Is it Time to Blood Freddie Sears?

Freddie Sears has scored 21 goals in 18 games this season. On Monday night he scored a brace for the reserves in a 3-1 over Spurs. Apparently he is on fire. He’s been likened to a young Tony Cottee in that he has pure predatory instincts. I have never seen him play but those that have are raving about him. How about putting him on the bench sooner rather than later and giving him a few minutes with the big boys?


45 Responses to Is it Time to Blood Freddie Sears?

  1. Col says:

    How about we sell him for 6 million to Chelsea?

    Oh, wait a minute, that was the old West Ham.

  2. tom says:

    Play him against spurs’ first team !!!!! He outplayed ashton in the reserve fixture, so why not ? Villa and everton are taking the uefa spots, so weve got nothing to lose.

    I love being a hammer.

  3. Richard Nicholls says:

    I agree, we have players coming back from injury now and although Europe is still within our grasp, we have pretty much avoided a relegation dogfight. We arent in a scenario where we would have to chuck academy players in the deep end (e.g. Collison at Arsenal) and provided they were introduced gradually it is something i would welcome. It is so important though that the crowd get behind them and remember that these boys are learning their trade should they get first team opportunities.

  4. robbery says:

    we lack goals
    he scores goals
    am i the only one who recognises the situation here

    is he 2 young?
    was owen? was rooney? was joe?

    whats the worst that could happen!!

    all he needs is one on his debut and he is a hero, have a crap game and he will be given time to recover his confidence. nothing to lose really

  5. colney says:

    let the next few games decide ,we have still plenty to play for however as we all know getting him in the first team will do no harm.

    Can some on put ashton on th atkins diet and quick !!!!!

    booby z to birmingham all ver the webb today,muppets, why would he want that ? why would the club want that? still,it mad me read it i supose so they won!!!!

  6. tom says:

    How is Europe within our grasp ? uefa spots are only for places 5 and 6, and im not blinkered enough to think we are better than villa/everton, cos at the moment we clearly arent.

    but cole and boa morte are insults to the shirt. from what ive seen and heard sears is already better than them.

    so play him.

  7. Mark says:

    play him instead of Ashton. I was a big Ashton fan & having watched him this season I think that we need to get him 100% fit & playing him in the first team obviously isn’t working as all you hear when he has a bad game is “he still isn’t match fit” how many games does it take to get match fit? he’s played in a lot of our first team games since Dec 1st & played in several reserve games & still not match fit!!!! Give the young boy a chance on Saturday against Chelsea. He has an eye for goal & a bet would be hungrier than anyone else we have. Start with Cole & Zamora up front & have Sears & Ashton on the bench

  8. Big Casino says:

    A tenna says cautious curbs won’t put him anywhere near the bench this season….. Henri Camara is sh1te – so he should at least be ahead of him after Cole, Ashton and Zamora……. I would defo give him a few outings on the bench – especially for home ties against the likes of Derby, where, hopefully, we can blood him for twenty mins or so……….

    I’m not adverse to Curbs and the club being cautious with him and holding him back a bit, but if he seriously is good enough, then it makes since to start dropping him in like Harry did with Cole and Defoe…….. and if not, then lets get him out on loan to a Championship or Div1 side and see how he cuts his teeth there………

  9. Gee says:

    I don’t know, Curbs and his team will know.

    Jo Cole was thrust into the 1st team and didn’t really start getting effective until he joined Chelsea.

  10. Josh says:

    This is pretty much the only time Curbs can give the youngsters a run, Europe is pretty much out of reach and our injury crisis hasn’t really eased, you’d think that with Bellamy out this would be an ideal time to give Sears a few minutes, though with Zammo nearing full fitness I dont like his chances.

    I’d like to see Reid, Collinson & Sears get some first team action before the season finishes.

  11. crazyhorse says:

    Wouldnt mind sears being brought on at some point,and although its reserves matches he is scoring at,the rate at which he is scoring is very impressive,so why not let the lad have a run out at some point.

  12. Roshi says:

    Of course he should get a run out along with our other young hopefuls. This has been a hard season so far with the injuries and although the lads are playing well there is an air of ‘another game out of the way’ not far to go.
    I think if we really want Europe, and yes it does look unlikely, then the freshness of an in form striker who is young and eager could be just the tonic the team needs.
    Who was it who said “if you’re good enough , you’re old enough”

  13. redkipper says:

    I agree give Sears a go now as we are safe and with Ashton lacking any pace we need somthing different.
    Cottee, Cole (J) and Rio came in at a young age and made an instant positive impact so its worth a chance.
    Having said that I was very dissaponted at Reids showing aganst Man City; he was not keen to run pased their players.

  14. Carlos Tabrez says:

    I would but I’d be surprised if CURBISHLEY does especially when he’s persisting with his lone striker formation.

    I agree with redkipper about REID but I don’t blame the player. A youngster should be put in and be able to express themselves and not worry about making a mistake; a manger should tell them this before they go on the pitch.

    Any time we produce a natural talent in England we start coaching them into silly stuff….e.g, JOE COLE could not get in the England team unless he changed the type of natural player he was….asked to defend and never give the ball away….what’s that about?

    He should be told to run at players with the skill he has. I just think that if he grew up in Brazil, he’d be a much better player now.

    Let’s hope SEARS has that cockiness about him and is not afraid of showing his talent when he gets the chance.

  15. pjd says:

    trouble is nowdays everyone wants everything now.i fear if sears etc dont make an instant spark it could put them back as opposed to foward.having said that ,cole will never be good enough[he doesnt score goals],ashton who knows,zamora will probably get 10 goals per season,bellamy i believe when fit will be a success,lastly camara,well the sooner he goes the better.left side of midfield is also a problem area,boa morte is not the player we hoped he would be and ditherington sorry etherington does not take anyone on and his crossing is just awful.hopefully this can be addressed and we can push on.defensively we have been excellent and noble and mullins are looking very good as a pairing.heres hoping…….

  16. Jt says:

    Yeah he should get a game, he’d be better than Ashton Camara and Boa-Crap all together!! His scoring rate this season has been better than Cristiano’s i think, and with Cole, Ashton, Boa-Crap and Ljungberg not being able to his a barn door with a banjo recently we might as well. Anybody remember young Glen Johnson?? We gave him a go when we’re bottom and 4 games later, Chelsea pay 6 mill for him so he must’ve been good, maybe Sears is another future england player thats come out of our academy, So I say GIVE THE LAD A GO!!!

  17. Ian the Hammer says:

    Have you seen the picture of Ashton & a ball boy on WHUFC. LMAO, Sears only looks about 10 from behind!!!

  18. Fish says:

    I’ve been saying for months now that he should be given a run out, play him with Cole. He’s a predator so would suit playing with provider Cole. I really doubt we’ll get a european spot now as we’d have to finish 5th since spuds won the mickey mouse and so as we’re safe and we all love seeing our academy lads shining give them all a chance, especially Freddie

  19. TrevorH says:

    We should start blooding players like Sears and now is the time to do it. Preferably from the bench or starting with Carlton Cole.

    For all those criticising about lack of goals, just look at our position against last year, and we have done it without half the team. Give Curbishley and the players a lot of credit please, although as is often the case, those who criticise most are the armchair fans who never go to games and think that they know it all.

    Zamora will never be first choice, he is not good enough. Etherington DOES go past people and he DOES get crosses in although his form is up and down and he is probably not a true Premiership player if the truth is but known.

    Lets all get real. We have improved a lot but there is a long way to go. And yes, I am a season ticket holder and go to about 14 away games a year.

  20. Upton Spark says:

    I always remember Tony Cottee’s debut at Upton Park where he played a blinder.
    After the game John Lyall told the press he was considering giving Cottee plenty of time to play his way into the first team,but after another couple of games he soon realised Tony was ready and he had to play him.
    I think the same can happen to Sears. He is young,fresh and ambitous and he will not give up trying,so let’s give him a go.

  21. PeteH says:

    Why is everyone getting on Deano’s back? form is temporary class is permanent. He needs games after being out for nearly a season and a half. Everytime I’ve seen him this year he’s been playing last man and that definately not his position. On Monday Sears played last man which gave Deano the space to drop deep and do what he does best and both Sears goals came through Deano. I’d play Sears this weekend alongside Deano, let JT be run at. We have some quality coming through for the first time in a few season and the future is looking good. But lets get behind our best players and not expect Deano to be chasing down every long ball and start to get behind him and give him some confidence.

  22. Plaistow54 says:

    He’s young, fit, fast & on fire. I reckon this is a question that is gnawing away at the back of Curbs head Iain. Do i play him ? Give him a chunk of the second half with Ashton against Chelsea. It’s such a crazy plan, it might just work. With the Europe qualification thing, if the Premier League keeps up it’s fair play record we could still see 7th place get a berth.

  23. ironsmith says:

    Why not? he is 18 not 16 and does not require any ‘nursing in'(quote glenn hoddle re: michael owen/world cup). Sears by his own admission is a die hard west ham fan and would love the chance and I will be very disappointed indeed if he is not included in the first team squad at some point THIS season. He has already shown he is comfortably good enough so get that young man in the team AC!

  24. richo says:

    Curbishly rarely takes risks and i guarantee you won’t see Sears any time soon. We are in a strong position and still in with a shout for Europe next year.

  25. TwinHammer says:

    He should make a few sub appearances,and see how he measures up.and we can take it from there.

    But remember,They dont call him Freddie (scores goals for fun) Sears for no reason

  26. Neil G says:

    PeteH just wrote my exact opinion.

    Must by psychic, nothing to lose against chelski, give Deano a chance to recapture his brilliance that was in the making, and Sears his first step to stardom.

  27. Doc H Ball says:

    Well said PeteH.

    The biggest disappointment for me this season has been the crowd turning on Ashton in the space of about a month. They went from calling for Deano throughout games he didn’t play in and slagging off Cole to doing the complete reverse at the start of this year. The simple truth is that Cole works hard but is crap (21 games, 3 goals) and can only play in a 4/5/1 formation. Ashton, meanwhile, is not a lone striker and we’ve had nobody to play alongside him all season since Bellamy’s ‘abdominal strain’ or whatever it is.

    So, why not blood Sears? If we can’t experiment in the position we’re in now, then we never can. Collison, Reid, Tomkins and Sears should all get games between then between now and the end of the season and BoaMorte, Camara and Cole shouldn’t.

  28. bob clark says:

    freddie ir ready for a run out , he reminds me of cottee when he was his age , i think he should be part of every game between now and the end of the season ,there is nothing to loose and it could save a few bob next year !!! . i was at fulham sat and we are crying out for a goalscorer , no offence to carlton or deano buy it aint happening .

  29. happy hammer says:

    I think west Ham should play a 4-4-1-1 formation role with Ashton playing in more of a midfield/striker role than as an out and out striker who is forced 2 run down the long ball. Maybe this will give more of an opportunity 2 get on the ball and run at the defence, building up his confidence. Therefore he can play like a midfielder who can get involved passing the ball 2 other attacking players. The way he is being used atm isnt working, time to try something new!!!


  30. Sears should have a run-out.there,s nobody else to score.WE did,t buy a striker in the window whwn we need one.don,t think we will be in Europe ( unless we take the ferry ),so give him a chance,but causion Curbs will probably play rubbish Lbm,or Camara.

  31. DevoDevo says:

    Personally, I think Bobby Z is a must to start on Saturday.

    As for Sears, Curbs will need to give him some feel of the first team first, this he can do by putting him on the bench – I think the time to actually play him will be against the Derbies etc.

    Someone mentioned that Reid has never done much when tried and I would agree wholeheartedly – I though Ephraim was the better player but we sold him! With youngsters, patience is the key, the step up from reserve football to premiership is a big one.

    However, with Tomkins, Spence, Collison, Sears and Stanislas coming through, the academy does seemed to have got some of it’s reputation back.

  32. Biffo the bear says:

    I can’t believe that someone on here reckons Carlton Cole is an insult to the shirt! What absolute and utter bollocks!
    There’s people who turn up for games and do nothing but slag off the team which really pisses me off. Cole has been fantastic this year, improved his game no end and shown he is beginning to be the player that he was always supposed to be. As for Boa Morte, he’s had some bad moments but is also far from being an insult to the shirt.
    Please, let’s try and remember we have a reputation for having fans who ‘know their football’
    Remember Gary Breen?
    As for Freddie Sears, it would be nice to see him given a go. I’m hearing good things about a number of young players coming through the ranks, let’s hope they’re all given the chance at our club rather than feel they have to go elsewhere like Hogan Ephraim

  33. PeteH says:

    You can’t play Deano and Cole in the same team, all Cole does is drop deep and takes away the space that Deano likes to play in. Play someone who will do the chasing and play on the last man which will give Deano that space. From what I saw on Monday night Sears is born to do that, him and Deano looked very lively. Everyone on here that is slating Deano should remember he is still our leading scorer and he’s been virtually playing out of position since he came back from his knee problem. If those chances Cole had on Saturday would had fallen to Deano, we would of won by 2.

    Another point is Curbs really needs to lean this squad, but lets see what these kids can do. We are chasing the impossible this season in qualifing for europe (especially with some of the fixtures left). Lets blood these boys and see if we can then get rid of the in the summer. Next season looks very exciting if we can get good pre-season’s behind Bellamy, Ashton, Parker and pick up 1 or 2 quality players in certain positions we could really push on further. Anybody complain if we lost Cole, Boa Morte, Gabbidon, Davenport, Quashie, Pantsil, Spector, Camara? thats a good 100k a week.

  34. cArLoS yO says:

    id like to see sears thrown in after what ive heard about him, ashton is just to big right now, he needs to slim down and hell be alot better, but hearing from someone i know who works closely with the team hes ankle is shattered, he needs treatment on it before and after the game, we might have to face up to the fact he isnt the same player he was before.
    as far as sears being young goes, im just gonna say 1 name
    Lionel Messi.

  35. Plaistow54 says:
    Someone might be actually listening to us. I get this picture in my head of Curbs hunched up in a chair in front of the screen, late at night, reading our comments. LOL.

  36. HIbzy says:

    walk down memory lane shall we …

    AC doesnt take too many chances.

    but it was pards that said noble wasnt ready.

    curbs chucks him in in vital matches. with some help from tevez he played some blinding games and now we mullins in midfield hes looking great ..

    and sears is allready at the stage to play well and impress. bench and 2nd half appearance and he’l do it for us.

    watched some u-18 games. he has got that edge. i say go 4 it.

    so does every1 else.

    so curbs better freaking do it .

    sears has played awesome with the Z man and ashton in the reserves so chuck him in with either of the lot ( bar boa-morte , lets be honest ..) and he WILL do it.

  37. Upton Spark says:

    After today’s debacle,get Sears in for the next home game.
    He is young,fresh and has class with a capital C.



  38. S Molloy says:

    The boy done well.

  39. Pablo says:

    Well Iain, you got your wish, young Freddie coming on as sub and sealing the win against Blackburn today. I think Curbs monitors this site and gave in to your pressure. What a debut for the kid and a Romford boy to boot COYI !!

  40. Steve O says:

    I agree with Pablo, Freddie is quick out of the blocks hungry and dare I say it not unlike Tony Cottee! Alan Curbishley if you read this we are behind you 100%

  41. Jon "DC Hammer" Sears says:

    Well done Searsy!!! (They used to call me that at school as well.) Favourite player PDC — says it all.

  42. Pablo says:

    I got it wrong, Freddie is a Hornchurch boy, my home town a long time ago and a few thousand miles away from me now, great WHU stomping ground. To boot, he went to Sanders Draper School…. some 20 years after I did.
    Loads of talk about us stealing him from Millwall, load of old tosh… he was in a training scheme with no contract at that age…. Jimmy Tindall is a master scout and Tony Carr is an Academy God.

  43. dylan says:

    im not a hammers but i think this kid is class i think he could be the next rooney.he saved ya at blackburn and nearly did against everton.hes got a real eye for the net and i would really like to see him in the first shows how much curbs thinks of him as he brought him on ahead of carton cole

  44. lucy phippard says:

    freddie is a really really good player i thinks hes young and fast and i think he should stay with us for loads and loads of years because he has brought us happieness and joy and i think are new manager should play him for the hole 90 minutes to get him better and fitter for the future.

  45. lucy phippard says:

    im a true hammer and i will be for the rest of my life and all i want to say is COME ON YOU IRONS LETS TRY AND COME IN THE TOP THREE AND HIP HIP HORREA TO ARE NEW MANAGER

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