How Much Is Our Squad Worth?

With Mark Noble apparently being valued at £4 million by Celtic, I started to wonder about the valuations of each of our players. So here’s a valuation of our squad based on their value if they were sold today (assuming full fitness).

Robert Green £8 million
George McCartney £4m
Lucas Neill £5m
Matthew Upson £8m
Anton Ferdinand £6m
Calum Davenport £1m
Danny Gabbidon £4m
Jonathan Spector £2.5m
Freddie Ljungberg £2.5 m
Scott Parker £7m
Craig Bellamy £7m
Dean Ashton £10m
Matt Etherington £4m
Carlton Cole £4m
John Pantsil £1m
Nolberto Solano £2m
Hayden Mullins £2.5m
Mark Noble £9m
Luis Boa Morte £2.5m
James Collins £2m
Richard Wright £0.5m
Julien Faubert £6m
Bobby Zamora £4m
Nigel Quashie £0.5
Kyel Reid £0.5m
Lee Bowyer £2m
Kieron Dyer £6m

TOTAL £111.5 million

So, which ones do you disagree with? All of them, probably!


23 Responses to How Much Is Our Squad Worth?

  1. micky says:

    I think the valuation is spot on to be honest with ya.

  2. SurreyFox says:

    LBM worth more than Bowyer, Nobby and Ginger? Not IMO. If we got 5p for him then we’d be doing well!

  3. Plaistow54 says:

    I reckon you are not far wrong Iain. You must have put some thought into this. Does’nt the mind boggle when you think that some matches you could be looking at a quarter of a billion dollars of flesh & blood running around. It amazes me. Some of our players are 30’ish so their face value is not quite up to their value in experience but you seem to have allowed for that. Also some of the players i believe will be worth more at the end of next season as they & us progress. I,m going to stick my neck towards the blade of the guillotine & say that Ferdinand is one of those players. I can’t believe that he will not progress with the influence of his brother. Gudmundsson has invested well & the value of the squad will at the very minimum keep pace with inflation. Yes, Mark Noble is worth a lot more than 4 squillion & i reckon Arsenals bid of 7 for greenie is a bit low for the form GK. I’d hate to let either go at any price. Replace them with who ?

  4. scott says:

    pretty much spot on, ashton unbelievably would be worth about that but i don’t think we’ve even seen our 7 millions worth yet, possibly get another couple of mill for luis in todays market…..theres a lot players there with inflated prices due to their good form but the prices of our “star” players needs to be proved yet….first time on here so i’d like to say well done to the following members of west ham proving me wrong…….carlton cole, george mccartney, hayden muggins( sorry hayden), bowyer and last but not least Alan Curbishley…..we aren’t doing it gracefully but we’re doing it with fight and spirit….but thats away from home……at home it’s like they’re scared of US because we’re so quiet……when we’re loud they’re quick,free flowing and somtimes clinical…… lets start geeing em up hammers and make the boleyn the fortress it once was……..surely it isn’t just pretty football that gives our great club an atmosphere

  5. Fran Carroll says:

    I got to disagree with you on Mullins mate … think he is worth 5,000,000 and if Harewood is worth 4,000,000 then Cole has got to be up to 6,000,000 ??? No???

  6. Martin says:

    You forgot Alf Garnett…

    4 Pounds
    2 Schillings
    6 pence

  7. Liam says:

    I would say McCartney is about a million less. And also Collin should be the same as Gabbidon, if not higher.

    And where is Daily? 20m +

  8. hammerswest says:

    They all seem pretty close, though maybe 4.5 or5 mill for Etherington?

  9. Martin says:

    Iain, yes the table certainly makes you think.
    My initial reaction was that it just goes to show how vastly over inflated player values have become.
    The one that really does worry me is the 10 million for Dean Ashton.
    The season before last he really was a wonderful player to watch, however (and this is where I could upset some people) I am really concerned at how much of a lumbering ox he has become. Ok he has not been playing and we can all pack the pounds or kilos on.

    At the moment I do not rate him and cannot understand the calling for him to be included in the England squad. Lets be realistic–he is a good club player, but international? He does not have the pace or touch to worry a top class defender. At least not right now. He needs to work and work hard at his game, because to be frank I can understand why Curbs leaves him out of the team.

  10. YID says:

    9 mill for Noble, don’t think so. & Upson 8 mill, to injury prone. anyway up the SPurs, see you at Wembley, eeeerr not !

  11. Iron Squaddie says:

    Not bad Iain, the odd shuffle around ond a few quid here and there, but as a total figure, spot on for me. I do feel tho, that if we want to finish 10th or above, we need a proven top draw goal scorer to be added.

  12. Vienna-Hammer says:

    they come to a quite different valuation.
    sorry, it’s only German, but I think you can deal with it
    cave €

  13. chris says:

    2.5 for lbm sell now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Upton Spark says:

    Hi Ian; a good valuation from you I would say with the odd exception;
    Anton 8 mill
    Gabbs 5 mill
    Parker 8 mill
    Pants 1.5 mill
    Zammo 3 mill
    As Martin says,it makes you think. Plus what Martin says about Deano I can understand where he is coming from,BUT,Deano has not been fully fit and has been pushed into the squad because they know how popular he is with the fans,and they are hoping that including him will lift the atmosphere at the club and give evryone a boost.

  15. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    I’m a loyal kind of bloke and am 100% behind Martin, 7:49 am, because, in addition, I sense an attitude from Dean which isn’t too healthy

  16. PJR says:

    I’d take a million off over half of those! It’s inevitable that supporters will over-value their own players.

  17. GF says:

    On Paper maybe, in reality with the kind of crap they play, excusing those who are injured at present, probably half that!

  18. HermitRoadHarry says:

    I know someone has pointed this out before, but it’s interesting to note that the Pardew buys are largely worth more than we got them for (and that’s not including the profits already taken on Yossi, NRC and Marlon), while Curbishley’s players have barely held their value. I suppose that’s because we were mainly panic buying last year, but I can’t help feeling Pardew should get some belated credit for some some shrewd work in the transfer market.

  19. denis mcallister says:

    Close evalueation,but lbm worth about a million if that. We should pay to get rid of mim.

  20. Laurie in Spain says:

    I wanted to ask a question. Nothing to do with the value of our players.

    I read this morning that McCabe has announced that Sheffield Disjointed are “in arbitration” with West Ham!!!

    Can anyone explain to me precisely what the nature of this arbitration is? And what are the possible outcomes? Who is arbitrating?

    I sincerely hope it has something to do with a “square go” in a pub car park somewhere.

    Hopefully they will hang on to that anchor of a manager till the end of the season… their position would be fairly irretrievable by then.

  21. Alex says:

    lbm could go for more – together with bellamy we could have opposition defences in tears just from the wind up. i rate him as a intelligent/technical player and glad he’s with us

    laurie – spot on, what organisation is holding the arbitration, what is its make up and who are the members, particularly the one in the middle.

    no need for the car park they’ll be at millwall next season

  22. DevoDevo says:

    Not a bad effort, although Quashie is probably worth a little more than 50p. 😉

    Problem for us is the best players are now known as injury prone and probably wouldn’t command such large fees. For instance; no one in their right mind would pay £10 mill for Deano on current form. Same with Dyer and Bellamy.

  23. brooking is still the best says:

    Not bad, but who’s selling whom?

    I wouldnt really care if they was all worth £20 million each, it’s not my cash and would do nothing for the fans if they was. What i do care about is having a decent team to watch on a saturday!

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