Are We Too Tough on Boa Morte?

Lucas Neill has written a new BLOG with many positive words about the Liverpool performance. However, he says he cannot understand the reaction to Boa Morte being substituted. He says Boa Morte is suffering a crisis of confidence and says we should look at what has happened to Cole now that the crowd is behind him.

The reaction to Boa Morte’s substitution was entirely caused by the way he loped off the pitch. It would have been understandable if we were winning, but it lost us valuable time.

I try never to barrack one of our own players. What’s the point? What can it possibly achieve? But even I was driven to boo him off the pitch. I feel slightly ashamed of myself now, but we’re only human.


48 Responses to Are We Too Tough on Boa Morte?

  1. Robbie says:

    Yes I believe we are. I have noticed a big improvement in Boa Morte this season in terms of his effort and commitment – his skill I don’t believe we need to question. I have seen him unlock defences with his skill and create many good chances and goals for others – it just seems he is not finishing well himself at the moment. This will come with confidence I am sure and I think we should back him as we back the whole team that Curbs has cleverly put together, Remember this game is very much a team game and we can do our bit by supporting all of them. An example of this can be seen by the way ‘Carlton Cole the Goal Machine’ has come on so well. He has his part to play and is surely one of the best lone strikers out there now. Come on you Irons!!!

  2. CastIron Hammer says:

    Booing one f our own playes is just pointless. Okay he was poor and hasn’t had a good start to his Hammers career but look at Carlton. he had a poor start and look at him now. Fredy,Didn’t start well. Look how good he’s been over the last few games. Lee Bowyer has put in some very decent performances recently after a slow start.

    I could go on. Don’t you idiots realise it has a negative effect on everyone involved with the club. If you wan’t to moan and groan stay at home with your wives and kids and whine at them. Don’t bother to come to Upton Park.

    We are supporters of West Ham, the clue is the previous statement, SUPPORTER.
    Get it!


  3. NJ Hammer says:

    Ian…unfortunatley for me, living in the US now I don’t get to see the Hammers at The Boleyn. I do. however, get a majority of the games now on TV, thanks to Murdoch’s FSC and Setanta Sports and I must agree with your position that LBM has become a liability over the last couple of months and find myself berating him from the comfort of my living room. Sulking over a non-call or substitution is not being a team player, and that’s why he’s getting stick. No one wants to root against a player on their own team, but LBM is giving off the wrong signals. Time he sucked it up and thought more about WHU than LBM.

  4. alex edwards says:

    no, he has been absolute dogs**t this season so if he is suffering from lack of confidence stick him in reserve team football as we have so many midfielders now available

  5. denis mcallister says:

    He,s useless , a liability,get rid of him.

  6. Squaddie Iron says:

    Iain, I have said all along, first it was Cole, then Spectre, followed by Bowyer and Freddie with LBM being the lastest target. In August Curbs was slated for his lack of signings, yet look at our league position now and the enthusiasum of a potential top eight finish. When will the armchair fans get behind the team at Upton park. I have taken to going to away games, cos I feel that is where the true fans are …. having a quality sing song and out singing the oposition, like at Chelski, the Brum and everywhere else we’ve been and just like tomorrow at the JJB. Having said all that my wife will be happy Dailly has left, as she wasn’t too keen on that particular song.

  7. Da Don says:

    Dear CastIron Hammer – I booed LBM and I’m not a moron. I pay for my season ticket (home and away) and I’m entitled to express my view in any way I like – within reason. You can’t tell me to stay at home just because I don’t visit the rose-coloured spectacle shop regularly.

    I’m all for supporting my team but not blindly. I just cannot buy this ‘never boo your own’ mentality. There are times when all you’ve got left is to boo. When we shouted last season ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’, don’t you think that was justified? The point, Iain and anyone else who doesn’t see it, is that it should produce in a player the desire to do better next time and thus remove the cause of the booing in the first place. Otherwise it’s just like constantly rewarding a naughty child for their bad behaviour. I think that, in the face of LBM’s indifferent form (and I’m being generous here), the fans have been very patient and laid off him pretty much until now. He’s had loads of time to turn it round and he hasn’t.

    I don’t think he is entirely beyond redemption and I hope that this will give him the kick up the arse he patently needs, but we are talking about a £5m investment here and I don’t see why fans shouldn’t express their disappointment. Crisis of confidence? Get the violins out. He needs to go and see CC’s shrink, that should straighten him out. Or how about start thinking about what he’s doing on the pitch instead of charging around like a bull on steroids?

    He’s not a kid and should know better. A chill pill wouldn’t go amiss and, though I doubt it’s true, if this purported visit to a witch does the trick then by all means go and do it!

  8. johnj says:

    LBM has maybe deserved some of the criticism he’s had of late, but he booing him can’t help him or us. Whatever his form, no one could doubt his effort and we can only do our bit by supporting the team our manager puts out. Maybe, as the quality of players improves around him (and we do have some really decent midfielders now) any inadequacies might look worse.

  9. j williams says:

    he isn’t dogs**t at all, i’ve really noticed an improvement in not just his committment but his general performance too, he’s a handfull for defences. The fans really do need to get off his case, just because he missed a couple of chances against liverpool, (which weren’t clear cut anyway), allbeit he should really have hit the target.

    Let’s not also forget that he is infact a winger, he’s been playin up front because we’re short up there, with the injuries.

    Just get off his back and he’ll deliver.

  10. Steve Burgess says:

    I too noticed that LBM has improved recently, particularly his effort, but he continualy drifts into the centr of the park when we need the width. Look at what freddie is doing.

    So many times George Mac had no support on the left wing and so we were useless on the left going forward. Matty comes on and look at the difference.

    All i can hope is that Ashton improves quickly, he doesnt run, doesnt Jump and looks overweight. Cole is by far our most commited, hardworking and efficient striker at the moment.

  11. i think we are bieng a bit harsh on him. booing your own player off the pitch wont help his confidence at all

  12. Iron57 says:

    I have never & will never boo a player wearing a West Ham shirt. That’s the sort of thing we Hammers used to slag off Spurs & Chelsea fans for. I’m very sad so many of our own now think it’s acceptable on the grounds of “I’m entitled to express my opinion.” Well you are not. While a few thousand at Upton Park might agree with you, 30,000 of us think you are a tosser.

  13. Vrangbak says:

    It’s the coach that picks out the team that plays. If we’re unhappy we should blame Curbs (who has gotten very good results in view of the injury list). We should not boo players, unless they did something else and much worse to deserve it.

    Things are not going Boa Mortes way right now, but he is working hard and showing commitment. I also think his attitude has also improved. But sometimes things just don’t work as they should for a player over a period of time. Hopefully he will come around – he has the abilities, and if he had just scored on a couple of the chances he’s had, he would probably be getting a lot of credit now instead. The margin between succes and failure can be very small indeed. I bet he most of all needs just a little bit of confidence to open up his play some more.

    PS: Don’t forget he scored the all important goal at Wig Wam last season…

  14. The Headmaster says:

    Don’t boo our own players – agreed. As for Cole being one of the best lone strikers around, you must be jokin surely? 3 goals in 15 games in the league? Do me a favour.

  15. Gee says:

    In one word, “yes” some people are.

    I don’t mind criticism, but booing and calling him dogs**t is a injustice to the man.

    I don’t love him or thinks he has been brilliant, but he gets involved and wins a lot of balls. His forward play has been very suspect.

    He is doing a job and helping us win games. Curbs wouldn’t be playing him if he didn’t think he was the best man available to do the job.

  16. gjf says:

    He’s a selfish moaning whinging player, try and keep it simple and u might get on a bit better, I think he should stop trying to go for glory and play with the other 10 players on the field.

  17. Jt says:

    I agree totally with CastIron Hammer because there is no point booing anyone, even if they’re performance was absolutley crap!!


  18. Biffo the bear says:

    I was undecided.
    Generally speaking I don’t like to get on our players backs too much, as other people have mentioned it’s quite often counter-productive. He does work hard, he did some good things against Liverpool, tracked back, won the ball, for which he received a long round of applause. everyone, including I’m sure, the player concerned, is frustrated when a chance goes begging but strolling off when substituted was not the best move. Here’s a quote from sky sports which finally swung me.

    “Of course the boos are upsetting. I don’t know why,” he told Sky Sports News.

    “I agree if they are not happy because I’ve not scored enough goals. Okay fair enough.

    “I don’t want them to boo me for the hard work because every single team I’ve had in England I’ve always worked hard.

    “I’m not going to throw in the towel. I’m going to keep working hard and to go and see a witch to see if she can help with the scoring.”

    Sports scientists? Yep, good move. Nutritionists? Absolutely. Psychologists? Maybe, if it helps…
    A witch??? You’re havin a fu**in bubble son!

  19. crazyhorse says:

    I personally dont believe in booing but i do think LBM is a liability.I dont fault his workrate,but thats where it ends because there is no end product to go with the workrate.He causes far too many fouls in an attempt to try and do better and that could cost us points,plus he gives the ball away far too many times.This is not just since he has come back from injury its been going on far too long.I hope he can improve,but I just cant see it.But in saying this i will say that booing him is not the answer

  20. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Is LBM the new Calton Cole?

  21. IronDane says:

    I agree with you all on Boa Morte. I was very happy to see him and Lee Bowyer being substituted in the 60th minute or so against Liverpool. Bowyer certainly has not impressed me after his return. That fault, where he shook his finger, was absolutely intentious. It was a very wise and brave decision by Curbs taking these two out so early.

    I admire Curbs for his always positive but yet realistic way of expressing himself. I think in that way he is a brilliant coach and that he can take the team to greater glory. I also think that the fans should learn from Curbs and not batter a player for having a bad period. That will only make it much worse. Give him a pad on the shoulder while he is being substituted and tell him it takes time to come back and that he is getting better. Football is much more of a psychological game than you might think. Look at Ljungberg. Obviously having a lot of selfesteeme problems from the injurys, but is he sparkling now or what ? Curbs ftw!

  22. Vince Tanti says:

    Yes I think we are being too hard on LBM.

    I agree with Robbie and add that last season many were certain that we would be playing Championship football this season. But the team turned it all around did’nt they? Cast Iron, in my opinion is a bit too harsh. I live in Malta and have been supporting the Hammers loyally for over 40 years. I cannot be at Upton Park, but I never miss a game. Staying at home does not make me and others less passionate for the club than others who attend games regularly. But from your comments, it’s very evident that you are as loyal and true to the claret and blue.

    Being passionate supporters we express what we feel, most of the times on sites like this one, which thankfully keeps us efficintly posted with news and updates on a regular basis. I am sure that this site, and others similar to this get plenty of hits regularly, and OUR opinions are relayed to hundreds of other loyal supporters worldwide, and these feeling as also relayed onto the terraces. So we all have a responsibility towards the team as well, as what we say or do DOES effect the team.

    True, LBM has been at the centre of many mistakes, or rather missed opportunities lately, and this only makes him look even worse. The booing must have really hurt him for him, Curbs and Neill to come out and talk about it.

    Perhaps it’s time for us to be the 12th player, and offer our full support to LBM, particularly with these three important games coming up. With our backing he might finally break his duck and regenerate his confidence.

    If it’s good for the team, LBM has my full backing, and all other true Hammers supporters should support him too.

  23. IronDane says:

    And to the guy who said we can finish 4th: No I don’t think so, but we are just as good as the ones competing for the 6th place. If we’re lucky, we could finish 6th!

  24. crazyhorse says:

    Slight change of subject.According to newsnow west ham united the mail has just said that scott parker will be out for the rest of the season.This is a big blow for the hammers,any thoughts on this

  25. Camziron says:

    LBM has been frustrating me lately with his wastefulness. However, the poor guy has been barracked for not taking his chances, when he is an out and out winger being asked to play as an emergency striker. Could a plumber successfully defend a criminal in court? Or a butcher sail a cruise liner? Once bell boy is back, it will be a weight off his shoulders.

  26. Jt says:

    Oh stop being so pessimistic. I have a season ticket and we have been playing so well recently. LBM is a big liabilty, but thats no reason to boo him. Liverpool, Pompey, MC and Blackburn are all going through a sticky patch so who knows. Last year, i was the only person i know that said we would stay up, i said it all season long and look what happened……….

  27. Steve says:

    well LBM isent haveing any luck in front of goal do you think if we started paying by the goal would that help [ Or would he die of hunger] But i dont agree with the booing clap him help him through his 90minutes of need. But i still think paying by the goal is the way foreward all the team on the same wage £5000 a piece with a win bonus and if they lose they take a wage drop and no bonus. And if that was to go across the board it would be much cheaper to go to a match for the people who pay there wages.

  28. anyotherbizniz says:

    I seem to disagree with the majority on both sides of this argument.

    Personally I would never boo any West Ham player, but accept that other fans might want to. We may be too quick to boo some people but what else can fans do to express how they feel? A crowd does not lend itself to a full, frank and detailed exposition of its concerns does it?

    But on the other hand, I don’t think LBM has been that bad. He is clearly working hard, he makes a fair contribution to us going forwards and he has flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, his finishing has been wayward and his confidence is looking a bit shot.

    I don’t rate him as a first choice or as worth the £5m we paid, but he’s come in and done a decent job with all our injuries and I would like to see him turn it around like CC did.

  29. DaDon says:

    So I’m not entitled to express my opinion? Where are we, Stalinist Russia?

  30. WHU Kim says:

    Boa Morte wouldn’t have received half the amount of stick he did when he came off if he’d refrained from standing around like a woman scorned and simply got off the pitch as soon as the board went up. I also didn’t like seeing him argue with Curbishley first half, it was in front of me in the DML and looked very unprofessional. If he is acting like a kid on the pitch it’s difficult to expect the crowd not to act like kids by boo ing him in return. Even so I’m sure the booing is not something any of us particularly want to hear.

  31. Telboy says:

    Boa morte has not been good enough, End of. I have not got an ounce of sympathy for him. If he was worth his salt he would have proved himself while he had opportunity. DONT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. As for the “supporters” slagging off Bowyer… after he got subbed Gerrard was let into the game. Did you actually watch the match?

  32. chris says:

    His second touch is a throw,sell him as quick as poss his pants.

  33. ironsmith says:

    LBM has been very poor indeed in a very good team and I think that is where a lot of the fans frustration lies, hence’ liability’ and ‘ crap’. However, in his defence he has confronted the issue with his ‘hard work’ and his admirable reaction to sky sports. Booing is not going to help him through this bad patch and we all know he can do better so either encourage him or do absolutely nothing! Everybody has the right to freedom of speech, thank goodness but booing? For me booing is just a very poor reflection on an individuals ability for self expression(and maybe intelligence related) but far more importantly it reflects very badly on west ham united and if you boo LBM you are booing BG, AC and the rest of the team. Pointless? Absolutely right Iain.

  34. Fish says:

    in football terms, he’s just an anarchist…..effort is the only thing i can think of to praise LBM. his attitude is poor and he is extremely waistful on the ball. people have had enough of watching build up play so often come to nothing when the ball comes his way. the only SOLUTION i can think of is to force him to only make safe passes by super gluing him to someone like mullins every day in training for a week, hardly fair on mullins though.

  35. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Great post Iain. If our captain and our manager are saying they’re surprised then maybe there’s something in it. CURBISHLEY was right to highlight the fact that after his recent injury, BOA MORTE had to find his fitness in games rather than in training (for longer) and reserve games. Unfortnately, as a result, his lack of sharpness is being displayed in games rather than behind the scenes as it were.

    Yes we do pay our money to support the club but I think only a player who plays like he does not care deserves to get booed – I cannot believe we can say this about BOA MORTE because he does try and as supporter this is what we should support. Is he not one of ours?

    Say we do get behind him and encourage him even if we don’t like him as a player; surely that’s only going to be beneficial to us?

    Like you said Iain, “we’re only human”….I’m afraid so is LUIS BOA MORTE. Let’s get behind him and if he continues to struggle then surely the manager will drop him but since he is not then we should do the positive thing.

  36. Plaistow54 says:

    I would never condone boo’ing a player however i understand human weakness. Difficult not to express emotion when you see clear chances wasted. Boa Morte really only had one good season. Fulham in 2000-01 when they ran away with the Championship. He has never replicated that although you can see that he would like to. Lucas Neill says it’s lack of confidence, i would think he is right. Boa has played centre forward, maybe that’s why he likes to come inside a bit. His future is in his own hands i would think. I would only wish him luck but if this form continued to the end of the season would hope it’s tatty bye then. Our best finish ever was in 86 under John Lyall, we finished third. Lucas Neill said we should aim for fourth. Can we ?
    “Some men see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were and ask ‘Why not?” Robert F Kennedy.

  37. Yankeerev says:

    I may be the outsider as I am a loyal fan living in the USA and following from a distance as best I can. However, what I have seen of LBM playing I am scratching my head wondering “what’s so wrong” that the fans are booing him. He seems to me to be a quality player. Certainly he is frustrated with his final finishes, especially against Liverpool, but I have also seen him work well with the rest of the team and be a significant part of the buildup. He kind of reminds me of Freddi Kanoute who loved to miss the goal while wearing claret and blue — look at him now! Let’s not be so quick to push LBM off the team…our crabbing doesn’t help much…

  38. Biffo the bear says:

    Special thanks to Jt for keeping us up last season, cheers m8.

  39. TrevorH says:

    Whilst I accept that fans at a football match have the right to boo if they so wish, it doesn’t mean that I like it. LBM is not my favourite player and never has been. But he is trying a lot harder this year. WHU must be doing something right – 10th in league and there is a real opportunity for us to have a decent finish in the league. It is about 11 men on the pitch, not 10. Does anyone really believe that we would have beaten the Scousers with only 10 men? Lets assume LBM played and was sent off after half an hour. Would we have won? Probably not. So although he missed a couple of decent chances, he did contribute to the team as a whole.

  40. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    A lot of the reason LBM gets booed is due to the irrefutable link between ‘rights and respsonsibilities’ (…stick with it, I know it’s social science garbage but it gets better): In a ‘perfect’ environment they are harmonious and we are able to pay a lot to see live footy. However, the flaw could be us knowing that England is a free/weak society. The theme is not too complex but basically the boo-boys need more discipline in seeing that their right to boo undermines their social responsibility to respect their fellow fans enjoyment and the team’s morale. Meanwhile, my responsibility to the law says that I have no right to smack any boo-boy. Or do I? – if I can do it out of site & away from steward, plod, Sky/BBC/CCTV. A hypothetical, dream-team question: Would you smack a boo-boy, LBM, Curb’s, the captain, a politician, a social scientist …or boo to get the LBM issue sorted ? An Iron Always…

  41. Ian the Hammer says:

    Difficult one this. Obviously the players & club are going to stick together, can you imagine Neill praising us for the treatment of LBM. I thought against Man City in the 1-1 every player made the performance what it was yet some felt LBM was still poo & even though his decision making on a couple of occasions was wrong his commitment & work rate could not have been faulted. Curb’s is building something big I feel at the Boleyn & at the moment, with the players he’s had available at any given time we seem to be set up better to play away than when at home. LBM may not be the best or at his best, but never forget where we were at this time last season & maybe we can cut him some slack? Will he be a regular & will we play 4-5-1 at home when all our players are fit. I doubt the answer to either of those questions is yes.
    On the same(ish) issue but different person. When are we going to recognise what Curb’s has done. Pard’s took a while to win us over but surely Curb’s has done enough at his time here to for us to start singing, I agree the difficult to fit in, ALAN CURBISHLEY’S CLARET n BLUE ARMY.
    Big up the Curb’s

  42. crazyhorse says:

    Booing is not the answer and I hope LBM can find a way thru this time he is having maintaining consistency.If a young lad like mark noble can play his socks off and achieve what he is achieving at his age then hopefully Lbm who is a seasoned player can overcome the odds.But I do believe he will not be here at west ham in the summer.I wish him all the best whatever the outcome

  43. Hammer says:

    I’m no fan of LBM but i don’t think booing a player achieves anything. Fans do have the right to boo but do the ones that do really think it will improve a players performance? Confidence is a massive part of some players game, (Harewood!) so booing is not a thing that will drive some players on, in fact it will have the reverse effect. I don’t think LBM has the quality to ever really shine but i do think he is trying in a team where he is often playing out of position due to injuries to others. If Curbs feels LBM is doing the job being asked of him, then that’s good enough for me. Curbs is showing with every game how insightful he is as to players and formations that will get a job done and get results, not always pretty but when the first choice players are available i feel we are in for a real treat, once they all settle in.
    As for Bowyer i agree with Telboy, he is a good quality player and will only get better in the C&B, he wrapped Gerrard up. Come on you Irons.

  44. Freddie says:

    The answer is simple. A number of the long term injured players are returning. So Curbs – Don’t pick him. Then there will be no booing. Problem solved!

  45. Steve says:

    As i was saying a wage with a win bonu
    and a smaller wage if they get beat [and no bonus]
    These players wont us the supporters to clap them and smile at them even when they do nothing what it is these players want payed for doing nothing
    west ham got nothing out of this today so why should these [players lol] get anything

  46. Cotteepotty says:

    I have a rule not to boo an individual player as I don’t see how it can help. I do feel that booing the team as a whole at half time or full time can be vindicated. It is the only way I can think of that fans as a group can make their opinion of the teams effort known . I can’t see why its any worse than singing ‘ What a load of rubbish ‘.
    AS for LBM , I do think its harsh. I don’t think we are seeing the best of the guy but don’t beleive its through lack of effort. Although is slow walk off made it worse the boos were ringing out as soons as the board went up so I don’t agree with the lead article that it was the reason for the booing. Maybe Curbs is right that his confidence is on the floor.
    I’m always astounded by some of the vitriolic and off the cuff comments you get at games from people around me in the BML stand. Don’t get me wrong our style of play at the moment is not very entertaining and creates alot of frustration. An example was when Curbs brought on Spector the other night against Liverpool. He had tried to play a more attacking game by bringing on Ethers and Ashton to a 4-4-2 but it had only played into Liverpools hands who were finding space in midfield and running at our defence time and again. Spector took us back to the 4-5-1 which when we attack becomes more of a 4-3-3, its not pretty but helped stabilise the midfield again. The people around me thought that Curbs did’nt know what he was doing but it was obvious that they did’nt know what he was doing.
    I agree that fans are entitled to an opinion but if it only consists of ‘ Boo ‘ , ‘ your sh*t ‘ , Your’re a f*cking useless c*nt ‘ ( which literally is true ), then maybe its better keeping it to yourself. If you want to rant and give off unconstructive , meaningless abuse call talksport.

  47. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Yes, we are.

  48. Upton Spark says:

    Boa Morte was fine at Fulham,but that is where he seems to have left his boots!
    I M O he just hasn’t done enough since we signed him and he doesn’t seem to fit into our style of play.
    I have seen him have one decent game for us and the rest of the time he’s been less than average.
    He should be sold in the summer(PLEASE).

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