Lee Bowyer: The Club I Love

There’s a long interview with Lee Bowyer in today’s Observer. Click HERE to read it. Here’s a taster…

After feeling he had let down himself – and everyone else – the first time at Upton Park, he returned not only to prove everyone wrong but to exorcise some demons. But when he ended up in another relegation scrap with the club he supported as a boy and with his confidence undermined by years of negativity, he was, unsurprisingly, consumed by self doubt.

‘I’ve come here twice and it was like we might get relegated twice, so I thought I was a Jonah. I thought, “What am I doing here? Everything’s going against me”. I just had this feeling like I’m not supposed to be here.’

That thought has not crossed his mind this season, although on the opening day against Manchester City he agrees he had probably the worst game of his career. ‘I just put myself under too much pressure,’ he says. ‘But it was one game and there were 37 more to go. I still had plenty of time to prove myself. I like to think I’m doing that. I’ve now scored goals for the club I love and things are going right.’

The horizon is brighter for his club too. ‘I think we can still challenge for Europe. We’ve stayed in touch, although we need luck to happen with players coming back from injury. If we had a run like we did at the end of last season then we’ll be up there. Our club has gone from rock bottom, but now we’re in the top half and we’re moving in the right direction.’

From rock bottom to moving in the right direction: just like Lee Bowyer.


4 Responses to Lee Bowyer: The Club I Love

  1. chris says:

    Just watched man city game no more boamorte please!!!!!!How has this man ever made a pro footballer its a joke,hes got no idea what he is doing hes a headless chicken,play lungberg or matty left side,also the people who said noble was crap must of seen hes potential in this game ,nice neat passing just needs half a yard more,Ashton injured i dont believe it!reckon he sulked cause we were going 4.5.1,he will go next week mark my words.

  2. Upton Spark says:

    Nice little interview with Bow. It is a shame he comes across as he does,but I think he is a passionate player who just loves to win. A frustrating player at times for us supporters but a good player on his day,and just needs to get his fitness right and start to play more games for the Hammers.

  3. Plaistow54 says:

    I read the interview & Lee certainly has matured. He has been a much maligned person over the years & unfairly so, but that seems to have changed. On his day he is still one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. He can still turn a game on it’s head if he is in the mood. Most of the players i have seen over the years who can do that something special have had a bit of a personality. Fishing will help that. Many things are sorted out fishing. The thing is, he loves the club as he would & he is happy. Happy players play to their best & catch lots of fish.

  4. Colin Barnes says:

    Do West Ham have a new PR team? It seems that every other day a team member comes forward to do an uplifting interview. It’s great to see a constant flow of good news coming out of Upton Park, but it all seems a bit too orchestrated to me. This week we have Carlton’s new found confidence, Lee’s personal growth, Rob’s thoughtful academic side, Freddie aiming for fourth and Matty the psychologist. Next week Mark Noble will no doubt get a bit in the Mail about club loyalty in a fickle world followed by Craig Bellamy wanting to repay WHU for the new future he now has and Hayden needs to say something too. It’s interesting to watch these new West Ham family values. Perhaps it’s just me being too curmudgeonly about things. All this goodwill and optimism seems strange to a life long Hammers fan, but you know…..I think I like it.

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