WE53 HAM Numberplate For Sale

westhamnpYou may remember that the numberplate WE57 HAM sold for £57,000 recently. The owner of a similar numberplate has contacted me to ask if I might help him sell WE53 HAM. He is not expecting £57,000 but he is expecting to make a five figure sale. If anyone is interested please email me (iain AT iaindale DOT com) and I will put you in touch. And yes, I will make a small commission if a sale is made!


20 Responses to WE53 HAM Numberplate For Sale

  1. Bobby says:

    I have got a washing machine for sale … any chance you can put that up ???

  2. Col says:

    I’ve decided to put my wife up for sale also. Can you advertise this for me please:

    For sale. Used wife. been around the blocma few times. 40 years old, pretty good in the sack. all offers under a quid taken.

  3. Biffo the bear says:

    I’ll have it….. hold on….got a fiver here somewhere……yep, found it. Right, yer on!
    Iain, I’ll buy you a pint.

  4. Hornchurch hammer says:

    It would help if it actually looked like WEST HAM.
    I’ve tried squinting, but still cant see it

  5. Hot Coffee says:

    Does it not occur to you that only grade A, solid gold dickhead twats have ‘personalised number plates’, especially when they don’t really spell anything unless they are illegally ‘tampered’ ??

  6. HammerRon says:

    Col; Il give you a quid 😉

  7. jon.london colney says:

    set of britania encylopedias 4 sales as dont need any more as wife knows everything !!!

    ive got an m3 4 sales if anyone interested?

    02 /02 in black with tv n sat nav 19inch wheels and one careful owner,well 3 idiots as well.

  8. Frenchie says:

    My wife keeps telling me she wants to sale her dirty box. I think she only has one to sale and i’m not sure of the going rate for a used box (it is slightly worn and tatty) but if you’re interested make me an offer.

  9. Mark the hammerette says:

    I thinks its a disgrace that you are trying to make money from a felllow hammer….we should help each other….by the way I’ll have your wife off yer to help you out of course !!..

  10. Dave King says:

    Quite apart from the fact that I find people who spend ludicrous amounts on number plates as very sad people, It also amuses me the way people try to buy plates that mean nothing at all. He wants a 5 figure sum for WE53HAM? Whatever for? Its as bad as buying X5 for BMW’s. We know its an X5 because its already badged. Send the Tosser out to Libya or Zimbabwe and tell him to get a grip on life. You’re no better, bragging about getting a commission for it.

  11. Scott says:

    5 figures?

    Having a laugh isn’t he, mugging off fellow hammers – disgrace.

  12. hammermolder says:

    gone down like a lead balloon Iain lol

  13. Bazhammer says:

    I’ve got a number plate for sale ‘ 5pursr5hit3’ any offers??

  14. headmaster1 says:

    If that was a serious post Iain, you are having a giraffe old son.

    Mind you, wot’s the bet some muppet has emailed Iain on the QT!! lol

  15. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    I thought this was a serious West Ham page…now I see it’s self absorbed crap like the rest of them…this will be my last post! Explorer…favourites….click…delete favourite! Goodbye!

  16. Upton Spark says:

    Ther’es some brill replies here.
    Hot Coffee and Dave King-Priceless!!

    I’ve never believed in atupid number plates unless there actually good ones.
    Some I’ve seen.

    DISCO Man owns a nightclub
    BIGEN You wish
    SEX1 Bad spelling but she was!
    L1PPY Big Mouth Yob

  17. nr2iron says:

    Some people need to get their sense of humour back,a couple of these posts are priceless in fact worth more than the dodgy number plate.

  18. hammerron says:

    I will sell my brother ;-), hes a bloody tottscum

  19. hammermolder says:

    If we’re going to sell stuff,i have a set of golf clubs,sweet spot never used!!!

  20. HammerMalta says:

    I come from Malta as you might guessed and telling you the truth it’sa bit odd to support West Ham here ,it’s all Man U,Liverpool,Arsenal and Chalsea are getting in the picture as well ,but my love for West Ham goes way back since 1972 when i used to live in Cotswald Gardens, East Ham.During last years great escape i promised myself that if the Irons escape the drop i tattoo the crest on my arm and it’s a fine piece i tell you,and when i got my new toyota i paid quite some extra cash to make my number plate WEST HAM instead of numbers and letters the only one in Malta !!!! WEST HAM TILL I DIE!!!!

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