Alan Curbishley: How’s He Doing?

Alan Curbishley has now been at West Ham for fifteen months. During that time he has provoked strong reactions both for his style of management and his style of play. If a manager is judged by results then he has been a success. The team unexpectedly avoided relegation last season and has consistently been in the top half of the table this season. That’s the positive side. On the negative side, several of his buys have turned out to be flops and his style of play has often been criticised for being unduly negative. However, his squad has been beset by injuries, the like of which we have rarely seen. The only saving grace has been the size of the squad. He’s been criticised for being a “glass half empty merchant” and for his ability to relate to and motivate players.

What’s your verdict? Hit? Miss? Or is the jury still out?


49 Responses to Alan Curbishley: How’s He Doing?

  1. HammerRon says:

    I think we must give Curbs some credit, he had worked with an injury hit squad all season. and still we are i mid-table.

  2. Mike says:

    Curbs has done a magnificent job given all the circumstances. He has turned round the club, firstly by avoiding relegation, then stabilising us this season to mid table security and allowing us to build things up slowly. he has sorted the mentality in the club out – look at the tunraround in Anton for one – he single handed has brought the players back down to ground and made them work and graft for the club he has instilled the disipline and work ethic – whatever your views on LBM he is one of the hardest working players when he’s on the pitch – the end product may be lacking but you can’t fault the lads effort – Curbs has doine that and it runs through the side. Curbs is a realist and knows that turnarounds don’t happen immediately they take time and a lot of hard work and getting the right team in the club – judeged by that criteria he’s more than done that. Next season is his big test where anything less than a European place will be judged a failure given the squad We kick on from here Europe this year would be a bonus but would come too soon. This season we are likely to finish between 6 and 10th – which given the injuries is a pretty impressive result but over the close season he needs to sort out several areas – we need a fitter playing staff Deano for example needs to resemble a footballer in physique not the Honey monster -a squad less injury prone – we need a creative player – perhaps Dyer and Parker fit the bill – we might see before the end of the season – we need to sort out the striking options – Bellars back next season but what is the best formation 4 5 1 or 4 4 2 and who fits the bill Where do Deano and Cole and Zamora fit in? We need cover at left back as Linda getting through a season unscathed is stretching things and we need to sort sorting out the playing staff -= too many that don’t contribute at the moment Curbs will have his list he’s a top man has done a top job Time for us to start really getting behind him – I mean do we want another Pardew?

  3. Colin Elliott says:

    He´s been a success and criticism may be justified in some areas but when you consider what his brief was when he joined us was smply………avoid relegation and he did just that. Yes Carlos saved us in many ways but remember he had to buy to get rid of the negatives which was very apparent in the dressing room. Signing Lucas Neil had a great impact on stabalising everything as far as the players are concerned and NRC has not been missed at all. MH has in some respects. Injuries have been appalling and not generally on the training area so it´s simply bad luck that some them, Dyer, Bellamy,Faubert, Zamora,Parker…..the list goes on. He´s West Ham´thru´and thru´and we shouldn´t forget that !!!!!. If we qualify for Europe this yr that´s more thwe expected in August….so come on…give him that vital support he needs..

  4. Stephen says:

    This is a tricky one, I just feel we need to give him time, let him get the players fit and injury free. Only then can we judge him correctly. I would love him to be a massive success with us after all he is a Hammer! For me he has done 1 of the 2 things I would like to see. 1. We are difficult to beat 2. Attractive football (still waiting for this) The football just has not flowed this season. This could be due to no Tevez and Yossi. Compare Spuds with no Berbatov they would not be as dynamic. I want us to play with flare, creativity and be difficult to beat. I am not sure even with the players we have out that there would be enough to really make us an excellent footballing team! if we could do this I would be a very happy hammer. Best of luck to Curbs

  5. neil says:

    I think Curbs made a mistake in not getting a quality striker in the transfer window Ashton still does not look right and could take a while to get going, Zamora and Bellamy both injured Camera not good, which leaves us with mr Cole as our only fit striker, not good for a club looking at going for a european place, maybe he should give the yourgster a go Sears???

  6. ironsmith says:

    I have made it no secret that I have been impressed with Alan Curbishley so far. HOWEVER, after the last 2 games there are several question marks. Some people may disagree with me but we are carrying several players who are just not up to it ie
    etherington, bowyer,LBM,mullins,camara,davenport,quashie, paintsil. OK I understand they are still here because of the horrendous injury list(or nobody wants them) and those involved have stepped up well to fill in apart from camara(enough said). Parker, Dyer and Bellamy are class acts but always injured, Deano is struggling with fitness so the point is Curbs should have made signings to counter these weaknesses but failed for whatever reason and we are paying the price of seeing a european place disappear. I am sure the likes of sears, tomkins and collison(and other academy players) would do better than those mentioned above and I hope he uses them. I still think curbs can do this and the injuries have prevented him from fielding his first team which looks impressive but the jury is still out for me now especially with spurs closing on us!

  7. Vince Tanti says:

    Now that is a good topic of discussion, which I am glad you brought up.

    I have always felt that Alan Curbishley is fit for a premiership manager. He is nowhere near the likes of Morinho, Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez and Eriksson, and even Ramos for example, but I would have put him in the same category as Alardyce, Redknapp, Moyes and O’Neill. Thing is that with the exception of Alardyce, the other three have done wonders with their team, and the results and position speak for themselves.

    How on earth would the English FA ever consider people like Curbs and Alardyce for the manager’s job is still beyond me!

    Frankly I now see O’Neill, Ramos and Moyes as exceptional managers, competing against the other experienced managers and doing remarkable well. Which leaves our Curbs lagging way behind, and becoming more compatable with the likes of Jewell, Hodgson, Megson and Coppell, with all due respect to all.

    In my opinion, and judging by what I see on the pitch and read daily, Curbs lacks technical knowledge, is NOT a team motivator, and I have serious doubts about his Communication abilities with the players, or does not go too well with them at least. This is in complete contrast to the likes of Ramos, O’Neill and Moyes, which is pretty evident to all.

    The question is, with all the money spent, I expected better results. The injury issue is no excuse in my opinion. True, we were quite unlucky, but I’m sure we knew what we were buying too (Dyer and Ashton both came form previous troubled injury situations, and I believe they were not the only ones in this situation that came our way).

    I am quite surprised actually that Curbs is still there, judging by the swiftness in which IG got rid of EM. Surely the owner can see that our game plan leaves much to be desired. I’m sure he expects more from the team for his investment. Remember, this guy invested heavily and is ready to invest a further 250M in the ground development. Surely he can afford to to get us a top class manager, competing with the likes of the good managers mentioned above.

    I do feel sorry for Curbs in a way, but only because he is WHU born and bred, and loves the club. If the intention of West Ham is to be a mid-table club, then we are OK with him, however if we are really aiming higher, we have to get better management, and we have to put sympathy aside.

  8. says:

    The jury is still out….

    Whilst he was the manager in charge when we avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth, the squad last season was the easily capable of mid-table and probably shouldn’t have been in the position it was.

    His transfer dealings have definately been a mixed bag, but then again, which premier manager hasn’t? (Including Wenger, Fergie and Benitez).

    But he barely net spent any money in the Summer.

    Injuries have been diabolical, but when you buy Dyer, Parker and Bellamy, you should expect that?

    He’s done a good job, without really impressing.

    But really, judge him at the end of next season when he’s had a full year with a full squad to choose from.

  9. gjf says:

    Im not a big Curbs fan, didnt want him at the club in the first place so am never going to turn around and say that I’m happy with his management style, his signing have been bordering on “has beens” although he has had his unfair share of injuries. The is a fair amount of rubbish in the squad and championship level players which really need to leave, and as the the nonsense of a top 6 finish, well not this year or next with the current squad, i think we are 6 decent players short of even being able to speak about a top 6 finish. A comment was made earlier inthe week regarding the game against the Brum, “the ball barel touched the grass” Wot is Curbs thinking of, this isnt Charlton, Long ball at West Ham has never worked, Lou Macari comes to mind, it never worked for him and wont work for Curbs, Start playing decent passing football, look at Arsenal, Man UTD, do you see them playing long ball, NO. The club is owned by a Billionaire, who is as far as i can see a non ambitious tight arse, what’s the point of building a 60k seater stadium if your only gonna get 35k people turn up when the club dont want to spend money on decent players, decent players play decent football when they have a decent manager, decent football attracts decents crowds, if the Club is as ambitious as they are spouting then it’s time to turn things around on the pitch in the dressing room on the managerial front, lets ditch Curbs and the crap 2nd rate rubbish that are pulling on the shirt and get a proper manager we dont want him here for 10 years like he was at Charlton, we dont want West Ham to become the average 2nd rate team that they were. Billic would be the ideal replacement to take the club forward and up a level, lets hope the Owner can wake up and smell the roses of sucess, but this will need to be without Curbs.

  10. geoff says:

    6 out of 10
    Yes did well helping to keep us up, some signings good, some injury prone. But I still fear that with the rest of the back room staff (a few exceptions) he is turning us into Charlton, and that worries me big time. If we really believe we can push on and become a top 6 club he will have to improve the personnel and step up a couple of gears himself, taking self criticism and not piling excuses on others.

  11. Geoff says:

    Buys not been so much flops but crocks. Parker, Dyer, Faubert & Bellamy have all spent considerable amounts of time on the the sidelines at their previous clubs. 27m pounds worth of suspect goods. All great players however methinks that if Curbs reckons he’s gonna solve the injury crises by ripping up training pitches, I suggest he think again, These guys would crock themselves on cotton wool!

  12. JackHammer says:

    Curbishly has done alright this season.IMO
    Most of the creative players have been injured and slowly recovering.
    He has got the best out of the squad that is available.
    Man U stuck with Ferguson and eventually won plenty of honours. We would be mad to consider anyone else but Curbs at this early stage.
    Be patient and give the man a chance!
    If there is any doubts it is with some of the players who do not give 100% but overall I think we have done well this season, consistancy and a more attractive style will follow soon.

  13. Johnny says:

    I agree with the previous posters. You can’t judge the quality of his football as yet. He has done what was needed to be done given the players he had available, and he has done that really well. If we look at the players he has bought (as opposed to the players he has had available) then that surely gives us some insight into his intentions. I think we can see that he wants to play good football – Dyer, Solano, Bellamy, Parker, Faubert. These are all players that like to get the ball down and play. Even Upson wants to distibute the ball when he has the time rather than hoof it, and I think that is what Capello saw in him too. So yes, for me, Curbs kept us up last season and deserves our support and the time to do things his way for now.

  14. pjd says:

    good question,obviously keeping us up and steadying the ship this season is to his only problems are his negativity especially at home.also i would like to see the ball on the grass every now and then.all in all he is doing will be interesting to see the ins and outs in the summer.i have a feeling that ashton might be on his way.

  15. Perth Hammer says:

    I think Curbishley has done an excellent job since he arrived. I also think he’ll be sacked at the end of the season. This is because the position of manager in most clubs is now almost untenable. The combination of: fans expecting too much; owners being too greedy; and players knowing they can move elsewhere whenever they like means that the pressure is on all the time. At the beginning of this season most people would have been pleased if the team was out of the relegation dog fight by February. Now, having done so well with a team decimated by injuries, 10th is no longer good enough. People are so short-sighted and demanding.

    All the team needs to be a very good side is 1. fewer injuries and 2. a really creative midfielder. The names of the latter who might be available would fit on the back of a stamp, unfortunately.

  16. Plaistow54 says:

    The first four comments sum up my feelings exactly. I was nervous of Curbs at the start as were many but he has continued in what he believes is the right direction for the club, despite many critics, & we are in what you could term, a comfortable position. Sixth to tenth spot would be reasonable given that the priority would always have been stability first. He has started at the back & the likes of Upson, McCartney & Ferdinand are proof that it is working. Our goal average is the best it has been for years. When he is happy with that, you would think that with the midfield players that we have when fully fit, that we will have an attack minded side. He has done well with Cole & he continues to be patient with Ashton. We all know Curbs is a local lad & his desire & commitment to West Ham would be unchallenged. His style of management suggests to me that he is a long term type of manager, not someone that you bring in for the quick fix. For that reason i believe that he will be successful, he will develop or get the players that we need & i hope he stays & we move forward into Europe.

  17. LeeST says:

    Sorry for me he has to go, the negative direct football, the lack of atmosphere at UP this season in particular, the poor injury prone signings, wasting the best transfer kitty any WHU manager has had. Now were getting the constant spin coming out of the club, i.e. Bellamy injured, but dont worry Dyer’s back soon as a recent example. I sit in the BML and i know im not the only one with these feelings, also just to highlight this point when did you last hear any WHU fan singing Curbishleys Claret & Blue Army……

  18. Stuart says:

    If you are a billionaire banker owner of a football club that is sitting in the top league in the world that will secure TV revenue alone of circa £50million every year, then you must see Curbs as the man to have in charge.

    He’s a safe pair of hands who will not take silly risks and put your premier status in jeopardy. He’ll keep you in the top division and in with the lolly.

    But more than that – given the chance and some investment I think Curbs could very well build a team to win trophies. I also think he likes to play attractive football, but [rightly] not at risk. He’s a good manager and I think that [given the chance] he’ll prove himself as such.

  19. Bogga in Oz says:

    I was a fan of the decision to appoint Curbs, however this has waned significantly since.
    Sure we stayed up. This was thanks to the miracle work of Tevez & the input of Benayoun, when Curbishley finally gave him a go. Turning us into Charlton & depriving us of our trademark attacking football. His comments are also contrary to common sense. Told us he was resting Noble last game because of workload, then starts Neill after similar workload combined with 48 hours of travel. Fauberts comments about tactical input (or lack thereof) was ill timed but probably only cemented my own thoughts on the subject.
    I see a midfield containing Etherington & Mullins (seemingly his preferred starters) as defensively lazy. The only reason our against tally is so good this term is primarily down to Green & Upson (& to a lesser extent McCartney). Anton is improving but we are still highly suss to set plays.
    LBM may have his critics but works his arse off & should only be employed as a midfielder. Injuries have cruelled us, but with the management style we have, what difference would it make who is on the pitch. To go forward we need an appropriate Manager, I’m afraid.

  20. Justin Dean says:

    Yes he has done well so far, and the mitigating factor of injury list is valid and yet still in 10th.

    But are the wheels coming off our wagon and has Curbishley got enough to correct that.

    At the beginning of the season I pointed to our new acquisitions and the threat that West Ham would present for this season with speed on the flanks etc…..the replies I got was yes but the fast players would be injured as they are all sick notes (dyer, parker, bellamy etc)>> Flaubert was very unlucky in pre season to have such a serious injury and i think has been sorely missed this season. Dyer was unlucky in the league cup but lets face it, he has been unlucky with injuries for a good share of his career.

    Ashton’s return despite heading the scoring chart is pathetic. The only reason he heads the scoring chart is because our strike force is pitiful.

    All praise to Curbs for sorting out the defence that we were all so critical of last season. It is a real pleasure to see such stability and assurance in the back four. And therein lies the questions. Safe pair of hands Curbs has got a defensive coaching style and has no idea about attacking options. Look at his years at Charlton and you will see the same thing. If you have any friends who are Charlton fans they will tell you the same thing.

  21. colney says:


    pardew may have had all the charisma but he lost the dressing room,curbs is stronger in that department however that atmosphere problem is getting worse.

    ide rather have mid table bordom than barnsley away on a tuesday night in the pissing rain.

    keep up the good work curbs and buy a super star in the summer.that will get everyone buzzing again.

  22. John says:

    For me I think that Curbs has done an ok job but i fear that maybe he lacks what it takes to bring us on to the next level. I think he has been very unlucky with the injuries this season and will be interested to see how we develop once these players come back. I felt that the players bought in the 07 transfer window on the whole were shocking and bringing in Nigel Quashie and LBM bemused me but he did the impossible by keeping us in the prem.

    I thought that we would have attracted some bigger players than what we have done, Is this down to players not wanting to play for Curbs or the chairman not willing to shell out.

    I wonder how much truth there was behind the comments by Konchesky that Curbs was not well liked and recent Faubert comments that he is tactically inept.

    I was not in favour of Curbs for the top job and I felt that it lacked ambition on our part especailly seeing what Sven has done at Man City and could have tried to have been more adventurous although I do feel that the spending of the hammers has been mis-interpreted in the press.

    Ill be looking to see Curbs get rid of some of the deadwood in the summer and feel that only when he has a full squad available can a true judgement be made.

  23. Matt says:

    i can’t make a decision until he has a near-fit squad to choose from. i do know that i was utterly shocked at the signing of Kieran Dyer, a great player on his day but the injuries are too much. i would never have gambled so much money on him.
    i do feel sorry for Curbs’ not having a fit Deano, Faubert, Parker, Dyer and Bellamy. Ljungberg was the same at the start of the season, he looked nothing like the player he was, but now he is fantastic and our best performer of late. if the rest can come back, work as hard and make as great an impact then we’re laughing.
    Curbs does need to be more adventurous maybe.

  24. Saffron Hammer says:

    He’s done really well, who wouldn’t have taken this position last February.
    Having said that we are all over optimistic about what we can achieve, I think Europe is beyond us this season.
    Lets judge Curbs properly next year when hopefully we have a fit squad.
    I think he has got real potential to take us on, don’t compare us to Charlton, he was very limited in the players he could get in there – no way would he have been able to keep or atract players of the calibre we have got.
    Green, Ferdinand, Neil, Upson, Noble, Parker, Dyer, Faubert, Bellamy, Ashton – that is a quality collection of players, who with one or two additions could really take on this Premiership.

  25. Dale Parnage says:

    As long as he gets fired at the end of the season I will support him for the rest of the season.

  26. Gee says:

    Curbs has done brilliant to get us to this position with all the injuries we have had.

    We are not a top 4 club and by replacing curbs with another manager is very unlikely to improve where we are.

    Top 4 managers need Top 4 players to succeed, we have a proven manager at our level who can build us into a top 4 club over the coming seasons.

    I’m not always happy with the way the team plays, some results or some players we signed, but the bottom line is we are doing brilliant for a club in our position.

    Man City have Sven and a load more money and where are they now 3 positions and few wins ahead of us.

  27. Burns says:

    Curbs has in my opinion done a good job. First of all he kept us up last year, and we are in a comfortable midtable position, which is satifactually due to our injury problems.

    When you look at it, he has established an impressive defensive record as our back four are solid and has been the best defensive record out of the top 4 (top 5 now i think).

    Our only problem now is getting the goals. With only Cole being fit (let’s face it camara shite)and the absence of the majority of our creative players, the lack of goals comes to no suprise to me.

    If the we start getting the goals while maintaining our defensive record, the future looks bright.

    With this said i still hope we can pursue a european place this season, but without a fitter strikeforce i can settle for a midtable.

    However, next years european must certainly be a must, with the return of our wings faubert, ljungberg, ethers, solano, dyer (if not centre), LBM (hasn’t produced the goods, but his effort has been faultless), and hopefully the signing of barnes or some other quality wing.

    A quality goalscoring striker has to be a must next season. We have both cole and ashton as the lone/targetman role, but bellamy needs competition for the small leathal one.

    Summer tranfers:
    Left-back – Not to replace, but to put a little pressure on mccartney
    Perhaps a creative centre midfielder

    Youths soon to be given a chance instead of the likes of camara, quashie, ect.:
    Sears – Got hig hopes for him as Ashton/Cole hasn’t proven fruitful yet, and he seems like a fast bellamy kind of player.

    Any others?

    And in conclussion i would say that we need to get behind the players instead of booing them when off form (a certain LBM comes to mind). Curbs should be able to see if a player isn’t performing well enough, and he i have no doubt that he has the balls to act on it. We are always talking about bringing quality players to the club, but i’m pretty sure that it doesn’t seem atracive when the see us booing players from our own team! Besides that, i’m quite sure it doesn’t help the player improve form or confidence either.

  28. crazyhorse says:

    would like to see sears get a run out on the field

  29. rob says:

    well done Alan, keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping us up!

  30. Sam says:

    there is so much i could go on about this year, but credit to the guy in one particular area….the defence.

    We have looked considerably more solid this year and i think injuries permitting, next year will be curbs’ telling point…ideally a fully fit current west ham squad is capable of big things, lets see what hes got in his bag

  31. DevoDevo says:

    With Curbs you get what it says on the tin.

    Considering where the club was when he took over, he has done quite well. The problem is – and many people think the same – can he take the club any further?

    Credit for the work with the defence, Linda has been superb all season but I have been most impressed with Anton’s recent form. Since the court case, he has looked a different player.

    We need a new RB big time, we also need cover for George.

    If we ever get our midfield all fit, i think it would be one of the best in the prem, unfortunately, our biggest problem is up front. Ashton looks finished to me, which is a great shame as the guy can really play. If Bobby Z is fit for the next match, he has to play. Bellamy is class but sadly, can’t shake off this ridiculous stomach strain?

    If we had had Berbatov and Keane up front all season, we would probably be challenging for 4th and there lies the rub. To do well in the Premiership you have to have class forwards. Defenders won’t win you titles.

    Tactically, I agree with other comments, especially his substitutions! I also echo the thoughts that one or two of the youngsters may as well be blooded now we are safe from relegation – look what it did for Noble last season.

    Personally, I think Curbs has done OK but won’t take us much further. I would love to see Slaven return after Euro 2008 to push us on to the next level.

  32. west ham johnny says:

    i love curbs he’s a west ham man so he wants to do well, dont get me wrong he can be very defensive at times but hey i remember times when the likes of man utd, arsenal, liverpool and chelsea would tonk us as well as other clubs so i dont mind it to much but with a fully fit squad i think we’ll be more evective going forward and we finaly have a defence that looks pretty solid so how can we moan but then there is no pleasing some people is there!!!

    well done curbs keep it up and better luck with the injurys

  33. brooking is still the best says:

    7 out of 10. Would be alot higher i feel if it wasnt for rotten luck on the injury front.

    Look what we had, the baby bently brigade, no passion, no direction but downwards and no clue. Pardew had lost the dressing room and was acting a bigger brat then Reo-Choker.

    We are on a upward trend and long may that continue. Next season will be the acid test though. Anything less then a top six finish might be seen by most as a failure. That might not be fair but when has football ever been fair.

    My only wish would be, is to play better football, Something Curbs, Rodent and Pardew have all failed to do.

  34. Dave King says:

    As I recall, when Curbishley took over, although we were on an appalling run we weren’t in the relegation zone so it has to be said that it was Curbishley who put us in there in the first place. Did he get us out or was it (as I see it) down to the heroics of Green and the motivations of Tevez and Zamora. I didn’t see much motivation from Curbishley and I thought that Pardew was the manager who was more upbeat and positive in his fight for Charlton. Is Curbishley a success? Look where we are. Out of both cups, mid table, atrocious football and nothing to look forward to on the horizon. Charlton had that for years and were happy. Not sure I’m even looking forward to NEXT season.

  35. I think a lot of things that have been said are pretty spot on. He isn’t much a motivator or a tactician, but he’s done well with what he’s been given (apart from a few dodgy signings).

    It’s all well and good saying that the new owners have the money to bring a ‘top quality’ manager in, but why would someone of such ability want to manage us? We’re never going to attract the likes of O’Neil, Ramos etc. until we prove that we are a good enough side to challenge for the Champions League which, at the moment, we aren’t. To get to that stage we need whoever we have to exceed their ability, bring in some better players and hope they stop getting injured.

    Curbs must be so gutted this season, You can’t tell me that he was expecting to put out some of the players that he has had to so far. I don’t like making excuses, but the injuries have really hit us this season. A fully fit squad would now have had time to gel and I believe with the likes of Green, Upson, Parker, Faubert and Ashton fit and on form we are a bloody good side. Still, need a few more to come in in the Summer and we can wait and see what happens next season, because we look set for a mid-table finish this time.

  36. Ian the Hammer says:

    Some of our football this season – Man city away for example – for me has been superb. If we had a striker or 2 that could score with any consistence we would be a much better outfit all round. Hopefully Deano will sort him self out & I for one am glad we didn’t but any one in Jan window as for me it rewards all the hard work the team has done up till now. Let’s be honest here. When we get all our injured players back there will be quite a few changes don’t you think. It winds me up when I come on here & read about how useless Curb’s is or how poor some of our players are. The last two performances/results haven’t been good but ask Liverpool fans if they’re happy with there season & they’re 5th. We have had a very good season & hopefully it’s not over yet. When was the last time we finished above the spuds?

  37. crazyhorse says:

    i agree with you west ham johnny its good see this kind of support for curbishley,and good to see positivity

  38. crazyhorse says:

    we are safe this season after an amazimg escape last season,and considering the injuries curbs has done well.Just look at where newcastle are and how many managers they get thru,surely we dont want go down the same route as them and throw out a manager every five minutes.curbs has kept us safe then next season we can move on further.Maybe we are asking for a little too much too soon

  39. juice says:

    Far too negative not tactically aware enough buy s all the wrong type of players we need a ramos

  40. Mac says:

    As fans we’re always going to be greedy, wanting every game to be a win. So given that’s never going to happen and based on where we are now in relationship to last season’s bun fight, Curbs surely has to be deemed a hit.

    However, according to tonight’s paper Bellamy and Parker are unlikely to play again this season. So just how wise it was to buy two guys, more well known for the treatment room than the opposition’s penalty area, is up for debate. But to have had less than ten games a piece from them is either incredibly unlucky or Curbs’ just desserts for snapping up two renowned crocks.

    If ever a club was allowed to coast for a season, it had to be ours. Which probably means the jury’s out on Curbs until this time next season, when we will hopefully be able to judge him on having had a full compliment of fit players. If that is the case and we’re still drawing at home against the likes of Birmingham, he could well be in trouble.

    For now, he gets a B minus.

  41. denis mcallister says:

    I to have had enough of Curbs.Ok we,re 10th but could be 6th.His signings of has beens has to critised, especially considering their injury record.Had a chance to get a good striker in ,in transfer window, but did nothing.Tells us Noble is tired,but plays slow Neil, who is a liabilty,and what happens gives a penalty away again,which cost us 3 points.Neeed to get rid of fringe players like LBM, Erithingham,Pansil.Camera,Quasie,fx.they just not good enough.I know he,s.westham ,but so is Billic.

  42. crazyhorse says:

    but bilic has not been proven in the premiership yet,only on international level,

  43. crazyhorse says:

    no disrespect juice but we dont need a ramos,and as for crocks ramos just got woodgate,we are west ham not the spuds

  44. vdm says:

    You can only say so far so good – last season amazing – this, pretty good considering all the injuries etc. It’s what happens next that will be interesting. The thing about the premiership is it takes time to progress – it doesn’t happen in one or even two seasons. Everton, Portsmouth, Blackburn have all been building with the same manager for 3/4/5 seasons – so lets stay on the ground and not look for miracles!!

  45. MOORO says:

    I wasn’t sure about Curbs when he was initially appointed. But I thought, give a chance.
    And now, 15 months down the line, i think he’s doing a great job, brought us a long way in a short space of time. This has been done on the back of an horrendous injury list too. His style of football at times is a bit negative, but he knows how to stop other teams playing first and how to win.
    I also like his honesty when being interviewed, which is refreshing. Overall, he deserves our respect for what he’s achieved so far.

  46. paul says:

    hes a mug billic in start of next season

  47. juice says:

    He really has to go at the end of the season the style of play is more Bolton than WestHam far too predictable everytime we go a goal down i hate the fact we labour hard to score just banging long balls up to cole or fatso we need a tactician who wants to play attrective inventive football who can take us to the next level….. we have to have more to offer than Everton Blackburn Portsmouth Aston Villa Man City we are WHUFC

  48. Hawaiian Hammer says:

    When Curbs first got the job, I didn’t think it was a good choice, he got Charlton to a good level but it took him 15 years to do it. I didn’t see him as someone who could turn us around quickly to avoid relegation. I am happy to admit he proved me wrong.

    Some people won’t be happy until we get Moses as manager but look back where we were 12 months ago. We are in far better shape now than this time last year even with a long injury list.

    March is going to be a tough month so I expect a few more people will start calling for Curbs head but after that I think the Hammers are going to finish the season strong with hopefully an almost full squad to pick from.

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