Di Canio to Return as Manager?

Paolo Di Canio has reveleed in the Daily Mail that he wants to manage West Ham. Now that would be an interesting prospect!

“I’m a little too old to carry on playing so I will take up managing next year. I hope to have the same success as a coach that I did as a player. My dream would be to manage West Ham – that would be perfect. I spent four seasons there and I would love to go back and win something with them. The fans are fantastic and the atmosphere at Upton Park was always so special. Every weekend I watch all the English games on TV but I always look out for the West Ham score. I have a special place for them in my heart.”

As far as I know, Paolo has never been back to Upton Park to watch a game. Imagine the roar which would greet him if he came back and watched a game from the Directors’ Box. It would make the Tevez return seem calm.

So what do you think? Is Paolo ever likely to fulfill his dream? Somehow, I have my doubts. He remains the most skilful player I have ever seen, or am ever likely to see, at Upton Park.


36 Responses to Di Canio to Return as Manager?

  1. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    I think he’ll have a long wait. I believe Curbs will be around for quite a few years.

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t want Di Canio to ever return. I’ve seen enough of his fascist salutes to the crowd in Italy. If he ever returns to Upton, especially as manager, I will seriously reconsider my allegiance to West Ham.

  3. hammermolder says:

    Dont think it would happen,but would love it!!

  4. jim says:

    yes i agree- a fantastic player but a racist and not someone i want to ever see at west ham let alone manage us! this is aman who admires mussolini remember.

  5. Jameson says:

    True Dave, unfortunately he turned out to be an idiot with his fascist arm waving antics at Lazio. The last thing we need is for him to come back and start attracting the kind of scumbags its taken the club years to root out and get rid of. It’d be back to the days of ICF and the Chicken Run all over again.

    While he will always have a place in my heart for the amazing football he brought to Upton Park I do hope the club never turn to him as a manager. Bilic would be much better!

  6. Neil Coutts says:

    Dave, before that salute was used by the Nazis it was an ancient Roman salute… so whats the problem?!? Come back Paolo, don’t listen to Dave and his dodgy allegiance.

  7. Kev says:

    I would love him back, has so much passion, I don’t care about his politics.

  8. Prince H says:

    Lovely, lovely feet, stupid, stupid brain.

    (good footballplayer – surely an ass as manager – well, he will never be one)

  9. Prince H says:

    – and when he says he really is a fascist – that’s only a joke???

  10. steviebubbles says:

    I agree with neil, we new what he was like as a player at west-ham no won gave a stuff then.would love 2 see him back at upton park in some sort of role. Also dave this site is called west-ham till i die dont matter what goes on at the club u should always support them. sort your self out.

  11. plaistow54 says:

    As much as Paulo may love West Ham & i’m sure he does, very doubtful that he would get the job. Curbs is going just fine considering the timescale & the problems he has had to cope with. Fourth is too far away now despite my recurring dream & size of mouth, typing finger. Di Canio was one the best in recent years despite suffering Polio as a child. Some good memories of him. Passionate about the game. Unfortunately for him, whenever he is spoken of now the racist salute comes up. He aligned himself with the far right of the Lazio fans & made a statement by his actions on the field for which he was suspended. My view is that in this life there is such a thing as personal responsibility & consequences of actions. He will not win any friends there & i don’t like political or social statements as part of the game. I like football & if i want to express a political view i can join a party or go to a rally. The Club is bigger than any individual. He won’t get the unvacant managers job. i do admire him as a player & i try to put the telescope to my blind eye as regards his personal beliefs where possible & remember the good things he did.

  12. Biffo the bear says:

    He was a Lazio fan as a young man and travelled away with the ‘irriducbilli’. his connection with the Lazio fans comes from his youth. I doubt he’s the kind of person to have the patience to qualify as a manager but the man is full of surprises. I

    I was very happy to read that he still cares about us but I think it very unlikely he will become a manager and even less likely he’ll become our manager.

    I don’t think we need panic that some mental fascist will turn up next weekend and be given Curbishley’s job because of an article in the mail

    The ICF and the Chicken Run are not anything to be ashamed of, it was a different time in those days.

    Surely you can’t ‘have an allegiance’ to West Ham that can be reconsidered, you’re either a West Ham United man or you’re not. Get yourself down to the Orient.

    I agree that Bilic would be a great manager for us, also that Curbs will, and should be, with us for a long time. But it would be nice if Paolo came to visit, wouldn’t it?

    certainly wouldn’t want to walk in at half time one nil down if he was waiting in the dressing room!

    “The man’s a genius” Harry Redknapp

  13. Da Don says:

    Di Canio may be politically confused but he’s no racist. You need to understand the political horizon in Italy before you can blithely dismiss him as a fascist. In any case, his politics were never an issue when he played for us and I don’t see why they should be an issue were he ever to become manager. My only worry is that he wouldn’t be up to it and that he’d leave us in far worse shape. Let’s see how he gets on elsewhere first.

    In the meantime, I hope our next manager is Slaven Bilic.

    Oh and it’s ‘Paolo’ with two Os.

  14. crazyhorse says:

    I’d rather us think about our current manager and the great job he has done so far

  15. viniron says:

    Dave, you are not a West Ham fan and also very wrong in your comments, Palo is right wing, however he is not racist (read his book).

  16. marc says:

    well said,Da Don

    way too many leftie hand wringers jump on the band wagon without fully unterstanding what they are talking about,and throw the word “racist”around too easily.
    Firstly its Roman salute,combined with lazio,and the explination,in to much detail,of the history of this would be lost on the liberals,so im not going to waste my time.
    Pdc would(in the future)would be the perfect manager for west ham.
    adored by true west ham fans.
    an unbelievable footballing brain
    and a take no crap attitude.
    no disrespect intended to ac,who is doing an exellent job by the way,but would love too see pdc at up,or the parcleforce site in the future.

  17. TrevorH says:

    Di Canio was a great player, no question. But why are we debating the chance in a 1000 that he will return 1 day as manager? Ignore the fascist stuff for a minute, he was probably one of the most outspoken players that I can remember at Upton Park, when as a senior pro, he should have kept his mouth shut. I have fond memories of PDC, but we move on. He came, played and went. Just like all of the players at any club. He won’t be back…………….

  18. Bob says:

    I agree with Biffo the Bear the ICF and chicken run were nothing to be ashamed of we are in a different era now and if the same passion for the club is still there? then whats the problem, Paolo was a great servant for the Hammers but not sure he is ready for Management yet only time will tell, I believe slaven Bilic would be great for the Hammers.

  19. nr2iron says:

    To the fella who criticised the chicken run along with the ICF you obviously know little about west ham uniteds support as the chicken run was well known to hold not only passionate support but very knowledgable support at that and as for the ICF still there and always will be,next home game have a gander around you as no doubt some sitting very near to you.

  20. anyotherbizniz says:

    Great player but would be a rotten manager – as most great players have turned out to be. And I would not want an avowed fascist to be West Ham Manager. A player is one thing about a manager has a different ambassadorial rile to play – so yes it does matter that he holds these beliefs.

  21. Bob, you took the words out of my mouth! Was about to say that Bilic would be a better appointment, but depending on whether he decides to stay at Croatia or not, he could well be snapped up by another club by the time Curbs leaves as I can see him being here for a while, unless something goes seriously wrong.

    Di Canio will always be a legend for me and remains one of my all time favourites, but I agree with TrevorH, it does seem a bit silly to be questioning whether he will return as manager at the moment. If he proved himself at another club, then maybe.. though I cannot see him becoming a great manager despite his many qualities.

    For the meantime, I’d just like to see him back at the Boleyn, maybe do some tricks on the pitch at half-time, see if he’s still got it!

  22. Upton Spark says:

    Brooking must be up there as one of the most skillfull players at West Ham,but I agree that Paolo was a bit special.
    The goal against Wimbledon when he volleyed in mid air will live in my memory for ever.
    The tussle with Frank for the ball to take a penalty is another memory that will not be forgotten.
    I for onw would love to see Paolo back one day,but whether or not he would make a great manager remains to be seen. Let’s hope so anyway.

  23. Fish says:

    as good as he was, he’s always been a couple of pepperonis short of a pizza topping and too volatile. it won’t happen, what chairman would want such a temper time bomb?

  24. chris says:

    mans a Legend!goodnight.

  25. paul says:

    billic next

  26. The Academy says:

    Paolo…. genius, footballer… not political dictator. Come home Paolo, it will be fun. As a Hammer I want to concentrate on the football. Just because Paolo speaks about his background doesn’t make him some kind of genocidal nutcase. Get a grip guys.

  27. ironsmith says:

    I am 100 per cent with crazyhorse and would not dream of having anyone but Alan Curbishley in charge who is doing a great job! I don’t think we will have a vacancy for some time to come.

  28. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    Di Canio was a legend, whether he would make a great manager or not we would have to see but from the way he played for us you could see he had claret and blue running through his veins.

    How about a duo of Bilic and Di Canio now that would be a dreamteam!!! LOL

  29. i don’t think he would be a great manager. although he is a legend of a player, i think a different role would be better for him. after all curbishly has done an excellent job.

  30. Jt says:

    When on earth was Di Canio racist???????
    He has always and will always be my favourite player of all time. I would love him to manage us more than i would like to shoot Crisitiano Ronaldo or Gerrard!!!

  31. jon.london colney says:




  32. Painter says:

    what an image ornchurch – di canio and bilic would end up killing each other, both a pair of nutty hard bastards! throw in dicksey as 1st team coach and we wouldnt need the icf!!

    i’m too young to remember the icf properly but surely they cant have been that racist – cass pennant is theyre most prolific chronicler, and as for the chicken run – as far as i can remember that is where the majority of season ticket holders is, dont come much more loyal than that!!

    forget pdc and bilic (i think they are our 2 greatest foreign players ) – alan curbishly is a serious, professional, committed manager – the only englishman worth the international job. hopefully we’ll have him for 10 – 15 years, if he took that shit-pot outfit from charlton all that way imagine what he can do with the mighty west ham, funded by the zillionaire iceman!!!!

  33. Hammer fromQormi ,Malta. says:

    I totally agree with crasyhorse and ironsmith, come on we’ve got a truly WEST HAM man in charge ,he`s doing a good job at the moment and how on earth can we forget ” the great escape” he was there as well.On the other hand DI CANIO is world class ,he`s MrGenius his name is part of West Ham`s history and we` re proud of it and i would love him back may not as a manager yet, but on the coaching staff without doubt.Just imagine having one or two Paolo Di Canios on your side!!!

  34. HammerMalta says:

    I totally agree with Crazyhorse and Ironsmith we`ve got a truly WEST HAM man in control and he`s doing a great job ,let alone last years “Great Escape”,and i guess he`s got some few years ahead in charge.On the other hand Di Canio is world class he`s MrGenius and i would very much love to have him back ,maybe not as a manager quite yet it`s not the moment but on the coaching staff definetly.Just imagene having one or even two Paolo Di Canios on your side, he`s got so much skill to teach.COME ON YOU IRONS!!!! Bring Paolo back.

  35. bo says:

    My father didn’t fight fascism for one to be invited to manage the club I love. Shame on you!

  36. Queer Dave says:

    I reckon Curbs will quit in early September 2008 and Di Canio will then return to the Happy Hammers as manager, West Ham will then win the premiership 2008-2009, The FA Cup and then in 2009-2010 The Champions League. Di Cannio will then quit to take on being England Prime Minister

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