit off the pace for the first team with a bit more playing time he could just come good and he has awesome pace. If you used him as a sub he can destroy people late in the game – granted he needs to find the net and use his pace more effectively but c’mon … taking the guy for nothing can only be a good deal for the hammers.

  4. king123 says:

    stop jumping on the band wagon fool

  5. king123 says:

    this was published on nevs site and he talks crAP ANTY WAY

  6. London says:

    Please, please, please take him for the rest of the season, some of us at this club want to win the league.

  7. leo says:

    no just a kid not scoring goals for them so why should he do it for us. Lets sale our crap and buy somebody of the quality that westham need to push into the top six.

  8. Zy says:

    Cant see Arsenal letting him go personal with the likes of Eboue at the African Nations…

  9. The Rooster says:

    Why vote no? hes free and any help would be welcomed, i would definitley say YES PLEASE!!
    He may even join the Hammers in a year or 2 if we climb the ladder!!
    Shame on you Iain saying no..

  10. melvin says:

    Come on hammers, hes got to be of some use. Up front or on the wing, he’ll win u more throw ins than what freddie does. the fact that ur entire squad seems to be wrapped up in some hospital should mean that u would take anyone with working legs on loan, be grateful for even being linked!!!!

  11. Iron Squaddie says:

    I’d take him, fair play to Cole … however he is not a proven goal scorer, and how long will Bellars last this time, lets be honest here …. Wales play next month and they’ll see more of him than we will, and what if Zamo breaks down again. Young Theo has awsome pace and along side Deano could prove leathal. If its a loan move we have nothing to lose and a european spot to gain.


    It will not be a bad idea at all, loan him out for him to get some experience, it will help the young Walcott and Arsenal as well. He will definitely come good .

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    I don’t doubt his potential, Sven liked him, but i think if we are going to pick up someone’s wages for a few months there is better than him. Yes a loan looks like the most likely option, if in fact anyone at all.

  14. Jack Staniforth says:

    Theo, what a nice boy, `boy being the operative word. Emirates is too cosy and it would do him good to get away from papa for a while. Before he becomes the`white elephant` people are talking about put him out on loan to a a club with cold showers and let him wake up to the fact this is a tough world where only the fittest servive and that he`s not a star, yet. Not sure West Ham is the answer, maybe a little further a field like Portsmouth. Harry would love it.

  15. Plaistow54 says:
    Maniche on loan with a view to a deal would be better.

  16. ammer says:

    how can we say no to a striker on loan,in our position
    we are clearly not going to waste money like last year,so this would be ideal for both parties,and all for a bit of wages.
    bite wengers hand off , if true.

  17. PJR says:

    Sounds like something off Nev’s site.

  18. WHU Kim says:

    Certainly not any use to us if we need a striker on loan who is good enough to fill in for someone like Bellamy. If we are going to play a kid who isn’t yet ready for the PL we might as well play one of our own kids. I think too many people are blinded by his reputation as opposed to what he has actually done on the pitch to date, which is very little.

  19. Doc H Ball says:

    No thanks. As I’ve said before, we get no good deals out of the Arse and I agree with Iain that we shouldn’t help them out one iota. Put one of our own in if we need to.

    For anyone in doubt, please rememeber Aliadiere!!

  20. headmaster1 says:

    Transfer windows suck. Blogs and articles on websites like football transfer rumours just full of such pony.
    Walcott on loan. Bullshit I say.

  21. Darren says:

    I think Arsenal would consider anything that would strengthen squads of teams that can beat their primary competition for winning the league, or if they have a drop in form, protect their top 4 status. Hammers have proven this year they can beat any team in the premiership, and another 3 points Hammers could take off Man U, Chelsea and potentially 6 points from Liverpool could be very important to Arsenal this season.

  22. kurt says:

    hopefully you buy him and take him off Arsenal’s books. he is a disaster, a bad signing at so much money.

  23. nr2iron says:

    Tend to agrree with most on that the days of our club begging scraps is hopefully over,i think if we can get a couple of our players back and do not lose others we could really push on this season as it is very open up to 4th place.

  24. Upton Spark says:

    Not yet proved himself in the Prem so it’s a no from me.
    We have no chance of getting antone on a permanent deal till we get rid of some of our rubbish.
    Spurts still want £10 million for Bent,and we are not going to pay that for him even if Curbishley does fancy him.
    If any deals are to be done I think we will be doing player plus cash deals,but it don’t look likely at present.

  25. Dicanio says:

    This is rubbish. dont even bother talking bout it its NOT going happen and never has.

  26. anyotherbizniz says:

    Sounds made up but if true we should grab it with two hands. Desperately need reinforcing with some pace up front through the middle.

  27. phillipocheebo says:

    take the kiddo and do whatever you want with him, just make sure the profesor gets him back intact, and with some interest, after all he is on loan, isnt he?

  28. Richard Cutts says:

    He’s good, not a reliable goal machine at this stage.
    So if you’re onlt going to loan one striker and want him to put numbers in the GS column then he is not the answer.

  29. Richard Cutts says:

    On a tangent, I was wondering how Bowyer is fairing at West Ham of late.
    He seemed to fade to nothing after the incident at Leeds and I haven’t paid that much attention to his form since.

    Has he had a resurgence at the Hammers?

  30. Swiss Hammer says:

    It seems that this is an unfounded report and from what i have been reading elsewhere the source of the rumour (not sure who that is) is known for the BS they publish from time to time.

  31. miroos says:

    No!Wenger leave the kid alone!Let him improve , dont take him to west cheese!

  32. canvas says:

    hands off theo.

  33. Batman says:

    No thanks. We do not want a striker who does not score and we have plenty of wingers. He should have been a 100m runner cos thats all he is good at.

  34. moonhead says:

    I have never been sold on Theo he is just a pace merchant. I have always firmly believed if your good enough your old enough and Theo quite patently is’nt. All the Hammers need do is get the rest of out players fit and push on as at the moment 6th or higher is not out of the question.

  35. cpmonster says:

    cool post! go to my site to roll on the ground laughing!!!

  36. Upton Spark says:

    To Richard Cutts; Bowyer has been ok for us this season except that just when he was getting a run in the team again he went and got a hernia problem which had to be sorted out.
    He wants to finish his carreer at West Ham and just loves the whole place and the fans.
    On his day he still has plenty to offer and we just hope he can stay fit now till the end of the season.

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