Watching West Ham Abroad…

I’ve received an email from American Hammer suggesting that I do a post on where Hammers fans watch their beloved team abroad. He watches at a bar in Manhatten called NEVADA SMITHS. Wherever you are in the world, let us know in the comments where you go to watch West Ham and I will compile a deinitive list for a future post.


37 Responses to Watching West Ham Abroad…

  1. great place! good for a pint! always fun to take the piss out of the other supporters.

  2. Bob Range says:

    Unfortunately leaving in Reno, Nevada in the United States we do not get the luxury of Nevada Smiths or my favorite Mulligans in Hoboken so I sit and watch on Setanta Broadband or Fox Soccer Channel whichever has the game (if either) that week.

  3. hammermolder says:

    Iain ,i live in Thousand oaks in southern california,but was dragged up in chelmsford ,essex. i was going to watch the hammers mainly in the late seventys early eightys,went home and away all over the country. We get to watch a ton of football over here,as a matter of fact ,i’ve only missed one leauge game this season.Watch all my games in the Crown and anchor thousand oaks.

  4. John M - Houston says:

    Iain, I live in Houston, Texas and was born and raised in good ol’ East Ham! I have been here for 10 years and like “Hammermolder” says…I have also only missed one game this season. The bar here in Houston is called the Richmond Arms and they show West Ham from time to time. If they are not showing it then I get the luxury of watching it on my own tv set as it is shown “Setanta and Fox Sports”.

    Come on you Irons!

  5. Martin East says:

    Hollywood California….

    went to school in Poplar – raised in Stratford….
    now watch the midweek games at Obriens Irish Pub – in Santa Monica
    and the big games we all go to The Kings Head – once again in Santa Monica

    watched the Cup final there – loved watching the scousers crying in their beer
    as we were looking winners all the way – haven’t been in there since – too many bad memories

  6. Martin East says:

    btw my old man named me after Martin Peters –
    cause my mum knew who Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore were…

  7. nr2iron says:

    When i was in New york last january i could not find Nevada smiths even though i knew roughly where it was and i asked about 20,000 people so ended up in the Red lion on bleaker st in the village,we lost at home to the scousers and i got pissed.

  8. USHammer says:

    Hi Iain,

    Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta North America on my big screen at home. Between the two I have seen every West Ham game this season either live or delayed to later that day. I actually see the guys more here than I did when I lived in England. Now we need to get them to carry the Sky Sports HD feeds!!

  9. Nigel Frost says:

    I am a Canning Town boy and attended South West Ham Technical School. Alan Curbishley was in the year below me. As a senior prefect I once had to give him ‘lines’ to do do. Suffice to say he didn’t do them.
    I now live in Sarasota Florida. I have Setanta and Fox soccer channel and I am almost certain I have seen every Westham EPL game this year. The Premier league coverage over here I am sure is better than what can be had back home. I very much enjoy your site, keep up the good work.

  10. sean says:

    I live in Tenerife for 5 years after a season ticket holder for 26 years. We now watch all West Ham games in Jungle Bar Puerto Colon with the Tenerife Hammers All 380 premiership games are live through Show time Arabia plus most cup games that are on some weird and wonderfull channels including SKY, BBC, ITV, and Satenta, only missed 2 cup games this season.

  11. Vrangbak says:

    I live in Copenhagen where we mostly meet up at the Irish “Kennedys Bar” very close to Vesterport. Some people go to “The Globe” near Nørreport. I’ve made a Danish supporter page on facebook “Danske West Ham supporters” ( to try and connect hammers fans in Denmark. I think it’s important to build up fan networks in our own areas.

    PS: I Brussels Belgium there is a bar called Fat Boys at Platz Luxembourg just by the European-Parliament. It shows pretty much everything there is of football… literally… seen quite a few games there, when we were down in the nationwide.

  12. bill bak says:

    “Summers” in Arlington and “Football Cafe” in Falls Church both are good choices when in Northern Virginia. Which one is better? Football Cafe because of the 12 ft screen and the better food.

  13. NJ Hammer says:

    I’ve been in New Jersey now for 20 years and also get to watch the Hammers on Setanta Sports and/or Fox Soccer Channel here at home. Living not that far from Manhattan, I have been to both Nevada Smiths and the Red Lion on numerous occasions. Decent atmospheres, but nothing like being back in the UK. Nothing in theway of venues in NJ worth talking about.

  14. CARL DAWBER says:

    The Taz bar, el Centro San Ignacio, Caracas, Venezuela is great for opening early morning so that the Brits can watch the footy. Not sure what the locals think about us drinking at 8am in a shopping centre though.

  15. andy foster says:

    Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena near Los Angeles sometimes. I drove all the way back there from a holiday in the Joshua Tree National Park at 2.30a.m. to watch The Hammers go up to the Premiership. Fantastic atmosphere and full of Hammers fans. Watched the Cup Final there too. But with Fox Soccer Channel and now Setanta I have not missed a Hammers game all season as they show virtually all matches between them. Setanta is a bit annoying though because in one game every week they show ALL the Premiership scores as they’re happening in the top left corner of the screen which I somehow have to avoid with masking tape!
    Fox and Hounds on Ventura Blvd in San Fernando Valley also does a good pint and a game.

    hannel and Setanta I get almost every league game on tv at home.

  16. BJ says:

    Hi Iain,

    I work a lot in Kabul, Afghanistan and always watch the Hammers in the Serena Hotel or the ‘Red Hot Sizzler’ restaurant. Weird places we work in all us Hammers supporters!! I am off there again in April for a month. Keep up the good work on your informative site. 

  17. ironsmith says:

    I have lived in thailand for 7 years and the premier league is just massive here. I have watched the hammers in the bars and hotels of pattaya city but since I got married last february I now watch it at home with the wife(hammer of course!) and with the UBC/TRUE platinum package it means I can see every hammers premier match live and we also get the occasional cup match through the thai channels- they are just football crazy. All in all the hammers in south east asia appear to be well sorted Iain!

  18. ironsmith says:

    PS Classroom ago-go in soi 2, north pattaya is a great place to watch the game and if the games no good……….?????

  19. Iron Lung says:

    There are two great locations on the West Coast. In San Diego try the Shakespeare, on India Street, right by the airport. Good beer, good food, good expat buzz. In Portland, Oregon, there’s the Horsebrass on SE Belmont (more of a Man U/Liverpool pub unfortunately), and Kell’s (SW 2nd). Going home to see the Derby and Newcastle games in April…can’t wait!!

  20. col says:

    Arthurs bar, Els Poblets, Spain

  21. Jamie Burgess says:

    I live in Nova Scotia and i’m afraid one must subscribe to Setanta for 20 bucks a month to even get the chance of seeing one or two west ham games a month :s shows the highlights,,,,, no sportsbars bother with it to my shagrin

  22. cyprushammer says:

    Hi i’m Jimmy. Running a pub in Paphos, Cyprus – King Odysseas Pub (near Hilltop Apartments) and we show all West Ham games (and others ! ) live. Great atmostphere, top banter with other fans. Come on you Irons ! JimmytheHammer

  23. phil says:

    Living in Israel we used to get virtually every Hammers game on the TV when Yossi was with us. This season we only get the big games.
    I sometimes hook up with some other former Eastenders in a pub in Tel Aviv. There’s little local interest in the Hammers as they all support the “big” four.

  24. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Jebi Se bar in Belgrade shows West Ham fixtures!

  25. Banjo says:

    I watch the Hammers on Foxsports, in Melbourne, Victoria. The live coverage is fantastic and I have seen every game this season, bar one, when I was away for the weekend.

    2.00AM the games start, expect when the clocks change, then a 3.00pm UK kick off screens live at midnight.

  26. Gary Singh says:

    I travel to Dubai quite a few times a year, always want to watch football, well I found an irish bar/pub located in the Royal Ascot hotel, that does good drink and food in town, it also shows every single prem game! Watched a few games in there nice atmosphere and the was quite a few british in there as well.

    If not then there is another place in Dubai not as good, but still decent, its an English pub, called the Red Lion located in the metropolitan hotel with night club attached (not a place to take your wife or girlfriend, wink wink) , based on the famous Red Lion pub in East London

  27. Vince Tanti says:

    Thankfully I have the privilage of watching WHU, and indeed all other Premier League games live at home thanks to an agreement with the premier league and our local Cable TV Company in Malta. This also makes it possible for all these games to be available practically in every pub and restaurant anywhere else in Malta.

    However if there is one place I recommend to guarantee watching the West Ham Games is the Roulette Pub in Paceville. The owner is a West Ham supporter through and through and occasionally we meet there and watch the game live.

  28. Dax says:

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Fortunately for me Premiership football is huge here in SA and I pretty much get to watch every West Ham game live on our satellite TV. Most of our sport orientated pubs show live football but if it has to compete with live rugby it tends to lose out. Its sometimes feels like I’m the only West Ham fan out here. Everyone seems to support one of the top 4 and claims to have been a life long fan!! Every time I do watch us play at a pub I actually get more respect ( I’m something of a novelty) than abuse and our results against the tops sides of late has meant that the abuse is half hearted and generally lame. I’m only to happy to remind all those Man Urinal fans who their daddy is.

  29. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    America bar – Luhacovice (Czech rep.)

  30. Nevada Smiths is a really good football pub; sadly the owner is a ManYoo fan, but I guess you can’t have it all. I got introduced to the place by (weirdly enough) my wife, who has is part of a large cadre of Arsenal fans (*spit*) who frequent the place. Interestingly, it’s not just ex-pats who watch the prem, there, I’ve seen plenty of yanks who follow the real football, and some of them even follow west ham, rather than the big four. Which is nice.

  31. Hoboken Hammer says:

    Like the brilliant man from Reno pointed out, Mulligan’s in Hoboken is the best place to watch the Irons in New Jersey. There’s only one team in London, and one pub in
    Jersey for Hammers fanatics.

  32. Randisco says:

    Devoted Hammer living in Venice, CA…

    didn’t grow up in England, started following the Irons a couple years before the last drop and ended up on a rollercoaster of emotions as we fought to hold our spot, lost it and then gloriously rose up to the prem once again. ON TO EUROPE!

    I catch all the early morning games at the Cock and Bull on the border of Santa Monica and Venice, or the games that start later I catch at Joxer Daly’s in Culver City (great irish pub, Cristi works there in the mornings, great Bloody Mary’s)


  33. Mill City Iron says:

    A few Irons supporters watch matches at Brits Pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s assuming the match doesn’t begin before 11 AM CST on a Sunday – no pints before 11 AM!

  34. Lady Cobra says:

    In addition to the venue that Iron Lung pointed out in Portland (Horsebrass in SE and Kell’s downtown), we also watch Hammers games at The Marathon in NW Portland off of Burnside.

    Also, the Horsebrass posts their game schedule fairly regularly here:


  35. Eric Berg says:

    Also, for Portland, Oregon, USA check out this thread on a local soccer message board:

    Local WHU fans post when and where they’ll be meeting up to catch matches.

    The George and Dragon Pub in Seattle, Washington, USA is regarded as one of the best places in the states to watch footy on the telly:

  36. Mile End Paul says:

    Mile End born and bred now living in France. Frog and Rosbif Toulouse – also shows the odd bit of rugby (in France ??). Nice one Saturday night Jonny & Co !!

  37. IRHammer says:

    I’m in Abu Dhabi and watch all the Irons Prem games on Showsports (Showtimearabia) – and we get some cup games on Al Jazeera….see more live games on the TV then when I was in Blighty !!

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