Barack Obama’s Claret & Blue Army…

From Monday’s edition of The Sun…

AMERICAN presidential candidate Barack Obama is a secret West Ham fan.
Mr Obama, 46 – battling Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ nomination – has been following the Hammers ever since a visit to Britain more than five years ago.
And he keeps in touch with the fortunes of Alan Curbishley’s side through his relatives in England – who are all Hammers fanatics.
The Kent-based clan – related to the US senator after his sister married an Englishman – now hope Mr Obama will be singing the club’s famous anthem “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” all the way to the White House.
The Obama campaign team recently revealed he is a massive football fan and was a nifty player himself while a student at Harvard Law School.
Mr Obama – bidding to become America’s first black President – watches Premier League games whenever his schedule allows, as long as matches don’t clash with his other great love – basketball.
A campaign source said: “Obama is a big sports nut and loves his soccer. He never really followed it, though, until he was told all about the passion of West Ham fans by some of his English relatives.
“He is always keen to find out how his adopted club are getting on.”
Rival Hillary, 60, has been linked with Manchester United after hubby Bill, the ex-President, revealed during a UK book tour that the Reds were his favourite team.

My allegiances are being rapidly transferred from Rudy Giuliani…


21 Responses to Barack Obama’s Claret & Blue Army…

  1. Plaistow54 says:

    Wow ! I don’t mind Obama. He is better than Clinton & a whole heap better than who they have now by streets. I don’t mind Ron Paul either but he hasn’t the support. However with talk of us wanting to push into the U.S. having the President onboard would not be a bad thing if he can take it out. Imagine having the President of the U.S. at Boleyn or the new ground up pumping his fist when we score. Way to go. You never know, it’s a funny ol’ world.

  2. Bruno says:

    If there already weren’t enough reason to think him the best candidate available. C’mon Obama! Anyone with any sort of political desire should read his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ – he’s a brilliant man who deserves the chance to change a country that has been ravaged by a complete loon for the past eight years. Bring on the change in the form of an inspiring, young leader.

  3. friends says:

    Rudy is a dead horse anyway.

  4. Upton Spark says:

    I doubt he’ll beat Hilary Clinton,but good luck to him anyway. Being a West Ham fan he should be used to coming second!(only joking)
    A black man versus a woman eh?

  5. chris says:

    This confirms it for me,the man is a must,will the white house now be the claret and blue house,I think this sounds alot better dont you!!!!!!

  6. Hilary says:

    Vote for another Clinton to clean up after another Bush

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    This has started me thinking about some of the black footballers who have played. John Barnes, the first to play for Liverpool. Subject of much racial abuse at the start, he went on to become one of the finest players to put on an England shirt. Capped 79 times he tore the Argentines to shreds in the 86 World Cup QF. We did lose but i recall the game & when he was on the ball he was so good it was one of those times you never forget. Les Ferdinand another. Sir Les, 17 caps. Both gentlemen, both fine players, both MBE’s. I hope Obama does well, but a long way to go yet.

  8. To be fair, i think it will come down to Obama v McCain. I like them both. both have a steady history of votes, and don’t flip flop like Hillary (which makes sence that she’s liverpool, dirty thieving scouse bastards!) Now that i fuond out Obama is a iron, he’s got my vote. i think if he gets elected ill head down to DC with me mates and strart singing “Barack Obama’s Claret and Blue Army! Barack Obama’s Claret and Blue Army!”

  9. “Upton Spark Says:

    January 28, 2008 at 8:19 am
    I doubt he’ll beat Hilary Clinton,but good luck to him anyway. Being a West Ham fan he should be used to coming second!(only joking)
    A black man versus a woman eh?

    true only in america, black man vs woman. wasnt your greatest prime minister a woman? Margret Thatcher. Well second, behind Churchill

  10. Raz says:

    I like him even more.

  11. anyone fancy heading to DC to celebrate his victory with some pints and songs?

  12. tommypaine says:

    Arsenal fan (sorry) from USA, I was going to vote for Obama anyway, but reading that he’s a fan of the Premier League makes me like him even more. He’s exactly the leader the USA needs.

    American Hammer, I’ll be ready with my gunners jersey come November.

  13. Sam says:

    The US senator is married to a girl who used to go to my school. She was a mad West Ham fan as it goes!

  14. sorry this one is better.

  15. Kippa says:

    anyone who votes hammers should get into parliment/government/whateveryoucallitinamerica

  16. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Obama is the Clive Best of US politics. Love your work Obama…..Yes We Can !!!!!!

  17. tee-honged bandit says:

    i can’t stand obama. this breaks my heart.

  18. I met Barack Obama once in a restaurant in Miami. Well, I say ‘met’….I said hello to him.

    I thought he’d be taller.

  19. love the black hair guy, Obama:)
    -Paris Hilton

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