Did Lampard Deserve To Be Sent Off?

Frankly I don’t care. The fact is he went, and it was as if Upton Park experienced a collective euphoric orgasm. Three goals down? Who cares. Lampard off? Yes, yes, yes! However, the fact of the matter is, it was a bit of a dodgy one. Millwall-supporting Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle has a rib-tickling take on it in his column today.

IT WAS an enormous pleasure to see Frank Lampard sent off in Chelsea’s game against West Ham yesterday. That’s because I don’t like him. I don’t like his perpetually put-upon expression, nor his apparent conviction that he is a sort of magical amalgam of Garrincha, Bobby Charlton and Franz Beckenbauer, when actually he’s Jimmy Bullard with an only slightly better haircut.

I hate it when he looks aggrieved during England games at Wembley, just after a shot of his ends up somewhere near Southall, as if fate had cruelly intervened to deflect a brilliant goalbound effort towards the North Circular and none of it is his fault at all or the consequence of him being not very good.

I hate those postmatch conferences where he explains how well he has played when England have been beaten at home by the Maldives. So seeing him sent off is always an enormous pleasure, especially – and this is the point – when the decision is utterly unjustified, as it was against West Ham. Then, the pleasure is enhanced because Lampard is forced to find an even greater depth of grief in his facial expression, because he has been genuinely hard done by.

Chronic and preferably cruel injustice is a much underestimated attraction in football. It’s one of the reasons I never want cameras on the goalline; goals are fun and exciting, of course, but they are not so much fun as the cretin of a referee, acting under FA orders, who makes a monumentally absurd decision…

The Lampard business was truly mystifying; he tangled, briefly, and without great effect, with Luis Boa Morte (no angel, mark you) – both of them on the ground – and then had the temerity to push the bloke away, having received a bit of a kick. At which point the red card was airily wafted in his general direction. Now, cackle though I did, I could see that it was a consummately unjust sending-off. In a way, this made me laugh all the more.

UPDATE: To all the Chelsea brain dead idiots who are trying to hijack the comments on this thread, don’t bother. Your comments won’t be posted. This is a West Ham blog. Go and post your filth elsewhere.


36 Responses to Did Lampard Deserve To Be Sent Off?

  1. jon.london colney says:

    a millwall fan talking our language?

    you sure he suports them muppets?

  2. Joel says:

    Did Fat Frank deserve to get sent off…………?

    Geee……let me think…….Yes.

    End of.

    Any chance Chelsea can appeal and have it extended to 4 games?

  3. TrevorH says:

    He deserved to be sent off because he retaliated, he pushed LBM back to the ground and was seen by the lino. He has absolutely no excuse whatsoever and thats about it. How many other players have you seen for retaliating? Loads. And if you watch the action replay, he kicked, accidentally or otherwise, LBM first.

    That said, it was the highlight of the day to see him go. LBM may be hopeless but he should now be clear favourite for Hammer of the Year for getting Lampard sent off.

    I was in the Bobby Moore Upper and when Lampard scored, his celebration was aimed at the crowd. On the contrary, Joe Cole scored a top goal and his celebration was muted and he rightly received the applause from the fans when he was taken off.

    We were beaten by a better side, but Lampard getting sent off at Upton Park is surely something hammers fans can only dream about. He is lower than pond life.

  4. WHU Kim says:

    Most probably not which makes the fact he was all the more enjoyable!

  5. chris says:

    I love being a london cabbie!and love getting work near zampa rd,especially cause my cabs claret and blue all over with giant crossed hammers everywhere!!!!!screw lampard he is the most overated player ever,have a 5 out of ten game, score a goal on edge of box then get 7 to 8 mark next day in paper…play him for england and then you see mr average..

  6. jimwhu says:

    not realy but what a fantastic ref and not forgetting the linesman he was class aswell with a bit of luck the three match ban might muck the fat ones season up

  7. Bob says:

    Of course he deserved to be sent off simply because he is “fat frank” and he did retaliate twice.

  8. pjd says:

    it was deserved because 1 he is frank lampard,2 he is a self serving egomaniac,3he is a very unlikeable human being ,and finally 4 the 3 match ban will give him time to count his money .overated overpaid tossrag

  9. Mark says:

    Erm, who had the last laugh?!

  10. Bob Range says:

    It looked to me that he got a couple of little dinks in when they were on the ground and then the push although I thought that Boa Morte should have got some color of card.
    Also if we lose 4-0 playing 4-5-1 does that mean it will be 4-6-0 for Liverpool and Spurs.
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  11. Sam says:

    He should have been booked for his celebration for his goal. So the straight red more than made up for the refereeing error there!

  12. Ian the Hammer says:

    Absolutly spot on. I thought there was more to the reason I hate him other than the fact he’s the most over-rated footballer ever & he’s not that much different for Chelsea than he was for us.

  13. The Academy says:

    I thought he acted with arrogance. That is not far from confidence, but so different in its interpretation. That si the clear difference between him and Joe Cole. Joe played well, scored a good goal, didn’t celebrate as he knew where he was. Clubs make players, not the other way around at West Ham. Frank needs more class, but he is never ever going ot get it hanging about with John Terry, who in my opinion is only marginally more over-rated that Frank. He is a disgrace, pointing his finger like he owns the world. Footballers need to grow up. I heard an interesting piece on TalkSport from Ray Houghton “Why do fnas think they can hurl abuse at players? etc etc”, well Mr Houghton mainly because the players lead by example. Chelsea, classless, faceless. And don’t get me started on Drogba, Makelele etc!

  14. claire says:

    “Jimmy Bullard with an only slightly better haircut” – priceless!

  15. HammerRon says:

    Of course he deserved to be sent off, The Fat Basta…………

  16. BAC says:

    Considering Aliadiere’s recent sending off, and the outcome of Boro’s appeal, Lampard’s punishment was consistent with this new FA policy.

    Those who think Lampard was perhaps unfortunate to have been shown a straight red might console themselves with the fact that Makelele’s horrendous lunge on Faubert went completely unpunished.

  17. Justin Dean says:

    They should have both gone off really, Lampard should have known better. LBM should even be on the ptich,he is that bad.

    Lampard brings it on himself, celebrating in front of the home fans and kissing the badge. Joe Cole at least has some repsect for the team that got him to where he is today.
    Lampard is a sick and twisted miserable selfish prick, gets all he deserves. Sod him. No mercy

  18. DevoDevo says:

    I think most people missed the fact that he attempted to rake LBM whilst prostrate. Howver, let’s not let this episode conceal an abject performance and another baffling team selection from Curbishley.

    I don’t believe Curbishley will take us anywhere higher than mid table and hope that BG gets Slaven Bilic on board after the Euros.

  19. WestHamForever says:

    Lampard didn’t deserve to be sent off but i really enjoyed it!!!
    His face on match of the day was a picture!
    Fat, overrated mug! ha ha!

  20. Damien says:

    Just wondering what fellow West Ham supporters win games? Is it good performances or goals? I am pretty sure if he was playing for the claret and blue and scoring 20 goals a season propelling us into europe or maybe even beyond, that you would keep ya mouths shouting for the team rather than at him. Dont you think its time you moved on? I have… we had a few years of nothing-ness, and cos the icelandic bloke bought us, we got back to where we belong.

    Get over it lads… we lost and it was to a superior team, who was buoyed by Frank having a go at the people who paid to ridicule him before…

    Support the team instead of hate the ex players.

    PS. Joe Cole is a Chelsea supporter… he just respects the club for letting him be captain.

  21. nr2iron says:

    He more than any other player since Ince is petulant when he plays us and for that reason alone he should get the red card,my hand in the air waving him ta ta=priceless.

    I hope when his playing days are over he is not allowed the freedom most ex players have when visiting the Boleyn and is made to pay for the kissing of a badge that he should be well aware of is an affront to Irons everywhere.

  22. Rob says:

    Jesus Mary and Joseph. We really must be desperate if we’re trying to spin this as a good afternoon. We got tonked. Well and truly. And with Lampard off, we looked slightly less likely to score than we did when he was on the pitch.

    I’m with Damien. Can we all grow the fuck up and support our club instead of whining about ex-players? If anyone deserves a kicking for Saturday, it’s Boa Morte. We were shit, he was one of the shittest on the pitch, and all he managed to do was turn a beating into a nasty beating.

  23. Rohit says:

    I’m bored.

  24. Ady says:

    I reckon you will find that Lampard got sent of for kicking Boa Morte when he was on the floor, LBM did the same but the ref and lino didn’t see that so they both should of got red.
    Damien is obviously a Blue, and has no idea of why Fat Frank is despised so much, anybody who constantly whinges about be accused unfairly of nepotism, who then asks for a transfer as soon as his dad and unlce are sacked clearly hasnt learnt anything from that expensive education he was lucky enough to recieve.

  25. james says:

    i agree with the decision on the following grounds…

    If a player partaking in a fixture in the barclays premiership is a fat bas**rd he should not be able to jump! if he does choose to jump and in turn puts the opposition in danger (falling on LBM) he should leave the pitch.

    poor LBM could have punctured a lung with that lumpard falling on him. imagine if it had been poor freddie!

  26. jamesgillesp says:

    Brilliant article!!! I hate Lampard, what a twat, so so so so true about him.. He is crap and an arrogant idiot.. Nice one Hammers, good to see it was a clash with an ex-Gooner that got him sent off!!

  27. zico says:

    Lampard is a muppet, he’s had it coming.

    zico (Arsenal fan)

  28. Murdoch says:

    Least no one is being bias eh ?

  29. aremu says:

    may GOD help him(our Lords prayer)

  30. gerry uibhisteach says:

    As an Inverness CT fan I look at English football from an almost neutral point of view, the exception being a long held dislike for Chelsea. So when Lampard was ordered off my initial reaction was YIPEE!!! but on seeing the replay I believe both players should have been yellow carded. When there was a late challenge in which a Chelsea player (I forget who) sought to end the career of his West Ham victim and got away unpunished he can thank the (soon to be overturned) red card on Lampard for saving him serious punishment. If the FA are serious about sorting out on field problems they should overturn the Lampard red card and give both Lampard and Boa Morte retrospective yellow cards. They could then give a red card to the potential leg breaker. Finally with a completely neutral viewpoint Tevez should be sent back to Argentina immediately with no option to return.

  31. Laurie in Spain says:

    There was definitely some afters while both players were on the ground, which Lampard started by trying to rake LBM with his studs. they then both had a little stab with their studs. Obviously fat boy thought he had come off second best hence the shove.

    I can think of no red card I have ever enjoyed more. And the highlight of the match was watching him desperately pretend not be shitting himself as he neared the tunnel. As per the common feeling on this thread it was all the more funny because Lampard clearly thought it was undeserved and he showed his class, never misses a chance does he, by walking toward LBM gesturing and threatening.

    The acid test will be the appeal hearing at the FA. What price an extra game on the ban? I’m serious. Even if the FA consider the ref over zealous there is no question he raised his hands and put them on an opponent. Everthing else is just a question of degree.

    Makelele didnt get any sort of card did he? Doesnt that mean that they can revisit that decision with video evidence and give him the 6 game ban he deserves?

  32. LiberalHammer says:


    But don’t you have some respect for Lampard as he’s a fellow Tory? Or does he wear the wrong sort of blue?

  33. Iain Dale says:

    I keep football and politics separate. I lost my respect for Lampard when I read his book.

  34. Smell.the.coffee says:

    Definately a sending off. He deliberately fell on the player, jammed his studs in when on the ground and then two handedly pushed over an opponent.

    Whilst it was all a bit handbags, the rules are the rules. If it gets overturned, it only proves once again favouritism and bias are alive and well in the Premiership.

    Joe Cole- All class, Frank Lampard – no class.

  35. Blue Thruogh & Through says:

    four nill is all I need to say you bunch of deluded muppets. You gladly took the money Frank made for the club when he was transfered. And a big clap of hands for the overturned decision on the sending off. No ban for Frank. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  36. Joe says:

    Regardless wether Frank Lampard`s sending off was the only joy of the day or not, lets remember that West Ham were a poor side and im a west ham fan but Chelsea where alot better than west ham(as much as it pains to say) West Ham are a joke and need 2 sort there game out

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