What Price Mark Noble?

This week’s News of the World is touting Mark Noble as a replacement for Flamini at Arsenal. The Gunners apparently considered an approach for Noble in the last transfer window, says the article. We shouldn’t be surprised that Nobes is attracting attention. Even though he’s not the finished article yet, it’s clear that he is going to be one of the best midfielders in the country. I fully expect him to make the England squad within twelve months. Arsenal apparently value him at £8 million.

Mark Noble is West Ham born and bred. It’s now up to the club to make it clear to him that they intend to build a side ready to challenge for honours, and that they will build the squad around him. If his head was turned by a move to one of the big four, it would be a tragedy. If that is not to happen he needs to be confident about the club’s ambition. It still breaks my heart to think what might have been if we had been able to hold onto James, Sinclair, Cole, Carrick, Lampard, Kanoute, Di Canio, Johnson and Defoe. Best not to go there.


33 Responses to What Price Mark Noble?

  1. ???? says:

    i work with his aunt in a school i teach in and remember when the press said that celtic was intrested in him in january they was correct but what they missed out on was that they had bid £7million and had it turned down by the club and mark him self

    so i hope this does show that he wants to stay here for along time, he will be england captin one day!!

  2. nr2iron says:

    If as we are led to believe we are a club moving forward then no matter who comes in for him and what offers are made they will be told “this is the new West ham and we do not sell our best players” how refreshing would that be? but if an offer is accepted then i for one will not stand for it by laying out £40-50 for a home match ticket as i have for nearly all home games this season,i stopped going at the end of Browns reign and i am happy to carry on as it is but i will not accept the old West ham ways anymore as there are other things in life that can put a smile on the old boat.

  3. arjan drissen says:

    how about NOT FOR SALE!!?

  4. Roshi says:

    Hope you don’t teach English!

  5. leo says:

    Mark noble is one of us, i hope he will never leave Westham. Claret and blue run through his vains.

  6. HammerRon says:

    Nr2iron: Fully agree

  7. T-jay says:

    Arsenal tried to get noble when he was a young boy he turned them down said that west ham was the only club he would play for. It was in a interview he and anton done on the premier league website during our first season back.

  8. WestHamForever says:

    If Mark Noble leaves West Ham for one of the top four clubs then it just goes to show that we will never be able to keep hold of our best young players and will never catch up with the top four.
    Mark Noble is from the area, is West Ham through and through and has publicly spoken of his love for the club. If even he would leave us for Arsenal or anyone else then what chance have we ever got of keeping our other good youngsters???
    And how would we ever attract top class signing if we can’t even keep hold of our young players?
    It’ll be a sad, sad day if he was to leave.
    One of my favourite current West Ham players and I’d be gutted!
    We’ve got to start keeping hold of the likes of Noble if we want to progress.

  9. crazyhorse says:

    news of the world…crap paper that doesnt even warrant being used for toilet paper,and with about as much facts as the beano comic

  10. Clark says:

    Iain you say it breaks your heart to think of what might have been if we kept the players you mentioned…….well we know what did happen, we got relegated!

  11. Rooster says:

    I dont think any bids around £7mill will buy him, we have to stop selling our future stars.

  12. pjd says:

    dont think we should be worrying just yet,same shite paper that had rob green joining the gooners in jan.as much as i would love our best players to stay and grow in the claret and blue it just aint gonna happen.rio,cole,carrick,oh yeah egomaniac lampard,unfortunately sooner or later they all go.that is modern day football,not nice but fact of life.the lure of champions league football even more moneyand probably lastly medals all lead to the conclusion that it gets harder each year to hold an affiliation to any player knowing that he will probably be gone by next season.that said west ham will always be there …………..come on you irons

  13. johnj says:

    Arsene Whinger has a habit of showing interest in players and then not putting his money where his mouth is: remember Reo Coker, or more recently, Robert Green? There’s always rumours of interest in our better players, but we’re on the way to better times and I’m sure Noble and Green know that and will want to repay our loyalty to them. That goes for you too Deano!

  14. Paulo de Porkpie says:

    For Mark Noble, think Rio Ferdinand ( omitted from your list above) and the message selling Nobes would give to the likes of Tomkins, Spence and Sears coming through. Surely the club has learnt something from losing the Cole, Carrick golden crop. Thank God it’s the News of the World reporting it and not a creditable source.

  15. Pete Nic & The Vic says:

    This is a message to MARK NOBLE from me Vic:

    “Don’t goes and leaves us, we luves ya, in me owns cock-e-knee ways, we wonts ave it, you goin ta that norf lundon scums, especially cos he will start tuchin ya in filfy ways, he luves a young un, just like i likes an old ‘un, but i promises that if ya stay, i wont robs your pocketsies or your motta…we luves ya nob’s just like i luves me Pete’s.”

    NB. the above was taken from a live excerpt of Pete&Vic live at the Theatre Royal. The performance was cancelled due to the mysterious disappearance of ticket money which was meant for tanny grey’s stenna lift appeal.

  16. Dave King says:

    I think its a wind up. Mark Noble is English. He wouldn’t understand the lingo at Arsenal 🙂

  17. jon.london colney says:

    same old way to sell or should i say fill newspapers.

    any player for any club will be linked to the top so called 4.

    winger would not make it pubic who he wants he aint that stupid.and he cant even buy him yet as the window did close january ?

    absolute dross…move on…next

  18. crazyhorse says:

    The days of us losing our good players are over.I’m not worried or living in the past worrying who we are going to sell next because we are a club moving in a new direction and this will be evident in the very near future

  19. brooking is still the best says:

    If Nobes does go, it will at least answer one big question.

    Is the new board really serious about making us a top side or just paying it lip service to make us fans happy?

  20. Nelly says:

    No chance. Mark is as claret and blue as the rest of us. Anyway, why would Arsenal be interested in him when its only March? Transfer window a long way away yet. Sounds like the papers are struggling for stories if you ask me.

    C’mon you Irons, lets give it to Rafa up the arse

  21. john bowles says:

    Would Noble go? Does anyone remember Rooney’s t-shirt with the slogan ‘once a blue’

  22. redkipper says:

    I hope your right crazyhorse, what do you think is comming our way? More money, new manager, new owners or what?

  23. jamie says:

    Noble came to my school about 2 months ago and one of my mates asked him ‘ if 1 of the top 4 clubs wanted you would you go’
    and he said yeah defalilty.
    if the arsen want him tey will prob get him 😦 hope not

  24. As an Arsenal fan can’t say I’m all that excited at the prospect. He gets stuck in but doesn’t seem as good as Scott Parker at the same age, but then I haven’t seen as much of him as most of you and if he turned up in North London I’m sure he’d do the job.

  25. chris says:

    Chill out everyone hes going nowhere.goodnight

  26. ironsmith says:

    I have every confidence that BG and AC would never let this happen and when I am greeted with ‘A New Beginning’ on the official website every day I believe it!!

  27. Carlos Tabrez says:

    He actually started off at ARSENAL Iain so he’s not actually West Ham born and bred in the complete sense. I think it was on our American academy site. Can’t find the page again but I had the quote in my email and here it is:

    Young England midfielder, MARK NOBLE, joined the West Ham United
    Academy as an 11-year-old from Arsenal!

    “Yes, it’s true, I started out with the Arsenal academy, but I always
    wanted West Ham United to come in for me,” Mark revealed.

    “There is and always has been one Club for me, and as I said, even
    when I was training with Arsenal, I was waiting from the call from
    West Ham United scouts, inviting me to join them.” said Mark.

    So, the fact is he is not going to go as he has already chose us over them once. When a player doesn’t want to go and his club don’t want to sell him then there is no way it’s going to get done – even if their chairman’s name is RAMON CALDERON!

  28. crazyhorse says:

    I’ll tell you what I think is coming how way redkipper.After a steady season of safety and good sound finance by the owner,we will push further on,and that won’t be with a new manager,or new owner.It’s only my opinion,but money will be available to bring in one or two new players in the summer.What is it we expected in the first season of our new era?champions league,uefa?.Our manager and team did something remarkable,by staying up under adverse circumstances,despite what happened.We read to much into what the toilet press say and get worried,and maybe because we are so weary of the ups n downs heartaches of many years under that idiot Brown.I say lets be positive and even if this isnt the most exciting football at the moment,I reckon the best is yet to come,even if it is next season.Chins up lads

  29. crazyhorse says:

    And the news of the world as a reliable source…they are the ones ones who know about nobles moving cos its not happening

  30. i dont think he will leave, not even because of the fact he is west ham. if he wants to make the england squad, he needs playing time. something that arsenal will not offer.

  31. GoatyGav says:

    Possibly a one club man?

  32. bedford hammer says:

    nobes is one of the best up and coming players in england and a move acroos the smoke wud destroy a potentially great career,for one can anyone see whinger dropping one of his crop he has there to make way for him,secondly is a hammer thru and thru and dont think he wud do a rooney on us,thirdly i wud imagine someone like stuart pearce wud have quite a bit 2 say 2 nobes and i honestly believe physco wud advise him 2 stay put!
    when we have a fully fit squad (wishful thinking i know!) and hopefully some new additions in the summer i think he will def be a west ham player next season and 4 many years after,lets have a little bit of faith 4 once and please do not not mention him in the same breath as the fat one or defoe again,nobes is a different class of person 2 them i.e his reaction after 4-3 defeat 2 yids last season!! cant remember the likes of lampard or defoe showing such emotion in a claret and blue shirt!!
    COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!

  33. Jamie Porter says:

    Mark Noble will never go dis man is west ham through and through he is a legend at upton park.

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