Where are They Now: Samassi Abouuuuuuuuu!

In hsi short time at Upton Park Samassi Abou became a cult figure. His appearances were greeted with chants of Abouuuuuuu from all over the ground. It sounded as if he were being booed, but he certianly wasn’t! His best game was the one where he scored two goals against Arsenal, although if my memory serves me correctly we didn’t win. During his fifteen month sojourn at Upton Park Abou played 19 games with 12 sub appearances and netted six goals.

What did he do when he left West Ham and where is he now?


14 Responses to Where are They Now: Samassi Abouuuuuuuuu!

  1. Ian says:

    Played at Ipswitch, Walsall and then in the scottish league… Kilmarnok, cought malaria

    Try ‘http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samassi_Abou’

  2. Swiss Hammer says:


    This one has a nice round up…..

  3. Neil Coutts says:

    The legend that is Samassi Abou was playing for Kilmarnock for a short while before continuing his career back in hios homeland at Lorient me thinks. I’m not sure if he still plays there though…?

    Up the ‘Ammers!!!

  4. Clive says:

    Abou only scored one goal in the Arsenal game that you mentioned although I believe he got a hat trick against Barnsley at Upton Park

  5. Darren says:

    Nice gricing – but I have to pass on the best ‘where are they now’ story ever… Remember John Chiedozie, the Nigerian Notts County and Spurs winger Frank Lampard Snr half-killed during an eventful 90 mins at Upton Park? He now runs a bouncy castle hire company in the New Forest. Awesome.

  6. Pete Nic & the Vic says:

    Last time i saw my mate sam he was smokin a 4ft bong over by me dads advertising hoarding on the west stand, we exchanged a brief wave and he blew smoke in my face which i remember thinking at the time was better than blowing one of his smelly farts my way…he was famed over the training ground for farting in the training staff’s food…ah sam, what a funny guy he was, mainly becasue he was out of his box though! Vic really misses him, she used to turn his pockets out when he’d had to much and passed out next to the corner flag.

  7. barney says:

    he is going for a walk around basildon golf course…we named our dog after him

  8. Doc H Ball says:

    Pete Nic and the Vic,

    You are all cordially invited to a shindig I’m having at the surgery. Please bring whatever you can get your hands on.

    I too remember Sammy – he had skin like Seal’s and hair like Adebayour with 50,000 volts going through him. I remember wondering if he was a good player or a crap one and never really found out.

    I wish Curbs would sign somebody like him or Marco Boogers just for a giggle rather than his brand of steady Eddies. As for Camara, perhaps he should take up that bong to see if it would make him a better player. He seems to be taking enough speed, but he should take a cue from that wrist band of his…

    See ya’ll at the do!!

  9. steviebubbles says:

    i used 2 b a taxi driver in dagenham, and often picked him and some other young westham not at the time so well none(anton) and i agree with my fellow hammers he was always of his box. he is more then likely wondering around romford looking 2 score and i dont mean a goal.

  10. tommo says:

    Abou has a part -time job as a coach driver in basildon essex!.Im sure it was him as we went to the races last year and he was the driver.All the west ham boys kept singing “abouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” and he was punching his fists into the air!

  11. Bazhammer says:

    Iain just found this on the net ‘WHU.org’

    ‘Theo Walcott could be making the short move across London from Arsenal to West Ham on loan for the rest of the season. The move could see Walcott in Alan Curbishley’s depleted squad as soon as Sunday’s Premier League encounter with Manchester City’


  12. Iron Lung says:

    I seem to remember him going to Cannes or Nice after he left Kilmarnock, but I can’t find any record of him actually playing. I was lucky to see four of his goals – 2 against Barnsley and 2 in a wacky end of season affair against Leicester in the sun at Upton Park. One of them he ran the length of the pitch after a Leicester corner, scored, and fell flat on his back knackered after the long run! A legend. Perhaps we should re-sign him, I’d prefer that to Walcott anyhow!

  13. chris says:

    sitting her watching liverpool game,again if we had a good striker on here we would of been 1 up by now,but I now whats coming liverpool are going to get 1 chance and score,,,,please curbs buy a striker before deadline!!!!!!!!!!

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