Who Are Our Stars of the Future?

It was great to see another two graduates of the Upton Park Academy feature against Arsenal on New Year’s Day. Jack Collison played for much of the game and James Tomkins was on the bench. I’m not a regualr follower of youth team football, so I can’t shed much light on who else is likely to make the big breakthrough in the next couple of years. So, who are the budding Joe Coles and Rio Ferdinands?


16 Responses to Who Are Our Stars of the Future?

  1. arjan drissen says:

    freddie sears,together with jordan spence,james tomkins,marek stech,junior stanislas and jack collison have a great chance of becoming the next talented crop of home players. mark my words.

  2. pelipar says:

    i know he’s already a first team player, but i think mark noble is tippped for massive things. future england captain for sure.
    Don’t ever leave, boyo!

  3. Michael Whalley says:

    I believe that Freddy Sears is the next Tony Cottee similar kind of players a great goal poacher only to get better Jack Collison reminds of Carrick very similar as for Tomkins Havent seen much of him but has been getting great reviews. but i think Kyel Reid is going to be something special Curbishley has taken a special interest in him and believe he is working on him at the moment so look out for him he is the next one in. Up The Irons! one question Though what is up with Ashton do West Ham want to sell him what are your Thoughts?

  4. Plaistow54 says:

    No, i don’t really follow the youth either Iain but what i can add is this,”The biggest single contributor to the current England national squad is not Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea but the West Ham Youth Academy.” ITV Football Article 13th September 2004. Here is a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Academy_of_Football
    The quote is a third of page down. If you have time to read the list of players it will fill you with pride.

  5. Jeff says:

    There was a big bit in a recent promise highlighting the promise of Marek Stech… the next Petr Cech. Freddie Sears and Junior Stanislas score for fun for the U18’s and quite often for the reserves last season. But with us bringing all this established players… will these young guns really get the chance they need? But still watch out for Jack Collison… shame he’s Welsh not English!

  6. chris says:

    Watch the youth and rez’es when ever i can,and to be really honest there’s not a player coming through that excites,nothing like joe cole etc……sad but true

  7. chris says:

    there is a few freddie sears looks v promising junior stanislas, jordan spence who is under19 captain for england. jack collison, marek stech who does look reli good and herd rave reviews bout him bein next petr cech lets hope is.and of course james tomkins who is from the mighty CANVEY ISLAND!!!

  8. WHU Kim says:

    How many Joe Coles do any club produce for goodness sake, he was an exceptional player and it’s unfair to view other players in a poor light just becuase they don’t have the ticks and show boating potential of Cole. In their position Tomkins and Spence can be every bit as good as any other recent star we’ve brought through. Collison has potential too and getting experience with the Wales U21 and first team set up will do him the world of good.

  9. brooking is still the best says:

    I hope they get a chance, but mostly I only ever hear of fans saying who we should buy in the summer, not who we should give a chance to from the youth team. If we lose on a Saturday, then I hear Curbishley isnt really up to it and we should replace him!
    The pressure of trying to be a top team may see us not being able to develope any young talented player in the first team in the way we used to be able to.
    I would like to see some come through though, as it would be a real shame if their good enough, not to get a chance with us.

  10. redkipper says:

    Having watched the youth team on & off for 30 years I sorry to say we currently do not have any really outstanding players comming through as we did before.

    M Noble is our best player to come through in the past couple of years, but there are no Coles Ferdinands in sight.

  11. Woking Hammer says:

    It’s not a question of who is coming through, of which there is a few. It’s will they be utilised in the first team will they be given the time to develop and become top flight players for West Ham. I suspect that some of those mentioned above will indeed be house hold names and future intinationals but they will not be wearing the claret and blue when they do. With the quality of home grown players we produce if we kept with them we should be in and out of the top four all the time. From what we have coming through in 4 years time we should hane 5 or 6 players of the production line playing for the 1st team. But will it happen!!

  12. Bora WHUFC says:

    kyle reid, hes 19 and better then boa morte

  13. HARRY says:

    i have played with junior stanislas since secondary school and he is A BRILLIANT player and i have no doubts he will make it..he is a mixture between c.ronaldo and paul scholes…he is quick,good finisher,and has a great vision for a pass! i truly belive he will be in the westham squad and maybe first 16 next season!

  14. IronZFan says:

    See the u19’s play a few times last season, the first thing that is evident – is that Junior Stanislas is going to be an amazing player. One the very best WHU have ever produced. Electric acceleration and speed, with clinical and composed finishing. Brilliant 1on1 with a keeper, just curls the ball into the net like Henry. He can blast it too. Athletically built like a sprinter, with incredibly quick feet – and likes to do step overs, lots and lots step overs, which are very, very fast – like Nani, Ronaldo, Robinho. He plays like a top Brazilian. This kid is dynamite! Gonna be World Class!!

    I read a quote this year from Tony Carr saying: “its possible Junior Stanislas is going to be a World Beater!”

    From what I have seen too, Jordan Spence will be a star quality player, as will Marek Stech.

    We’ve all seen Sears and Tomkins and they both look like they will be very good players.

    Jack Collison has a lot of ability and could be a really good ball winning midfielder.

    Bondz Ngala is maybe a player that does not get lots of mention, but he definitely looks a good player, a man mountain! Very big guy.

    Oliver Lee looks at 16, an absolutely brilliant player too. Big for his age and really composed on the ball, he looks like he’ll at least be as good as Cole or Carrick. His younger brother Elliot is meant to be very good also. A striker.

    We have several gems to look forward to coming through into the first team in the coming seasons.


  15. Billy says:

    Josh Payne, Bondz Ngala,Junior Stanislas and Jordan Spence

  16. dempsey says:

    I think that we have a brilliant youth system with the likes of freddie sears,jack collison,james tomkins,marek stetch,jorden spence,and junior stanislas. there is also a new youngstar that has just burst onto the scene named robert hall. he is only 15 and he plays and scores regulary for west hams reserves. the futures looking bright for west hams youth so zola better not sell thes youngstars any time soon because these players have a big west ham future in store for them!!! up the hammerzzzzz!!!!!!!!

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