My West Ham: Matthew Lorenzo

Matthew Lorenzo is a presenter on Sky Sports.

How did you become a Hammer?
Inherited. My father was born around the corner from the ground and he passed it on. I’ve done the same to my son but he struggles a bit seeing as we live in Putney and everyone else supports Chelsea or Fulham.

Your first game?
Can’t remember a specific match but I was taken to Upton Park regularly from a very early age. It would have been in the mid sixties. My dad was a reporter for the Sketch or the Herald. He didn’t bother with passes. He made a point of knowing the commissionaire’s names. AND their wife’s names. Doesn’t work any more. Sadly.

How many games do you get to?
Only in midweek unfortunately. Sky takes up my weekends. I’ve never hidden my favouritism on air though. How can you be interested in football and claim not to have a team like a few commentators I know try and get away with? Despite remaining ardently neutral about West Ham in everything I do, I got reported as a bloody QPR supporter last week.

Most memorable moment?

The FA Cup semi final replay against Everton at Elland Road in 1980. Probably a wee bit biased but I can’t remember ever being as excited by a game of football in my life. Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, an Evertonian by birth, was sitting behind us. After the game I turned and asked him for an autograph for my sister. I could see he’d rather give me a head butt but he did the deed.

Have you met any Hammers players?
One of the first I met was a new signing from Charlton. We were at the training ground and he signed my book. He went on to become one our greatest ever signings, although for the first two years of his reign I thought he was called Billy Bones because his signature was next to illegible. I worked on the Walthamstow Guardian for five years so I got to meet a lot of the team from the early eighties. Alvin Martin was the easiest to talk to then and remains the same today. My father was great mates with Bobby Moore and hero worshipped him. I still look forward to seeing Geoff and Martin today.

Favourite current player?
I like Mark Noble because he ‘s a local lad and was always a Hammers fan. Not many of them nowadays and not many who combine his talent and appetite for the game.

Describe last season. How did it affect you?
The worst part was being accused of cheating. Neil Warnock described Tevez as the football equivalent of a murderer out on parole or something like that. You can understand it but at the same time it was unfair. Our form at the end of the season was fantastic. I went to Old Trafford with Eamonn Holmes, a Man Utd fanatic and my fitness trainer. We deserved to win that one and we deserved to stay up. I don’t know why it had to be such a last gasp experience, but like all fans, we are only ever kept in the dark while the money men move in their mysterious ways.

What are your hopes for this season?
Mid table. Well all right not relegated. Be nice to win the Cup after Gerard stole it from us in Cardiff.

Choose your all time Hammers Eleven
Phil Parkes
Ray Stewart
Frank Lampard
Alvin Martin
Bobby Moore
Billy Bonds
Trevor Brooking
Alan Devonshire
Geoff Hurst
Bryan Robson
Martin Peters

What do your colleagues make of your support for West Ham?
No one feels threatened by West Ham. We still play attractive football, we still don’t win enough games. We still have the best support in London. And fortune’s will always be bleedin hiding.


18 Responses to My West Ham: Matthew Lorenzo

  1. Damien Lucas says:

    “No-one feels threatened by West Ham” absolute garbage. At least half the teams in the Premiership are threatened by West Ham.

  2. steviebubbles says:

    I agree with damien every 1 out of the top 4 are threatened and some of them are scared 2. we can beat any team on a good day.

  3. crazyhorse says:

    What planet are you on saying no teams will be threatened,its that negativity we dont need

  4. WHU Kim says:

    Eamonn Holmes is your fitness trainer? You’d be better off with Vannessa Feltz. Anyway, keep on flying the Hammers flag on Sky it’s always nice to see one of our own on TV.

  5. DevoDevo says:

    Always liked Matt – his all time XI proves he knows football, unlike some of your other contributors, but I can’t believe he employs Eamonn Holmes as his fitness instructor! 😉

  6. dave says:

    He may know football but to say we are no threat is a joke

  7. crazyhorse says:

    he may know his football but to say we are not a threat is a joke,we just done a treble on man utd

  8. Upton Spark says:

    I think you lot are taking Matt too seriously. when he says things he usualy is joking and a lot of what he says can be taken with a pinch of salt.
    I know this as I went to school with him and he has always been a joker.
    Matt is a great chap and a true fan,so get off his back and chill out lads.

  9. ironsmith says:

    I think Matt means that as a club we are not boastful or overbearing in character and people therefore do not feel threatened in this way as opposed to some others and of course we are and will remain a significant threat on the pitch. Matt is clearly west ham through and through from birth and his own character typifies this- likeable, cheerful with a wicked sense of humour.That sounds like us and it’s great to have you with us Matt!

  10. Stelios J says:

    I’m with everything you type, Matthew! Even my favourite game, when THE Frank Lampard scored with a that banana-header and ran over to me(?) and frolliked with the corner flag! Outnumbered three to one we were, by Evertonians, but what an evening; lost my voice forever, but it was worth every second, despite never fully regaining it. figuritively and literally!

    There is far worse, however, than being accused as being a QPR fan, that I can assure you!


  11. crazyhorse says:

    seemed plain english to me what he said when he said we are not a threat.fortunes will not bleedin be always hiding

  12. colney says:

    love the little comments on sky matt,stick it 2 em .

  13. Matthew Lorenzo says:

    When I say no one is threatend by West Ham I’m talking about the football. Most neutrals love the way we play. The same way Newcastle fans will be happy what great footbnall – if not title-winning football – under Kevin.

    I reckon a few of you are a little too young to remember five-alls against Chelsea, and nearly double figures against Newcaslte. That’s the West Ham way, and it makes me happy. So don’t go for the idiot Statto approach,- don’t put yourself with Arsenal, Liverpool and United. Instead remember what Ron Atkinson told me in 1986 when my dad died. I said “The sad thing, Ron, is that he’d going to miss West Ham’s title year.” He looked ill at ease for a while and then said “I’ll tell you what sunbeam, you’ll f***ing miss that one…”

  14. Plaistow54 says:

    Hello Matthew, i remember the sixties too. What a side we were, many of those players are legends now. West Ham have always played entertaining football & i hope we continue to. I have a lot of mates from other teams who have an underlying respect for us. A lot of people think Curbs has done well but can’t take us to the next level. I disagree. I think he can in time. I reckon the good days are going to come back. Booby Moore was the best player i ever saw. He was so calm & his tackles were timed to perfection. I used to go to the Odeon movies to watch Buck Rogers for sixpence all morning Sat. then football in the afternoon. Ah, those were the days. Good luck.

  15. Alan says:

    Good article. Being a West Ham fan sets us apart from the herd. It’s about doing things the right way and appreciating the journey and not just the arrival. Nice to know that Mr Lorenzo reads these responses too.
    Interesting to see Dave Grohl listed among our celebrity fans. That’s made my day!

  16. ironsmith says:

    Thank you Matt for clarifying what you meant by threatened I just got the wrong end of the stick! Even so, after 47 years as a fan of this great club I have to disagree with your sentiment as being somewhat outdated now. It is true of course that during the sixties we were preoccupied with changing the way the world played football under the guidance of the legendary Malcolm Allison and Co. and gained the reputation of Academy rather than Champions and that as you suggest quite rightly has been with us ever since. Now I feel we have not only the right men in AC and BG as guardians of our fine traditions but also as likely future champions. As for Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea we do not want to be like them, why would we? BUT we are WEST HAM UNITED and feelTHREATENED feel really THREATENED!!!!!!

  17. ironsmith says:

    Please forgive my historical inaccuracy! Allison, Bond, Cantwell and co. was of course the Ted Fenton era of the fifties followed by Greenwood ! I try so hard not to make a complete james hunt of meself!


    What’s bloody wrong with being a QPR supporter! You iron!!

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