Is Capello Blind to the Talents of Robert Green?

So Fabio Capello reckons there is no goalkeeping talent in England … this despite him having seen West Ham on at least four occasions so far. Has he been watching different games to the rest of us? He doesn’t think Robert Green is experienced enough, yet intends to give Man City’s Joe Hart a callup. Fills you with a lot of confidence, doesn’t it?


23 Responses to Is Capello Blind to the Talents of Robert Green?

  1. Glen Roeder says:

    Maybe he’s been reading your comments about Norwich, and with Rob being an ex Canary…

  2. Peter Richardson says:

    I always knew the first time I would post on your diary would be a matter of vital importance and it doesn’t come any more crucial than the England goalkeeper.


    In his first squad he picked DJ (fair enough for experience), Carson (Villa fans will be saying the same as us) and Kirkland. Hmm. Kirkland. Playing for a team that has currently shipped 16 goals more than us. It shows you don’t have to be in champions league contention to get in the squad but what on earth has Robert Green done to deserve being neglected so badly? Apart from stop several penalties this year. Remind me, how have England gone out of the world cup in 1990, 1998, 2006? Oh yes, penalties. If it wasn’t for the walking pigtail disaster that was David Seaman in 2002 we would have probably gone on to penalities against Brazil as well.

    Whilst we are talking England – does anyone else irritate all those around them by playing the count how many ex Hammers are playing for England today’ game?

  3. pjd says:

    do not understand why neither mcclaren or capello fancies him.he has earned us numerous points this season and the stats proove that he is a top keeper.only jesse james has better .but from our point of view many a good keeper has been ruined by pulling on the no 1 shirt for england.we all know how good green is and thats good enough for me

  4. redkipper says:

    It does seem odd not to have Geen in the squad. Capello was at our last game and I’m sure that Brooking will have filled him in about Greens potential. My only negative observation is that Green does not always command his area but I still see him in the top three english goalies.
    Not sure how his ‘the 6 best goalie’ wrist band would have gone down with Capello but I thought it was great!

    Changing the subject I could not work out why Ashton did not give a more concerted effort in front of Capello; in fact that was more puzzelling than the Green situation.

  5. colney says:

    for some reason his face just dont fit.

    its amazin to see the like of carson getin thrashed everyweek getin used to pulling the ball out ov the net can get a call up…even a game and the best english keeper under 30 in the league cnt get a look in.

    i fear england wont change ,same old expectation and then disapointment.

    its just like having a scott in charge of the country!!!! a disgrace to being an ENGLISH man.

    bring back hanging i can sugest a few test dummies.

  6. Swiss Hammer says:

    I think it is really a case of face not fitting. I cannot see why else he would overlook him.
    Maybe that glove thing has something to do with it as well? Who knows.

  7. Tom says:

    Iain, for me since the spuds game Rob has not been at his best, don’t get me wrong he has been outstanding for us. However look at the keepers selected and they all excell in the air. Rob’s weakest point, is on crosses when under pressure … Capello has also said he likes his keepers to play ball from the back, in seasons gone by we always played footie the right way, under Curbs, we have become a punt and run team, hence not getting the best out of Deano and Freddie. He should have been in the squad tho, and I think in time when the likes of Dyer, Parker and Freddie return they will demand passing fooball, then I think his chance will come.

  8. Saffron Hammer says:

    As far as I’m concerned it’s Englands loss. As long as Green doesn’t want away to gain “Champions League” experience, then I’m not bothered.
    It reminds me of Phil Parkes who was also an outstanding keeper, yet virtually ignored by England.
    Phil eventually got fed up with travelling in England squads but not playing, so called time on his “International” career.

  9. robbery says:

    it fills me with anger, why is it the people in charge are so blind and so damn stupid. It is obvious that green is the best in england of this there is no doubt. It is obvious that rooney, gerard or lampard havnt played well for england for a very long time but still they get picked. Rooney in particular was simply terrible against switzerland yet he was given high ratings by everyone, they see a man running around non stop and swearing and think that since everyone says he is good then he must be having a good game. Its pathetic!
    I have lost any faith in English international football and im so very glad i preffer international rugby. seriously its good, we win stuff and its never dull.

  10. norway hammer says:

    I have seen most of whu games this seasjon and Rob’s weakest point, is crosses … he is unfortunately NOT good enough for England )or the hammer) IMHO

  11. Connor says:

    When Capello picked his squad..
    this is how many goals the keepers had let in so far:

    James: 18
    Carson: 22
    Kirkland: 40

    GREEN: 12.

    Something like that.

  12. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I think your making a lot of assumptions there Iain. Plus he said that the pool of talent is reduced and not that there is no talent.

    Watching four games isn’t really a lot to be honest. Hopefully Green can keep up his good form and stay free from high profile mistakes. Getting “England’s Number 6” printed on his gloves can’t have gone down well with Capello. Yes, it was just a joke but I’m afraid international football is not and Capello is a strict disciplinarian. I can’t believe no one at West Ham advised him against it.

    I don’t know about whether Capello said Green was not experienced enough but Joe Harte is not a bad goalkeeper. I’m sure when he’s seen enough games there’ll be Green, James, Hart and Foster fighting for three places.

  13. Andy says:

    Even Sky Sport showed the stats of Green letting in the least number of goals and was second on every other stat and yet he still gets completely overlooked. What an idiot. I’m booking my holiday in Tibet in time for the 2010 World Cup Finals.

  14. chris says:

    Green is better than james,James has had a few good games hyped by TV and other media.

  15. chris says:

    Anyway capello wont last long,it will be the same old story,sack him and pay him millions,thats why I just cant follow international football no more, its just the same old merrygo round,truth is we are just not good enough, from board to pitch.For instance, I hate the spuds but if lennon was argentinian or brazilian he would be in their team,but no not us we go for plodders.

  16. discodaleg says:

    Iain, it’s funny how you now rate a ‘keeper who was brought by a club of Norwich’s stature. Surely you West Ham idots deserver better than Norwich “rejects” such as Dean Fashton and Rob ‘The Scarecrow’ Green.

    By the way, looks like us Norwich boys will be coming to your complete dump of a club sooner than you think. No doubt Mr Roeder will be up for putting one over your pathetic lot.

  17. Da Don says:

    I think that’s Green’s form has been affected ever since this debate became more prominent. He’s definitely not at his best at the moment – actually Green is very good at crosses particularly given he’s not a tall keeper, but for some reason lately that’s been a weakness. He’s not as commanding as we’ve been used to and I also think that with a fair number of the goals we’ve conceded lately, he could done a bit better. Last season he might have saved half of them.

    Personally I give less than a hoot if he plays for England as long as he does the business for us.

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    Definitions of a Mystery.
    1.An event or situation that is difficult to explain or fully understand.
    2.An unknown, a secret, a hidden person or thing.
    3.The quality of being strange, secret or puzzling.
    4.A belief or truth that is considered to be beyond human understanding & can be made known only by divine revelation.

    By definition, Rob Green not getting picked for England is a mystery to me.

  19. chris says:

    go back to c—sville discodaleg -less, like your team.

  20. I wouldn’t say Green has been that bad recently, and I think it’s definitely strange that he hasn’t been given a chance yet. Joe Hart is an alright keeper, but he’s more one for the future than anything. I think David James is looking on the top of his game at the moment and so it will probably be hard to kick him out of the team, but Greeno needs a chance to prove himself.

    Yeah it’s all well and good if he’s still playing well for us, but I want to see one of the best English keepers given a chance rather than the 4th, 5th and 6th best.. And I enjoy having our players in the squad. After all, it makes me sick to think how many of the others USED to play for us.

  21. Da Don says:

    Discodaleg – I’ve never had a problem with the Canaries, in fact if you know anything about the two clubs’ histories you will be aware that many players have passed between them in both directions. However your ridiculous and unwelcome piece of contradictory invective cannot pass without comment. I’ve been to Carrow Road, I suspect someone with your infantile grasp of logic or rhetoric has barely been further than the garden gate. If our club’s a complete dump, your shall we say ‘modest’ facilities are the microbe-ridden wasteland beneath that dump.

    Frankly I’d welcome you back to the PL with open arms – six more points for us.

  22. Green lacks judgement, does not come to the edge of his area to collect balls, lets defenders deal with headers six yards out that he should take and is prone to the occasional catastrophic error.

    I saw him too many times at Norwich ever to believe he was England material, but if we are that desperate it shows the problem Capello has.

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