That’s Zamora (…and Faubert)!

Great news last night was that Julien Faubert made three of the goals in West Ham Reserves 4-1 trouncing of Birmingham. The even greater news was that Bobby Zamora scored a hat-trick. Jack Collison got the other one. That should get him on the bench for the Fulham game.


19 Responses to That’s Zamora (…and Faubert)!

  1. Big Casino says:

    The bench?? If we’re gonna go 4-4-2 I’d start him.

  2. hammerswest says:

    I’d love to see the Zman back out there, sounds like he’s close,,,12562~1239855,00.html

  3. Dan says:

    You’re up late Iain! Great news though. Zamora to start Vs Fulham?

  4. ironsmith says:

    With our fire power so limited at present, it is great news so why not play them both again against fulham. We do need a team within the team to create goals regularly. It is very encouraging that we have some excellent young players coming through collison and tomkins we already know about but I would love to see freddie sears play this season.

  5. rob says:

    when the ball hits the net, who’s the scorer i bet?

  6. crazyhorse says:

    so many people i know said they were apprehensive about how good faubert is,but i and others i know had heard alot about how skilled he is,there is much more of this from him to come.good choice curbs and glad to see frenchie ready to rock n roll.And great combining with the z man

  7. franco says:

    Great news
    Too bad injuries follow WHU like a shadow. Itappears they may be seeing their way clear of the troubles in fitness. Still to have as many quality footballers out and still
    be in the top half of the league is a testiment to their heart and perseverance.

    Lets see how the rest of the season goes.


  8. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, according to reports of match Z’man had three chances…three goals. He was clinical. Linked well with Faubert. This is after only two run out’s for Z’man. Only reserves i know, but looks like he could be fit & eager to come back. The spark that lights the fire.

  9. Swiss Hammer says:

    These reserve games seem to show that Faubert is a great asset to any striker.
    The last reserve game with Bellamy playing he set up a goal as well.
    Hopefully Z-man and faubert have a good understanding

  10. Jt says:

    I went to the match last night, Quite a good atmosphere for a reserve fixture! Sadly no Brummy fans……
    Zamora was brilliant, i stood around afterwards and got him to sign a few things for me and he’s a really nice guy.
    Not long left before he’s back in the first team.
    Does anybody know what has happened to Bellamy? Papers are saying out for the rest of the season but theres nothing on the West Ham website????

  11. chris says:

    Morning Ianin,yeah great news just hope he turns it on in the first team,all goals came when we went 4 5 1,As ive said so many times I think we should stick to this system for the mo anyway ,some people say its negative but its not,look 4 goals,Ive played all my life as a centre half in, ok only ryman standard,but trying to workout which midfielder is going to join the main striker is a right pain!Still gutted we didnt buy a striker in trans-window,dont think we will make europe now,now bellamys crocked,Denos a good player,but He’ll have to wait, hes time will come.IIIIIIIIIrons!

  12. colney says:

    magic news….come on the zd man !!!

    this may be the start of the push up the table.

    man i hope so.

    its the mullins,noble,zamorra types that we all want to see putting the claret n blue on and fighting for the cauze.

  13. DevoDevo says:

    Great to see him back!! Has to play him next time up and START with Faubert!

    If we can just score two goals in a game, we’ll win, it’s as simple as that. Give Coley a place on the bench, go 4-5-1 with Zammo in front of a Faubert, Ljundberg, Mullins, Noble, Etherington midfield.

    Job done.

  14. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing young Master Collison at the Park …nice play, lad!

  15. Ilford Iron says:

    Well what can i say, i was there last night and faubert looked amazing, i know its a reserve match but still u could tell he is a special player, watch out for the way this guy crosses the ball, deadly, its a joy for any striker to receive a cross from him, he is skill ful can hold it up and he is very powerful and strong, he set up all of Bobby Z’s Goals who i must say took them all very well he looks like he is ready, i hope they play both players from the start on saturday. Another player who i thought could step up is Kyle Reid, im serious this guy looked the part yesterday, skill control, vision pace, beleive me when i say he should be in our squad, he is better then Boa morte (cant spell) and i actually do think Boa M. is a good player but Reid looks the part, AC has to start beleiving in our youngsters, I never saw AC there last night (although he may have been) but i never saw him, but i did see, Alex McLeish the Birmingham 1st team manager who was right behind me that was good to see, but it made me angry that AC wasnt there. he should go to these games to see things for himself.

  16. crazyhorse says:

    i hope zamora plays in the next game but he may not start for the full 90,he has stated he doesnt want to rush.But will be great to see him even if he comes on as a sub,just hope curbs dont put him on for just 10 minutes

  17. E1 says:

    I hope Zamora starts up front with cole, ashton to come on when bobby’s had enough,
    if faburt starts as well and solano replaces him.
    HAPPY DAYS !!!!

  18. hammerron says:

    Great news about Zamora, but let him play just another reserve game!!!! think he needs it!

  19. crazyhorse says:

    I know its a few days since the reserve game,but if anyone hasnt seen the zamora hattrick,then go to youtube bobby zamora hattrick

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