Paolo’s Coming Back!

Paolo di Canio has spoken again of his desire to manage West Ham as reported HERE. He also promises to come to a West Ham game before the end of the season and sit with fans in the Bobby Moore Stand!

“The atmosphere at Upton Park was always special. I haven’t been back for a few years but I hope to go and watch a match in the Bobby Moore Stand before the end of the season.



17 Responses to Paolo’s Coming Back!

  1. Fish says:

    will he sit up in the nosebleeds do you think? i wouldn’t want the poor bloke getting altitude sickness.

  2. fred says:

    sweet!! he’s been a great football player and hopefully he’ll become a great manager!
    He’s one of us! Paolooo di Caaniooo, Paolooo di Caaniooo

  3. pjd says:

    in 40 years of supporting the irons he is one of the best ive seen,for skill creativity sadly lacking in todays team,and his passion and love of the game.we all know about his temper etc but every genius has a dark for being a manager who knows?one things for sure,it wouldnt be boring would it

  4. Swiss Hammer says:

    Paulo was one of my personal heros when playing at West Ham. They passion for the game and the club was evident for all to see.
    In recent times there have been some unsavory news reports regarding his “political” sance and I do hope that it was all media hype and unlucky photography.
    One thing to remember people is that great players dont always make great managers. I would like to see him manage another club or two before heading for us. I would like to see the board offer him a coaching job with the strikers though. Now that would be a rocket up the arse for them!!!!!

  5. chris says:

    lengend!!!!my son had his picture taken with him at a resturant in woodford green,he was playing for charlton at the time,but just kept saying hes team will always be west ham,he was so nice to the kids,a real gent.I only remember brooking in glimpes,but paoloooo!was the best player ive seen at upton park.

  6. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Iain, please encourage an objective perspective, 1. A spoken ‘…hope…’ by PDC (with a journo on his tail?) is different from a promise, 2. Paulo won’t need to sit in the nose-bleeds because he’s frequently at altutude anyway, 3. We must not forget our loyalty – because unlike the Premiership, it’s priceless: Curb’s is our manager and this tittle-tattle has potential to cause harm, unless, 4. I get the job to sort some fickle-fan wishes tomorrow – once I’ve learned something about being Father Christmas (but I’m a good bloke..!)

  7. Prince H says:

    What a joke!
    Even if he had many great games for us, and therefore is some sort of legend as a player, it’s impossible to see him as a manager for a top team. He really did destroy the atmosphere in many games and made Roeder his own scapegoat when he did not performm himself. And having a Fascist as a manager won’t do. Of course not. It sounds like having a goat as the gardener. So You can’t be serious!

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Let’s hope they don’t ask him to leave as they did Bobby Moore himself when he popped back?

  9. Plaistow54 says:

    No doubting his love for the club. Lazio would be his first choice though. I don’t think Curbs needs to lose any sleep for a while. Assistant Coach for the strikers would bear thinking about . You would travel a long way to get a better person for that job.

  10. Doc H Ball says:

    Prince H – I hate Fascists as much as any self respecting person, but since when did political opinions dictate who should be a manager/player or owner? Keane called Mick McCarthy an ‘English C**t’, Sir Alex Ferguson wants Scottish independence, Wenger thinks it’s ‘racist’ to want more home grown players in a team and God knows what Al-Fayed or Abramovich believes in! I disagree with all of them, but I disagree with censorship even more.

    As for Di Canio v Roeder, I know who I backed. If Roeder hadn’t dropped Paolo when he did, we might’ve stayed up. When Brooking took over he immediately put him in and he responded by scoring the winner against Chelski and did evertything but move a mountain at Birmingham to save us.

    Of all the players to have worn the shirt, he’s given me the most pleasure. Screw the politics, I’d give him the keys to UP if he asked.

  11. Biffo the bear says:

    we don’t have to give him a job, just let him stand in the South Bank for a game. I hope it happens.

  12. Bernie says:

    Doc H Ball , WELL SAID SIR!! You saved me typing what would have been an almost identical reply to Prince H. Paulo is a WHU legend.

  13. colney says:


  14. JackHammer says:

    Paolo was one of the most gifted footballers ever.
    But why would we have him as manager?, he has to climb the managerial ladder quite high before he arrives at Upton Park.

  15. brooking is still the best says:

    Paulo is and always will be a legend at Upton Park, and you never know what could happen one day. For now ,we are jogging along nicely with Curbs and if we get the same improvement next season as with this one, we be doing OK!

  16. TrevorH says:

    Why is everyone so keen for PDC to be manager at WHU? He was a terrific player that caused a huge amount of friction off the pitch because he couldn’t keep quiet. My own personal view is to remember the good times, and there were many of them. But he would probably be a disaster as a manager. As usual it is probably the fans that don’t attend the games, but preach heavily on the websites as if they do attend the games, that come up with this romantic nonsense. Let PDC work his way up the managerial ladder first…….

  17. Biffo the bear says:

    Ok, I know it’s my second post but…..WHERE DID IT SAY HE SHOULD BE THE MANAGER????
    He just said he wants to stand in the Bobby Moore stand ‘cos of the atmosphere and i quote (it’s also at the top of the page)

    “The atmosphere at Upton Park was always special. I haven’t been back for a few years but I hope to go and watch a match in the Bobby Moore Stand before the end of the season.”

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