What Could Sidwell Bring Us?

My newspaper of choice (not), the Daily Mirror suggests that we will sign Steve Sidwell from Chelsea at the end of the season for £5 million. Pour qoi? I cannot see anything that he wouldbring to the team which Noble, Parker and Mullins do not. Do you?


34 Responses to What Could Sidwell Bring Us?

  1. Col says:

    Hw would certainly give us a bit more depth in the central attcking midfielder role which we desperately need and he scores goals from that position which is more than Noble, Parker and Mullins have done. An attcking midfielder should be scoring a minimum of 7 per season which sidwell is more than capable of doing. Better than, in my humble opinion those that we have now.

  2. Bobo says:

    One word Competition! It will bring in a lot of Competition for places & that will be a good thing. He was the main man for Reading last season & when he got a run in the team for Chelsea you could see that he’s a top player.

    I would love to see a partnership of Sidwell & Parker!

  3. Perth Hammer says:

    Ginger hair?

  4. Swiss Hammer says:

    I agree. He is rather a similar player to parker and from what i have seen not as good.
    This one is a bit confusing actually.

  5. Josh says:

    Goals from midfield?

    He used to get them for reading at least.

    If Curbs is considering going 4-5-1 full time Parker-Noble-Sidwell seems like a solid option for midfield.

  6. Sam says:

    i’d rather he didn’t go 4-5-1 full time tho

  7. Biffo the bear says:

    The blue pox? Franks best wishes? A sense of disappointment?

  8. Burns says:

    Good point with the 4-5-1 Josh… Even though he isn’t a flair filled creative midfielder, he’s still got a good eye for the goal. His last year at Reading, he bagged 10 goals in 29 started app (4 subs).

    The way i see it, he would add depth, competition, stability (as we wouldn’t have to call on players below par or adapting spector in a midfield role). We have to remember that the transfer will only go through when the window opens again, and hopefully we will have Dyer be back aswell. And at only £5 mil he would be a bargain (another potential england international)!

    So when the next season starts our midfield will consist of:

    Centre: Mullins – Noble – Parker – Sidwell – Bowyer – Collinson
    Wings: Faubert – Ljungberg – Solano – Dyer (or centre) – Ethers – LBM – Reid

    We could use another wing player (Barnes perhaps), competition/cover for mccartney and an attecker we would be sorted. And improve our physio staff!

    His stats:


  9. RobMob says:


    Just a small detail. I think Solano only has a contract that runs until the end of this season but for me, if he stays fit for the most of the season then I would be happy to see him playing for us next season.

    But Derby are not going to play in the premier league next year and if the choice was between say Barnes and Solano I would take Barnes every day of the week.

    Nobby brings us something we have been lacking with his woderful right foot but Barnes is the future.

    I can see Sidwell, Barnes, Noble, Ljungberg, Parker, Dyer, Mullins, Faubert, Etherington, Reid, LBM, Bowyer and Collison being our midfield for the next season.

    A whole lot of players but we about know injuries don´t we?

  10. Michael Szeder says:

    You forgot BOA burns! don’t think we need barnes. got plenty of winger options when all fit. Left bak as cover for Mcartney and need to get a world class striker.

  11. Colin Elliott says:

    Enthusiasm and experience in knowing what it´s like to fight for everything on the pitch

  12. Colin Elliott says:

    and competition for a place

  13. Dan says:

    What would be the point in splashing 5 mil for him?

    We are overburdened with central midfielders as it is. We have Noble and Parker, and Mullins, who has been one of our players of the season.

    We also have Dyer, Bowyer, Solano and Collison offering competition. And given that they are injured/old/old/young they would probably be less likely to create a stink if they’re not in the first team every week.

    Big time charlie that he now is, Sidwell won’t be happy to sit on the bench. So at least one of Nobes/Mullins/Parker will be unneccesarily replaced. And as you say, Ian, Sidwell doesn’t offer us anything we don’t already have.

    I would much rather give game time to Collison than play Sidwell’s huge wages.

    There are areas of our squad where we are seriously short, but the centre of midfield isn’t one of them. Etherington and Boa Morte are not good enough on the left. I’d rather splash 5mil on a flair player to replace one of them (although hopefully not Giles Barnes). There is also buggar all decent cover at both full back positions. And I need not mention the problems we’ve had making and taking chances.

  14. Big Casino says:

    It would be a typical Curbs signing, that I can defo see happening if BG sanctions the deal……. I think he might be worth a punt – though I’d rather we put in a larger bid for a bigger and better player…….. if we want to keep moving forwards, then I don’t think Sidwell is the answer……… if we wanna have another mid-table season and bring in a dependable central midfielder, then go get him……..

  15. Big Casino says:

    And any West Ham fan who reckons we’re over-burdened with quality central midfielders wants their head testing…….. Bowyer is past it, Quashie is rubbish, and though I rate Noble and Parker (and Mullins has proved more than capable cover this year), we need at least one more quality central midfield player in our squad – without any shadow of doubt.

  16. Plaistow54 says:

    How long are some of our midfielders going to be around ? Ljungberg 30, Solano 33, Bowyer 31, Boa Morte 30. Sidwell was brought to Reading by Pardew. He has pace & a fierce shot. Moyes & Keane are not also chasing him because they are bored. Very very good player. A buy that a manager wishing to play attacking football would make.

  17. if we are going to go for a left winger with pace and guile then look at the celtic player, Aiden Mcgeady. he creates and scores goals is young but already experienced in europe and internationals and would offer a better prospect IMO than barnes, boa-morte or etherington. much better optio than an overpriced and overrated central midfielder

  18. Bangkok Jamie says:

    Fair coment if Parker was fit long enough to have a run in the side… but he hasn’t been so far. Sidwell is a class player and could help us move up a level. Mullins is a good solid player but can’t score goals and hasnt got the pace or imagination to take us the next level. Sidwell, Noble, Parker would give us options we never had before. BUY HIM CURBS..!

  19. anyotherbizniz says:


    We have too many like him (if only they were fir) and no-one with a touch of creative magic. Forget Sidwell and push the boat out for Riquelme.

  20. bob clark says:

    we should have signed him from reading , you ask what will he bring differant ? he is always fit !!!!!!!!! .& scores goals when he plays regular . sign him up

  21. jimmytheweed33 says:

    Central midfield is hardly a priority, we’ve got Noble, Parker, Mullins and if we’re desperate Bowyer and if we’ really desperate Quashie.

    We need some inventiveness and guile, £5 million could be far better spent elsewhere.

  22. MrR3NO says:

    Sidwell would be a great asset to our squad. Hes not quite as defensive as Mullins and Parker. He scores goals! The man has a cannon of a shot and precision passing. He is rarely hurt and much younger than our current midfielders. Seems like a good look to me.

  23. Portugeezer says:

    Plaistow54 has it right – the age profile in our midfield is slightly too high. Sidwell is young and can do the box to box stuff, with the odd goal thrown in. He was the best player at UP last season when Reading beat us 1-0.

  24. Burns says:

    Michael Szeder… What do you think LBM stands for???

    But, enough incompetence for one day…

    I hardly rate LBM or ethers as starters for a team hunting a euro spot. And as Plaistow54 says, quite a few of our midfielders are no longer “hot prospects” to say the least or plain not good enough for a club with euro ambitions. Players such as LBM, Solano, Ljungberg, Bowyer, and quashie my well be useful now (with exceptions), but on the long term we shall be looking to replace these players by applying a gradual process. Ljunberg does stand out in my opinion as he posses vital experience and quality (Most recent his form, and remarks about us needing to adopt a more patient aspect to our game).

    Barnes can almost be apployed thoughout the midfield positions, and would settle for a place on the bench at times… I’m not saying he is a must, but an option with derby relegated at the end of the season, he’ll be lookin to move on and for a reasonable price.

    At the moment we lack flair and creativity to open the oppenents defence. The return of Faubert, Dyer, will certainly help, but a striker in the mold of the injury-prone bellamy will be needed. Perhaps Zamora will prove to be adequate this season, but if not we need to look into the transfer market.

    I fail to see how Sidwell can’t be considered a good signing. There are bound to be injuries and with a central midfield consisting of Sidwell, mullins, parker and noble we will be able to handle them without lowering our level. Plus the option of resting/rotating players (cups and european) would restrict injuries and provide competition. Noble and Upson have just recently expressed being tired due to the the amount of games (internationals and that)…

    And i hope to see several of our academy players eased into the team in time…

  25. i knew this day would come. not sid becoming a hammer but him leaving chelsea. i was just a matter of time.. errmm year before he got fed up with not playing. should have stayed with reading stevie!

  26. Upton Spark says:

    Depends on whether we will lose anyone at the end of this season,but Sidwell is a good player and would do a decent job.

  27. Fish says:

    How about the fact that he’s more likely to play every game in a season injury free, whereas more than half of our midfield are either injury prone or not worthy. i say sign him, he’s solid and consistant and bound to get plenty of games even if he’s 7th choice. More important though i think is signing a creative player, we sorely miss a player like benayoun for a few more tricks to add to the attacking reportoire and maybe another italian style striker as our killer finishing is just plain missing right now.

  28. DevoDevo says:

    I think Sidwell is better than some of our midfielders.

    The interesting part of this story is that a very reliable source at Reading football club told me he was all but signed to West ham pre-season. Whatever went on in between, he has obviously relaised he has little future at Chelsea, so for once, there could be some truth in this story.

  29. Doc H Ball says:

    No thanks. If the bloke was prepared to go to a club where he’d inevitably sit on the bench for a fortune rather than play for someone week in week out, then I don’t want him. We’d now end up paying an inflated salary for an evarage midfielder when we’ve got enough of them already. I’d prefer to give Collison a fair chance.

    As an aside, when are people going to give Mullins his fair due? He’s our most underated player yet people always want to replace him. I’d stick with Mullins and Noble in the middle, think about Parker when/if he’s ever fit and have Collison on the bench.

  30. Vinny says:

    Reading are shit without him,he used to run that teams midfield.

    Look at Reading then and now.

    Would be a great signing for us

  31. Mac says:

    What will will get…?

    Well, more matches than we’ll probably get from Parker (unfortunately).

    Mullins has been in good form, but will sadly never hit a barn door in a month of Sundays, so potentially a gritty goalscorer

    and Noble needs someone to share the load with.

    Could be a good buy.

  32. Dave King says:

    Another flair player then. Typical Curbishley type of player.

  33. brooking is still the best says:

    Sidwell would be a decent signing but no Hammer should ever believe a thing wrote in the Mirror. Mostly spuds fans reporters and have it in for the Hammers!

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