Carlton Cole for England, Anyone?

A reader emailed me this morning to tell me of several of her friends who believe Carlton Cole might be a surprise inclusion in Fabio Capello’s first England squad, which will be announced next week, I think.

I have to say I will believe it when I see it, but you have to say that it is a mark of how far he has come this season that you can say the words ‘Carlton Cole for England’ and keep a straight face.

Surely he’s got to be a better bet than Emile Heskey?!


40 Responses to Carlton Cole for England, Anyone?

  1. STEVE says:


  2. GF says:

    Your having a Bubble Barf!!

  3. Rennie says:

    Ther are players who have fullfilled their potentiall late in their careers..

    Drogba for example!

    Here´s hoping!

  4. Roy says:

    Why not? As good as any English striker and better than most. For all the Curbs knockers, CC is testament to fantastic management.

  5. Rich says:

    I think he’s rubbish! Tries his hardest and I appreciate it but the man isn’t good enough for West Ham and certainly not England!

  6. james says:

    on hearing i almost choked on my tea but after deep contemplation…Carlton cole is tall,strong and has proven that when playing with confidence he could be the man for the job. Could go well with Rooney.

  7. Vrangbak says:

    Cole has improved greatly this season, and is starting to show some qualities that at some point could see him make take the step up, but now is much to premature for him, and he would still have to prove some more. Especially he has to start scoring more consistently and become more clinical in front of goal.

    I would still rate him higher than Heskey any day. If Heskey, Defoe or Cole is included in the England squad now, it is more a sign of Englands weakneses, than a sign that theese players are showing international class.

  8. robbery says:

    hopefully the new manager has looked at current form rather than international experience when choosing his squad. If so then any english player has a chance and lampard will finaly be out!. If this is true then carlton is in as i can not think of a single english forward who has shown better form over the past 10 matches or so. No he isnt perfect but he is might just be one of the best of a sadly bad bunch. how about him and Ashton both in the squad, they would both be excellent partners for Rooney.

    To be honest i will be happy as long as it isnt just pick 2 from rooney, owen and crouch, because time has shown this to be worse than terrible.

  9. Bob says:

    Late in his career? He’s 24!


    Why not. he is improving every time i see him, he is quick, strong and tall, has skills a good shot and can hold up play like the best of t hem and he still is not at his best, he is improving under good man management skills by Alan Curbishley and will flourish…How people can say he is no good enough for west ham is beyond me, he has been one of if not the most consist player (bar Rob Green) for West ham this season, and the goal he scored last week against CITY was pure class, if it was Rooney or Owen then people would have been leaking in their pants, but no its CArlton Cole so it dont warrent anything. I hope that cappello does include him in the squad, and david bentley, and Ashley Young for that matter, the current england squad is crap none of the boys are doing it so why not try something new….its not going to be any worst is it.

    So to all the West Ham Haters and Carlton cole haters out there, sort your life out, dont worry about CArlton Cole for England, worry about Carlton Cole coming to your place and scoring and playing football how he did last week and all the previous weeks…. Yeah thats right not a nice thought is it. EXACTLY my point.!!!

    P.S can someone please tell me which english striker has been performing consistantly better then CArlton Cole this season….



  11. Mark says:

    Works Hard

    Lacks quality, Has to take 3 touches before he will consider passig. Has no vision. choose wrong option far to offend.

    Works Hard

  12. JackHammer says:

    Maybe England is stretching it, but he has certainly stood tall for us, the more he plays the better he gets, hardly an injury either which makes him a top man in my book.

  13. SerbianHammer says:

    of course he can play!!!! more hammers in youre england squad…more trophies!!! …u remember…. serbia loves you!! come on u irons

  14. The Rooster says:

    Maybe in years to come Iain, but he has come along way since last season. good post

  15. Col says:

    I’m sorry, but I tried to say ‘Carlton Cole for England’ without laughing but it simply wasn’t possible.

    I did try though!

  16. Tubs says:

    “you can say the words ‘Carlton Cole for England’ and keep a straight face.”

    Anyone who can accomplish that surely has something wrong. It’s taken him years to prove his ability, but a few months of good form isn’t enough.
    This is laughable, regardless of how well he is playing.

  17. Tubs says:

    What Mark says:
    Works Hard
    Lacks quality

    Quite the opposite to Ashton maybe!

  18. Ironman says:

    Why not, the current england lot havent done it for us. He is big strong, works harder than anyone and is full of confidence!! Wasnt long ago some idiots were booing him now he has been one of our better players!! all this talk that its late in his career when he is only 24??!! He deserves a chance in a friendly at the least, could work well with rooney, and would be better than heskey and crouch!!

  19. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Maybe needs to have a longer run of games yet to see if he can hold his place when BELLAMY and ZAMORA are back. But there’ll probably be too many in front him for England.

  20. Dave King says:

    Leave it out Iain. You struggling to write something?

  21. DG the hammer says:

    I cant believe you have written this.I honestly believe he is one of the worst 5 players I have ever witnessed at Upton park in the last 10 years.

    He must never wear the shirt again ,once we get a few of the stars fit.

  22. DevoDevo says:

    On current form he is defintely ahead of Ashton in the queue, but he has a long way to go to be considered for England.

    I will say one thing though, both at Portsmaouth against Campbell and Distain and this week against Dunne and Richards, he gave them one hell of a battering.

    We desperately need a 20 goal a season striker, which will put us close to the top 4. Bellamy is our best hope for that, followed by Ashton. If Cole can sharpen up his finishing – despite his fine goal, he had two other opportunities to pull the trigger. For one he took a touch and the chance was lost, for the other he inexplicably tried to play a pass across the box when in a great shooting position.

    If he can improve this part of his game as much as he has improved the rest of it, perhaps by the end of the season it won’t seem such a far fetched idea.

  23. brooking is still the best says:

    If Heskey can play for England, then Carlton Cole must surely be the next England legend! lol

    There has been alot worse then him who has played for England. Maybe thats why we have been so crap though.

    I also remember someone touting Herewwod for England a couple of seasons ago, good job we like a laugh.

  24. hammerswest says:

    Did anyone see Harewood scored with a bicycle kick this week, must be catching!!!
    No I can’t say Carlton Cole and England with a straight face, but I’m not laughing.
    He’s improved so much, maybe one day?

  25. geoff says:

    It’s a shame really, that’s what happens now. A player has a few good games and then is catapulted way above his level by press and even some passionate fans. Be realistic, Carlton has been playing at a reasonable level over the last 10 games, highlighted by nobody else being available. Would you be saying Bobby Z should play for England had he been fit and done well . No, he deserves a big ‘well done’ from all hammers fans, but the truth is, with everyone fit, he might just make the bench at West Ham. Wake up everyone and look at the big picture. Anyway, well played boys, at City, yet again, our reserves did a superb job. COME ON YOU IRONS

  26. Lew says:

    It’s fans ike the ones who criticise Carlton Cole, despite everything he has done this season, that we don’t want at the Boleyn.

    I’m not saying he’s international quality but the lad is improving by the week, works his socks off, wins everything that comes up to him and holds the line well because he’s big and strong, a real threat for strikers. The more he plays, the better he will continue to get, his vision and distribution will improve.

    Those saying he’s ‘shot’, ‘worst five players ever’ etc.. I don’t think you know much about football, I really don’t.

  27. Sirtrev says:

    Unfortunately there are far too many people with clearly very limited knowledge of the game wishing to criticise Cole. He lacks the quality close control of someone like Ashton but most people are unwilling or unable to look beyond that to realise that the combination of his main strengths namely pace, size and power are rare in the Premier League and even rarer in English forwards. At the moment a lot of clubs like to play with one forward but there are not many Drogbas around who have the complete game to do that. But Cole is one of the very few Englishmen who has a number of the required qualities and that’s why his name has been mentioned. Ashton and Crouch are much better technical players but they both do best with another forward to play off. As Cole has showed to great effect against both of the Manchester sides this season (teams with two of the best defences by the way) he is extremely effective in that role. The key point here is that in his career Capello has often set his teams up with one forward and may well be looking at that option for England. If he is then Cole is bound to have been looked at. And by the way, Curbishley deserves a lot of credit for recognising these qualities in Cole and backing him. When I first saw the selection against Man U with Ashton on the bench and Cole on his own up front I did wonder. But Cole was fantastic and the tactics were perfect. They both deserve a lot of credit and I think its about time a few more of the moaners gave it to them.

  28. Biffo the bear says:

    I agree with Geoff, the lack of English strikers and the fact Carlton has been playing well leads the press to speculate and i don’t think it helps anyone really. i reckon he’s a decent player, when he was at Chelsea everyone reckoned he was the next big thing and it didn’t quite happen for him, in fact, the blue filth ruined him, loaned him out all over the place and he got ‘second string-itis’ if you like, where he began to expect to be second or third choice. Now he’s got his chance and he’s taken it, fair play to the boy he deserves it. Can’t understand how people can say he’s rubbish, one of the worst players to play for West ham United? What a lot of shit people talk. He is one of the main reasons we are so difficult to play against away from home, and in the top half of the table. His performance away at Portsmouth was fantastic. Too many people just watch West Ham United on match of the day. either that or our reputation for having fans who ‘know their football’ is under serious threat.

    Should he play for England? Perhaps not, would all English strikers in the Premiership benefit from being in the England squad? Definitely.

  29. ironsmith says:

    I think a little premature Iain, as he does not score enough goals but as a big strong, handful of a front man to link with a true goalscorer there are few better than he and I am delighted that AC is getting more credit now for Cole’s drastic improvement!

  30. Plaistow54 says:

    Carlton Cole is big strapping lad who has taken up the challenge for us the last 3 or 4 months. He is regularly being spoken of on this & other sites in match reviews as one of the better players for us, if not, man of the match. He has never in his career been a big goal scorer. That’s not what he does. He works with someone else & most times he lays it on for them. He does that very well. The fact that he is only 24 is to his advantage. Football is 50% ability & 50% motivation & what is written in your heart. In both respects Carlton scores full marks in my book. It would have taken massive determination to overcome what he recently went through. Don’t forget that you will not be watching England in Europe. Make your own mind up why. I think Capello would be wise to consider Carlton. I don’t don’t think it’s silly at all & i think that Carlton’s improvement is, as said, a lot down to Curbs.

  31. crazyhorse says:

    I have to admit I never thought that cole would improve after he lacked form before,but I must admit,although not a prolific scorer he has improved so much and seems to be enjoying the workrate he is putting in.I wish the lad the best of luck and I take my hat off to curbs for having faith in him and to cc himself,ive eaten humble pie,but i am glad he is finding his true self on the pitch

  32. aussie hammer says:

    DG the hammer, you’re an idiot. Who the hell are you to use such words as “he should never wear the claret and blue again”? I mean to say, you are a no hoper, with no credentials. And a so-called expert by the sounds of it. I’m no Cole fan, but the man has won us a handful of games this year, so give him some credit you boo-boy freak. Disloyalists like you should be shot!

  33. Rapidhammer says:

    And what about Marlon Harewood for England?!

  34. Biffo the bear says:

    Aussie, I think shooting DG Hammer is maybe a bit much….ok, shoot him in the leg?
    But I do agree, there are too many people (some of them go to UP to do it as well!) who just sit there all through the game and shout ‘this is shit west ham, you’re shit (insert name of player who makes mistake)’.

    Shooting them would be harsh but they definitely wind me up. Can’t work out why they turn up week in week out to shout how shit we are, never get behind the team, never sing…..hey, I’ve just thought…maybe the ground share with Spurs has started already! We’re being infiltrated!
    Secret Spuds at Upton Park…….ok all you moaners….when you get home check the back of your coat for a ‘SECRET SPUD’ sticker….. you’ve been warned…….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (that’s a bear noise btw)

  35. Calton Coles Fan Club says:

    Calton cole 4 england…he at least has passion
    cum on u irons!!!

  36. james says:

    well done aussie. DG your a disgrace

  37. Da Don says:

    If the God-like Slaven Bilic can spend copious amounts of time talking CC up as an England prospect, that’s certainly good enough for me. That said I don’t care as long as he keeps doing the business for us.

    However idiotic DG’s comments may be, they have stimulated in me a desire to list the huge numbers of terrible players to wear the C&B over the last ten years. It proves conclusively that CC is nowhere near the worst five. So, thinking for five minutes this is the list I’ve come up with (in no particular order) of our very worst performers over the last decade: Mellor, Aliadiere, Newell, Labant, Minto, Foxe, Slater, Camara (both of them!), Hutchison, Bowyer (1st time), Rebrov, Melville, Breen (OMG!), Cisse, Mackay (OMG2!), Stockdale, Harley (barring one goal), Terrier, Bowen, Quinn, Horlock, Chadwick.

    I’m sure that if I put my mind to it I can think of loads more, but that’ll do for now. I think I’ve made my point. CC’s been our biggest revelation this season and he’s earned our respect through sheer hard work and a refusal to be bowed by the boos. He just goes to prove again that, as fans, we should be patient and not jump on players until they’ve had a run in the team and the time to show what they can do.

  38. vdm says:

    Maybe Slav wants him to play for England cos he’ll not be a threat to Croatia!

  39. alanalandevonshire says:

    Imo Carlton has been our most improved player this season and the more I see him the more I like him, his effort is unsurpassed he holds the ball up well and he is starting to chip in with some goals. In contrast Ashton just doesn’t seem interested, how long can we use the excuse that hes not fully fit, much more effort needed. Cole and Bellamy up front seems on paper a good pairing.

  40. allaboutiweb says:

    If I were Zola I would have sold him this January. I cannot understand (apart from one of last resort) why West Ham are playing him. I think he is the most useless footballer ever to wear the hammer’s kit.

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