A Word About Swearing & Politeness, if you Please…

One of the good things about this blog is that generally the debates in the comments are good natured and polite. However, I have noticed an increase in swearing lately. Just a reminder that if you swear in your comment it probably won’t get posted. Quite a few kids under 16 read this blog and also, if there’s a swear word in the post, it doesn’t get onto the NewsNow West Ham page.

Also, this is a West Ham blog for West Ham fans. If you are from another club and wish to slag us off or insult us, you won;t be doing it here. I have comment moderation on and every comment has to be approved. It’s my blog and you’re here at my invitation.


6 Responses to A Word About Swearing & Politeness, if you Please…

  1. ???? says:

    well said that man

  2. englands number 6 says:

    well said Iain, albeit probably most comments are in response to idiots from other teams. So is the odd hidden exp*et*ve still ok ? because my comments on the chelsea game would be full of them, expect an absolute thrashing at Anfield this week, Curbs get your finger out the players didnt look like they were even trying, ** “”” +*%$% ***** !”£$$$%s.

  3. Rooster says:

    I totally agree with you Iain.

    On my Blog, its not the bad language that gets to me, its the lack of constructive debate, This morning i posted an article about Gianluca Nani, and some guy from Tokyo rambled on about Nani that plays for Man Utd is not joining West Ham!!

    He is a Man Utd fan so i accepted his lack of intelligence and allowed his comment.

  4. redkipper says:

    Have to agree with you Ian on this one. No point in just having slanging & F & B. I’m all for WH passion but not abuse. ( However, my sons tell me they would not repeat some of the things i’ve called refs over the years ! )

  5. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Completely agree Iain. Only people who do not have the words to get their point of view across in an intelligent manner are the ones that swear…..West Ham fan or not.

  6. jon.london colney says:

    im all for a bit ov bad language but never in front ov kids so i agree however letting other suporters on here should be a matter of what they write. if they wish to slag of or any negative comments then yes bin it but sometimes they do write positive stuff which is nice to read.oh as long as its not from the big noses of course!

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