The Worst Ever West Ham Player: Your Nominations Please

We all know who our West Ham heroes are – the men who would make our All Time Top Eleven. But who would be your All Time West Ham duds? I thought I would run a poll on this but would be grateful for your nominations in each of these categories…

Left Back
Right Back
Central Defender
Central Midfield

Feel free to give a critque of your nominations, but let’s steer clear of personal abuse, eh?


50 Responses to The Worst Ever West Ham Player: Your Nominations Please

  1. Lee says:

    i’ve gone for a worst ever XI…….

    goalkeeper – sasa ilic
    left back – rigobert song
    right back – richard hall
    central defender – gary breen / simon webster
    winger – joey beuchamp / grant mccann
    centre midfield – adam nowland / christian basilla
    striker – marco boogers / alex bunbury

    All shocking (or non starters!) i’ll think you’ll agree!!

  2. Kevin says:

    G. Alan McKnightmare
    RB. Gary Charles
    LB. Wayne Quinn
    CD. Gary Breen
    W. Jeoy Beauchamp
    CM. Nigel Quashie
    S. Shandy Clarke or Marco Boogers

  3. colney says:

    Goalkeeper- alan mcdonut
    Left Back-konch
    Right Back-ferdinand(when he played there)
    Central Defender-repka(brilliant as right back)
    Central Midfield-?

  4. alan says:

    GK Allen Mcknight
    Full backs Gary Charles Mitchell Thomas
    CB Gary Breen Rigobert Song
    Wing Andy Impey Franz Carr
    Midfield Nigel Quashie only just behind Chapman
    Forward LEE CHAPMAN got ot be the worst player ever to wear the C&B a proven flop that we persisted to play, shameful. Mike Small

    With the exception of Carr the rest have played more than a handful of games for West Ham although I have no idea why.

  5. mark says:

    John Cushley
    Mitchel Thomas
    Gary Breen
    Dale Gordon
    Peter ‘useless’ Eustace
    Ted McDougal

  6. Permboat says:

    Robbie Stockdale has to be in there. He was so bad!

    Agree with Wayne Quinn – does he still play football??

    Titi Camara was also absolutely shocking.

  7. CB says:

    GK Allen McKnight
    RB Gary Charles
    LB Wayne Quinn
    CB Gary Breen
    CB Paul Hilton
    LW Joey Beachamp
    RW Franz Carr
    CM Nigel Khasi
    CM Richard Garcia
    CF Alex Bunberry
    CF Mike Newell

  8. gerbs says:


    I cant think of a real shocker in center mid but i could list a few more shocking strikers that we ave ad at the club!

  9. jimwhu says:

    1 mcknight 2hughton 3m thomas 4cushley 5breen 6quasi 7eustace 8boogers 9greaves 10 kamara 11radford

  10. Joel says:

    GK: Alan Mcnightmare……never forgiven for his league cup semi final performance vs Luton
    Cent Def: Garry Breen and Rigobert Song
    RB: Rob Jones
    LB: Richard Hall
    CM: Nigel Quasie and Fat Frank
    LM: Dale Gordon
    RM: Andy Impey
    FW: Mike Newell and Lee Chapman

    Remarkebly no room up front for David Kelly…….

    A team so bad it’s enough to send shivers down my spine!

  11. E1 says:

    G charles

  12. Hook End Hammer says:

    What no David Kelly and his legs of Jelly ??

  13. Ian the Hammer says:

    Goalkeeper -Alan McNightmare
    Left Back – Mitchell Thomas
    Right Back – David Terrier
    Central Defender – Barry Green
    Winger – Titi Camara
    Central Midfield – Ilie Dumitrescu
    Striker – David Kelly

    Feel some of the other players didnt get a chance due to injury.

  14. DevoDevo says:

    Breen (capt)


    Titi Camara

  15. brooking is still the best says:

    McKnightmare , R Song, Beachamp, Titi Camara Boogers and countless more who Harry Redknapp brought and never got a game. Who say’s he never liked a bung or two?

  16. MarkyMark says:

    GK – Allan McKnight-mare
    FB – Rigobert Song, Wayne Quinn, Gary Charles
    CD – Hayden Foxe, Steve Walford (Simon Webster never had a chance!!)
    M – Paulo Futre, Illie Dumitrescu
    W – Dale Gordon, Joey Beauchamp
    Forwards – Florin Raducioiu, Titi Camara, Marco Boogers, Sandy Clark, Mike Small

  17. Upton Spark says:

    Worst ever players;


  18. BromleyHammer says:

    Not a single mention yet for Don Hutchinson?

  19. camziron says:

    GK. David Forde, CB. Ian Pearce, CB. Calum Davenport, CB. Christian Dailly, LB. Ragnavald Soma, RB. Scott Minto, MF. Fat Frank, MF. Illie Dumitrescu, MF. Lee Bowyer, CF. Samassi Abou, CF. Henri Camara.

  20. adam says:

    Goalkeeper – Van Der Gouw ( the worst champion league winner i have seen)
    Left Back – Wayne Quinn ( Wan King more like)
    Right Back – Gary Charles ( money grabber)
    Central Defender – Gary Breen ( cant believe barcelona actually wanted him)
    Winger – Nicous Alexandersson ( remember him?!)
    Central Midfield – Javier Mascherano ( Did he deliver…. i dont think so)
    Striker – Marco Boogers (but Carlton Cole is a very close 2nd)

  21. Plaistow54 says:

    Titi Camera
    Lampard Jnr

  22. John Noakes says:

    Legendary stuff – I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks to come – what about worst manager – I say its gotta be Glen “Bostic” Sniffer Roeder by a country mile. Is it me or does the gut look like he’s had his head buried in a bag of loctite for 90 mins.

    No mention of Manny Omoyimni so far which concerns me

  23. KD says:

    Goalkeeper: Alan McShite
    Left Back: Mitchell Thomas
    Right Back Gary Charles
    Central Defender Calum Davenport (Well done Curbs!)
    Central Defender Christian Daily (Why is he still at WHU?)
    Winger Dale Gordon
    Winger Beauchamp
    Central Midfield: Quashie (Why would any PL manager sign him?????????)
    Central Midfield Hayden Mullins (Mr Average, can’t even pass straight)
    Striker David Kelly
    Stiker: Carlton Cole (How does he play in the PL? A clumsy donkey with
    no skill or confidence what so ever. Thanks Pardew! And Curbs
    likes him too!!) THE WORST WHU player I ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bobby Zamora 100% Championship player
    Mat Etherington 1 classy game a season against crap opposition – shit rest of time
    Boa Morte A £45K a wk piece of crap
    Gary Breen (Thanks Roeder!)
    Freddie Ljungberg Useless £75K a wk injury prone player. Was never all that,
    hasn’t been any good for at least 3 seasons. Thanks Magnusson!

    WHU needs:
    1. Clear out all the over paid injury prone donkey’s and useless Championship players
    2. Promote the youth, Sears, Stanislas, Tomkins and Spence
    3. Bring in some young foreign quality players
    4. Discard the BORING Charlton stylie football that Curbs has tortured us all with
    5. Sack Curbs and bring in Slav! Save our team Slav!!!!!

    I can’t handle another season of Carlton Cole…….

  24. KD says:

    You’ll most likely edit my rants out. Tell me they aint true????!


  25. Sam says:

    sasa illic
    titi camara

  26. Teddy Picker says:

    Carlton Cole= Donkey
    Zamora= First class championship player (When the ball hits your head and your sat in row z that’s Zamora!!!)
    Quashie= Benn relegated 4 times. Enough said
    Ditherington= can’t dribble, can’t pass
    Ljungberg= overrated over paid
    Boa Morte= Send him back to fulham
    Mullins= Why he starts every week i will never know….

    Freddie Sears is the second coming of Jesus

  27. MarkyMark says:

    Worst ever team has to be managed by Lou Macari !!!

  28. saff says:

    alan mcknight
    gary charles
    gary breen
    andy impey

    ralph milne
    nigel quashie
    boa morte

    titi camara
    marco boogers

  29. Pete Nic & The Vic says:

    I liked Boogers, he had a lovely caravan and my Vic used to go round there and clean him out on match days. Also, that joey beau-chump was such a likeable character, my Vic also gets home sick when walking round to the local shops but she makes up for it by sticking a few mars bars in her pocket. Oh! and while we are on the subject mike marsh was so home sick he ended up in turkey then southend…ah! bless his little scouse socks…which reminds me that I must go and nih’ck a car. I did have a lot of respect for lee chapman as well, okay so he was shit at football but at least his right hook was way above average, my vic, bless her also has a good right hook on her but her left in the inside pocket, hand on wallet is much better.

  30. Pete Nic & The Vic says:

    and if anyone has a pop at the jewish chronicle they don’t know anything about gettin’ the ball on the deck and playing a sweet, sardonic style of football…he’s the scottish brady don’t you know.

  31. Steve says:

    Gary Breen
    G. Charles
    Nigel Quasie
    S. Rebrov
    M. Boogers
    Florin Răducioiu
    Paulo Futre
    Ragnvald Soma
    Titi Camara
    Rob Lee
    Andy Melville
    Wayne Quinn
    Niclas Alexandersson
    Robbie Stockdale
    Jon Harley

  32. ohmygosh says:

    I’ll supply the weakest spine of a team ever…

    McKnight-mare in goal
    Gary Breen in Central Defence
    Stewart Robson in centre mid
    David Kelly and Lee Chapman up front.

  33. VJ says:

    Goalkeeper: Illic
    Left Back : Gary Charles
    Right Back : Stockdale
    Central Defender : Breen
    Winger : Titi Camara
    Central Midfield : Quashie
    Striker : Dowie or Boogers

  34. Roshi says:

    Can anyone remember John Cushley in the back four. He came from Celtic I think, blimey my Nan would have been better. I can remember a groan go around the ground when he was given the ball.

  35. Stew says:

    Nigel Quashie and Luis Boa Morte have ben complete wastes of money and i feel they have been failures. Boa Morte has been our 6th highest amount of money signing and we are paying huge wages for him when he cant score or even pass.

  36. Upton Spark says:

    I can only think that Plaistow 54 is having a laugh.
    How can he say worst players are;
    Ince ,Lampard Jnr and Defoe??

    You may not have liked them,.but they were far from the worst players we have seen.
    Yes,you are definately having a laugh. Sorry.

  37. Mike says:

    Allen mcknightmare (mervyn day special mention)

    Derek Hales
    Gary Charles
    Paul Hilton
    Simon Webster

    Dean Martin
    Andy Melville
    Joey Buechamp
    Sasa Ilic

    Marco Boogers
    Davor Suker

  38. Stu says:

    Goalkeeper: Alan Mcknight
    Left Back: Scott Minto
    Right Back Gary Charles
    Central Defender: Gary Breen
    Central Defender: Christian Daily
    Winger: Niclas Alexandersson
    Winger: Joey Beauchamp
    Central Midfield: Nigel Quashie
    Central Midfield: Don Hutchison
    Striker: Lee Chapman
    Stiker: Titi Camara

  39. LiberalHammer says:

    Martin Allen. Mad dog yes, rubbish shooter.
    Any of the Redknapp Romanians.

  40. LiberalHammer says:

    Oh and BOA when he is played as a centre forward

  41. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes i was having a dig, no need to apologise. My sense of humour gets the better of me at times & occasionally i do get in trouble.

  42. pjd says:

    easy the 11 who disgraced the shirt today versus chelsea

  43. Upton Spark says:

    Thanks Plaistow. Nice to have some honesty from your good self. Well done.
    I actually spoke to Ince once and he said he had still got some feelings for the supporters at West Ham and was sorry for any upset he caused when he was young and imature.

  44. bedford hammer says:

    worst team ever:

    allen mcknight

    david burrows
    johnathon spector
    hayden foxe
    gary breen

    nigel quashie
    paulo futre
    matthew rush
    joey beauchamp

    mike small
    clive allen

  45. saff says:

    am i the only one who thought dumitrescu was appaling?

  46. OK…. I’ve had enough of the punters at my local saying the same thing. For god’s sake, leave off slagging Carlton Cole. He has skills, he chases down balls, he can win in the air (ever seen Ashton get anywhere near heading any ball that he contests) and the guy has a lot of touch for a big man.

    As for Boa Morte … all that has been said is true. If I have to watch him whining just ONE more time to the ref., I am putting a chair through the telly.

  47. MP3 says:

    Mcshite, charles, minto, foxe, quashie, boa-mortuary, beaucrap, futre, re(tard)brov, boogeys, camara…………title winning side…..NOT

  48. LMP Hoxton says:

    Allen Mcknightmare
    David Kelly
    Ian Dowie
    Leroy Rosinior
    Justin Fashinu
    Nigel Rio-Coker
    Titi Camara
    Steve Jones
    Stan Lazaridis

  49. John says:

    Rigobert Song
    John Cushley
    Titi Camara
    Peter Eustace
    John Radford

  50. Dave Brockley Hammer says:

    Goal Keeper – Allen Mcknight
    Full Backs – Gary Charles,
    Centre Backs – Gary Breen, Colin Foster
    Midfield – Nigel Quashie, Luis Boa Morte, Tito Camara, Andrew Impey
    Forwards – David Kelly and Mike Small

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