Oh What Fun It Is To See… [er, shurely shome mishtake – ed]

After Wednesday’s performance against Liverpool I fully expected to be able to write a rave review about yet another away win at Wigan this evening (or this lunchtime, as it is here in Washington). But oh no, that couldn’t be, could it. Because it is after all West Ham we support. I suppose I should have known better.

I listened to the commentary on the club site and from that it seemed that only Upson and Ferdinand had what could be described as good games.

Did anybody go? How did you see it?


29 Responses to Oh What Fun It Is To See… [er, shurely shome mishtake – ed]

  1. jon.london colney says:

    didnt go , but all sky were saying was how the fk an you play rugby one week then play footy the next on the same pitch.

    when i heard the pict was gona be a mud bath i would have played with 10 at the back.

    we just cant play in the air like hoof it wigan/watford.why else would you go and buy hesky?

    terrible result after wednesday.ashton got slated so why hes got the ump god only knows.me thinks he looses wait quick or he will be at city by the time your on your next holiday ian.

  2. Rick Fuller says:

    Just so typical of us I’m afraid, just when you think we are starting to do something.

    I watched it on my pc peer to peer – I always do this when abroad – you should have a look (www.myp2p.eu).

    Pitch was awful and we never got going, misplaced passes and crosses all game. Ashton looked out of sorts which is a worry, I trust the rumours about his discontent are just paper talk. Bellamy came on and missed our best chance, even Solano who is always quality looked poor. Both Upson and Ferdinand were excellent and are looking better and better as a pair all the time. No sign of Faubert anywhere!

  3. crazyhorse says:

    The pitch at the jjb is a toilet and something should be done about it.Im not making excuses we got beat and should have tried harder.I just checked out a wigan site where they were calling us primadonnas and divers,they are having a laugh with a toilet ground like that,atleast we are safe and they are still going to struggle to stay up.They even said curbs was making excuses about the pitch,not so as even bruce mentioned it during his praise of his team.Well we cant win them all,but i think we’ll get points in the next game.I heard Ashton didnt seem like he wanted to be there,what is going on with Deano

  4. Jt says:

    Watched it in the pub……. It’s the most frustrating match ive watched for a long time. Fatty (Ashton) was pants as usual. Bellers missed best chance. But the pitch had a big impact on the score, Wigan being used to playing on horse manure could pass it, but us hammers, who play on European quality turf every week, could climatise to it. Upson and Anton had great games and the Ref was shocking!!

  5. BerkshireHammer says:

    Went. Waste of time. Saw an article the other day, That we let a most goals in around 44 minutes. Did any of the players see it? dont think so. Curbs????? should have taken Aston off and let Cole on.

  6. Soldier Iron says:

    Iain, Hey mate the result was naff, the pitch was shocking … but the travelling Army was F*****g awsome … both my kids sang their hearts out and my missus is now totally addicted …. however I’m sorry to say that apart from the back 5, the northern monkies wanted it more, worked harder and won every tackle, mind you the ref at times was a blatent Wigan player. I am proud with what Curbs has achieved, but we lack a proven goal scorer and Ashton and Cole just don’t cut it for me, why he never look for one during the Jan window does suprise me. With all the other result going our way today the result is even tougher to bear.

  7. The Headmaster says:

    Watched it on the internet. Poor pitch, poor performance. No cutting edge up front – again. Still, we were due a bad performance I suppose.

  8. IronDane says:

    Well. I don’t know how much impact the field had on the attack. Noone is comfortable with playing in mud, that is just a bad excuse. Not even Wigan can predict where the ball will go on that field. The attack was clearly our problem and I hated to see Cole go out and not Ashton. I think Cole was better. What was that all about ?!! Nothing went our way in the attack. Bellamy could have scored. But that wouldn’t even have been fair. Would’ve been nice tho’! Ljungberg was unlucky and had a nasty fault against him. I held my breath there like when Etherington went down. Ljungberg had one great offering that assisted Bellamy. Ljungberg was the best in the attack, and Etherington was also good, but nothing went their ways and they had noone in the middle to pass the ball to. Least of all Ashton who was like a sack of potatoes. Grrr.. Wigan defence was also almost impenetrable, and I think they played better than Liverpool with great spirit. Especially after the goal of course.

    On the positive side, Ferdinand, Upson and Green played flawlessly and saved our asses a lot of times! I think the goal was a bit lucky and that it was supposed to be a pass. But anyway. Deserved win. Should have been 2-0. That double post and out was amazing ! haha. I have never seen that before. So lucky for us and unlucky for Wigan.

    Some days everything just goes wrong. I don’t think you can expect Nobby and Bellamy to shine on their first games after their injuries. They will be better the next game. Curbs is obviously trying to find out how to play the “new” players again.

    Captain Neill was embarassing. So stupid all his complaining. He just complained and complained and he wasn’t even right! Way to go for a captain. Total disgrace.

  9. crazyhorse says:

    All teams have off days,but have to admit the pitch was like wanstead flats in manor park,and the only thing missing was the cowpats.lol

  10. Jt says:

    The headmaster – what site did you watch it on?

  11. chris says:

    Cant really comment the pitch was just so bad!But Why Why Why did we revert back to 4 4 2,was it to give ashton a game? As i keep saying IaIN, we look far more solid 4 5 1,,,,,,,Its difficult,but if we must play 4 4 2 then we must persist with ashton and bellamy,personally I would play 4 5 1 with bellamy(when proper fit),coles played well,but there has to be a place for bellamy.Com on u Irons dont worry pitch was s–t!!!!!!

  12. ironsmith says:

    What an utter embarrassment for a premier match to be played on a pitch most sunday teams would refuse! Wigan have to decide whether they are a municipal sports facility or a top flight football club- you can not be both and they should be docked points for the state of the pitch as it was almost unplayable(to premier level) and there was no ‘justice’ from the start Mr Whelan! However they did manage to contrive a match winning move from a set piece which caught us out completely. Our back four came out with most credit again despite conditions and any detailed comment on performances would be largely irrelevant because of the pitch. A game to forget really but fortunately results went for us and we are still in touch!

  13. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Let’s not despair…could be a blessing in disguise in case any of our players started to think this league was easy.

    In regards to the pitch; in the premiership we should really expect better. WIGAN use it for rugby also although I believe they have not started yet so I assume it will only get worse. I doubt that WHELAN is going to stop the rugby team from using the pitch…brings in a few extra bob.

    I think the PREMIER LEAGUE need to take a tougher stance on this matter and introduce fines because the best league in the world should have half decent pitches at least. To be fair on WIGAN, I think they did try and get some machines in to help which produced that big patch down the middle of the pitch but maybe the timing can be looked at.

    Another issue is the psychological factor. CURBISHLEY did mention the pitch extensively in his interviews after. In fact he said that him and BRUCE were discussing it during the match. I don’t think this was a good move because then it plays on the players minds.

    Did our lot worry about the pitch too much? Did we change our style of play in accordance to what was required i.e play direct and in the air instead of on the floor. At the end of the day, WIGAN played on it as well so we could have done better even though their goal was fortunate as KILBANE admitted trying to header it across rather than in.

    I was hoping for 9 points out of the next 3 games; this loss has put more pressure on us to get 6 out of the next 2 games now.

  14. crazyhorse says:

    What really annoys me is when i hear idots saying west ham beat the big teams but cant beat the bottom teams.Doh,we beat derby and birmingham,fulham,sunderland,and we lost to chelsea,arsenal,everton,beat man utd and liverpool,so unless some are as thick has two planks nailed together or living in the past,they must have watched this season so far with a blindfold on.We have had a even season so far

  15. bollox. thats all i can say about that.

    and upson and ferdinand were the only players with good enough performance to be on the pitch.

  16. i also dont think any1 should blame the pitch. these players are professional who make alot of £ every month. they should be more than capable to adapt to the style of play.

  17. Squaddie Iron says:

    IronDane, sorry mate but were you actually at the game. Green for me showed why Kirkland got the nod ahead of him for the Engaland game, he was missing crosses and at time recently has not commanded crosses. Unlike Kirkland who won and dominated everything like came at him yesterday. The bottom line is, there were periods in the game when we put the ball on the deck and played passing football … our front two are just not good enough. I can understand the change to 4.4.2 but next time play Lundburg and Bellamy together cos they looked good together and their pace did cause them the only problems we created. Finally, checked the stats …. we were just not good enough … ohhh is it international week, funny that seeing Bellamy being fit before a welsh game …. I take it we’ll see half a game from him next week before another few weeks off.

  18. The Headmaster says:

    JT – go to hifooty.com and register mate. They tend to stream most games (live and for free!)

  19. WHU Kim says:

    As a travelling fan it was a good day out but ruined by the 90 mins of football! Wigan fully deserved their win and we just had a really bad day at the office. Let’s face it we knew it was coming after the Liverpool game. It’s always two steps forward one step back with West Ham. The pitch was bad but we all knew it was bad before we arrived, been remarked upon many times. Goodness knows how it will be when they start playing Rugby on it. Thought our centre backs were our best performers, the rest of the team were below average, though I think Etherington and Noble got knocks which affected their play. Can’t work out what’s going on with Ashton at all. Never mind, the pies I had was lovely!

  20. BerkshireHammer says:

    The only good thing about the game was Rob Green tell the wigan fans that they are going down.

  21. crazyhorse says:

    I think the hammers will progress,we havent done bad considering the injuries and cant expect to win every game.Its always going to be difficult playing struggling teams because they are fighting to stay up,we know about that ourselves after last season

  22. crazyhorse says:

    Teams do have off days and poor all round performances and thats not just us im talking about,we just have to take the rough with the smooth and just march forward.

  23. IronDane says:

    Squaddie Iron. No wasn’t at the game. I live in Denmark, but some day I’ll be there at Boleyn! I watched it on tele. I have the equivalent to Sky Sports in the nordic countries called Canal+, so it is the same commentators like you have on Sky. hehe sounds scottish to me one of them. Pretty hard to understand for a bloke who hasn’t got english as his native language.

    About Green. Maybe I was a bit too fast there, but I think it was hard for him ’cause there was a lot of fumbling in front of him and the pitch could only have made it worse. Wigan keeper didn’t have that much to do, so less chance for mistakes, but he was good I admit. Maybe better than Green. Green had some great saves.

  24. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    The pitch was awful and the League should do something about it. However that’s no excuse. I remember the likes of Brooking, Devonshire, Bonds etc getting covered in mud on our old surface and still playing like worldbeaters. If I recall the area where the players came out was always like a bog from Nov through March. Anyway we were no up to it yesterday and it should have been 0-0 because both teams were bad and the game was a true non event. What pissed me off was the referee allowing the free kick that led to their goal to be taken. We were already over the 2 mins of added time. Oh well at least we can come away fro the game knowing we are going places whereas Wigan are shit.

  25. Ollie says:

    Curbs does some stupid things. Play 4-5-1 and beat United and Liverpool. Change to 4-4-2 and lose to City in the cup and Wigan away. Stick with system that works. why drop Bowyer for Ashton? he is so unfit/overweight it’s untrue. Disgrace. And talking of disgraces, Neill as captain is an insult to Anton and Upson.

  26. shane says:

    I was at the game and have got to say what an excellent travelling support once again.The game and the pitch yes were poor but i dont think we can blame the result on the pitch as there were two teams playing on it and the best of two poor teams won!.I agree with a previous comment on neading a more prolific striker,ashtons a championship striker, boa,s shite,bellamys always injured,coles a ten a season goal scorer and zamoras neither here or there.Its a shame when for once in lives we have a decent defence not leaking many goals we cant have a forward line converting more.

  27. RapidHammer says:

    I couldn’t watch the game on Saturday afternoon. It was a situation as it could be described in Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch”. You’ve received visitors for a snack in the afternoon and there’s hardly a chance to get to know the result as you’ve got caught in the small-talk at the dining-table.
    Eventually you’re able to absent yourself for some minutes. You drop out to the computer, type the BBC-sports-website, and get to know what???
    The Hammers are 0-1 down and there are only 5 minutes left to play. But you can’t stay away for such a long time, can you?
    Well, you drop back to the company of your guests and think about the faint possibilty of another Mark Noble penalty in the 93rd minute…
    One and a half hour later you’re able to get a glimpse at the results of this Premier League round – just to find out that neither a penalty was awarded at the “JJB” nor Mark Noble has scored.
    After Wednesday’s performance against Liverpool you had thought you were entitled to expect yet another away win at Wigan. But all that’s crossing your mind now are the lyrics of “Bubbles”: “They fly so high, nearly reach the sky, then like my dreams …”
    You know, “they fade and die…”
    Well, a win at Wigan – that couldn’t be, could it? Because, as you said Iain, it is after all West Ham we support. I suppose I should have known better, too.

  28. Ian the Hammer says:

    4 defeats in 16 prem games if I’m not mistaken. Lets not all jump up & down too much. I’ll be happy with a top 10 finish as long as we push onwards & upwards next season.

  29. crazyhorse says:

    I dont think the loss at wigan shows that we are the same old west ham where we would beat top clubs like liverpool and then lose to teams like wigan.This season so far we have beat the struggling teams like Birmingham,Derby,Fulham etc,aswell as taking a couple of big scalps such as man utd and Liverpool.Not bad for our club considering the injuries we have had.These are new times for our club and I dont think we will be looking over our shoulder at the bottom of the table again.

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