An Olive Branch to the Canaries

I have eaten a but of humble pie in my Eastern Daily Press column this weekend…

When I get things wrong I think it’s only fair to admit it. I was wrong about Glenn Roeder. I hold my hands up. I admit it. Any manager who can revive a team’s fortunes in the way he has deserves credit. I believe Norwich have experienced only one defeat in seventeen games since he took over. The Canaries are now only six points off a playoff position. Few would have thought that possible back in the autumn. Obviously a manager has to be judged on his long term record, and that was the point I was trying to make in a previous column. Since then I have been assailed on my West Ham blog by an army of Norwich fans, disgusted that I should express such a view. Indeed, I gather many of them have written to the EDP demanding I should be sacked from this column! Well, in the spirit of reconciliation, I hope they are satisfied with my admission that I called it wrong.

Mind you, my words obviously put a jinx on Norwich City. They lost 4-0 to lowly Leicester yesterday. Can’t win ’em all.


14 Responses to An Olive Branch to the Canaries

  1. Phil says:

    There is still plenty of time for you to be proved correct. History shows that Glenn Roeder starts well but in the second season the wheels always come off – often leding to the drop.

  2. Fish says:

    I always think you can judge a manager entirely on his smile he he.

  3. Plaistow54 says:

    Why do people wanna sack all the time ? Is there never any chance of reconciliation ? What about due process ? Counselling, mediation, a written warning. Why is the world so angry about everything ? 4-0 huh! not good.

  4. Col says:

    haha 4-0. He’s lost the dressing room……..again!

  5. GranCanary says:

    Glenn has been great for us, but the unbeaten ship couldn’t keep sailing. It’s just a shame it was a poor result against such a poor side in Leicester. Oh well, we have, and will, beat better teams this year (not saying much really as I think there’s only about three sides worse than Leicester) and I’m revelling in the fact that we have done what Leicester are attempting (a revival to some extent) without anywhere near the same levels of funding. So far Roeder has been the perfect candidate on a team that aren’t really his…Next season is when we will really know whether or not he is a class manager when he buys his own players, or simply a relegation battle specialist (sorry, present company excluded). Obviously I hope it’s the former and he has a point to prove!

  6. Mike says:

    Second season will tell….

    OR now they have lost one and rat face has lost his rag with some of his better players

    Lets see…

  7. PaulyH says:

    I’m not satisfied with your smug attempt at an apology you self important little man. Concentrate on your own club!

  8. matt says:

    PaulyH – First of all Roeder is apart of our clubs history (unfortuanately!) so why cant an Irons fan talk about him? And second, if you don’t like whats written on here why not piss off to your own yellow little site?? Just to remind you it’s ‘WEST HAM ’til I die’!

  9. brooking is still the best says:

    Rodent will still end up getting the sack, i’ll give him to next January. The Rodent is the worst manager ever to disgrace the game and has got rich on the compensation payout every time he gets the sack. Let’s hope Norwich is his last job managing a English side.

  10. Pandat says:

    As a West Ham fan since 1964 and now a season ticket holder at Carrow Road, I TOTALLY agreed with your views on Glen Roeder. I’m not sure an apology was the right thing to do, time will prove your original thoughts correct.

  11. nr2iron says:

    I think i could manage in the fizzy pop league as to be fair the standard is awful and he will i believe keep them in mid table which i also believe is the total ambition of the club,not knocking them as bigger clubs also have no choice as unless you pump £30-40 million in you cannot get up and stay up anymore .

  12. Glenn Roeder says:

    Which club gets the biggest crowds in the Championship you mug?

    There are no “bigger clubs” than us in the division.


  13. nr2iron says:

    Try Sheff utd mug!

  14. richo says:

    Norwich, your a laugh, I’d say West Brom are a bigger club.

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