Move Along, Nothing to See…

Only seven more days to go in the transfer window and we have been involved in precisely, er, zero transfers in or out. I can’t decide whether that is a good thing or not. The NEWS NOW West Ham page carries precious few transfer rumours. Normally at this stage every other story would be a new bit of gossip. I can’t really believe we will get to the 31st and the situation will remain the same, but you never know.

I still think we should be trying to offload Dailly (whose move to Rangers fell through), Quashie and a couple of others. Oh, and Boa Morte :).


27 Responses to Move Along, Nothing to See…

  1. crazyhorse says:

    We definately need to offload Quashie and LBM aswell as Dailly,I don’t think there will be any new signings until the summer,it’s been very quiet and curbs has said he wont be signing unless the injury situation worsens.And with Ashton and Bellamy coming it will probably mean no signings

  2. denis mcallister says:

    Out with Boa morte.

  3. Steve says:

    I cant se anyone coming in and i dont se any going out we will be doing well to of load anyone the ones we need to of load or ones no one wants, there good championship players. Lets build in the summer around the good players we got but of all the players we got the one who needs to go is anton he just cant seem to stop back passing and passing the ball across the back line everytime he gets the ball i fear a goal .

  4. west ham johnny says:

    i just think curbs we stick with what he’s got till the summer and see where we finish then i’m sure we’ll sign players who will be worth signing and move us up a notch, its hard to sign players in the january window let alone top class players and now with players coming back i think we can have a good 2nd half of the season, but i would have liked to loan a striker just incase.

  5. Rooster says:

    I cant see much happening Iain, if anything. I am happy with the team at the moment, especialy after the match against Citeh… the offside rule wasnt forced and so we lost.
    Back to signings or offloading players, you are 100% right about dailly, Boa Morte has had his chance to show some quality passes and shots at goal, but it just aint happening, and now ex injured players are returning, i think we will see less of him and possibly gone in the summer window.
    Im the same as you iain, i have naf all to write about, i cant even cuss anyone or team, execpt spuds, who we all hate so much.
    I still see my link has not changed.. doh!!!!
    BTW Bob Piper is an ass!! or is it Bill??

  6. nr2iron says:

    I doubt Curbs will get shot of LBM as unlike the majority he thinks he is a decent player but if he did that would be as good as making a signing unless of course he then signed another pile of crap! don’t bet against it though.

  7. Cookedskunk says:

    Quash and Dailly can easily go and be a relief to the accountant, but we can’t lose the madcap LBM until we can find and equal nutter with increased talent and awareness. He’s as good a makeweight as Cole has proved himself amazingly to be. I know, I don’t like it any more than you do…

  8. Fish says:

    i’d be amazed if we bought anyone, curbs learnt last year you always pay well over the odds in january and we have a large squad, the 2nd tier of which has proved to be invaluable cover in times of need.

  9. Josh says:

    I much prefer the quite newsnow page to the newsnow page filled with blatent lies about South American and European players you’ve never heard who are ‘definitely possibly going to think about joining West Ham’. Transfer windows are 2% action and 98% Agents drumming up interest for their clients. Easily my least favourite times of the year.

  10. Bob says:

    Boa Morte has got to be a priority exit!!

  11. ironsmith says:

    It looks as if curbs will be true his word and no more signings until the summer which i am just about happy with as there is no point in paying top dollar now for average players ( we have some already)! I can only assume that if we have another striker problem he will use freddie sears before camara as it will be a sign of strength for the club with youth players breaking through and i am very happy with that.

  12. chris says:

    Cant see anyone wanting to buy lbm,we’re stuck with him now.Does 50 pence head(dailly) still have a contract,seems like hes been here forever,dont think we really need to buy,getting bellamy back is the key and other pace players,

  13. Wavid says:

    Last year, with our new owners and being in a more desperate situation as regard to our league position, we had to splash the cash in January. We were then seen as a club with money, paying over the odds for players. In the summer, having just kept our Premier League status by the skin of our teeth, and still seen as a club who may splash cash on players, we probably could not attract the quality players we needed to go to the next level. Although we could do with some players – a striker who will come in a score goals now, would help, along with a creative midfield player, I think Curbs is sending out a message that although we have a billionaire owner, we are not going to splash cash, and we are not going to off load players either. This seems to serve us well for the summer when we will finish in a decent position in the league and have a much more powerful bargaining postion for which to secure the signing of quality players. Besides, what quality player will more in January? But, saying that – look at Upson!

  14. girdview iron says:


  15. edi hammer says:

    I think you all live with your heads up your batty’s… LBM might not be the greatest player we’ve ever had at the Hammers, but he consistently gives full commitment (admittedly not always correctly applied). We nearly got relegated when some of our supposedly superstars stopped trying. I think we should keep him, give him a proper run in the team in Etherington’s spot (who everybody has seem to forgotten was in a pretty messed up state by the end of last season). Faubert’s signing last summer could turn out to be the best…. he’s only just got back from injury and already looks more than capable of ripping the opposition apart at will. COYI!

  16. Prince H says:

    Well, actually wev’ve sold our young prospect Hogan, – full of energy – instead of letting nonosuccess Camara go. Pretty stupid….

    I guess nothing more will happen…

  17. Doc H Ball says:

    You’re right Prince. I saw him play for Quarter Pound of Rubbish and he was their best player. He was also very highly regarded at Colchester last season and we should have stuck with him for the pittance we were paid.

    As for Camara, what the hell was Curbs thinking bringing him in on loan? He’s spent a fortune on some very poor players (LBM, Quashie, Davenport) and couldn’t stump up a couple of mill for a striker when we needed one most. Instead we got this headless chicken who couldn’t get a game at Wigan.

    Out of interest, if the papers are right then City, Liverpool and Newcastle all value Ashton (our best striker in a decade) at less than we paid for the 3 players listed above. If we sell him, then the jury that’s out on curbs right now will quickly come back and convict

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    It looks like the window for us is going to be an anti climax. No one out, no one in. Curbs wasn’t joking when he said we will play with what we have. We do have a good side at full strength. Ashton for 7 mill, he’s got to be worth more than Bent. He won’t go, we are not going to buy. Upson sure has turned out to be worth it. He had a few injuries before he came to us, then got injured first game, then first game back again. We paid 6 mill for 4 & half years. Few doubts at first but he’s turned out well.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    Ashton better than di Canio, interesting.

    I agree with prince. From what I him, I rated Ephraim better than Reid and can’t understand why we sold him. More often than not, Matty doesn’t have an end product and we all know LBM’s is no better. We’re weak in cover down the left, so it seemed a strange decision to let him go.

  20. Kav says:

    I think we have the squad to achieve what has been set out for this year, attain a reasonable league position to attract better players to the club ( this time at the right price/wages )
    One further point regarding LBM. Although he doesnt have a footballing brain ( which for an international player is hard to believe ) if all players especially Deano showed the agression and committment he shows then WE would be breaking into the top 4 !!

  21. Pete says:

    Why are there even rumours of Ashton leaving? Am i missing something here? He’s missed a sizeable part of the season and is still our top scorer. Not fully fit yet, but he is still a first choice England striker in the not-too-distant future – if not already!!! Interesting to see Bilic’s comments on Sky when we played Man City the other day…also turned down Fulham job…mind you, so did our dog!!!

  22. crazyhorse says:

    Lbm is a liability,he may try hard but in the process conceeds needless freekicks that could in the future,if he continues that way,cause us to lose points,and if he continues that way it wont be long before the red and yellow cards are shown.I say offload him he blows hot and cold too much

  23. WHU Kim says:

    Can we keep in mind that transfer specualtion in the press is just that and not use it as a basis to slag the manager off.

  24. crazyhorse says:

    I personally think curbishley has done a great job for the hammers,and a great achievement considering the injuries

  25. brooking is still the best says:

    Ashton will be going no-where, not for 7 million that’s for sure. The press are wind up merchants and until any deal is done and dusted, don’t believe anything that you read.

    I think the club would love to sell the likes of Quashie, Dailey and Davenport, but two of the forementioned has been injured and Dailey is happy picking up his wedge in reserves. As he is 34 and at the end of his playing days, and being a Jock, you would have thought he would have jumped a the chance of going to Rangers, I’d have even brought his ticket.

  26. The Rooster says:

    Pete, if you hosestly think that Ashton is a first choice England Striker, then there is no hope for the new England.

  27. Plaistow54 says:
    Things have gone quiet. Last minute signings ? Derby are the fourth club to be sold to American owners & Curbs continues to chase Giles Barnes. Four days to go. I get the gut feeling something will happen. Too quiet.

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