Ashton & Green Transfer Targets?

Let’s look at three rumours in the papers this morning.

Firstly, Kevin Keegan apparently wants to sign Dean Ashton for £7 million. This is the amount we paid Norwich for him. Few would deny his value has significantly increased since then, so that looks to be an undervaluation by at least £2-3 million. Should we even be tempted? There is a school of thought that says that Deano hasn’t been the same since his injury and that we should cash in while we can. There is no doubt that he’s not firing on all cylinders at the moment but I have seen enough to believe that it won’t be long before he is back to his best. VERDICT: DON’T SELL

Arsenal are also, according to a couple of papers, about to offer £7 million for Robert Green. Again, I’d say this is an undervaluation. And I would be devastated if we sold him. He’s been our most consistent performer for the last year and is an outstanding keeper. A complication of selling him would be that it would be difficult to line up a replacement with only a week of the transfer window still left. My gut feeling is that we will indeed sell him to Arsenal, but not until the Summer. It will be an interesting test of whether he and the Board believe this a club which is going placed. If he does, he’ll stay, but if moving to Arsenal will further his chances of playing for England we may be seeing the last few months of Robert Green in a West Ham shirt: VERDICT: KEEP IF AT ALL POSSIBLE

The third rumour concerns Giovanni Trappatoni coming in as Director of Football. The sixty eight year old Italian has a record which is second to none, but I have severe doubts about this. Can anyone name me a club where a Director of Football role has worked? And would it really work bringing in a foreigner with no knowledge of West Ham’s traditions? One paper even says this would be a precursor to him taking over from Curbishley! VERDICT: WE DON’T NEED HIM


37 Responses to Ashton & Green Transfer Targets?

  1. daniel says:

    I believe that West Ham under Gudmundsson will not be selling any player who is a part of Curb’s first team plan, unless the offer would be impossible to turn down. 7M for Ashton and Green is definitely not impossible to turn down.

  2. englands number 6 says:

    weve got money, we dont need to sell, but i say this to every player who wants to leave, money or not,”if you dont want to play for west ham, then f#ck off. Another reason why anyone who jumped ship in the past is not welcome back.

  3. GF says:

    I don’t see how the club could even consider selling. With talk af wanting a top 8 or top 4 finish, tho i think this is just talk and not a possibility at all this season, why would they consider offloading players who are fit or there abouts?? Getting rid of Ashton leaves very little up front, Camara just can’t cut it at this level, Cole works hard but just can’t score consistently, Zamora is still out and couldn’t score when he was in, Bellamy works hard and can score but is injured, so that leaves…..Ashton who works well with Bellamy when he is fit…..and with Curbs reluctance to spend any money at the moment as he has a good enough squad, despite them all being injured and unable to produce the goods consistently, this is crazy talk!!

  4. Prince H says:

    I’m naive enough to say that we are no more a selling club. And that includes Green our best player. If we sell him, its close to the downfall that started when we sold Rio Ferdinand. Today I hope the new owners have other and better ideas for the club.
    And hopefully Green has played for England before this season ends…
    He will never ever be sold, and he will always be a Hammer!

  5. WHU Kim says:

    Did Paul Robinson or David James have to move to a top 4 club in order to play for England? That arguement does not wash, sorry. In fact Green was included in the England squad when with Norwich in the Championship. All players have their price but the days of us selling Carrick for £3m and Cole for £6m are long gone. Ashton will be linked to Newcastle until the day he hangs up his boots. He’s the new Shearer don’t ya know ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Rennie says:

    19 million for Ashton and 12 for Green then we should think about it..

    Trappatoni eh, definitly not a long term solution being 68 years old

  7. mark says:

    7 million for either player is a long way off , tell keagan and wenger we are not interested. why would we want to sell, or are we still just a feeder club for the big boys?.

  8. Biffo the bear says:

    Well, why would you buy a club and state that your aim is to challenge the top clubs, buy some players, improve them, and then sell them to your rivals? Of course, there’s ‘player power’ if players want to go, sometimes you have to let them but hopefully Ashton will want to prove any points he has to prove with us. Arsenal will always have the ability to turn a players head but, again, I think Green will stay, Capello’s first squad will definitely have an influence on that.
    Also, for any English player going to Arsenal there’s the issue of having to learn French, Spanish and putting up with William Gallas’ weird voice.

  9. Laurie in Spain says:

    Of course our quality players are touted as transfer targets. But whether this is shoddy January journalism or genuine desire on the part of whoever doesnt really matter. There is absolutely no way Curbs will release either of these, or anyone else he considers to be in his plans… and even if the pleyers themselves want the move they will struggle to force teh clubs hand in the time available.

    And by the Summer the mood of optimism at the Boleyn will be such that only a fool would look to move on.

    Delighted to hear JP is OK. Heartbreaking news for Davenport though, that lad is blighted. All teh best to him for a speedy and complete recovery.

    Right. I am off to the beach to contemplate the second half of a season that the first half has set up perfectly – well nearly perfectly had it not been for that numpty D

  10. Laurie in Spain says:

    sorry about that… laptop mouse….

    … that numpty Durkin putting us out of the FA Cup. Which obviously had our name on it this season.

    Would like to see Everton go all the way in the League Cup and bring Euro qualification down to seventh place in the league.


  11. redkipper says:

    I agree with all of your three points Ian.
    I’ve always thought that apointing a Director of Football ( or what ever he’s called) is a threat to the clubs manager; look what happened to Jol and Jousie !!
    So unless the board is dissatisfied with Curbs the nbring in a D F would be a waste of money. If they want to get someone in to assist them buying a new stadium they should employ a proper Surveyor.

  12. supernumbersix says:

    Rubbishrags stirring it up. With our current situation on the ‘strikefront’ is Curbs going to consider selling Ashton? No. Have we heard any seriously positive rumours relating to a replacement? No. Same goes for Green. If they go it will be in the summer. 8 days to go before closedown and the rags are having to create their own lies out of whatever half truths are out there, after all it’s not been particurlarly exciting as window go has it? Unless there are some serious on going negotiations behind the scenes – and I have to admit stranger things have happened at WHU – and some very big numbers being talked, IMHO they ain’t going anywhere before the summer at least. Please god.

  13. Rennie says:

    We need a director of football if we want to progress into a CL club in 5 years.

    Curbishley doesn´t have the knowledge of overseas markets.

    This director of football is supposed to have alot of knowledge on those markets therefore we can get top players for a bargain.

    Do you really think Wenger found those players by him self?

  14. Rennie says:

    Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson has plans to appoint a technical director, with a background in European football, to work alongside manager Alan Curbishley and oversee the building of a new training ground and overhaul the club’s medical and physiotherapy departments. The new man will also be expected to create a world-wide scouting network to rival that of Arsenal and Manchester United. Interviews have already taken place with candidates such as the former Brazilian player Leonardo and Franco Baldini.

  15. John J says:

    Agree with you about the transfers, but not so sure about the Director of Football. Providing their respective roles and responsibilitis are clearly defined and understood, and providing that Curbs feels comfortable and is not looking over his shoulder, maybe it could work?

    We’ve a lot to do if we’re to push on and a guy with Trappatoni’s experience, knowledge and reputation must be a good thing – but only if the situation is properly managed. The last thing we want is for our manager (who’s doing well) to feel undermined and nervous about his position; that would almost certainly find its way onto the pitch; so carefully does it, Bjorgolfer!

  16. steviebubbles says:

    there always seems 2 b alot of talk of our best players going , but look at the most resent players that have left DEFOE mmm he has done well. why would green go 2 arsenal when they go through keepers like toilet roll. plus can he speak french, if not he will have 2 learne. Ashton not so sure yet give him 2 the summer if he still not playing well the lets cash in why we have the chance. My only other concern is there is alot of very good tallent being touted around and we dont seem 2 b looking at any of them. TOP 6-8 finish we should start. Andd get rid of alot of dead wood we have 2. cmon u hammers.

  17. Rennie says:

    Curbishley himself stated that he´s ok with an director of football being appointed.

    They will work together.

  18. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I can’t believe we’ll even consider selling ASHTON. I don’t believe people can say he has not been the same since injury because a) he’s been our top scorer since returning and b) he hasn’t even been given that long a run. Agree; no sell.

    As for GREEN, I think it depends on how ambitious we are as a club but should we really be selling our best players? That poses the question where are we really headed? Agree that £7 million is undervaluation. Problem is that if GREEN is not in COPPELOS squad will he start to wonder about if he should be at a champions league club even though it shouldn’t matter.

    More and more clubs are heading this director of football route. I think that the way CURBISHLEY has previously spoken about it then it doesn’t sound so bad because even he is for it. I think two things are dependent on it being a success and we shouldn’t look at how it was implemented at other clubs.

    The first is how the manager feels about it. In our case CURBISHLEY has been in on it the whole way through…the club has not done anything behind his back. The second factor is the role of the director of football. CURBISHLEY has previously said that such a person would help with the move to the new ground. If he also has a main brief of unearthing and signing young talent (as oppose to signing senior first teamers; which is the managers job), then I think this can also be positive. In this way it can work.

    …and he’ll also come with a wealth of experience and many contacts…things we can tap in to. I don’t think we should look at how other clubs have done it.

  19. Rennie says:

    That kills the Ashton to Newcastle rumours…,,12562~1222962,00.html

    “Ashton looking to Liverpool
    After a couple of days of full training, Dean Ashton is feeling good and hopeful of facing the Reds next week

    Dean Ashton is back in full training and is looking forward to returning to action against Liverpool at the Boleyn Ground a week today.

    The 24-year-old striker was forced to sit out Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Manchester City because of slight injury problems caused by a run-in with City goalkeeper Joe Hart in the midweek FA Cup match against the same opponents. “I got a dead leg off the keeper on Wednesday night and from the collision with him I ended up having a slight back problem as well,” he said.

    “The muscles were still in spasm on Friday so I wasn’t able to travel to Manchester for the league game but after having worked with our back specialist here over the weekend I feel fine. I returned to full training yesterday and felt good over the last two days and so I will definitely be available for contention against Liverpool.”

    Ashton is the club’s leading scorer this season with six goals from 20 league and cup appearances, seven of which were as substitute. His most recent strike came on his last top-flight outing against Fulham on 12 January. With Ashton feeling good and strong form throughout the squad, Alan Curbishley could well have selection issues against Liverpool as the likes of Danny Gabbidon, Nolberto Solano and Craig Bellamy are also closing on a first-team return.”

  20. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Ashton maybe at the right price (15+) but if we sell Green then we know all the talk about ambition, not a selling club blah, blah blah is all BS. Up Greens wages and then tell Wenger 20M quid or to bugger off and look around the rest of world as he usually does.

  21. crazyhorse says:

    Be glad when the transfer window is open and these newspapers can stop printing rumours that have no substanceI don’t believe Green or Ashton is going to move.

  22. DevoDevo says:

    Papers have to fill space. To do this they make things up. Green and Ashton won’t be going anywhere.

    What happened to Leonardo being linked to us as DoF?

  23. crazyhorse says:

    Be glad when the transfer window is shut,its been open season this january by the newspapers who are making up more fiction than marvel comics,there is no substance to these newspaper talks,I don’t think Green or Ashton are on the way out

  24. mk pele says:

    Ashton to Newcastle and I have read that the scum (Spurs) are interested in Green. . . . . . . . .West Ham are a bigger club than both of these so why on earth would they want to go?

  25. crazyhorse says:

    Green knows he is at a club that is in progression,and Ashton aswell.These newspapers are always speculating and feeding the rumour mill.As WHU Kim pointed out earlier Robinson and James didnt have to be top 4 to play for England,and we dont have to sell our players like in the past,we have a steady ship now and a sensible chairman and manager.These are great times for our club,and with great players like Upson,Green,noble etc, and others coming back from injury we will only get stronger

  26. hammerron says:

    Hands off Keegan

  27. Rapidhammer says:

    Here’s a comment from AUSTRIA where Trapattoni coaches “Red Bull” Salzburg: “Trap” is a man of experience, knowledge and reputation, but his spell with “Red Bull” Salzburg shows that his coaching is not “up to date”. His team plays very defensive all the time, there were away games in which they hardly mustered a shot on goal and “Red Bull” has won only one away game in the Austrian league so far. Although “Trap” was guaranteed extraordinary funds (compared to the other Austrian clubs) by “Red Bull” he has failed to qualify for the Champions League and the UEFA group stages twice! Please, if we really need a “Director of Football”, Mr.BG, don’t choose “Mister Trap”!!

  28. brooking is still the best says:

    I was hoping we had left the days of being known as a selling club was over!

    The only reason to sell should be if Ashton or Green puts in a transfer request! Then we should turn down any offer less the £12 Million for Ashton and £8 million for Green.

    However, the club having cash in the bank wont do nothing for me or any other fan if we dont replace with better players and i fear although we are progressing, we would still be unable to attract the very best… Yet!

    We should do anything to hang on to any player uless we have a ready replacement lined up who’s better the the one leaving!

  29. crazyhorse says:

    Another daft rumour coming in from is that liverpool want ashton in a swap deal for kuyt.Ho dear when will this rubbish rumours end

  30. ironsmith says:

    Ashton to newcastle I really don’t think so but if so then only if we get N’Zogbia in the deal to solve our left hand side weaknesses but I hope he and green will remain hammers for some time yet. Trapattoni a big yes for me if he can1. Organise a better scouting network and help curbs with his foreign transfer problems. 2.Oversee and manage the new stadium development. 3. Sign Totti before the window closes!

  31. chris says:

    A good keepers worth a good 10 points in the league,if we sell green i,m gunna cry.

  32. The Ashton to Newcastle rumour seems to happen every transfer window, unless he’s injured, so it’s not surprising.

    I hope we don’t sell Green, I can’t see Curbs giving in to it anyway, unless there is pressure from the board. There is no way that we would get a keeper as good as him for anywhere near £7mil, but I agree with a comment further up – if he is not in Capello’s plans at the moment then a move to a bigger club would probably help this.

    I’m unsure about Trapatonni. It would probably have some benefits but also some drawbacks.,. and it is true that the role never seems to work out at clubs.

    All our players are being undervalued at the moment, and it would be surprising to sell any of them as we already have money in the bank…why are the big clubs trying to rip us off? Mark Noble for £4mil..!?

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    NO to selling Green or Ashton especially at this stage of the season & wanting to have a go for Europe. 7mill for Ashton & the same for Green. Tell em they’re dreamin’.
    Talk of swap deals etc. & Kuyt or Riise in return. Both out of form. Someone must be bored. The Director of Football is a different matter. Thats a difficult one. There are benefits to it but there are also drawbacks. Sir Bobby Charlton worked in that position as did Sir Matt Busby & David Pleat at Spurs, now at Forest. I can’t recall a club where it was a major success. The D.of F. would look after the budget, transfers & youth academy whilst the Manager looks after the day to day of the team. Trappatoni is very defensive. He was coach of Italy for the 2002 World Cup & for 2004 Euro. They failed both times because of negative play. I see the benefits for letting Curbs concentrate on the squad but i feel very cautious about appointing a D,of F. especially Trappatoni.

  34. Doc H Ball says:

    So, that’s Noble off to Celtic, Ashton to Liverpool/Newcastle, Green to Arsenal and Anton to Spuds – all for around £20m. Meanwhile they will be replaced by Kuyt, Samoza and Lehmann at around the same price. Sure and Britney’s still a virgin…

  35. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, Gudmundsson did say at the start of the season that he was going to appoint a Technical Director. I would take it that a Director of Football is what he meant. Trappatoni has been very successful at club level but not really at national level similar to Sven. I don’t think at great deal of his style of football. The shock loss to Korea in 02 typical. I don’t necessarily think that a T.D. is a bad idea either, but would prefer that position to be subservient to Curbs. A previously big time manager would possibly come with a big ego. Unless they got on well & the demarcation lines were well drawn, disagreements do come about. I am a Curbs supporter. I have Liverpool mates, born & bred, similar age, who said when we sacked Pardew, shouldn’t have sacked him. Better manager. I disagreed but was nervous about a possible change in style. A year later i think he has done well & given a top ten finish would think he deserves another season. Trappatoni would know some big players but i would not like to lose Curbs over it. If Trappatoni became manager it is then i think you would see a very different West Ham. Perhaps though i am still living in the sixties ?

  36. HammerMalta says:

    It would be a cold blooded murder to sell Ashton and Green not now not at the end of the season and not for along time to come yet ,when are we going to learn .How do you feel seeing all the players we brought up in action, ifeel gutted .Ihope with the new managment at helm the money problem is history.

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