What Went Wrong?

I’m flying back from Washington today so I didn’t catch the Birmingham game. From what I have picked up we dominated possession, squandered chances and were not at all impressive. And Lucas Neill was jetlagged and should never have played.

How was it for you?


47 Responses to What Went Wrong?

  1. crazyhorse says:

    Neil shouldn’t have played,Ashton was again in poor form,which is a big concern.We are lacking firepower up front,just hope when Zamora is match fit we can get some goals,because it looks like Bellamy won’t be playing for awhile but hopefully it’s not all season like certain newspapers speculated.

  2. vdm says:

    Wasn’t there and just reading one or two sites to get a feel for what happened. My main thought though is that this is classic Curbs at Charlton! – a glimmer of a UEFA place then the season tails off into mid table mediocrity, done enough to avoid a relegation scrap, out of all the cups-yawn , yawn

  3. hammerswest says:

    Just watched it patchily on tvants, where the heck was Noble??? We didn’t look at all dangerous in set pieces without him or Nobby. Bowyer is a liability as always. But I have to say watching it in korean you see the game better. Ashton was looking much fitter, he is leaner and he sprinted more often. Didn’t score I know, but that’s just confidence, at least he is starting to look the part. I’ve never been a Ljungberg fan, and didn’t see the goal, (still loading tv) but I’m really impressed with him these last few games, he’s really working hard and looks dangerous.
    All in all we seem to have no killer instinct in the last third, and don’t do well against packed defensive teams. We really missed Bellamy out there, (I never thought I’d type that!)

  4. pjd says:

    sadly another game where the ball did not touch the grass too much.bring back football

  5. Prince H says:

    1. Ashton didn’t even seem to bother and was really far away from form. It’s a mystery why Curbs choosed to keep him on the pitch and substitute Cole – one of our best.
    2. Curbs other changes was also crap. Spector on for Ashton when we have all the possession (despite ten men) and two minutes left. Very strange.
    3. The referee was havin a nightmare. And so did we.
    4. Noble was missed! (Bowyer below par)
    4. Freddie L was the best player on the pitch! Big heart! Played well! Took great responibilty. And even scored!

  6. Iron Squaddie says:

    Another frustrating day on the terraces, Ashton and Cole does not work, 4.3.3 or 4.5.1 has proven to have the beating of the better teams yet so far all that is happening is the Spuds down the road are closing the gap. It has been glaringly obvious we needed an out an out goal scorer and in January we did nothing. BG and Curbs are not telling the complete truth here and because of our inabilty to act we will not finnish in the top half. All the talk of europe was a sad bluff that over the last seven days has gone up in smoke. Finally the morgue that has become the Boleyn needs to review its ticket prices carefully next season cos if that was football out there today then god help football everywhere. Simply not good enough Curbs

  7. Jaime says:

    In response to hammerswest question about Noble, he was originally named as a sub. Unfortunately he felt a slight thigh strain (or some sort of pain somewhere) and was dropped as a precaution. Young Collison took his place on the bench.

  8. TrevorH says:

    Birmingham deserved the point, and to be fair, they play better football now than under Bruce. Ljungberg excellent, Mattie OK and thats about it. No complaints from me about tge penalty or the sending off. Apparently Bowyer got the ball but the studs were up and it was 2 footed.There is no no urgency about WHU. Faubert was very poor when he came on and what is baffling is they have wide men and insist on playing it down the middle! Apparently WHU can fill a 60,000 stadium in 3 years – I think not. It will be the biggest mistake the club will ever make if they move. If anyone can name a new stadium with atmosphere then please post!

  9. jon.london colney says:

    the zd man is being missed greatly and the sooner he comes back the better,everyone saying ashton was terible? maybe left the pies alone this week but reports saying he was miles of the pace.noble had a strain or somethig just before ko.

    these games are exactly why we are a mid table team.these should be 3 -0 half time pack up and go home!!!ive watched the brum on several occasions this season (tv) and there shocking!

  10. Upton Spark says:

    The game started off brightly with us showing we were the class side.
    Freddy scored a good goal and then Lucas gave away a needless penalty and we were not looking good up to half time.
    We came out after the break and let Birmingham into the game.The longer the game went on the worse we got,and to be honest if we can’t beat the likes of Birmingham then we don’t deserve to get anywhere.
    Aston looks tired,Cole had a quiet game and some of the midfield went asleep.
    The England manager was there,so God knows what he must have thought about Ashton who was knocking on the England door at one time ,but after this performance must wait outside the England door for quite a long while,as I feel it will not be left open for him.
    To sum up;Birmingham were pants,and we were not much better!

  11. Keith Holland says:

    Worst thing about todays game was the ref. Sends Bowyer off but fails to dismiss any of the 3 or 4 Brum players who should have accumulated a dozen yellows. Bottled out a couple of times when actually reaching for a card – then realised he’d have to send the player off.
    Freddie was brilliant today. Deano very very poor.

  12. NunheadHammer says:

    This was a game we should have won but we looked slow and not really up for it, and Ashton – our key man up front – looked short of ideas. Whats happened to him? I thought Faubert looked okay, Freddie was MOTM – but we need some pace.

  13. chris says:

    Hello I’m a premiership manager I’ve been playing a solid 4 5 1 formation and got results against liverpool and man utd,so I know! I’ll change it for my next two games,because I have got to find a place for this certain player,If I Dont play him he’ll give me major agro.

  14. chris says:

    curbs let me pick the team for next week,cheers! thanks mate, right…..mcartney upson ferdinand faubert(neils a cart horse jetlagged or not).Ethrington noble mullins solano lungberg cole,but really we want bellamy give, him a F—–g asprin if hes sore,and no matchfitness crap from anyone! make people run during the week.

  15. Colin says:

    Today’s result, for me, is 100% poor management by Curbs. If he is honest and reviews his decisions he will realise and see that his basic negative approach was not required or necessary against a very, very poor team – 3rd from bottom at the start of play.
    It was clear from the start that we were 100% in control – got the goal and then a ‘soft’ Pen got Birmingham their equaliser. BUT at no stage were we under any Pressure.
    We should have gone out in the second half 100% looking for goals. There was no reason to think otherwise. BUT what did we get Curbs with-drawing a forward after 17 minutes of the 2nd Half (excuse me wasn’t it our manager, CURBS, saying our problem was lack of goals.??)
    BUT to compound it 4 minutes from time – when even with 10 men we were attaking seeking that winner – whatdid he do – withdraw a second forward.!!
    CURBS – LISTEN – a draw equals 1 point – a win equals 3. A win and a draw (3points) is better than 2 draws (2 points). Learn your Maths – your negativity is killing us.

  16. denis mcallister says:

    Really disapointing,talk about europe forget it if we can,t beat Wigan or Birmingham.They can allways take a cross channel fery.How many chances do we need to score.It was blantely obvious today (as i,ve said for months)we need a top class striker.I,m sick and tired of hearing Curbisley talk about when his injured players are fit,so what ,they just get injured again.He bought a load of crocks and when he had a chance he bought nobody.Can anywone explain to me Spector for cole?at home at 1-1?crazy sub.Rapirely losing my patience with him.Got to ask if he is the right man to lead westham further?Seems content with mid table.On today, Ashton was poor Neil a liability,lunberg motm,rest average.

  17. denis mcallister says:

    Sorry not cole,but ashton for spector

  18. claire says:

    A crucial game with a chance to move up (the two teams above us playing away) and we blew it.
    Ref was inconsistent- as others have said – our midfield was pathetic, and Birmingham were pretty dirty. Never thought I’d feel sorry for Bowyer, but he was kicked black and blue, and it was a pretty dodgy penalty decision. Ljungberg our best player , he’s now got pace, popped up everywhere. When Faubert came on it gave us some width, he played well with Matty, but his best is yet to see, (I hope!)
    Still, at least we found a secure cupboard to lock Boa Morte away in.

  19. Carlos Tabrez says:

    ASHTON just needs games but unfortunately STEVE McCLAREN….sorry….ALAN CURBISHLEY has been too engrossed with systems to realise that he should be getting his top striker fit and in form by giving him games.

    The guy plays 5 in midfield against rubbish teams and at home? We don’t have the midfielders that CHELSEA and MAN UTD have to turn a 4-5-1 into a 4-3-3 when we attack so why he doesn’t go with 4-4-2 is confusing. Where does he think our goals are going to come from? Divine intervention?

    I just feel sorry for ASHTON that CAPELLO chose this game to have a look. From the few touches he has had in the last few games, you can see ASHTON is top class; he just needs to play. Thing is with CURBISHLEY, ASHTON doesn’t know if he’s getting 5 minutes or 85 minutes….this can be very discouraging.

  20. ironsmith says:

    After watching a match where west ham were clearly superior from the start but failed miserably in defeating poor opposition Fabio Capello must have gone home thinking two things 1. Do they really WANT to play in europe?2. Why am I watching Dean Ashton- the man is a crock, he limps, he can’t run, he can’t get off the ground, he has no pace,what is he doing playing for west ham let alone england? Sadly I feel the worst for deano as I see no improvement in his condition and maybe Curbs should put him in the reserves for the rest of the seaon and reassess things next season. I am sure he knows himself he has a serious problem and I would not be surprised if he has some pain in playing- it is certainly painful to watch! Although I often pay tribute to
    AC this was altogether poor and a missed opportunity. Thank god for freddie!

  21. JohnDemetriou says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the mighty hammers.

    Doing better this season than last, I’m glad to see!

    P.S. Any chance of you whacking us on your blog roll? The Mighty B&D have, I am pleased top announce, placed your blog on ours.

    Happy trails!

    John D


  22. Vince Tanti says:

    It was another of the classical frustrating afternoons watching the Hammers squander a game that should have been wrapped up in the first 20 minutes. It is beyond me how we seem to be the only team in the premiership who manage to be so inconsistant and short of ideas (bar the one-touch peice of brilliance that say 5 players involved early on).

    Otherwise, I maintain my stand on Dean Ashton, who is nowhere as deadly as most of us expected him to be.

    Going back to the Faubert and his statement that the Hammers lack tactics, I tend to agree totally with him. The game was short of any visible plan of action, and nearing the end, our midfielders were all trying to score themselves. Again, our forwards were not even firing blanks, as they were not firing anything at all. Ljunberg was the only real danger, and his pace should at least shown Curbs what we really require up front. Let’s face it, we are in a crisis up front, and we might as well let our youngsters take a shot at glory. They cant be worse than our current attackers can they?

    I do not see us beating Fulham, then it.s Chelsea and Liverpool next, so I guess we will have to brace ourselves for a bad patch, and I will only be too happy to be proven wrong. From a possible 6 points, we only managed 1. How’s that for an eye-opener mates? Europe? Perhaps with a radical change yes, but on the currentl form, no way.

    Jesus, I am still so angry at these last two games, best I stop here!

  23. laurence D says:

    another poor performance, were has all the good flowing attacking football gone,
    yes we are not fighting relagation, but we are now boring at home, curbishley is a adverage boring manager, plays for a draw with no ambition, at home we should be going for a win, there is no fight, no passion and most of all no goals.
    if west ham want to succeed its time to bring in someone with ambition and if our chairman wants european football then bring in billic look at our rivels spurs they are now playing good football attract good players and score goals, and last of all when can you say that a west ham managers name has never been chanted around the ground,

  24. Big Casino says:

    Not sure why or how any one can knock Lucas Neill’s performance – he was one of our best players – along with the rest of the back 4 and Mullins. Ljungberg and Ethers also played well……. it’s was when we got anywhere near their box that we failed miserably….. Lee Bowyer is not aPremiership player – when is Curbishley and anyone else who rates him going to wake up and smell the coffee? His legs are gone – he’s slow and every game just by passes him – we might aswell have had 10 men from the start yesterday for all the use he was.

    And as for Cole and Ashton – They cannot play together so don’t even bother trying to pair them up – they obviously don’t get along. And whilst i think Ashton has everything to be a truly top class player – his attitude, performances, fitness and work rate suck big time – right now i’d happily ship him out of the club. Fair play to Cole – he works hard and links up play well – but he was very ineffective yesterday.

    My advice – ship out our ‘potentially good” strikers in the summer and bring in some proper goalscorers.

    Just one other note – Freddie Ljungberg – showed yesterday that he was different class to everyone else on the pitch. Mr. Dale take note. If we are going to take the next step up we need more players like this man – simply class. You can tell he’s come from a quality club – just like when we got Winterburn from Arsenal – his work rate was phenomenal – and he was what, 53 when we signed him.

    Anyone who thought we, as a club, were stepping up, is deluding themselves…. we’re still a long way off becoming a regular top 8 team.


  25. geoff says:

    Yesterday was just like most home games, obviously excluding Man Utd and a couple of others. We kept pumping the ball up high to a big Birmingham defence. Curbs is changing us into Charlton

  26. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Wake me up when 2008-09 starts!

  27. DaDon says:

    I am not as despondent about it today as I was coming out of the ground yesterday – but it wasn’t good. Birmingham are very poor but defended resolutely, nevertheless we still had plenty of chances to win the game comfortably. Deano was still poor but showed a few good moments and could have easily scored 2 or 3; Freddie was awesome, one blistering 50-60 yard run to retrieve a ball received a standing ovation from all around me in the DM Upper; and Anton was his increasingly assured self. What a footballer he is becoming. We could and should have won but there were some positives.

    However, the maddening things were that we had absolutely no drive in the centre of midfield, Bowyer had an absolute mare (which is a shame given what a good season he’s had) and Mullins is, well, Mullins. Yet again Curbs subbed the wrong striker (what IS going on with Ashton?). Yet again Curbs left it too late in changing things around, and yet again there was a baffling lack of urgency. Do these people look at the table? If we don’t at least finish above Tottenham then what the hell have we achieved?

  28. Biffo the bear says:

    It was frustrating to say the least. We started well, good few chances in the first ten fifteen minutes, Freddie scored, I was thinking three nil by then. Heads went down after the equaliser. My original thoughts about Neill was that he shouldn’t be playing after his round the world trip but he actually did ok, aside from the pen. Always thought that we should have finished them off in the first half as McLeish is no mug and would sort his team out in the break, they came to get a point and got one. it seems that everyone knows that it’s easy to get the crowd against the team at Upton Park and it worked again yesterday. Strange substitutions… we’d done ok even after Bowyers red card and looked as if we could go on and nick the win but I guess memories of last season chasing a goal and losing a game must’ve influenced Curbishley. Thing is, we aren’t in the bottom three and even if we lost we would still be tenth, in my opinion we should have gone for the win. Boos rang out as he brought Cole off, the boy looked surprised too. i do understand the need for caution but I think it’s important to take some risks sometimes and go for the three points, even if the only result is giving us something to shout about and get behind. Birmingham won’t be the only team to come to us and spoil the game.

    Have to say the officials were awful. Linesman was behind the play when one of their players was well offside. McSheffrie was booked, then committed three more similar offences which received a wag of the finger and was subbed after the last one. Not a day to remember. Still, at least I beat the traffic on the way home!

  29. Brian Sains says:

    Lucas Neill jet lagged, and Mark Noble, obviously too tired from his trip back from Southampton, wasn’t on the bench even !!!! What is Curbs doing ??????????

  30. Steve says:

    well i think curbs has to take it now the tranfer window passed and we got no one up front and the last game i seen deno playing he was useless . the strickers that are fit to play or not good enough. Curbs cant put the blame on the red card or the ref or the pitch or anything else our strickers or crap

  31. Plaistow54 says:

    What i saw happen was a team who came out expecting to win, against a side that has played some good draws against the top four, lose their belief that they were going to win. Neill got the wrong side of Mcfadden & knew it. The ref did us no favours either. It looked to me like the players after playing some one touch stuff then resorted to the old long ball to Cole & Ashton. It looked to me like Curbs was indicating for them to stop that. Thats why he took them off, because they didn’t stop.

  32. Bazhammer says:

    A truly forgettable game. From the kickoff we had the Brummies in the palm of our hand and still failed to beat them. We seemed to stroll through the game with Ashton looking his ‘ leggy’ self.
    I agree with a lot of the comments that we need a striker to get us goals. Maybe when Ashtons fitter we will see a return to the old form, where he was always mustard in the six yard box.
    The thing is , what decent striker would want to come to upton Park on this type of form. We should have beat Wigan and definately strolled the Birmingham game.
    Penalty was dodgy, Neill sluggish along with Ashton, Freddie has been like a new player since he had his back sorted.
    I stayed right to the whistle because i always thought that there would be another goal in the game, I felt sure we would pluck something from somewhere, but when I walked from the ground with my son we both agreed if it was worth keeping the season ticket going. I’m sure we will, things will get better ( fingers crossed)

  33. Jt says:

    Was at the match. LA load of rubbish to be honest. I’d rather have been in bed! Had a chat with David Gold (Birmingham Chairman) and he said they were lucky to get a point…
    I thought we were tho. Dean Ashton was as crap as Michael Ricketts and why Carlton got taken off instead of him
    Curbs didnt have a effing clue………

  34. chris says:


  35. WHU Kim says:

    Very disappointing expecially after the first 15 mins when we were playing some good attacking football, then Neill gives away a penalty and that killed the game for us. Not good with so much time left we allowed Birmingham to dictate the pace, which was that of a snail with a limp. To say our team does not have the killer instint is an understatement I’m afraid. I realise the aim was for consolidation this season but to see games frittered away in such a boring way and without even a hint of fightback is going to make that ST waiting list diminish pretty quickly.

  36. BamaBrit says:

    I watched the game on the setanta re-run. Most of what I saw is that again we were very solid at the back but going forward we lack any creativity. Etherington works hard gets into good positions but at times takes that extra touch instead of having the confidence to shoot. Is it just me but does anyone else notice the lack of work rate and the willingness to battle a lost ball that Ashton shows.. Is Ashton playing because curbs is buckeling from player power. also why does such a big bloke run like a fairy on his tip toes. He never seems to put himself about like he did before the injury. Ashton ready for England he must be joking. MOM was a toss up between Mcartney and Freddie. poor all round. Mid table for us is all we can expect but after last year I will take it.

  37. Mac says:

    Six points for the taking (from teams we should be beating easily) and we got just one.

    That’s the difference between top teams and mediocre ones.

    BTW didn’t Charlton start their traditional flop around Feb time?

    Life is what happens when you’re waiting for injured players to come back, so it’s useless Curbs keep talking about it. He needs to work with what he’s got. So frustrating that he gets it wrong in the games we should be winning.

    So very disappointing, especially after the Liverpool result. Flattering to deceive I guess…

  38. paul says:

    last 10 mins we looked on top then curbs the idot cocked it up with the subs
    hes turning us into charlton boring foot ball cant wait for billic at end of season
    i hope

  39. HammerRon says:

    Ljungberg was by far our best player!!!!!!! Pure class

  40. Ollie says:

    1. 4-5-1 is the only option without Bellamy or Zamora. When we play this system we win more than we lose. When CC and DA play together we don’t even look like winning.
    CC is mobile, Ashton is not.

    2. Ashton should be sent on loan to get his fitness in the championship. If he carries on putting in performances like this, more of the crowd will turn on him.

    3. If Neill and Ashton were lesser names on lesser wages, would their current form have kept them in the starting X1? I think not.

    4. Surely Freddie Sears is worth a look at. Can’t be worse than Camara or LBM?
    Our season’s dead. We’re not going to make top six, and we’re not going down.
    It’s an ideal opportunity to try these things.

    5. Curbs buys have been poor in the main, but we can’t do anything about that now. Let’s hope he buys better/fitter/younger players in the summer.

    6. Positives – Green, Noble, Anton, Linda, Mullins, Freddie, CC, Super JP, Upson.
    Negatives – Neill, Ashton, Injury list, tactics & formations, downbeat post-match interviews from AC, quiet stadium.

  41. crazyhorse says:

    Considering where we were this time last season and with the obvious injuries we have I think we shouldnt expect to aim too high this season,although a place in Europe would be great,i’ll settle for mid table if that happens and then our club can push forward next season

  42. crazyhorse says:

    Have to agree with you hammeron i also thought freddie was class on saturday and i think he will produce the goods more often.Considering the injuries and not having all the squad members curbs would like out there at one time we havent done bad.I think we are being abit harsh because of two bad performances,although i can understand why fans are annoyed,we had a golden opportunity to take 6 points from them two games.I just hope we can start to raise the roof at our own games and get behind the players instead of turning the stadium into a place so quiet you can hear a pin drop

  43. HammerBoy says:

    Honestly Iain we missed drive and passion which truthfully comes from noble! Curbishley’s time is up i think, not enough drive and tactical skill, cole off for faubert, etherington for camara, ashton for spector!!!!!!! Bringing spector on before done nothing but we got a late penalty! Curbs’ time is up!!!!!!

  44. Steve says:

    o god no dont put curbs out to grass only for him we would be in the championship, this season and the whole season has been full of injuries . We need 2 good strickers keep bobby and lose the rest as they or pamperd and over payed and i do agree with ollie deno should be sent to the championship to get his hunger back at the minute he wont run for a ball and if its a 50/50 ball he backs of , a we spell in the championship could work won
    ders and if not sell him as it stands i have lost my bet for the season

  45. brooking is still the best says:

    I think some of the stick Curbs is having is a little harsh but not all of it is! in all, i would give him 7 out of ten for his first year.
    facts, he kept us up when I and nearly everyone i spoke to had all but given up. He has turned us into a solid mid table team with an injury hit squad.
    On the downside, we are consistantly playing boring football, scoring few goals. I still think C

  46. brooking is still the best says:

    Curbs is the man for the job.Next season will be the telling one as anything less then a top 6 season will be looked on as not good enough

  47. crazyhorse says:

    just read on the times online that according to them bellamy is to have surgery twice this week,does anyone know if this is true because its hard to believe what they write most of the times

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