Feeling Cheated

I’m sure it’s not just me who’ feeling cheated at the moment – I reckon the BBC does too. I’m watching a match which has a place in the quarter final of the FA Cup at stake, and the two leading clubs in Britain seem to have “rested” at least five of their top players each. No Tevez. No Ronaldo. No Giggs. No Adebayor. No Senderos. No Scholes. I could go on.

I’m glad Wenger has got his come-uppance. Shame it couldn’t happen to Fergie too. This is supposed to be the world’s premier Cup competition and yet these two managers treat it as an inconvenience. What a disgrace.


18 Responses to Feeling Cheated

  1. Vinny says:

    The Champions League is more important, both teams playing after 3 day´s so it´s understandeble..

    Adebayor came on in the second half though..

  2. brooking is still the best says:

    That’s the way the game has gone. Worse off all, it’s going to be Man Scum or Chelski that’s going to win it again. The rest of us are so far behind, that they can afford to rest their stars and still put out a team that are capable of winning.

    Maybe if Blatter (FIFA) gets his way and puts a quota on the non English players, it will not only help the English game, but for a short period, give us a chance to make up a bit of ground.

  3. Biffo the bear says:

    It is a shame, can’t see how quotas on foreign players will help, the champions league games would still be three days away, the richer clubs would still have better squads than the rest. I don’t think making our game worse is the answer. i think it will happen when clubs like ours build themselves into bigger clubs by having bigger stadiums and competing with Arsenal and Man U. Instead of adding more games to our season by having an extra game (Say no to 39) we should be getting rid of the Carling cup and thinking about the scheduling of our FA cup games so close to the champions league. At the moment the gap is getting bigger because the clubs that win things get more money and are therefore in the position to win things again, because they have more money, they can afford the best players, wether they are foreign players or not.

  4. MrR3NO says:

    Barnsely is keeping hope alive! 🙂

  5. LIAM JOHNSTON says:

    I know they have got there champions league game during the week against Lyon and Ac Milan respectively but the FA Cup is a major trophy , or is it only major to us smaller teams now because all Man Utd , Arsenal and Chelsea seem to do nowadays is use the Fa Cup as a player resting competition, yet they always get the glory at the end of it!
    Annoyin it really is!

  6. LIAM JOHNSTON says:

    And we wonder why the magic of the FA CUP has gone.

  7. timothycairns says:

    “World’s premier cup competition” it stopped being that in about 1992. Although if you are a West Ham fan I can see why you might still think that it is!

    I don’t feel cheated with a Man Utd mauling of Arsenal!

  8. steviethek says:

    I dunno…. Bristol Rovers, Barnsley, West Brom, Cardiff… doesn’t seem so bad to me. Some great games today as well!

  9. ironsmith says:

    For me the FA Cup is still the best football competition in the world but the competition for money is always greater. It is a shame two of our leading clubs have devalued it in such a way and this is a problem for the FA to solve in their infinite wisdom.

  10. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, some F.A. Cup matches can be very competitive, especially against lower teams who are up for it, their big day. Big teams are not prepared to risk players. Here is a link for F.A. Cup prizemoney.
    When you think that finishing bottom of the Premier League brings you 30 mill, Champions League brings you 20 mill & even making knockout stage gets you 2.2 mill, big clubs are not going to put in resources for the chance of maybe making a million squid plus t.v. rights especially if crowds are down. To bring back the commitment from the clubs they have to up the prizemoney. It’s always about money.

  11. jon.london colney says:

    situation for next year……

    weve got ac milan away on wednesday night and were playing this saturday in the cup at home to barnsley…… do we play ashton,bellamy and parker (sicknotes are us) or do we rest them?

    come on this is stupid,we would expect exactly the same.

    mind you if i was rafa ide be play bean pole every week.

    buy him curbs.

  12. Dave King says:

    I dont know whether it’s nostalgia or not. Maybe in the “old” days the old first division was not as good as todays Premiership. But I seem to recall much more anticipation every season then. The non league and lower leagues regularly threw up upsets in the FA Cup (Remember Mansfield?). Even the old League Cup got the adrenaline pumping. Full teams were fielded, and mostly were local lads with a feeling for the clubs. Am I the only one who feels that the sense of belonging at Upton Park is disappearing?

  13. Gee says:

    Well I don’t agree with it, but most top clubs have a 22 man 1st team squad and as of next year the premiership will have 7 substitutes, to cater for those clubs with big squads.

    I prefer a best 11 scenario but with the premier league, league cup, fa cup and champions league then internationals, managers are having to be pragmatic, he can’t play his best 11 in all these games.

  14. nelly says:

    I thought it was a cracking game, plenty of stars on the pitch for united. Anderson and Nani are going to be massive stars for united top class yesterday. As for Arsenal they looked tired and were run ragged. Champions League games coming up, you cannot blame them for resting players. As for the magic of the fa cup has gone what a load of bull. Barnsley were great, Rafa didn’t give them any respect and he got it up the jacksy. He deserved it.

    C’mon u irons!

  15. Pete 'n' Vic says:

    don’t worry chaps as my Vic is a fantastic woman but an even better thief…i’m gonna send her out the Friday before the final to nick that shity little cup. Trust me she will succeed, she always does…just ask me mates, she’s had all their gear, bless her little nimble fingers.

  16. Carlos Tabrez says:

    But we cannot say that Man Utd did not look awesome. How good was ROONEY…on another day with more games under his belt he could of had a hat-trick.

    I have noticed one thing though; watching Man Utds loss to City and then watching this game, it’s clear that of the 3 big teams it is only Man Utd that know how to lose graciously.

    When Arsenal and Chelsea play in games that they are behind in they start to play dirty and lose their rag; fouling, getting sent off, surrounding the ref etc. As was evident with Arsenal in this game (Eboue, Hoyte, Gallas). All credit to Sir Alex.

  17. fauntleroy says:

    You would have thought Wenger had learned his lesson at White Hart Lane.

    If the Arse win nothing again this season, their fans might be asking him to take the cups a bit more seriously – they may just be their best chance of silverware.

  18. richo says:

    Totally agree with carlos’ comment about the big three losing graciously, remember when we beat Arsenal last year at the Emirates, Wenger carried on like a twat, he’s a sore loser and it’s no wonder his team is a bunch of sore losers. West Ham Till I Die!

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