Manchester City: Let’s Look at the Positives

Well if ever there was a game we deserved to win and didn’t it was this one. Let’s concentrate on the positives. We played the team with the best home record in the division and we should have won. The defence was again magnificent. The central midfield worked well. Carlton Cole scored a cracker of a goal. Julien Faubert showed some great touches when he came on. There were only two negatives to the game – the referee and Luis Boa Morte. I know people think I have a thing about him and they’re right. Today you could see why. He was a liability. If Matty Etherington had been fit I reckon we’d have won. I also want to pay tribute to Hayden Mullins and Mark Noble, both of whom were immense. Noble nearly snatched it towards the end and perhaps should have, but let’s not ignore their goalkeeper, Joe Hart, who saved them time and again.

We now have one thing to play for: Europe. I really believe that we are now showing the kind of defensive consistency which achieves results. We have a central midfield which looks strong, and if we can only get our wing play and strikers sorted out I believe we can finish in the top 7.

And finally another big up for Carlton Cole. This boy has come on leaps and bounds. He’ll never be perfect, but in game after game he’s working his socks off, something most of us probably never thought we would see. His first touch is getting better and his shielding of the ball is now excellent. He’s going to give the manager a real headache when Ashton and Bellamy are both fit, not to mention Bobby Z.

Green 8
Upson 8
Ferdinand 8.5
McCartney 7
Neill 7
Mullins 8
Noble 8
Ljungberg 7.5
Boa Morte 5
Cole 8
Bowyer 7


78 Responses to Manchester City: Let’s Look at the Positives

  1. crazyhorse says:

    Good article Iain and spot on about lbm,the guy is a liability,can’t wait for matty,Solano parker,Bellamy and Ashton to come back,but still a great show of courage and determination today considering the injuries

  2. Wavid says:

    Surely, you don’t mean Noble played very well again? Mmmm, perhaps it is because he is a very good player! Makes you think, doesn’t it? (ps – that is to all those who slagged him off recently, in case you were wondering!!)

  3. chris says:

    Couldn’t agree more lbm is clueless!How has this man become a pro footballer hes nicking a living,All the noble doubters must eat humble pie,he and the rest of midfield were massive today,also i dont think ashton was injured,i reckon he sulked cause was told we were going 4.5.1,he’ll leave next week mark my words.

  4. DevoDevo says:

    Daylight robbery.

    Bowyer and ferdinand outstanding, Ljundberg improving every game – maybe we shouldn’t sell him! 😉 and Faubert looking class. Can we offlaod LBM back to Fulham?

    If only we could get a full strength side.

    Green 7
    Upson 7
    Ferdinand 9
    McCartney 7
    Neill 7
    Mullins 7.5
    Noble 8
    Ljungberg 7.5
    Boa Morte 4
    Cole 7.5
    Bowyer 9

    Faubert 7.5

  5. Stelios J says:

    I thought we played brilliantly, even LBM. though he was. by far. our worst player. What a pity two points were dropped before we face Liverpool. If we can get ten points from our next four games, then Europe is possible, despite a tricky march into April, as it were!

    Citeh are not only catchable, I’d be suprised if they finished above us, and Portsmouth and Blackburn are there for the taking. Unfortunately should these things happen, it would only leave us in seventh place, and heavily reliant on both cup cometitions being won by teams above us, though given the past few seasons, seventh may be good enough get into the UEFA cup,

    Keep it going Irons!

  6. crazyhorse says:

    Good call wavid i remember those the other day saying noble was average,god knows how they can say that,the lad is quality

  7. crazyhorse says:

    Ashton is going nowhere its just newspapers making up stupid stories about him leaving,once the lad is fully fit then we will see the Ashton we are use to seeing

  8. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Very unlucky. Great effort. MULLINS, ANTON and LJUNDBERG were excellent.

    I don’t think BOA MORTE was as bad as some are making out to be. I think stelios J got it spot on. Once CURBISHLEY plays two strikers with BOA MORTE as a geniune winger then I think he will improve. This supporting striker role doesn’t suit him.

    I also have to disagree NOBLE had that good a game let alone being immense Iain….of course, that’s if I’m allowed to disagree because people get offended these days.

    A little concerned over ASHTON. I just hope he and CURBISHLEY haven’t had a argument. If he is driven out of the club it would be a big disappointment. If he did have a problem being dropped then I think being our top scorer, he has an argument. I think CURBISHLEY is frustrating him unnecessarily….but I suppose he is the manager and can do what he likes but he will have to live and die by his decisions.

    It may seem that COLE being suited to the lone striker role is what is keeping ASHTON out but I think its trying to accommodate an extra midfielder that’s the problem. ASHTON and COLE can easily play together without having to change COLES current role. DEAN ASHTON should be the first name on the team sheet. I feel sorry for him in a way. After waiting patiently during injury he probably just wants to play now.

  9. mac says:

    Great to see us so comfortable on the ball. But we should have won and we didn’t. We simply have to start taking our chances. If I’m being really picky, (and why not given we’ve not scored nearly enough this season), Noble’s second chance should have been angled to Hart’s right, not straight at him. I know he’s not an out and out striker and he was reaching for it, but there are plenty of midfielders who would have done so and scored.

    It basically comes down to fine margins, that’s the difference between where we are and where we could, should, and no doubt want to be. As Slaven Bilic said quite insightfully afterwards, there’s probably not enough pressure at this level compared with the boys at the very top who have to consistently operate at the highest level week after week. How many times has Curbs trotted out his ‘we should have got more out of the game’ speech. Well perhaps if we sharpen up in front of goal, realising it might be the only chance we’ll get, perhaps we might.

  10. skruss says:

    Ashton is just coming back from a serious injury Against city in midweek he looked shattered in the second half He can’t play two games a week yet Hence he was not selected today.

  11. Camziron says:

    Great effort lads. But I can only feel that had we utilised the January window and brought in a real instinctive striker to play alongside CC, then we would have won games like this at a canter. As fond of BZ as I am, what is the point in sitting on a squad of injured players when our finishing is clearly letting us down. It almost seems that due to the lack of goal scoring prowess, nobody wants to take on the responsibility of shooting. Get in the market Alan, the premiership waits for no one. COYI

  12. crazyhorse says:

    No ones offended by your lack of faith in noble tebs,just astounded

  13. west ham johnny says:

    i agree with carlos about noble, i love the lad he is west ham through n through but he aint been the player since he came back from injury plus he is still learning alot and we tend to expect great performances out of him every week. i think mullins bowyer were solid in midfield bowyer is starting to look the player he was years ago now he is getting a starting role in the center of midfield. as for boa morte he cost us the game on wednesday when he should have squared the ball across to freddy and today he was everywhere FUCKING things up. anyway still not a bad result considering no ashton or etherington, though we dominated a game at there ground where there unbeaten so lots to take from the game.

  14. Vince Tanti says:

    Good to see all these comments and diverse ideas guys. It makes us Hammers supporters in Malta feel a part of you more and more, and thank you Iain for your articles and this site.

    I was really hoping for a win today, and was pretty sure it would have come, seeing that Curbs adopted the 4 – 5 -1 formation.

    In my opinion, even had he not been injured, I believe that it was right to play Cole in lieu of Ashton. His last game on wednesday was one to be forgotten. The thing with him is that when he’s in the mood, he’s terrific, but then when he’s not, he’s simply not up to the standards we require up front. Cole has showed us today that he can creat a possible from a practically impossible, and that is what we need.

    I agree with most of you re LBM, and perhaps it would have been right to play Faubert from the beginning today. One seems to forget mentioning the great contribution Mcartney is giving the team, and our defences were again superb. Pity about the goal, which, again not mentioned, Vassel was in an offside position when the ball was passed into the area.

    My ratings:
    Green 6.5 (I felt he should have taken control when the ball was passed into his area)
    Upson 7.0
    Ferdinand 8.0
    McCartney 8.0
    Neill 7.5
    Mullins 7.5
    Noble 7.0 (he should have scored, and he got a yellow for arguing too much!)
    Ljungberg 7.5
    Boa Morte 5
    Cole 7.5
    Bowyer 6.5 (can’t realy agree with you guys on Lee’s performance today, I think it was below his usual)

    Faubert 7.0

    In conclusion, I feel the team is really improving in the game, and hopefully we will not see any of the pathetic performances that regretfully we have been seeing once too often recently. Any of you who like me, are in their mid to late 40’s should clearly remember all commentators saying West Ham are a good team to watch because they play entertaining football, and the entertainment is slowly coming back. We need the little bit more polishing when it comes to passing and finishing, and I am sure we will get there too.

    Keep the comments coming guys, and thank you for all of them.

  15. Biffo the bear says:

    Very solid performance today, can’t wait for Bellamy to come back. I think we’re beginning to see the squad Curbishley envisaged in the summer. Once again a great performance by the defence. Things are looking good.

    How offside does it have to be before a flag goes up????

  16. Iron Squaddie says:

    Not bad Ian, but lets ease up on LBM, it was a team effort out there today. I am curious as to how Curbs will set up for the Liverpool game … I firmly believe that if Bellars is fit, then Deano will be better suited than Cole. However for all the moaning minnies back in August, slating half the players on display today as not good enough … then you need to ask yourselves …. are you really fans, and do you have a clue. Finally, with the transfer window two thirds gone, I was suprised Curbs let Matty Taylor go to Bolton for peanuts, intersting to see what he could’ve offered our left hand side.

  17. chris says:

    I must be flippin dreaming!did somebody say lbm is gunna be good,If you an’t got a first touch you cant play anywhere!That performance was as bad as it can get for a pro footballer ,for nearly most of the game the ball just bounced off his foot,,If bellamy was fit we would of one this game,so frustrating we play well 4.5.1 but keeping all strikers happy headache!!!!!!!!!

  18. crazyhorse says:

    I think noble is quality and he will only get better

  19. chris says:

    oh yeah i forgot to say well done to mullins for keeping a brazilian first choice in his pocket,good nite eveyone……..irons,irons,irons!!!!!

  20. DevoDevo says:

    Astounded that anyone thought LBM played well today. Everything he did was woeful and apart from his effort everything breaks down when it goes to him.

    I like us set up 4-5-1 and with the talent we have in midfield at our disposal, it looks the most successful formation for us.

    If Bellamy had played to day we would have won. He would be my first choice up front on his own, despite carlton doing so well in his absence.

    Ashton needs to be used sparingly to be effective, whether this will change given time, I have no idea, but his mobility is nowhere near where it should be.

    If we don’t finish above Citeh, I’ll be gutted. Apart from Petrov and Elano, they offer nothing.

    I have been impressed with hart in both games, though.

  21. crazyhorse says:

    Anyone have any idea when Bellamy will be back

  22. WHU Kim says:

    Oh dear, Ashton is injured, got a dead leg and bad knock on Weds and we have posters speculating that he has fallen out with the manager.

    Noble yet again showed why the vast majority of West Ham fans rate him, Mullins had a good game too as indeed did most of the team other than LBM who for a player of his experience should act more prfessionally on the pitch. He was lucky not be sent off. Faubert showed some really nice touches and I think he could well be a good signing for us.

  23. claire says:

    Were any of you there – that’s not a snide comment, just interested?
    I was- big up to all except LBM. Would like to have seen Faubert start- he needs more game time. Oh, for Zamora, sorely missed (putting flak jacket on here) given that I agree with DevoDevo about Ashton – and also for Nobby to take our corners.

    What a defence we have at long last!

  24. crazyhorse says:

    Its ridiculous thats some people actually believe Asthon is going.If there was any truth in this then curbs would have tried to sign someone this month to replace him.Its just stupid newspapers again

  25. ironsmith says:

    In a great team performance like that the spirit will eventually diminish if you have a player whose performance appears to work continually against your own team effort. This was LBM last night and I now have a thing about him too and I thought he stayed on the pitch too long with the risk of a sending off! However, I have every confidence in curbs to put this right,Iain, and the positives were there to be seen in abundance, Freddie looking the class player he undoubtedly is, excellent defence, creating chances, CARLTON COLE, and much much more and I remain very excited about the possibilities.The fact is we murdered city last night and at times they looked utterly defeated and this was clearly illustrated on the faces of both ireland and elano as they were substituted later on.We were unlucky in the extreme not to take 3 points home with us.

  26. r.o.b. says:

    lbm needs to go.
    he’s rubbish, his class showed on the pitch today.
    should have been tossed for the 2 footed tackle.

  27. Upton Spark says:

    Watched the whole game on Sky and felt that if we had a decent strike partner for Cole instead of muppet L B M,then we definately would have taken the points.
    That’s the one thing that frustrates me with our team,we don’t make the most of our chances up front and really do need a 20 goal striker URGENTLY!!
    We of course are not going to get this but it is obvious to anyone who goes on a regular basis that we need to do something before we can honestly say we are due to get back into Europe.
    Agree with the points on our defence which is getting better all the time.
    I do hope Curbs has not fallen out with Deano.

  28. colney says:

    a perfect attitude yesterday,played a very good team of the park.

    a big up to curbs and ALL the boys.

    lbm needs to find his position in the team,i think hes in the wrong place.maybe he would be better at right back or somewhere coz going forward hes a headless chicken

  29. JackHammer says:

    Agree, lots of positives in that game, Cole is just getting better and better. Faubert looks very interesting, combative, quick as well as skillful !!

  30. Ian the Hammer says:

    I am a very happy Hammer. I think Curb’s is building something big down at the Boleyn & when/if he can get a full team out I think we’ll start making & taking even more chances. That had to be one of the best displays by a WHU team in the modern game. Big up Curb’s & all the players (even LBM, worked his socks off for the team)

  31. HammerRon says:

    LBM i Useless, send him back to Fulham

  32. kayiwa says:

    I think West Harm will have to strengthen the striking squad more after selling Henood.

    Hey Guys do you watch Africa Cup Of nations which started Yesterday?

    Its wow
    to night we have Nigeria vs Ivory coast the strongest Teams in Africa

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes you are 100% correct Iain. A great effort from the team. Curbs is getting us competetive in the upper part of the table & he has done it in virtually one season. I always thought he would but, he is a very experienced manager. Carlton Coles goal was smashing. He really has weathered the storm, but again i always thought he would. He is a fine player. Mullins worked hard the whole match & if i had to pick a player in amongst a good performance from the side it would be him. Boa Morte does try hard but he only ever really did well when with Fulham in the Championship. Maybe he’s up a level too far. We should have won that you know. My understanding of the VERY confusing offside rule was that Vassell was coming back from an offside position & gained an unfair advantage. At the very minimum he was interfering with play. Anyway, great game Curbs, things look good. To infinity & beyond.

  34. RapidHammer says:

    Thanks for this encouraging match report, Iain. The team is really getting competitive in the first half of the table. But if you look at the PL table now there’s still a big gap between the “top 6”-contenders and West Ham. If Liverpool wins against Villa tonight the 6th place will be seven points away from us. I think we will have to beat the Reds next week at the Boleyn Ground – this game will be crucial!

  35. supernumbersix says:

    Great to see us passing the ball about with confidence finally. Good show in all departments. Carlton Cole you are the man. Where are all those w*nk*rs who were booing you not so long ago? LBM, no not my favourite player, you never know when you’re going to get a touch of genius or a touch of rubbish, but he is being played out of position and the opposition hate he way he hassles and harasses.
    My only complaint about yesterday (apart from the crap ref and ASSistants) has to do with the press. I HATE THE RUBBISH RAGS. We were all over City. Yet most of what was issued as ‘reporting / journalism’ banged on more about how bad they were than the fact that maybe they were bad because we were so good? COYI

  36. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Iain I think you need to give BOA MORTE a break. I’m sure you’d like to look at yourself as a respected journalist so why do you need to stoop so low in ridiculing him every time. He tries hard like Ian the hammer said he works his socks off but you continue to berate him and the result of this is that you get people start hating the guy for no reason. Just look at some of the comments and you will see what responsibility you have…you set the tone for the blog. I know it’s your blog and you can write pretty much what you like but for someone in your position?…..ease up on BOA MORTE.

    Whats funny is that you title the post “let’s look at the positives” and then you give BOA MORTE a rollicking? Coupled with the fact that he’s continuously played out of position and the fact that he probably runs more than any of the others, I think you’re unfair on him.

    I think you can redirect some of the passion you have for NOBLE in the direction of BOA MORTE. NOBLE had the two clearest opportunities of the game; left foot over the bar and COLES cut back when he hit it straight at the keeper. These chances were not difficult by premiership standards but you still give him an 8. Had BOA MORTE missed these chances then you would have verbally attacked him again.

    And crazyhorse my mental four legged mammalian friend…. If I have lack of faith in NOBLE then what do you call your opinion of BOA MORTE? You just agree with everything Iain says…. You remind me of HANSEN, LINEKER, LAWRENSON and SHEARER on match of the day….I call them “the agree-ers” because that’s all they do; agree with each other.

    I have faith in NOBLE; in that he’s west ham through and through but I just don’t think he’s as good as you and your agree-ers say. He should do what the likes of EPHRAIM have done….go out on loan or move to a championship club if he can improve as some have suggested. In fact, I’ll go one further and say that with the new chairmen at QPR now, EPHRAIMS progression can be much faster than NOBLES and that he will have a better chance of playing at the top level more consistently in the future. EPHRAIM has taken a step back to take two forward. I just hope people around MARK are honest enough to tell him these things instead of wasting his time and career.

    Last but not least crazyhorse…I hope that you are honest enough to come on here and say “I was wrong” in regards to NOBLES abilities when I am proved correct. I would bet you but I’m not a betting man but I give you my word that I will do the same. So? (Also…I have engaged upon a systematic annihilation of your argument and insinuations towards me on the previous NOBLE to celtic post if you care to have a look)

    Did anyone lip read FAUBERT when he’s goal was disallowed? He said “F-off”…learning already! It was brilliant….and on the subject of FAUBERT; how good did he look! Can’t wait until he’s given 90. When SOLANO is not playing then I think FAUBERT should be entrusted with the free kicks, corners etc. He wraps his foot around the ball and really gets some curve on it with pace (cross to COLE last minute which HART tipped over).

    How on earth did ANDY GRAY describe our first half as “dire”?

  37. crazyhorse says:

    do me a favour tebrez,everyone except you can see noble is quality and as for you defending lbm,well that just sums it up doesnt it.I think you’re on a wind uplol

  38. crazyhorse says:

    i and thousands of thers have seen nobles quality except you tebs,im afraid that you are thwe one going to be proven wrong,especially with the case for lbm

  39. crazyhorse says:

    and you should learn to read tebrez because i have said i have faith in nobles because unlike you i dont watch football with my eyes shut,and like iain and others we see that noble is more than a average player which you claim thats all he is so whose four legged now.

  40. crazyhorse says:

    And tebz,iain can write what he likes,and what he said about lbm is fact,but yet again you dont see that,i suppose you think lbm should be team captain.good grief

  41. Iain Dale says:

    Carlos, this is my blog and I call it as I see it. Everyone seems to agree with me apart from you. LBM has had one good game since he has been here. One good game in 12 months. Not good enough for someone who cost £5 million. Not good enough at all.

    Noble is a superb player and if you can’t see that then I despair of your West Ham credentials. In the last year Noble has had one bad game. in all the others he has been good, very good or excellent. Do you actually go to any games?

  42. crazyhorse says:

    Good call Iain,I find it hard to believe how the fella can call Noble average,he works hard,has great control and determination and is a bright young lad with skill and a shining light for west ham.You are also right about LBM he is a liability and I think he should be gone by the summer at the latest

  43. chris says:

    carlos tabrez contains 12 letters 12th letter of alphabet L. carlos tabrez, 2 names 2nd letter of alphabet B………hmmmmmmmm

  44. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Yes Iain I know it’s your blog that’s why I said it above. The fact that everyone agrees with you doesn’t make you right if that’s what you are suggesting Iain. As soon as someone disagrees with you you get the hump. What’s the point in having a blog where everyone agrees with you anyway.

    One good game in 12 months? Talk about gross exaggeration Iain. Your comments are so baseless it’s untrue……. and yes I do go to games not that me being west ham fan is dependent on whether I go to games or not. Just ask the thousands who can’t afford tickets; does that make them less of a fan? so don’t bother going down that route.

    Also, when I do watch my team I don’t do so with any presumptions. You watch a game thinking NOBLE cannot do a thing wrong (reflected in his undeserved 8 in the city game) and BOA MORTE will always do everything wrong. This causes you to ignore any mistakes NOBLE makes for example and remember all the ones BOA MORTE makes.

    You should maintain your professionalism and grow up a bit especially due to the fact that you’re in the public eye.

    Crazyhorse; did I say you don’t have faith in NOBLE? maybe your the one who has trouble reading.

  45. Iain Dale says:

    I haven’t got the hump at all. I just wonder if you see the same games as I do.

  46. crazyhorse says:

    Dont think so tebz you need to take your blinkers off.And i agree with iain because what he says is common sense about noble and lbm,something many of us are in agreement with,dont be so ridiculous with your commentsj just because many of us are in agreement with iain on this.If anyone has the hump its you fella.

  47. Carlos Tabrez says:

    …see the same games you do or see the games as you do? Ones a maybe, the others a definitely not.

  48. crazyhorse says:

    And no one said noble doesnt make mistakes tebz,all players do,but his contribution outweighs the occasional mistake,unlike LBM.And if you look at the board and read it properly you will see that im not the only one agreeing with iain on this its 99 per cent of everyone on here so if you want to bitch about the common sense being told to you try taking a pop at everyone on here.And to say im like Lawrenson etc,get real fella

  49. crazyhorse says:

    So you go to aston villa then tebz,wrong claret and blue fella

  50. Carlos Tabrez says:

    …did I say you’re the only one agreeing with him? You sure you haven’t tried your hand at fiction crazyhorse….you’re very good at making things up. Why would I say you’re the only one agreeing with Iain then in the other post talk about how a majority can be wrong? Read calmly and don’t attribute things to me that I have not said just to make yourself feel better.

    Do you think NOBLES mistakes are highlighted as much or in the same way as BOA MORTES? If you’re honest with yourself then the answer is no….NOBLES mistakes are not highlighted like BOA MORTES. I’m not saying that BOA MORTES the best player in the world, neither have I said NOBLE is rubbish. I just think you can be more fair on BOA MORTE but this seems to have agitated you.

    … for the hump; if you can see my smile now!….I wouldn’t expect you to disagree with Iain now would I?

  51. crazyhorse says:

    tebs you’re talking rubbish,and you contradict yourself by explaining what someone else has said whilst forgetting what your saying.And no one said you said noble was rubbish buit he isnt average as you have said.You seem to think people are aggitated by what you are saying which seems to me that is what you want,but the only ones smiling are others on here at some of your comments which seem to exceed the realms of football reality.People on here like banter if you dont like it then go elsewhere

  52. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Very funny Villa joke crazyhorse. Did you think of it all by yourself?

  53. crazyhorse says:

    Ho dear tebz you are original arent you,very cliche

  54. crazyhorse says:

    tebz ideal line up for a football team…goalkeeper:stevie wonder .midfield:roy chubby brown,billy buntin,tom jones,bjork.Strikers:long john silver.robinson crusoe

  55. crazyhorse says:

    the reason tebz that nobles mistakes are not highlighted the same as lbm is because he doesnt make the same mistakes,for gods sake what team are you watching or are you on a wind up…and er yes you did only point out what ive said,its not in fiction just scroll back to what silly comment you made

  56. Upton Spark says:

    So many wind up’s here lads.
    I’m surprised that Ian has responded so much to Carlos,as he doesn’t deserve the attention he’s getting.
    I would just say,everyone is entitled to their oppinion,and some people do unfortunately look at our game with sh1t in their eyes,but hey,why worry.
    The likes of Carlos are in the minority so just ignore them Ian. These sort of supporters are not worth your time imo.
    Don’t bother coming back with a reply Carlos as I will just ignore it mate.
    I think you’ve had enough publicity already.

  57. Plaistow54 says:

    I love Mark Noble,
    His fame is wide & global,
    He plays in midfield,
    West Ham is his shield,
    But Carlos i’m afraid,
    Is IGnoble.

  58. Carlos Tabrez says:

    “everyone is entitled to their oppinion” BUT “Don’t bother coming back with a reply Carlos as I will just ignore it mate.”…that was brilliant Upton Spark!

    …and crazyhorse, go and see someone about that temper of yours.

    ………….Iain says jump and crazyhorse says how high.

  59. crazyhorse says:

    tebz grow son i dont have a temper its you and by the amount of people giving you grief its obvious you are stamping your feet,now be a good boy and go away

  60. crazyhorse says:

    Tabrez there is treatment for attention seeking,so just incase you havent worked out that you an annoying fella on this board,heres what most want you to do…go away

  61. brooking is still the best says:

    I think the main problem with LBM is that he is desperatly lacking in confidence. He is almost trying far to hard. I agree with most, he has been our worst player far to often. Saying that, I wish fans would get of he back. Given some support, he could prove to be a very useful asset. He is a far better player then what he has shown us. Ask any Fulham fan, I believe he was their player of a year.
    I will never slagg of a player too much who tries as hard as LBM. I hope he can get his form back and shows us what he really do, I also wish we could give him some slack.
    In th past few seasons, we have had alot less talented players who come out and looked like they couldnt give a monkeys and never recieved as much stick as LBM

  62. crazyhorse says:

    Anyone know when Bellamy is back,its says at physio room he will be back 1st of February,but this info on that site keeps changing

  63. Upton Spark says:

    I said I wouldn’t come back with a reply Carlos,but seeing how you have missquoted me and taken things out of context,you actually missed the most important thing and that is “some people look at our game with sh1t in thier eyes.”
    Guess who that might be Carlos?

  64. Ollie says:

    Tabrez – your argument have no substance.
    LBM is playing poorly. That is the reason he runs around like a headless chicken, giving silly free-kicks away when all we want him to do is keep possession, cross the ball and use his pace to GOOD effect. At the moment he isn’t doing any of that.

    Noble is playing very well. No more to say on that score.

    LBM should take a leaf out of Carlton’s book. Put the effort in, but in a controlled way, not in a decapitated fowl way.

    You are obviously of limited intelligence, just like LBM.


    On another note, why did Konchesky get applauded by some fans when Fulham came to UP?
    His attitude and performances were as bad if not worse than NRC last season, and he slagged Curbs and the club off after he left. He is extremely overrated and possibly the most one-footed player we have ever had.

    Is it because of his skin colour and haircut?

    PS I am white.

  65. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I think you got it spot on brooking is still the best….BOA MORTE is trying too hard.

    Crazyhorse; most want me to go away?…and I suppose you asked them did you? Well I’m afraid it’s not your choice. If Iain didn’t want me to comment on his blog then I would respect that but you have no right over whether I can come on here. If I had sworn at you or insulted you FIRST then you would have a case but you started this off just because my opinion of NOBLE not being as good as some think. It’s like you have an exclusivity on opinions. At least I’m brave enough to disagree instead of being a yes man. Go and get a GCSE.

    As for you Upton Spark…did I say anything to you? yet you feel it’s necessary to get involved and insult me with that language that you were brought up on. Well why don’t you get a mind of your own instead of jumping on the wagon that’s being pulled by a crazyhorse. How can I misquote you when I have directly pasted your comment in? Can you work that one out or do you have to ask crazyhorse first?

  66. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Ollie did I insult you?

  67. crazyhorse says:

    LBM is making far too many errors and also causing free kicks that will either cost us goals or him a red card.I do believe he will be gone in the summer.For the limited time i saw faubert out there he has achieved more in his short time on the pitch than LBM has in the last year.Cant wait to see what faubert can do in 90 minutes

  68. crazyhorse says:

    ffs tabrez are you stalking me or something,put your dummy back in for gods sake and stop stamping your feet.You’ve mentioned my name 3 times in that last comment,if its not you accusing me of siding with iain,its now you saying others have sided with me,get a grip lad,its old hat now and my last comment was nothing to do with you,you’re becoming tiring and tedious,now run along.Anyway,back to reality,I know Ljundberg stated earlier that we could finish fourth,but I think realistically we could finish 6 or 7th,what do you guys think?But even if we don’t,we should finish in top half at the least,which would be still great considereing what we went thru last season.Maybe last season has toughened us up,just look at our defence now.And with players coming back,and hopefully an end to the injury jinx,we have a bright future.And what an achievement so far considering how injuries.

  69. crazyhorse says:

    Ho just for the record tebz,i never called you a name,more misjudgement by you,grow up and enjoy the topics or harmless banter,stop getting your nickers in a twist

  70. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I mentioned your name 3 times…. just look at how many times you’ve felt the need to post just so you can say something against me? …and your last comment is shown at 3.00 a.m? …and you say I’m stalking you? You need to get a life mate.

    …and by the way FREDDIE. Please don’t get too ambitious with 4th spot because crazyhorse will only remind you of last season!

    later, much later.

  71. kayiwa says:

    I think Liver pool is just discouraging like Cameroon did here in the African cup of nations
    beaten by Egypt 4-2
    hey can you look at my soccer team also here

  72. kayiwa says:

    oh what can we do to have westharm appear in the first 5 teams in premier next season?

  73. crazyhorse says:

    you tabrez are like a bad movie…them theres the dreaded sequel,and then more and more.You are a stalker and you must be so annoying at what ever pub you go to.Now take 2 aspirin go to bed and go doctors in the morning cos you’re not all the ticket mate.You’re just trying to wind people up and in the process making yousrelf look daft.

  74. crazyhorse says:

    If this means tabrez has gone im cracking open the champagne,long live sensible opinions

  75. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Is it too hard for you to not talk to or about me crazyhorse? I’m not interested goodbye. Talk about stalking.

  76. crazyhorse says:

    go away tabrez you’re being silly again

  77. Upton Spark says:

    Dear Carlos zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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