What Do You Want From the New Stadium?

It seems inevitable that within the next four years we will be moving from Upton Park to a new stadium. From what I understand we are using the same architects who are designing the new Liverpool stadium. The aim is to design a stadium better than the Emirates. The Liverpool stadium is placing great emphasis on getting the atmosphere right, something the architects of the Emirates singlularly failed to do. They want to recreate the spirit of the old Kop. Should this herald a new Chicken Run in our new stadium?! Someone emailed me today on this point…

We want a new stadium that is designed with heritage and thought to help generate atmosphere, lets face it even upton park is not as hostile as it once was! Wouldn’t it be great to see the club put a serious focus on trying to combat the decline of atmosphere. I really do hope they consult us fans, there has to be a way of making the new stadium a great place to play and ultimately enjoy the day and atmosphere.

So what are your priorities for the new stadium? What facilities should be provided? What can we learn from other stadia you have visited both in this country and abroad. People from the club read this blog, so this is your opportunity to tell them what you want.


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  1. Aphammer says:

    I do believe that the design of the new stadium should help generate atmosphere. But how do you do that? Also a new stadium will mean sky high ticket prices and thus new sort of supporters for better or worse. How can we keep the real supporters who will not be able to pay £100+ per game

  2. Damien Lucas says:

    get as tight as is possible to the pitch and big banks of two maximum three tiers in each stand. but if you want the atmosphere of old back in the stadiums of new thenw e have to go german and go back to optional standing and allowing drink on the terraces, it’s the only way.

  3. Lean Mean Kevin Keen says:

    If that is true it’s great news about us using the architects who designed the new Liverpool stadium! Anyone who hasn’t seen it, just do a google image search. The kop looks like it’s almost on top of the pitch! The trick is a stadium thats intimidating and close to the pitch yet not making the people at the back of row Z feel as though they are lost in the clouds!
    I used to sit in the lower bobby until they took some of the seats out of the front to accommodate the new stand and new pitch position meaning those who are seven seats back can just about see the half way line. I Now sit in the upper Dr Martens because of the view but would love to feel more involved. Perhaps the club can take it into account that people want to get behind their team but the stadium designs are not always best suited!

  4. ohmygosh says:

    Can we do something with the acoustics so that they bounce off the walls and get louder… only on one side of course!

    Definitely need a wider pitch as ours is currently the narrowest in the Prem. Also, put the stand right next to the pitch to recreate the Boleyn of old!

  5. sean says:

    do we really need a sixty thousand seater stadium?
    lets be honest about it we are not as big as arsenal?

    re the atmosphere apart from games against the big four and probably spurs 45000 stadium would be more than enough,60000 seats is a hell of a lot and most of the time there would be 15000 empty seats which goes without saying is terrible for creating a good atmosphere!

    we must be realistic

  6. Carl Dawber says:

    Totally agree that the key is the fans being as close to the pitch as possible, like the Boleyn used to be. There’s nothing worse than being so far away from the game that you need binoculars.

    I live right next to the Borussia Monchengladbach stadium and they have one end behind the goals that is for standing; home fans only and at the opposite end to the away fans. The atmosphere in there is something else.

    Borussia, a German second divison team, get crowds of between 40-50,000 for every home game with the most expensive tickets at around 35 euros (£25/26)

  7. Joe says:

    To generate atmosphere is to have the stadium higher rather than further out, and more enclosed, Get 2 carboard boxes of the same volume, 1 wide and low in height, and 1 smaller but higher, try your mp3 player in each box and see which gives the best noise. Blimey i should be an Architect!! talking about Architects, your right Iain, it is HKS from what ive heard.
    Anyone know who McFannie is?

  8. Dax says:

    I would like it to be hosting us playing Champions League football…….

  9. Bernie says:

    I totally agree with Damien Lucas, we need safe standing/singing areas where like minded passionate fans (who like the occassional shandy) can get together and sing/chant to bring back the excitement and passion of a few years ago. I firmly believe that the main reason behind lack of atmos is the all seater stadia of the premiership. Ticket prices are another factor of course, and if the new board price the new stadium tickets sensibly and reasonably this would also help greatly. I have been a West Ham fan since I was old enough to kick a ball (36 years) but I honestly don’t enjoy the match day experience as much as when I was a kid, standing in the South Bank, the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as we roared and sang and drowned out the away support. Obviously no-one wants to go back to the days of the terrace rucks, but there’s no way that that will happen these days with the police/camera’s and the threat of life bans/loss of job etc. that comes with it. Also, it would be nice if there were many more bars areas so that you didn’t have to have a big scrum to get a pint! I’ve always felt that West Ham are missing a great opportunity to make money when most people I know don’t drink inside the ground because they can’t be bothered with the ridiculous amount of time and effort involved. (So the club will earn a lot more revenue as well so could cut ticket prices).

  10. Mike Bowyer says:

    Avoid running tracks. Avoid big perimeters. Bring the roof of the stadium on all sides to as near as the pitch as possible and use materials that provide booming accoustics. That can’t be difficult can it ?

    From a personal view as a season-ticket holder in the Dr Martens (our newest stand); the basic facilities are nothing short of disgraceful. How can it be good to make people queue to go to the loo for up to 15 minutes. Toilet roll availability is hit and miss. Hot water and soap ? evidtntly that’s for wimps ?

    And the catering ? Well there’s one brand of lager, one brand of bitter (the despicably foul “smooth” variety) and both are pulled ahead of time and sit in plastic glasses to get warm because there are usually about three staff trying to serve 200 people and they can’t cope with pulling it fresh. Mmmmmm, yummy AND expensive.

    And the food ? Pies, sausage rolls, burgers and dogs. How original. No I dont want prawn sandwiches but go to any sports stadium in the USA and you can get take away pizza, nachos and cheese, hot dogs, chilli dogs, fries, cheesey fries, pretzels, tacos, baked potatoes, fried chicken, “sub” sandwiches, bagels, doughnuts. Why can’t we do that here ?

  11. Bernie says:

    Also agree about size, 45,000 with the option to extend if need be would be better. 60,000 is way too big for us at the moment.

  12. Swiss Hammer says:

    Hi all

    I was unfortunate enough to go to Wembley for the Croatia game and there was a couple of points that I thought were not thought out correctly.
    Firstly the half time hospitality (bars and food) was atrocious. It was almost impossible top get a drink at half time. 15 minutes to queue and then you were not allowed the drink at your seat. There were 50 pints by each door leading back to the seats untouched!!
    The food was an absolute rip off too 4 beef “sandwiches” and 4 beers was about 50 quid!
    Secondly, the crowd seemed a hell of a way back from the pitch.
    Thirdly – DO NOT have american football matches on it, I was reading a quote from the groundsman at the millenium stadium and he stated that Wembley was turfed and therefore not strong enough to deal with the game. grown from scratch is the best way.

  13. brucehammer says:

    The most important thing is atmosphere.

    The days when we (or anyone) could rely on that at home every week are gone, since all seating. It must be designed in. Seats need to be as close to the pitch as possible, the new wembley, whilst good for sightlines, still has the seats too far away from the pitch itself.

    I have heard that a stadium in Germany, (signal iduna park) where dortmund play, is really something for atmosphere , because relatively peeps are close to the action and the roof makes it feel very closed in!!

    By definition most new stadiums are not going to be built in the heart of any community, so shops, pubs, etc, are not going to be close by. Therefore the stadium should be part of an overall development. The redeveloped o2 is a good example of what can be done with an unpromising site.

    It is so important we get this right!!

  14. Biffo the bear says:

    I reckon it’s a good thing to move and some of the new stadiums in Germany are fantastic, we should avoid the oval shape of the Emirates/Wembley and go with stands close up to the pitch. It’s true that the ground might not be full for every game but the majority of season ticket holders go for the cheapest band 4 seats so if those are the ones close to the pitch the atmosphere can still be intimidating when 40,000 are in. The city of manchester stadium sometimes has empty seats dotted all around the place so a lot of the responsibility will come from where the season ticket seats are allocated. With 25,000 season tickets at the moment and a waiting list in place we can pretty much guarantee 35,000 season ticket holders in the new stadium, if those seats are allocated so that the whole pitch is surrounded at all the games and the seats remaining for one-off purchases are above those then we won’t suffer from lack of atmosphere when we play Blackburn on a wednesday night.

    One thing I loved about the Millenium in Cardiff is the way you enter at street level onto a large concourse with all the facilities and then go down steps to your seats in the lower tier. When the game finished the whole of the side of the ground was open for you to get out. It’s tricky to get all the seats in without having three tiers, but if that could be avoided I reckon that would be better. Given that there aren’t any pubs near the new site it would be important to create a place or places on the outside of the ground where we can all gather before the game. Again going back to Cardiff there are a couple of bars right next to the ground which are designed specifically for fans attending the stadium, Wembley has bars on the outside of the stadium too.

  15. frank says:

    a smoking area, this would involve a cantilever system that leads outside the ground at roof height with the roof extended backwards and a safety fence

  16. JackHammer says:

    I agree with the points made about the volume of noise created within the ground, the acoustics of the old west stand were great, these new stadiums are quiet soleless places. Standing will not happen in the short term imo, but more bars and less queing before and at half time can only help.

  17. Snailsy says:

    I hope we stick the away fans in the corner (as Newcastle have always done) so that they are out of the way and can’t be heard. Villa did something similar this season (we used to get the entire lower tier behind the goal) and the atmosphere wasn’t as good.

    I agree with others that it would be great if the fans could be right on top of the pitch like Upton Park used to be!

    Tickets also need to be priced sensibly – a lot of neutrals went to Charlton (when in Prem) due to the cheap tickets – we need to ensure that juniors can afford to go!

  18. Terry says:

    I agree that the stands have to be close to the pitch like it used to be to create the atosphere and make the acoustics rubbish where the away supporters. Also if I remember correctly the post office site that is being proposed has no pubs or that near by so the club would be able to open bars around the outside of the stadium, only open on matchdays and even one for the away supporters. The revenue would be great for the club as you have a captive audience. Most people will drink there rather than walking 15/20 minutes to get to the ground.

  19. Highland Hammer says:

    Of all the problems that killed the atmosphere of old – the seating arrangements in the new stands in most grounds automatically meant that groups of people who had attended matches together suddenly found themselves surrounded by complete strangers. It would be great if West Ham tried to implement a ticketing system where people could be with their friends again – and thus help the atmosphere along.

    Standing room as Borussia Dortmund have managed would absolutely nail it.

  20. Josh says:

    Let them build it to 60k, then they’ll have to lower the ticket price so much to fill it that the old atmosphere will return.

    As for the stadium itself, I dont pretend to be an architect, but i hope they take note of all the footballing aspects, ignorance of which has dogged many other potentially great stadiums:

    The pitch needs to get as much light as possible, or it will cut up or worse, freeze. (see stad de france)

    They need to make sure the pitch dimensions are suited to how West Ham intend to play, the size of the emirates pitch has been key to arsenal remaining unbeaten there, it’s too big for the opposition to close them down and stop them passing for 90 minutes. I’m not saying a big pitch is best, but they need to think about it.

    Lastly the accoustics have to be right, making as much as possible from the home support and, if possible, keeping the away fans quiet.

    We’ll know as soon as they unviel the plans whether or not any of these things have been considered.

  21. sean says:

    do we know when the plans will become public?

  22. Nick Berg says:

    What I want from a new stadium (sorry its a long posting)
    • Win support for the move from the fans – we have to move as despite the understandable attachment to UP,- it doesn’t offer good enough access and facilities its size, means lots of supporters can’t attend matches and it limits our future income and so our future likely performance on the pitch. The preparation process should include fans e.g. Naming rights, let the fans choose but combine it with a sponsor if necessary. The obvious frontrunner should be the Bobby Moore stadium
    • The proposed site is ideal and should be designed to excite the fans. Be ambitious and build a showcase stadium to be proud of. 60,000 seats and high quality spec as at the Emirates. Sort out the transport access – a recent report highlighted how bad this is at UP and WHL and how Arsenal and transport authorities have been allowed to go back on commitments to improve transport.
    • Build big enough and include some seats that are always available to the public. We need future fans to be able to go and fans with other commitments to still be able to go to matches, even if it means some empty seats for some games. We must address the trend in the profile of regular supporters where the fans are increasingly older and more affluent and diversify our regular support attracting more young people, low earners, women and black, Asian and eastern European support as reflected in the local population. We all know that actually going to the game is the critical incident that wins new fans and cements the affections of casual fans, we can’t limit the ability to attend to those who can afford the time and money for a season ticket. There must be cheaper and available seats in eth new stadium to counterbalance the inevitable high cost of season tickets.
    • Build one end as a large single tier for the core home support and to provide atmosphere. This is something that the new Liverpool stadium had designed into it when last presented. Whilst this may compromise the design slightly it should help create atmosphere. Ideally the opposite end should remain the away fans end. The stands must be close to pitchside
    • Add character to the approach to the ground and detailing in the ground – let’s have proper routed walkways from the station, statues, decoration and details that celebrate our heritage. See how the Emirates do this with their trophy dates and use of photographs
    • Make sure the facilities and commercial operations are good. It seems wrong that poor facilities and services mean that most fans can’t even consider buying refreshments at UP unless they want to miss part of the match. It is also clear that the club is not expert at merchandising or retailing currently so the new design must be devised by people with higher expectations of what can be achieved
    • Link the stadium to a good marketing plan. I believe that WHUFC is completely under-developed and that an engaging campaign to increase ticket sales and excite the communities of East London, Essex and amongst our European fans should be integral to the stadium preparation

  23. brucehammer says:

    really pleased that so many peeps are in favour of close to the action seating. as one guy said, oblong not oval, is theone of the keys to good stadium design, anyway we can get this to the powers that be at the club

  24. Saffron Hammer says:

    Atmosphere is generated by fans being able to move to areas they want to watch from, not having to sit in an allocated seat. In the old terrace days we used to go to the same areas of the ground each week, where you mixed with like minded supporters.
    This made for the noisier areas surrounded by those slighlty less noisy, and created the loud intimidating atmoshere, but best of all made the whole experience much more enjable than it is now.
    This is difficult to do in an all seater stadium, but perhaps areas could be left open for supporters to sit where they want.
    Also keep the prices down & fill the ground – this is most important to groom the next generation.
    It would be nice to be able to go to matches without having to get online & book up weeks ahead, and even then if you want more than 2 tickets only be able to get seats up in the stratosphere of the DM Upper. – this must mean a BIG ground.

  25. Marc says:

    I like the german and turkish stadia, simple in design but generate atmospheres that are second to none. Build high stands, that go up steeply and create the effect they are right on top of the players, 50,000 seater should equip a good atmosphere and will most likely be filled, if ticket prices are set correctly. I cant wait to see the designs of the new stadium. Hope its got something different about it, like elevators and stuff like the nou camp and bernebeu.

  26. TC123 says:

    The old Chicken Run is what people generally refer to when they mention it because it was a standing area, small and very close to the pitch. The real noise though came from the North Bank and the West Side and what I would like to see is a new North Bank similar to the new Kop (but bigger!).

    Also, we should go the whole hog and make it a safe standing area and challenge the ‘all seater’ nonsense that prevails.

  27. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Wouldn’t it be good if it could be a football ‘ground’ rather than a ‘stadium’? I think what I mean by this is that different parts of the place should each have a different character. Do you remember the old days, when you instinctively knew whether you were a North Bank, South Bank, Chicken Run, East Stand or West Stand person? It shouldn’t be impossible for a new ground to achieve the same thing, should it? I think the new Liverpool stadium has a good stab at that and I hope ours does the same. Anything but the boring (= cheap) cardboard box stadia ie St Mary’s, Pride Park, the Riverside, JJB, etc etc

  28. taylor says:

    would be nice if we could have some standing area,tottenham has it in the corner of the shelf,also hope when built the stadium has ends rather than just like arsenals.

  29. arjan drissen says:

    first of all a name which suits a west ham stadium and not some stupid name like the reebok or emirates. no gimme the ironsworks ground or the bobby moore memorial ground.
    second,the crowd needs to be tight to the pitch. and third,I’d like to see some sort of promoting atmosphere in the ground. oh and please just a football stadium and not a stadium with all other stuff in it.

  30. Chip says:

    I really hope the club read these comments on how to generate a stadium with atmosphere. I’m disappointed to read that some would go for a smaller stadium than 60,000. We have an enormous support base ready to be tapped as soon as the team starts to get some success, so long as ticket prices are sensible. The club has in the past often been accused of lacking ambition so I’m pleased to see the new owners go for a 60,000 capacity – I think they have got it right.

  31. whufc englandfan says:

    A questionnaire should be sent round to season ticket holders and members which could ask about which aspects of stands they practically like and want to recreate. And would facilities need improving.

    I think there is a lot to consider and each stand could be individual and not just big and open like most modern stadiums. Most modern stadiums look grand but you come out feeling like you have been to a baseball game but without being able to drink in your seats! I have found in foreign stadiums it is the old fashioned stadiums redeveloped stand at a time which create best atmospheres but maybe its just the more intimidating crowds…

    It does not need to be pretty and symmetrical, but recreate the spirit and feel of west ham. e.g. i love the chicken run how you know everyone and love banter with away fans and even the compactness inside at half time. Also need to keep the Pie n mash, love it.

  32. Cotteepotty says:

    Agree we need the fans as close to the pitch as possible with steep banks on the stands. Standing areas are fine with me . I thought U.P lost its atmosphere with all seating. It lost its intimidating presence when the chicken run went and the pitch was moved away from the East Stand .

  33. crazyhorse says:

    I agree with you chips we do need to have a larger stadium and we have a large fan base which easily matches our 2 north london teams,ambition is the way forward.It will be a sad day when we move grounds,but we have to move forward

  34. brooking is still the best says:

    I would like the new ground to be very distinctive from the outside as well, Maybe a better version of a fortress then what he have now. Somewhere that is recognisable right away for being the home of West Ham United. Most new grounds all look the same from the outside so it would be great to have something original but also in keeping with the history with the club.

    I would also like a standing area but that isnt going to happen so high sides and tight to the pitch would be better for the atmosphere.

  35. Neil says:

    The single best solution for atmosphere- least amount of tiers possible (dortmunds signal iduna as a prime example) unfortunatley most flatpack modern stadiums come complete with a zillion executive boxes sitting right between upper and lower tiers, totally cutting up the atmosphere and making each part of the stadium feel seperate to the other. my perfect balance would be three huge single tiered standsand one double to accomodate the boxes. – by the way, liverpools new stadium is a stroke of genious, anything near that would be awesome.

    -Feel very strongly about people saying we cant fill 60k, a load of tripe, I often travel up from devon and have lived all over the country, we have a massive fan base, people like myself would come in their droves if getting tickets wasnt a problem – right now its a nightmare and totally puts people off

  36. Tim says:

    Atmosphere. Make it the most intimidating place for teams to visit and the most enjoyable place to be a home supporter. Only two ways:

    1. Spend money on acoustics to maximize supporter volume.
    2. Get us as close to the pitch as possible.

  37. nr2iron says:

    I agree with neil in that if priced right we could fill a 60,000 ground as the fan base is there but it has to priced in mind that most of the crowds will be travelling in and a lot from large distances which all adds to the cost of the day out.

  38. down to bare bones says:

    Besides attention to the atmospherics what I would like to see are;-

    1) Good access to/from West Ham station. If we are going to have 50-60K in the ground good access must be designed in.
    We must avoid the problems they have getting away from the Emirates.

    2) Decent facilities inside the ground e.g, comfortable seating with proper leg room. and toilets with running hot water.
    Concessions for food & drink (MacDonalds, KFC etc) which has got to be better than the limited rubbish they serve up at present on match days.
    Also a decent pint at a reasonable price not the crap they have at present (I’m sure Wetherspoons could run it)

    3) Ground name relating to our roots e.g .West Ham Stadium or New Boleyn or Memorial Stadium but NOT a sponsers Names.

  39. Biffo the bear says:

    previous comments have mentioned the Dr. Martens stand and I would like to add to that as well. For the Everton cup game we had tickets in the Bobby Lower and even though we were quite close to the pitch and the view wasn’t quite as good as our normal seats (DML corner near the Bobby) there was noticably more legroom, more space in the bar/concourse. On returning to our normal seats it was obvious that we’ve been a lot more ‘squashed in’ to maximise seats per sq. foot. I understand there is a balance to be struck and money coming in is, basically, the reason for a new ground but we would like to feel a little more valued as supporters. I completely agree that the facilities in the concourse area leave a great deal to be desired and the club is missing an opportunity to gain extra income from hospitality. Also agree that the new Liverpool stadium looks fantastic. Redevelopment at Stamford Bridge is poor…front seats are exposed to the elements and give a poor view, I definitely think starting from scratch is the best way but not like the emirates, which may look great from an architectural point of view (which is always a debatable point anyway) but does have the look and feel of the DLR platform at Stratford, nice sweeping curves, innovative design, impressive at first….cold bleak and quiet in reality. I hope the board take the consultation process seriously. In other areas of development such as local housing regeneration results are always much better if the people using the new buildings are consulted as much as possible, it’s a pain in the arse for the architects and the developers but everyone ends up with a better result.

    I, for one, can’t wait.

  40. Freddie says:

    Please let them not forget access. In my youth I walked to the ground. However, like most others I now have to use transport of some sort to get to the ground. However both car and train travel to and from Upton Park can be truly horrendous – particularly leaving. So whatever they do regard the stand itself let’s have both good road and rail connections. I know that West Ham station is close by but so, at present, is Upton Park and who has seen the queues there after a game?

  41. Biffo the bear says:

    Oh, one other thing, down to bare bones wants hot running water in the toilets, hot flush?
    And the name is very important too, I agree that Ashburton Grove is a much better name than The Emirates….it may, however be inevitable that a sponsors name is involved…
    XL Ironworks maybe? That way the sponsor can be happy and have XL plastered all over it but we, and everyone else, can call it the Ironworks. What does everyone think?

    get a few pie an mash shops in there too, a bear has to eat!

  42. J C_____N says:

    Three things it needs:

    1)maintenence of West Ham’s unique ATMOSPHERE.
    2)Realistic, achievable capacity NOT empty seats.
    3)FAIR Ticket Prices so fans wont be judged on their bank balance.

  43. Paul says:

    Somthing which had a little resemblance of the logo, maybe creating a Castle like effect to impose a Fortress like effect within. That would be intimidating. Go to the Bombonera in Beunos Airies and See Boca’s Stadium, Steep multi tiered sections with an imposing and large Corporate Section side, with the frontage being a pure Castle effect on the front. Allows Corporate to stay separate from the fans and allows the sound and noise to resonate against the 4th side. That is the way to create an imposing and loud/scary house that Moore Built.

  44. king ada says:

    Why oh why if it’s so clear to all of us on here what was so good about the Boleyn Ground in the old days, and why, and what must be done to reproduce it at the new place, then why have West Ham got the stadium so wrong in recent years? It’s as if they’ve intentionally wanted to ruin the atmosphere and shoot themselves in the foot! It was the the atmosphere at West Ham and the guaranteed laugh that drew me there in the first place in the 60s, 70s and 80s! Make the Mark Boogers Memorial Ground 60k, I say, huge standing areas, drinks in the ground, £25 a pop to go in, kids and pensioners a tenner. It would become so popular you’d have to get there early like in the old days.
    Pre-tty bubbles in the air…

  45. TrevorH says:

    Why do we need a new stadium? We are unlikely to get more than 42-45000 for any games, including the top clubs. Surely Upton Park can be extended to achieve this. Upton Park has character – can someone tell me what new ground does? Rows of empty seats will be counter productive. Don’t get me wrong, I want WHU to go somewhere, but lets please be realistic. Stay at Upton Park and increase capacity

  46. Upton Spark says:

    The future of any club these days seems to be building a new stadium. This of course increases revenue,and in turn helps build a bigger club and hopefully ends up with the club getting in better players then of course having the chance to get into Europe which again is more money for the club.
    So,all in all it only boils down to one thing;MONEY.
    I hope from a personal point of view,we have a non smoking stadium,as I have been putting up with smokers all around me at football for years.
    We really do need to build a stadium that generates atmosphere,as it will add to the enjoyment of football at the new ground and should be a priority from the start.
    I would also like to see more toilets as the queue’s at half time for the gents is unbelievable!
    Finally,if we are to have a decent food and drink area,can we please not have to pay an arm and a leg,as paying over £2 for a coke at modern grounds is a joke!

  47. SerbianHammer says:

    let north and south stand be really big….borussia dortmund big…and close to the pitch!!! we don’t have people for the stadium of 60 000…we have for 200 000…every game!!!!!

  48. Doc H Ball says:

    Of course the answer lay in safe standing with realistic prices so we can all go with our mates again and mix together. However that does not equate with commercial business interests and so we won’t get it. Instead we’ll end up with one of those souless shopping complexes (Bolton/Coventry/Wigan/Derby…)

    I therefore agree with Trevor H. We’d be better off buying the bus garage, redeveloping the East Stand and making do with 40,000 loyal fans. Don’t believe the hype!

  49. DevoDevo says:

    Make the pitch at least 50 yards wider to accomodate all of our midfield players and utilise a revolutionary formation of 2-7-1.

  50. WHU Kim says:

    Sorry, I’m not playing in this fantasy world. The club are not interested in our views and are not bothered with atmopshere or what ordinary fans want. It’s all about generating money from corporates, maximizing profit in all areas including catering and atracting people on the basis of they can afford to pay. I can’t think of a single new stadium in the PL that has improved the atmosphere, has not sold out to the prawn sandwich brigade and looked in any way unique.

  51. ironsmith says:

    Priorities for the new stadium:
    1. 60,000 absolute minimum with add on facility for 15-20000 later. I don’t think people realise the support and potential support is immense.
    2. Atmosphere but we can forget about the old days of standing together and the liverpool model is heading in the right direction.
    3. A dedicated football facility not part of some other complex.
    4. All football fans after visiting the new ground should have no doubt in their minds they have just been to WEST HAM UNITED.
    Eggy himself said that he could not envisage a premier league club surviving in the future without a 50-60000 stadium and I have to agree with him and whereas we will all leave the present ground with so many wonderful and many not so wonderful experiences it is time to move onwards and upwards with BG who I believe will go a long way to satisfy the hopes of the vast majority of west ham fans and he will be seen to awaken the sleeping giant that is our club.

  52. chris says:

    Sean get off this site your a gooner!!!!!!

  53. Vinny says:

    Have the stands as close to the pitch as possible and have them build them high so the top seats are also close to the pitch

  54. plaistow54 says:

    I believe that the club does read this blog. They would be fools not to. If the Corporation only cares for profit then they should listen to the supporters who attend the games after forking out their hard earned cash. Without fans at the ground & vocal support, what is the purpose of Football ? Somewhat loses it’s meaning. Are we all to sit around the T.V. ? Some great ideas above & everyone seems to be of a similar mind. In the multitude of counsellers there is wisdom. The Boleyn ground is filled with history & tradition, i remember when it had a speedway track around the perimeter of the pitch. It appears though we are to move on & the club should consult the supporters. If you are running a business, that makes good business sense, doesn’t it.

  55. Adam Leatherbarrow says:

    we should not have a stadium built by australians (i.e such as Wembley),
    maybe we should take a pointer from german or swiss architects, look at their stadiums, allianz arena, berlin olympic stadium, hamburg and zurich. this is what stadiums should be, they are stylish, eco-friendly and will put our name on the map. the stadium must represent West Ham for what we are.

    obviously, the atmosphere is vital, but if the fans keep going it shouldn’t be a problem.

  56. nr2iron says:

    Just a thought on all who have said about the trtansport links and upgrading them! this is london and no matter where you go to be entertained if there are 60,000 of you i am confident you will have to queue to get away, i have never been anywhere with a large crowd and dispersed quickly.

    Most of us want our history and traditions to be preserved but i am afraid when BG starts to count the £s he will go whichever way he can maximise his profits and i fear we will lose our identity and become another souless club,lets hope i am wrong eh.

  57. hammerron says:

    Forget the 60k stadium, rebuild the East stand, and get the total of 45k, it will be perfect for our needs!

  58. Dave King says:

    I’m with WHU Kim on this realistically and I think the corporate boxes and the prawn sandwich brigade will have prime consideration. For myself, first and foremost would be ease of access and departure from the ground, which looking at an aerial view of West Ham isn’t going to be easy. Secondly would be sensible pricing for the standards of fare available and also in relation to where you are in the ground. Having sat near the back of the Dr Martins stand myself, where all the players looked like insects, I’d rather not go than sit there again. Toilets and Refreshment facilities as have been mentioned elsewhere need serious consideration with maybe proper bar/food facilities for those of us who wish to let the rush die down after a game before leaving. The obvious and paramount factor though has to be the team itself and the style of football played. The best stadium in the world will not fill up to boring long ball football as is being witnessed at Upton Park today. You want an atmosphere? Give me some thing to get excited with then.

  59. Stefan says:

    I do not wish to move from Upton Park…would much rather rebuild the East Stand and build two new corners, which coulb be two tiers high. Also make sure the loud fans are sat together…for example the Bobby Moore lower has a fantastic atmosphere. Move the away fans into the east stand, much like Villa have done…and pack the other end with loud fans, which will generate a better atmosphere. Bringing back the hostile atmosphere of Upton Park.

    If this is not an option, then the new stadium SHOULD DEFINETETLY NOT be 60,000 seats, thats ridiculous, we are not that bigger club lets be realistic, we havnt even solidly got into europe yet. 45,000 seats,w hich the option to extend to 55,000 in the future. Make sure the stand are steep and really close to the pitch, make sure there are sections for the loud fans, and make sure the aaway fans are placed in the middle of the loud West Ham fans. Make the stadium really enclosed, allowing the singing to rebound of the walls, loudening the atmosphere.

  60. vdm says:

    This is the most posts I’ve ever seen one topic on this blog. The ideas and suggestions are generally spot on and should be forwarded to the club owners as a blueprint for what they need in terms of a spec. for the new stadium

  61. jon.london colney says:

    no time to read all these but a casino attatched would simply bank role the whole thing.

  62. Upton Spark says:

    Stefan says we should not have 60,000 seats as they will not be filled.
    I have already read from a well known journal that we have already looked into the seats required from our fan base and we could easily seat 50,000 fans for most games and then the rest would go to away fans up to 7,000 then that would leave 3,000 for the floating fan who’d just turn up to watch a game.
    The club don’t just pluck a figure out of the air and say “oh we’ll build a 60,000 stadium then”. believe me,a lot of work goes on beforehand to make sure it will not be an empty place just to look at.
    I hope this helps.
    The other points raised by some on here about raising the capacity at the Boleyn Ground,would only be allowed to go up to 45,000. That is not enough. We definately need 60,000. I myself like many fans love our home ground and will miss it a great deal,but we must move on to secure our future as a top Prem side.

  63. MichaelC says:

    I agree with most of these comments. It would also be nice if some thought was given to the finish and character of the place. The emirates (and the Dr Martens stand) looks like a B&Q warehouse inside, being mostly exposed breezeblocks. An example of how it should be done is the Seattle’s new(ish) safeco field baseball stadium (see some interesting articles here: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/safeco/stadium/) which actually has some character and feels like it’s built to last unlike most new English football grounds. Of course this is wishful thinking and we will no doubt get a 50,000 seat shed indistinguishable from Derby/Sunderland/Southampton/Leicester. But why not try for something a bit different that acknowledges West Ham’s history and status as not just another club?

  64. crazyhorse says:

    I agree with you upton spark,the research is already done beforehand to see if we could fill a 60,000 seater.It seems some people dont realise how large our fanbase is.We have a huge fanbase and always have had

  65. Upton Spark says:

    Thanks Crazyhorse. On the subject of the fanbase,it doesn’t just stop with this country as I have on many occasions spoke to fans from Scotland,Wales,Ireland,Denmark,Sweden and Germany. The list is endless.
    World wide I would think it runs into many millions,and filling a 60,000 stadium will be no problem.
    We need to grow bigger to exist as a top Prem side and we need the money and fans to do this,so the sooner we get used to it the better for us all.
    The future is bright;The future is,WEST HAM UNITED….

  66. banburyhammer says:

    What the people at WHU have to realise is that the corparate boxes are basically one of the last things they should worry about, they may bring in money, but they make the club lose a hell of a lot more wen it comes to the point when fans stop turning up, because of the crap atmosphere. WE are the lifeblood of this club and they have to put us first if they want to become sucessful, having millions in tv and corpatate money is useless if were not at the ground, they might as well rent a pitch on hackey marshes, build a pavillion, and televise it, rather than build a new stadium.
    Build a stadium with great big intimidating banks on either end of the pitch, it will be a wall of irons, and it will scare the f*** out of the opposition as well as helping to make some noise. Build a roof that (like wembleys) has been designed to keep the noise in, the pitch healthy, and the rain of the stands. thats it. no artistic brilliance needed.
    Put the away fans in the corner, surrounded at all angles, and so they cant see wat the hell is goin on, and on the main stand put a row of boxes to sepate into 2 tiers, with 2 tiers on the other side without the boxes. And make it steep.
    And then make evrybody know even if theyre just in a tube train, just from the outside, that theyve just passed West Ham United.

  67. DG says:

    Firstly, I’m not West Ham.
    Manchester United in fact. But I’ve a life-long mate whose a ‘Ammer, (works at your place actually) and I’m also a football fan, and as your team and your proposed new stadium came up in discussions tonight in the pub, I checked out the progress of your new ground and found this blog.
    Anyway, enough of that, here, for what it’s worth is my 2p’s worth…..

    1. DO NOT sell yourself short on capacity. Arsenal are now stuck at 60k. Even though they have a huge waiting list they cannot expand, ever. BIG mistake.
    2. Therefore demand, yes DEMAND a stadium that starts at 50-60k, with a facillity to ‘fill in’ the extra bits to take your final capacity to c75-80k. No. I’m not joking. You are in London, your catchment area – in terms of population, is huge, and includes solid hard workers as well as Canary Wharf boys and girls. You will fill a huge ground as the PL is where it’s at…..even if you have to allocate 20k to Man United when we come to town!
    3. Atmosphere is good. Actually, it’s pivotal to how much fans (‘customers’) enjoy their ‘experience’. Yep, horrible words in there but thats the new football world. Go large, and go fan based. You generate an amzing atmosphere at your place (been a few times) so don’t let such a tremendous asset slip through your fingers. Cherish and nurture it.
    4. Corporate. They pay a hugely disproportionate amount, get over it.
    5. Visually, make your new ground f*cking awesome. That means steep sides and close to the pitch. that’s the West Ham way. Loads of you have already mentioned that, and you’re correct to.
    6. The roof. Don’t underestimate the visual wallop that a stunning roof can develop. At Old Trafford we have a simply gigantic stadium that if developed fully would be over 90k, yet the sloping roof of the North Stand has led to the stadium pulling off a magnificent deception; it is a 76k stadium that looks like a 55k one. Genius! Talk about hiding your light under a bushell. No. Go for a Millenium stadium style jaw-dropper. You will not regret it.
    7. Beat Chelski every time they set foot in your new home. And Arse. And Liverpool. And Citeh, and…..
    8. Remember, you will only get one chance to build this thing properly. F*ck it up and you’re stuck with it.
    9. Good luck.
    10. that, Hammers, is all.

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