Do We Really Need a New Striker?

A constant theme on this blog in recent weeks in the comments has been the desire for a new striker. Admittedly our goals ratio hasn’t been what we might have expected this season, and people are laying the blame at the feet of Dean Ashton. It’s clear he is not on form and siffering a crisis of confidence. The reaction of sections of the crowd is not helping. Along with Zamora, Bellamy and Cole, you’d have thought we would have our best ever strike force. With Camara also available and Ljungberg and Boa Morte also able to play up front, why on earth would we need a new striker. That, of course, is to ignore all the injuries our players have suffered.

With Zamora ready to return I am fairly optimistic about the rest of the season. It is a shame Bellamy is now out, but if Dean Ashton can get some form back, and Carlton stays in the great form he’s been in (and can get a few more goals) I think we’ll be OK.

But if we DID buy a striker in the summer – and had up to £10 million available, who would you urge Curbishley to go for?


50 Responses to Do We Really Need a New Striker?

  1. LIAM JOHNSTON says:

    EIDUR GUDJOHNSEN for around £8M!
    He is pure class and has International and Champions League expierence under his belt also he is not only a finisher but also brings other players into the game!

  2. canningtownhammers says:

    buy podolski

  3. Ian Ganney says:

    with the 4 strikers we have and Freddie Sears coming through, I personally think we should get a creative midfielder. One of the problems with our lack of goals this season is that we dont create much in the middle. I cant think of a player who would fill this void and want to come to us, but surely there must be one out there somewhere.

  4. crazyhorse says:

    The trouble is how long is Bellamy out for because there has been nothing said by Curbs,only newspapers assuming its all season,but it hasn’t been confirmed.I noticed the papers were linking us with Forfan and i have to say I think he would be great to sign in the summer,but again its probably newspaper talk

  5. crazyhorse says:

    Zamora linked up well with Faubert in the reserve game,if they can do that when Zamora comes back to the first team we still have a chance to atleast push up a place or two.I hope Deano turns his season around and gets back to be being the old Deano we know

  6. Tom says:

    Bellamy has had a history of injuries, Cloe and Ashton together just doen’t work. And Zamora was heckled off the park at the games I saw him play. Lets be honest Iain, Camera is a waste of wages, what Ashton was good at was ball to feet and feeding in players down the channel who had pace, Marlon and Zamora, so why not play Lundberg off him, with Faubert on the right. Its ok saying whay if, and when …. players are fit, but their track records say different. Had we got Defoe or Bent in the Jan window, we would have been five points better off and on our way to europe. We didn’t, and Pompey the Mancs did. With the spuds on fire its 11th place for us.

  7. GARY WALTER says:

    I think Ade Akinbiyi would be a great buy! He works extremely hard for the team and gets a few goals, i think the fans would love him!!!

  8. ironsmith says:

    I am sure that if we had a fit Ashton and Bellamy with the present back up we would look to strengthen other areas first. However, that is not the case and we really do need someone to put the goals in as the present team available has been all too goal shy this season. For 10 million pounds you would have to look at the likes of bent, crouch, fred, rosenberg, all of whom would add to the goal tally. For about the same money I would try for N’Zogbia for left wing instead and keep the same strikers- a much better buy in my view. Like you, Iain, I am optimistic about the run in with zamora returning and with faubert feeding him crosses it could get very interesting.

  9. Dan says:

    i agree with what your saying. once all our strikers are fit agin i think we’ll be a force up front. the fans are given deano a hard time because at times it looks like he cant be bothered!! but im sure once hes scored a few more goals and his confidence is back he’ll be a different player. i dont see the point in signing another striker. id rather see the money go on a good left mid!!

  10. Steve says:

    we dont just need one we need to that can score keep bobby and sell the rest thats if anyone would take them deno wont run for a ball nor will he go for the 50/50 ball and as for the rest that or fit championship

  11. SamHam says:

    I dont know how much he is worth but I like Dave Kitson, scores plenty of goals and still has a lot of years left to play. Does anyone know how much he’s worth?

  12. Mr Roberts says:

    Ofcourse we need a new striker…none of them can score 15 a season!! and i don’t think ever will!!

    We need a 15-20 goal a season striker and they are 10mill +….

    If you want to mix with the big boys you have to spend big boy money!!

    Especially now we have a Billionaire at the helm..

  13. WestHamForever says:

    is gary walter having us all on???!!!!!!!

    Ade Akinbiyi???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. alex edwards says:

    carlton cole cant score goals! bellamy is forever injured, zamora been out all season which means ashton has had to come back early! if all are fit then fine, but look how many midfielders we have, could do with offloading a few of them to accomodate a good striker, namely boa morte, quashie and perhaps paintsil.

  15. Bruno says:

    Nilmar from Internacional, Leandro Amaral from Fluminense, Adriano from Internazionale… to name a few brazilians…

    I for one would much rather have us spend £10m on two good fullbacks…

  16. Vince Tanti says:

    You all make valid points friends. I too think that if fit, we have a good squad. But the problem is that we are not fit, and players are off form. I always fancied Zamora would do the trick, and was eagerly awaiting news on his injury. But we need pace. And one guy who certainly has pace, and is not that expensive is my compatriot Michael Mifsud, currently at Coventry. Imagine him alongside similarly fast Faubert, and Matty delivering from the sides.

  17. pelipar says:

    Get crouch in! He’ll be leaving anfield in the summer and his height would be a great advantage! matty and freddy to whip a few balls in and crouch to knock them in. deano can pick up any scraps! it’s perfect!

  18. Nicsy says:

    I still think we could do with one more quality striker – but not at the expense of Deano. If Curbs thinks we need 5 proven strikers (lets not put pressure on Sears yet)would much rather send Camara back to Wigan as he’s been a complete waste of money. It’s too late now but I am one of the WHU supporters who would have taken Defoe back cos I think he will be quality with a run in the team. Also, although it pis**s me off for saying it, Ramos is really sorting the spuds out – why don’t we put Ashton on the same diet as Huddle-15-stone. He may be lacking confidence and will never be lightneing quick but I’m sure he would benefit from being a stone leaner and a bit more mobile.

  19. JackHammer says:

    10 million could buy a wide range of players I guess,
    Aiden McGeady
    Darren Bent
    Kenwyn Jones
    Charles N’Zogbia
    Peter Crouch
    All these could add something and don’t seem to be injury prone.
    The squad is good at the moment and we are safe so lets not be in too much of a hurry.
    Or forget the Un-sung heroes this season – Cole, Noble, Mullins, McCartney,Etherington and some oyhers……

  20. jordan says:

    ithnink matty is plyin well this year its a shame we r missin such gd players but i think curishly shoulkd be sacked at the end of the season and get sum1 who wants more than mid table and can attract big stars to the club also we should sign a new quick striker as being a season ticket holder ashton is not fit and 2 fat curbishley has no clue how or who 2 sign a good player and will probley sign another quashie

  21. chris says:

    Go back to zampa road gary,WE should go for owen,hes still class,cant see any of the big big clubs going for him,Newcastle look in trouble to me, i reckon he’d jump at the chance,Next season will be a good season for us.

  22. MrR3NO says:

    YES. We need a striker. I think we need to rid ourselves of some of these players that were born UNFIT as well.

  23. crazyhorse says:

    Wouldnt mind another striker but not one that is injury prone,which owen is,although he is a good player,but we cant take anymore risks on players that are prone to injury or we’ll be right back to where we started

  24. Paul says:

    I’m a londoner and hammers fan living up north in the Lake District. I took my boys to see the game at Blackburn and then a few weeks later at Wigan. I thought Deano had a great game at Blackburn and was starting to look like his old self. The Wigan game was a complete contrast where I thought he had a shocker but Bellamy looked lively when he came on. Its interesting that West Ham seem to be stalling on a new contract for Deano and he must be frustrated at seeing some of his collegues paid much more. The stats don’t lie though: we have a fantastic defensive record but are simply not scoring enough goals to compete with the best.

  25. Carlos Tabrez says:

    No – Just need the manager to play 2 together.

  26. pjd says:

    we definately need a striker,for all his efforts cole will never score enough,camara ha ha ha,bellamy has been sorely missed,ashton needs to get some kind of form together,zamora i think is a better option than cole.ashton and bellamy would be the perfect two but as we all know our strikers are never fit at the same time.i would also like to see a left sided player as boa morte and matthew ditherington couldnt make a decent player between would not surprise me if curbishley bid for darren bent because i think ashton is not his number one for sidwell no no no

  27. DevoDevo says:

    The only time we have looked like scoring goals this season was when Bellers was fit. If you don’t have any pace in this league teams can set up in front of you and keep you out all day. Why do you thi nk we beat the better teams? Because they don’t come to defend!

    Our goals fro this season is almost relegation standard – only the excellence of our defence, notwithstanding neill, has kept us in the top 10.

    Having Bobby back with faubert pinging in some crosses could bring a few goals, providing evryone stays fit until the end of the season. I agree with Tom – play Freddie off of Zamora with Faubert on the right.

    Ashton will have to wait for next season to demonstrate whether he will ever regain his former quality.

    The way the season is petering out for us, perhaps we can give Freddie Sears a go, but if the Chairman really harbours Champions league ambitions then the current strike force is well below what is required.

    Put another way. Where would West Ham be with Berbatov and Keane up fron this season?

  28. denis mcallister says:

    As i,ve said all seasonon ,we need a good sticker,but it can,t be my job to find one.Surely if we sell some of the rubbish plus i couple of million we should be able to land the right one. Cole can,t score,Ashton slow,and out of form Bellemy allways injured,Camera,Z man, Etherington just not good enough ,LBM completely rubbish,so why can,t Curbishley see it.We maybe need to ger rid of him to.Tired of his excuses,and promises of better times and when he had the chahce to buy he done nothing.Seems happy with 10th.

  29. Paul Morfey says:

    Give a couple of our youngsters a run. We have nothing to lose now as Europe looks to be fading away !!!!! No pressure on someone like Freddie Sears, he can’t do no worse than the forwards we have cos they can’t hit a cows arse with a shovel.
    At least we can have alook at what the future holds, give him a run for 3 or games, if nothing else it will please the fans and it will (hopefully) give the prima dona strickers a kick up the ar*e.
    All the talk of a 60K stadium sounds great, but if we can’t score goals against the likes of Wigan & Birmingham the fans will soon start to dwinddle away and the place will end up a ghost town !! Lets get real, we all love the irons, but if we want to move up the ladder we have to replace afew players with real talent. World class strikers cost 10M + so we have to spend.
    Also needed is a midfield playmaker, cover for Linda, a replacement for Neill and 2 genuine goalscorers. The rest ARE good enough (except BM).

  30. Niall says:

    Firstly, cole is average and no matter how hard he works he’s never going to be a top quality striker, doesn’t score enough and never really looks comfortable in front of goal.

    Camara is a waste of space and any season ticket holder with any sense will agree, not good enough for wigan sums it up.

    Zomora hasn’t played all season and may take a while before he finds any form.

    Ashton has been poor, we know his potential but at the moment its not happening.

    And Bellamy is out for the season, and has had countless troubles so far.

    to me this seems self explanatory that if we well and truly want to be European team, we need another striker and not any more jokers like camara.

  31. Sam says:

    WHU definately desperately need strikers. Curbs is obsessed with Bent so we might as well sign him now as so the constant rumours stop. Dean Ashton hasn’t hit his form this season and could do with a Ramos style diet. Despite their hard work Cole, Zamora and Camara will never be good enough to achieve what the chairman wants at West Ham. We need a player like Kenwyne Jones or Michael Owen to score goals to achieve Europe.

  32. Dane Howard says:


  33. steviebubbles says:

    our new owner has billion in the bank we should be buying all the best players going. stuff zamora, deano, bellamy. kaka , ronaldinio why settle 4 second best when we can have the best we should be looking big not small now. if we ever want 2 beat the best we need 2 but the best. cmon u irons

  34. crazyhorse says:

    trouble is that owen gets crocked alot aswell,do we really want another for the casualty ward.Im happy with mid table this season,then see what happens next season,we have to remember where we nearly ended up when we were in a dogfight at the foot of the table last time round

  35. HammerMalta says:

    Yes i agree and you have to be honest with yourself ,at this moment we desperatly need that somone who does`nt have to do the hard work ,but just to put the ball in for example the likes of the italians we know them well in Malta Paolo Rossi,Toto Scillaci and nowadays Philippo Inzaghi of Milan they are not highly skilled but they sure know when to be on the right spot on the right time.I have full praise for Dean Ashton when in top form he`s class unfortunatly he has`nt came fully fit from the injury and we do have a great squad but if we do need a striker it would be Sunderlands Kenwyne Jones or Readings Dave Kitson.As for as mention by Vince Tanti Coventrys Michael Mifsud is as good as Dafeo.COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!

  36. oli says:

    steve thompson cardiff city player full time legend !

  37. Biffo the bear says:

    Can’t believe someone said Ade Akinbyi!!
    It’s always good to freshen the squad every summer but let’s not forget it’s not fantasy football. You can’t just ring up and buy them, they have to want to leave their club and want to come to us, we’ve done well this year nowhere near the bottom of the league, we need to keep getting better players in year after year and build the kind of squad that can start to challenge for honours.
    Someone mentioned Lucas Podolski? Top class player who would light up the premiership, not sure ten mill would get him but he’d be fantastic.
    I agree with those who would like to see Freddie Sears given a couple of runouts towards the end of the year.

  38. The Headmaster says:

    We should have signed Defoe. I would love to know if we tried to! Harry always has the knack of spotting what the man in the street can see over his beer glass. Defoe is the only available English striker who is pretty much nailed on to get you 15 goals plus a season with regular starts.
    Given that we didnt sign him, I can’t call a new signing at the mo. We certainly don’t have the fire power to hit top 6 this year but I reckon its worth seeing what the Z man and Faubert can bring to the party in the remaining weeks of the season.

  39. jordan says:

    bring in lippi or bilic next year and give dem 100mil to spend then europe will be ours

  40. Fish says:

    C.Lucarelli. sign him asap and watch the goals come every game which is only what we expect. we have a good variety of midfielders and a solid defence compared to every season i can remember. this guy would place us in the top 4 or 5 i think.

  41. Plaistow54 says:

    You’ve asked the sixty four dollar question Iain, the one we are all wondering about. When you get to the bottom line, it’s really, what do we do about Ashton ? He was our big purchase at the time, a regular England boy who was going to lead up front. It hasn’t worked out that way. It would have been great to have landed someone in the window that runs out of the tunnel & scores a goal a game, but life isn’t like that. We are not in the top twenty moneybags teams any more so Curbs was not going to waste money on maybe’s. It no longer matters what we should have done, it matters what we do with what we have now, until mid May. We have the players now to finish sixth to eighth. It’s inconsistency & finishing that is costing us points in the close games. Zamora worked well with Ashton before. Z’man, if he can get his eye in quickly could very well make a difference to Ashton. The will to win is infectious & that’s what Bobby has. We have to persist with Ashton until the end of the season, then have a stocktake. Sears is a bit young yet. Doubt that we will see Bellamy back this season, to any playing level anyway. If we decide to buy for next season i’m undecided about Bent, not sure. Not worth over 10mill anyway. Gudjohnsen is really an attacking midfielder. Podolski is 22 & a real good player, so is Fred. If we are going to wait, then buy, which we may need to do, we may as well make it worth it.

  42. friends says:

    resign Joe Cole for all the tea in China!

  43. Scoops says:

    It’s not stikers we need, but as stated earlier, more service from the midfield. We need to get away from the old days of buying an ageing, fading star who can pop a few in before moving away. I’ve been fortunate to ref a couple of academy games this season and we’ve got some promising talent of our own, if only we can afford to keep them.

  44. Plaistow54 says:
    To keep it relevant to blog, may have some influence on any potential signings. Stan Valckx Tech. Manager. Almost half way down page Iain.

  45. brooking is still the best says:

    Do we want a striker? Well, another way of putting it is. Do we want champions league football? What we have at present will fall short of that lofty goal. The board has expressed that they wish to see us competing in champions league games, they will have to invest in quality strikers. I hear people bang on about how we have spent loads last January and in th summer, but we also sold loads and havnt spent anywhere near as much as the Spuds or our other rivals so we really need to invest heavily again. Time the new board show us what there ambitions really are!

  46. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    WE do not need or want Michael Owen. Another injury prone player and living on reputation.
    I like the Brazilian Fred from Lyon. The bloke Spurs were looking to sign. Only 24.

  47. Upton Spark says:

    Mr Gudjonson please,but knowing Curbs he’ll want to lash out 10 million on Bent from the Spurts,who is not worth it in my oppinion.
    Perhaps we can get a bargain basement buy from a small club and make whoever it is a star overnight?
    All these are possible as it’s West Ham,and that’s the way it always is.
    We’ll end up paying through the nose for some “donkey”.
    Anyone willing to bet against it?

  48. steviethek says:

    How about someone pacy and creative like Lua Lua, formerly of Pompey now of Olympiakos. He went there for about 2.5 M pounds so it wouldn’t break the bank to get him. If Ashton were to regain form you’d have a great strong striker and a great creative ball handling striker. He paired well with Yakubu at Pompey. Also, as some above have suggested, need an attacking midfielder – someone like Yossi – why can’t we get players like that? 😀

  49. Michael Szeder says:

    I agree with Hinsdale hammer!! Why would you want to go for michael owen people!!? We are having problems with our strike force due to injuries and u want to add another injury prone player?? His wages will b massiv and he wont earn them! He is a class act but cant buy fitness at the moment a bit like deano!

    I think BENT would b a decent signing realisitc aswell n will b cheaper than in the summer!

  50. Gomez says:

    Buy Stevan Jovetic !!!

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