Where are They Now: Paul Kitson?

Along with Big Johnny Hartson, Paul Kitson saved us from relegation in 1996-97 season. He was one of those players that would score in bursts – loads of goals and then a drought. But he did well for us in the few seasons he was here. I also remember him being frozen out of the team. He hadn’t played for nearly two years and then he came back and scored a hat-trick in a 4-4 draw with Charlton at the Valley in 2001? I gather he now lives on Teesside, but am not sure what he’s doing job wise.


26 Responses to Where are They Now: Paul Kitson?

  1. Big Casino says:

    Kitson was one of the most under-rated strikers to play at West Ham. He was clinical and had a great eye for goal….. why Roeder froze him out is beyond me….. but then a lot of things Roeder did are beyond me……..

    I know Kitson did have try-outs at St. Albans a few years ago – not sure if he ever actually played for them…… I’m guessing that was one on the last clubs he had enything to do with………

  2. Andrew says:

    I think him being ‘frozen out’ refers to the fact that he had two years of constant injuries. You dont really know all that much about West Ham do you Iain?

  3. Iain Dale says:

    Andrew, if you look back at the papers of the time, you will see that Kitson didnt get a game even when fit. Roeder got rid of him at the first opportunity. However, for fear of upsetting the many Norwich fans who seem to be visiting at the moment, I have removed the offending phrase!!!!

  4. Scott says:

    He wasn’t injured the whole time, I’m sure he played sparingly, but Di Canio arrived in that time and Defoe was also emerging (scored the 4th goal in the 4-4 draw you refer to). He was somewhat behind the quality of the strikers we had.

  5. supernumbersix says:

    So where is he now? Anyone??

  6. Damien Lucas says:

    I heard he dyed his hair ginger and changed his name to Dave and was trying to make a go of his career all over again…

  7. Keith Holland says:

    Kitson arrived with Hartson, and like him really only excelled for a short while. Shame that partnership did not last much longer.
    He could be clinical at goal scoring, although I recall him missing a penalty against Everton which would have been his hattrick (and the winner).
    Sadly I think you’ll find that the threesome vs Charlton was the last Premiership hat trick by a Hammer.

  8. Damien Lucas says:

    Keith – so did Harewood’s against Villa 2 seasons ago not count then?

  9. j williams says:

    nope, marlon harewood when we beat villa 4 – 0

  10. chris says:

    I thought Marlon Harewood got a hat-triick against villa two seasons ago?

  11. andy hornchurch posse says:

    what about marlons hat trick you div

  12. Pete says:

    Did Marlon not score a hat trick against Villa? Hee Hee Hee Hee!!!

  13. geoff says:

    Harewoods hatrick against Villa was on the evening we drew with the Aussies to win the ashes. Both miracles i suppose.
    PS Kitson did the business along with Hartson to keep us up, so fair play to him, but apart from that not much more.

  14. Danny (The Monkeydog) says:

    He (along with Hartson) saved us big time and I for one will never forget that. However I know that he loved a beer or two and was mangled the last few times I saw him out and about. Maybe that’s what Rodent knew?

  15. Fish says:

    I’d love to know whatever became of the happy couple bishop and morley. Was that rumour going around at the time involving a stabbing by the other’s wife true?

  16. big man says:

    i know about 4 years ago he was at rushden + diamonds as he hung around with me mate who played there and was always in our local on saturday and sundays serving up drugs………. what is it with ex-hammers turning to drug dealing, didn’t they save anything??!!

  17. Bubbles says:

    Why dont you just type his name in wikipedia along with anyone else you wish to find out about, it tells you almost everything….

  18. Bennybicep says:

    Bishop is playing for a local side in Palm Beach Florida, not sure if Morley is there holding his ……. hand?

  19. Dan Coendoz says:

    Apparently when i was younger (i can’t remember it personally was about 7 or 8), i got a tad frustrated with Bishop in a game and shouted, “Bishop, you’re s*it!”

    Apparently half the old North Bank turned round in amazement. Don’t think any of them disagreed though!

  20. Josh says:

    Yeah anyone know what happened between morley and bish?? I was about 12 at the time when that was doing the rounds at school…

  21. Doc H Ball says:

    Yes, definitely true. I was hiding in the wardrobe at the time.

    By the way, Norwich is near Holland. Scientists say it won’t be there in 50 years time due to global warming so everyone buy 4x4s, turn up your heaters, have baths not showers and we might sink them sooner.

  22. john pope says:

    talking of where are they now.
    danny williamson.
    everalde laronde
    yilmaz orhan.

  23. Pete Nic & the Vic says:

    my vic , bless her and her leg warmers has a very special friend; She knows Kitto and often goes around basilscum stealing peoples monies from their pocketsies and also picking up fag butts for me olde man…lovely old geeza he is but it’s a shame he can’t help his olde bowels n’ bladder these days…”cor he n’arf kickin’ up today” the guvnor’ of our local brewery/wokin mens club always says…me dad tries to retort but often this causes what the doc’s call re-flow…you know how a volcano has a second spurt of molten crackle…well that’s me olde man for ya, still one trip to the car park and he’s right as rain…dunno where Paul Kitson is though, sorry.

  24. chilee says:

    I like Damien Lucas

  25. Midnight says:

    Just stumbled on this site! Paul is happily married to a friend of mine in County Durham area, with a baby on the way 🙂

  26. monty says:

    I met his father on the beach at Seaham( Co Durham ) last week , fishing , bit of a coincidence as a BHA fan he played for us to , good player. He runs a company supplying and fitting those big plasma screen TV’s .

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