So it Wasn’t a Wind-Up

When I got back from the States and read about the Premier League plan to play a thirty ninth match abroad I genuinely thought it was a wind-up. Incredibly, it wasn’t.

While I generally applaud blue sky thinking I just can’t see how this would work. Imagine you are the third from bottom club and your defeat against Man U in the 39th match relegates you, while the fourth from bottom’s match is against the bottom side and they win it!

I suspect my own negative views are reflected by the readers of this blog!

One thing I would like to see, though, is several of the Scottish teams playing in the English leagues.



19 Responses to So it Wasn’t a Wind-Up

  1. nr2iron says:

    Why do we wany the jock clubs in our leagues?????? n owt to do with us at all as over 100 years our league has stayed as it is with a couple of minor changes.

  2. HammerBoy says:

    Don’t understand the idea of an extra game, and if its abroad then less people will go surely?? However the idea of West Ham v Celtic is an exciting prospect!

  3. Dave King says:

    Yes. West Ham versus Gretna Green or Bolton versus Inverness CT has a certain ring to it…….

  4. Bob says:

    Totally agree re the 39th game. Pointless inviting Scottish teams here, as Rangers and Celtic would finish 12-15th and all others would be relegated.

  5. BAC says:

    The ’39th game’ idea is dead in the water, since the FA, EUFA, FIFA and the Asian and American footballing authorities don’t want it. They have more sense, it seems, than the bright sparks at the PL.

    As for Scottish teams playing in the English leagues, no thanks. What would we gain from that?

  6. brooking is still the best says:

    No it wasnt a wind up but then again, YES it is! Only those money grabbing gits at the premier league think it’s a good idea, and stuff us fans.
    Maybe after the rest of the world see live some of the dross we have seen this season, they will come to the conclusion that the premiership isnt the real deal they sell it as!

  7. brooking is still the best says:

    Why would any English fan want to see Scotish teams play in the premiership is beyond me. Not only would it invite crowed trouble seen in the eighties and early nineties, it wouldnt do nothing for the English game. It may give the sweaties a lift up but why would we want to do that?
    Also when it comes to the national side, wouldnt it give FIFA and UEFA the chance to make us play as Britain like they have wanted us to for ages and therefore losing us vital votes in any decision making in the future?

  8. Hayden says:

    “As for Scottish teams playing in the English leagues, no thanks. What would we gain from that?”

    The continuing reminder that we are ridiculously better than Scotland in every way, shape or form haha.

  9. Blame Eggert Magnusson, it seems as though it was he who planted the idea in the PL’s collectives heads, back in october!

    Don’t think its workable in the format that they’ve suggested so far. I think it will happen eventually, but only because of the greed of the people behind the Premier League. Have to say, too, that living in the US I’d definitely make an effort to get to a game if there was one here.

  10. jonnyhammer says:

    Why not invite Lyon, PSV or Ajax and bring some quality into the Premiership. I don’t want Rangers and Celtic, their bigoted fans and frankly just another bunch of very average players joining the Prem.

    The Scots want nothing to do with England and forever promote their ‘independence’. I am happy for them to have it.

    We need LESS teams and less games not more….

  11. Andy says:

    I’m in Los Angeles and I’d love to see my beloved Hammers out here but there are too many problems as Iain has outlined. How can a third game against one particular team ever work out to be fair?

  12. hammerswest says:

    I’m in LA too, and it would be great to see the Hammers out here, but knowing my luck we’d get Tottenscum against Chelski.
    Anyway I thought the players were exhausted with too many games already.
    Just doesn’t make sense except for the money

  13. Al Bundy says:

    Imagine it the other way round.
    A team that would have finished fourth from bottom ends up being relegated because they lost away to a seeded team in the so called 39th game which would be held in January.
    I assume the reason that they propose these game’s take place in January is that they think no team would be clever enough to think “Hang on, we’ve just been relegated and lost millions of pounds just so that a bunch of fat cat freebooter officials can travel the world to watch the games and get pampered at our expense”. Also have you you noticed, the weather ain’t so good.
    They say that they are worried about the so called elite teams breaking away and forming their own leagues, but you can bet your mortgage that if this was to happen they would all be fighting for the lifeboat’s to join them.
    When will they wake up and realise that football is about us and not them.
    I think they already know this but just look after their own personal interests whilst pretending to defend our’s.
    As for the seeding of teams, well that is another debate entirely.

  14. aushammer says:

    Wats all this talk of not filling up games and evry fan not wanting 2 travel. They don’t need 2 because teams like West Ham are very popular in places like Australia. We’ll fill up the ground ourselves and people would go regardless of who was playing. West Ham is globally recognised so u will see the true west ham passion. I’ll definetely be there cos its always been my dream 2 see the wonderful team in claret and blue. Love the hammers and always will nothing will change my love. And after all it will be one game in mid season, u pick names out of a hat and problem solve. One game doesnt win u a league or get u relegated its a culmination of events. Come on Hammers!!

  15. Michael Szeder says:

    I disagree with both the ideas of the 39th game abroad and having scottish clubs in OUR (ENGLISH) premierleague!! Why would any1 want to travel to Scotland for matches? The only decent games would b Celtic and rangers and i dont see the benefit of having to travel to Scotland to see those 2 play!! I think the premier league is fine how it is.

    If people in America or asia or wherever dont want to travel here to watch Premier league games, i dnt see why fans in England should spend their money to travel to watch the teams they actually support and have followed for years!!

  16. Doc H Ball says:

    The rot set in when Wimbledon were allowed to relocate to M Keynes rather than Pete Waterman having to set up a team from scratch and working through the pyramid like everyone else. That set us on the road to franchise football and this is the obvious, odious but logical progression.

    As for Celtic/Rangers, I agree with the posters above – if the Scots want independence, let them rot in the small world of their own making.

  17. vdm says:

    Has it ever occured to anyone on here that there is such a thing as a scottish Hammer – so much for the scots and their anti english feelings!! looks like the opposite is alive and well.

    As for the subject – I think you’d find that Celtic and Rangers would both do very well in the Premiership given a couple of seasons – fan base, pulling power, sponsorship etc. would be enormous – aside from Man U and maybe Liverpool and Arsenal they are easily bigger clubs that everyoneelse in the Premiership. That’s probably one of the reasons it will never happen – because Turkeys don’t vote for Xmas do they!

  18. kaprikapri says:

    Totally agree re the 39th game.

  19. Plaistow54 says:

    I think that this is a money grabbing exercise probably by Rupert Murdoch that is unwanted by the fans, clubs & players. Even Sir Rodney Eddington, the man that thought it up, thinks that it won’t happen. Australia & Asia don’t want it. Scudamore says that he has the support of the twenty clubs, i don’t believe him. The Premier League is going down the lets make as much money as we can & that is bad for the game. As far as bringing Scots clubs down to play us, don’t forget that they started the English civil war in 1642. Some people have short memories obviously. I propose fixing up Hadrians wall as far as that goes.

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