Faubert to Start?

The Sun says Alan Curbishley will hand Julien Faubert his full debut tonight. It would be a brave move for a player who has only had 50 minutes of football after a serious injury. I imagine there will be a few other changes too – perhaps a well earned rest for George McCartney.


13 Responses to Faubert to Start?

  1. Swiss Hammer says:

    I think there are 2 hopes of Curbs playing faubert from the start tonight when you look at the kidd gloves he used with Ashton. I think at most you will see him at half time if not later.
    dont forget that we still have the game against them at the weekend and as curbs has said he does “want to mix it around a little”
    I must say that i have not looked forward to a game of footie so much for a while.
    1-0 to the Hammers!!

  2. stan says:

    cant see faubert starting myself – possibly neil for mccartney at left back but also cant see mccartney being rested either.

  3. SD says:

    As you say he is recovering from a serious injury and therefore would almost certainly not be risked for ninety minutes, taking this into account and the fact he is an explosive player, I think it would be much more wise and potentially fruitful to use him from the bench in the second half.

    However, with it being an FA cup replay, if he does get brought on at half-time say, he could end up playing upto 75mins if it goes to pens!

  4. Tom says:

    I’d love to see him start, but feel that Lundburg should start on the right and replace Cole up front at half time, inject some added pace and movement to hit them on the counter during the second half. Give him the second half to make an impression. 1- 0 to the Irons.

  5. jon.london colney says:

    cant see that happening,maybe second half but you may get extra time and he wont be able to keep up for that length ov time.cant wait to see him up n running .

  6. Upton Spark says:

    My local rag says Curbs will not chance him as he is still not 100% and Curbs wants to ease him in gradually.
    The Sun are so full of sh1t at times anyway,and I stopped buying it years ago when they backed Maggie Thatcher to get rid of the Gas Board and privatise the gas industry.
    Now look at the state of the gas and electricity.
    Don’t start me off!!

  7. crazyhorse says:

    sun is full of crap 98% of the time

  8. hammermolder says:

    Cant see curbs starting faubert,depending how the game is going,maybe around 65-70 minutes,for some reason i like our chances,0-1 to the hammers,mullins with the winner!!

  9. headmaster1 says:

    Upton Spark – lol mate. quality post!!!

  10. Dan Coendoz says:

    Faubert won’t start. He’ll come on midway into the second half to inject some pace, and i’ve got a funny feeling he’ll either score or set one up. Remember, you heard it here first!

  11. DevoDevo says:

    Got as much chance of starting as me! 70-75 mins he may come on, depends on the score.

  12. crazyhorse says:

    i just read on a site some supporters slagging off faubert on his performance tonite.How disgraceful and fickle the guy done ok considering hes just coming back.I think he will progress

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    So many chances, not in the net again. We were the better side except on the score sheet. Boa Morte, go out to the car park & shake yourself. Next time look to the left. Defence was good. Unlucky not to get the penalty. Pity but we can concentrate on the League now. Of course with Bellamy & Zman back things will get better. Upson & Ferdinand played well. My memory is still functional so Sheff. Utd. can wait for a whupping till another year.

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