Can We Get Anything from Liverpool?

I doubt whether many of us expect to get anything out of our visit to Liverpool this evening, but you never know. Apparently we haven’t won there since 1963. A point would certainly be very acceptable, particularly as a little bit of a gap is starting to open up between us and 9th place. It looks as though Faubert will be replaced by Nobby Solano. Boa Morte is likely to keep his place because Matty Etherington is still not fit. However, I expect him to play on the left of a five player midfield, with Ljungberg given a freer role to drift up to help Cole when needed. I suppose the brave move would be to drop Boa Morte and play Dean Ashton up front with Cole in a 4-4-2. We’re in a Catch 22 here because if Ashton isn’t given the games he’s never going to rediscover his form. Only by playing will he do that.

Perhaps I am being too pessimistic about tonight. After all, it was only 5 weeks ago that we beat them fair and square at Upton Park. Make that glass half full, not half empty!


32 Responses to Can We Get Anything from Liverpool?

  1. Russell says:

    To be honest we could pinch a win or we could get shown up again 4 nil
    After watchin wigan, birmingham then fulham, I felt it was only a matter of time before we suffered a heavy defeat..I would like to see curbs mix it up tonight, cole up front on his own might have got us some results but hasnt worked at all recently, yeah we beat fulham, but not decisively. Totally agree about Ashton, hows he gonna get fit if he never plays? Yes he has looked lathargic at times, never chasing a ball, not jumping more than 1cm, but he does still have potential, masses of it! and I dont fancy our chances of keepin him in the summer if he gets an offer from a team who will play him, and who could blame him if he’s always on the bench? I’d just like to add as well Boa Morte, eternal legend for getting the big Lumpard sent off last week (depite the crooked FA unsurprisingly overtuning it) but he really is pi$$ poor this season, he’s a constant liability

  2. bryan says:

    no chance…not with curbishley as manager

    he will set us up NOT TO LOSE…but thats not west ham..never has been,…

    soon we will be hearing boring boring west ham..

    im an unhappy hammer at the moment with him in charge

  3. Roy says:

    Ashton and Cole will never score goals. This partnership doesn’t work. I’d like to see Bobby Z and Sears up front with Collinson replacing Boa Morte.

  4. sam says:


  5. Andy john says:

    I think we all know that Curbishley will stick with the 4-5-1 policy against the ‘ top 4’ . I agree that Deano needs more match practise and Curbishley needs to show more balls. Why no Freddie Sears in the squad against chelsea ? Surely 3-0 down is a great time to bring him on and let him have a go ???? Just a thought

  6. colney says:

    anything less than a maulin will be a success.i cannot see us getting a sniff .

    tonite is a game we can gamble on,try out the kids and see what happens.

  7. supernumbersix says:

    Sorry but I can see a 4-0 loss again. We ain’t gonna win for the first time in 40 odd years playing 4-5-1 with an out of form striker, one who can’t get it in the back of the net, one that is not match fit and one that should be bloodied but won’t be. Pray the defense have one of their better nights and we come away with a point.

  8. Eric says:

    I’m always hopeful. They can do it. But i can accept a loss if they just show up, attack and get in there. I’m ok with Solano starting. He seems to create chances. More than i’ve seen Faubert doing so far.

    Freddie at least plays like he wants to be there. We need more of that.
    Where’s the hunger?

    It’s funny i said this a week ago and a 606 caller said the same;
    “We seem to be happy in 10th”

    Will try to cut out of the office to go watch at Nevadas here in NYC.

  9. chris says:

    Sorry guys but I hope we play 4 5 1,play a 4 in midfield and gerard will cause avok!
    I no its not great but I just dont think we have good enough players to play 4 4 2( their all injured) our strikers are struggling one way or another at the moment so lets drop one for solano,hope we play ethrington,noble,mullins,solano,lunjberg in midfield, even give deano a go upfront on his own,see if he can do that job,and lets give faubert a go at rightback,cos I know a goals gunna come from down our right,or neils gunna pull someone back in the box.

  10. Carlos Tabrez says:

    We need an early goal from which the most we can expect is to hold out for a draw. No early goal then a possible whipping may be on the cards.

    ….we can then take it out on Spurs.

  11. vdm says:

    We’ve got no chance tonight

  12. The Academy says:

    Iain, 2-0 down. 70 minutes gone. Ashton just come on for Solano. We look garbage. Boring, poor and no chances yet. What a marvelous advert for football we are. Sorry but something has got to go. Rahter lose playing some football than this rubbish.

  13. Gary Singh says:

    Boring Boring West Ham!!! …
    Thats it! Our season is over, battered by the chelscum and now this, well west ham fought well, but is it only me that can see lucas neill shld be dropped! got a silly yellow card and he didnt get his man on the second goal all the defenders shouted at him after the second went in, liverpool played down thier left wing all game and neill cldnt cope!

    Plus what did curbs expect, when u play boa morte was i cant remember when he scored last and ok calrton cole good effort, but 1 goal in 13 games, he then put zamora and ashton on after 70mins 2 nil down already!

    Heard the west ham fans singing boring boring west ham, curbs can blame injuries and then say i want to have a stable season, if so, at least play some youngsters they wernt even on the bench!!

    Im afraid curbs out, poor buys and a ok to poor season. plus he never saved us the fans did they almost forced him to put Green back in goal and tevez to start, it has to be the same again, we cant have 1 up front, need 4-4-2

    curbs is boring and now is losing!, im goin shite hart lane, but im not expecting anything! read the newham recorder the predicted 3-1 spuds, im thinkin more like 4 nil

  14. Paul Morfey says:

    oh well another poor performance and another 4 goals shipped in !!!! I predict the Spuds are going to hit us for 4 too. Roll on the end of the season, it’s all over for us now anyway and Curbs won’t blood any of our young talent cos’ he ain’t got any balls. Sure 10th would have been taken at the beginning of the season, but we had a real chance of Europe but other teams have found us out now, just like they did Charlton when he was their

  15. DevoDevo says:

    Another shmbolic performance with a typical negative Curbishley selection.

    As the season drifts off into nothingness a la Charlton, feel comforted by the fact that this dour, uninteresting, negative man will be gone in the summer.

  16. colney says:

    nice to see were in a free fall with 40 points this time!

    no fight and no desire.neil was terrible.he gets turned so easily its embarasing.

    cole up front has run its course.its totaly useless to play that system every week.

    curbs has to try something new.were 2 predictable.bringing on sears is a must.

    ffs dont let us get smacked by the yids.

  17. Norwich boy says:

    Eight goals in two games. Keep up the good work Greeno.

    Love it.

  18. pche0508 says:

    Yeh we got something, -4 goal difference!

  19. The Academy says:

    Is it me, or did we not have some of the best and exciting young talent in England under Pardew (not faultless, but this is a positive at least) and now we have a boring bunch of over paid over agers? Where is the future….. and if it is Sears etc where are they. curbs is not a visionary manager. He is a plodder.

  20. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Take up a hobby, go fishing, spend more time with your kids, wife, girlfriend, learn a language, read a book, do anything but wtach this rubbish! This season was over weeks ago! Snooooooozzzzz !

  21. Roshi says:

    It’s not good, this team blows hot and cold with no consistency, there are players in that team who are either so out of form, or to be frank just not worthy of the Premier League. I think the Parker injury has really hurt us as he was just starting to look as if he was getting back to his best. And of course what we are really lacking is pace and goals, if only Bellamy and Dyer were playing.
    Why do we have such a bad injury record, was Faubert right when he suggested it was all about contact in training. I seem to remember Charlton always having an injury list as long as your arm.
    OK the injuries, the depleted tired squad, one striker up front (1 goal in 13) another who’s not match fit, why! how long does it take to get match fit.
    You have to look at who’s in charge and the team he has assembled, trainers, medical, and doctors etc. and lets not even start on tactics.
    For crying out loud he was at West Ham with Greenwood and Moore and claims to be a Hammer through and through, surely he learnt something before being shipped out to Birmingham!
    Sure he got us out of the mire last season, more by luck than judgement, I like to think it was 2 or 3 players who really rolled their sleeves up and dragged the others along.
    I know it’s not as bad as last season (thank God) it’s just that I think we all expected so much this season. just disappointed really

  22. Bored by Curbs says:

    A message to Curbishley:

    The players don’t want to play for you, the fans don’t want to watch a team managed by you. Do us all a favour and f**k off, we do not want to be another Charlton.

    Bring in Bilic in the summer.

  23. brooking is still the best says:

    Roll on the end of the season. It’s alarming how much like Charlton we are becoming. What’s the odds on us getting Darren Bent in the summer to compleat the tranformation. Curbs, Euroupe your having a girarf.

  24. Kent says:

    Great. So are my comments from a few weeks ago so nuts now? Boring futbol and a club who’s record is more based on good fortune than real talent. And some of you wanted to argue that we were at Europe’s door?

    Injuries? Yeah, whatever, the injured players were chosen by Curbs–by the way, when has Parker shown a history of health?–and our lack of depth to face the inevitable injury bug (or just to rotate for rest reasons) is also a path of choice by Curbs. The club is flat and “Alan” needs to go manage Preston or Blackpool. The last two weeks are unacceptable for any club in the Premiership, save Derby.

    …exactly, I’m pissed (American meaning) about the club’s performance

  25. Mill City Irons says:

    I’m not going to call for Curbishley’s head just yet – but him justifying the lack of goals/4-5-1 in the face of the injury situation is getting quite stale. Two dreadful results against two strong sides in under five days, sure the squad is tired. But good christ, after listening to his post-match interview on BBC London and him defending the 4-5-1 by saying “sometimes you’ve got to look at the opposition…and if [we] played it any other way, we’d be overrun.” What do you call 3 goals within the first 25 minutes against Chelski and 1 in under 10 (almost 3) at Anfield? I’ll say overrun. He ends by saying that “it’s just been these last 4 or 5 days that we’ve let ourselves down.” Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been a little let down throughout February (even when we had to strikers up front against Wigan and Birmingham). Course Curbs would say we’ve got to be “realistic.” Sort it out and C’mon You Irons!

  26. Carlos Tabrez says:

    There goes our defensive record. It’s good in a way because now CURBISHLEY cant use it as an excuse to say “look how well we’re doing”.

    When you go 4-5-1 with the players we have then it’s not a game of footy anymore…it’s a defensive exercise for us… especially with a striker who just doesn’t score that many. We just invite pressure the whole of the 90 minutes with no release.

    …and I have to say that BOA MORTE was the only one who looked like he was trying all game. Well done LUIS. People have been critical of him but unjustly because he cares and as fans we should never criticise someone that cares.

    And a word about our defensive record….I have to say it was fortunate for the time it lasted. My reason is (and I’ll give two examples) that when Tuncay misses 3 one on ones against you (early season) and when teams miss 4 out 5 penalties against you (when probabilty says they should score), then it is a fortunate record. These are just two examples which could have added 7 goals against us so I never actually believed our defence was as good as the statistics said.

    I’m sorry to have to say this but CURBISHLEY is out of his depth. I and many others who said this a long time ago have been criticised but time is telling and it will continue to do so.

    But if we beat spurs everyone will forget and thats the problem i’m afraid. “Bored by Curbs” you are completely right. I said months ago on Iains blog that we should get BILIC……this guy will be better than MOURINHO.


  27. vdm says:

    My worst fears have been realised – said when Curbs got the job that his claim to fame was never to get anywhere in the cups and for every season to fizzle out once safe and that’s exactly what’s happening.
    There is absolutely no credit in talking about injuries – Bellamy, Dyer and Parker were all very injury prone at Newcastle and the chances of them all appearing in the same team at the same time was never going to happen.
    Probably the worst thing though is how we’re playing – plodders is exactly the word! – though it’s not a good idea to keep shipping the manager every 2 years there is a BUT:

    There aren’t many fans (like us) who would genuinely prefer to finish 14th being entertained than 7th playing the way we are. The point being that even if Curbs stays and we progress it won’t be playing the football we all want to watch -so on that basis should we all clamour for him to go?

  28. brooking is still the best says:

    I still think it’s to early to say Curbs has got to go. Bilic would be a good replacement on his international record but who knows how he would be managing a Premiership side?
    I think next season is going to be the crunch for Curbs. He wont be able (but will if needed) to use injuries as an excuse and European qualification will be the least that is expected. Talking of the injury situ, who could say that the same three players, Parker, Bellamy, Dyer wont miss large parts of next season as well given their track record?
    What we need is a clear out of the many average players we have and to buy quality all over the pitch, starting with a top, top striker and a creative midfield player. Solano is our best in that area and he is 33.
    Given how much our rivals have spent (Spuds) and how much sides in the champions league spend, we have spent next to nothing

  29. Mac says:

    Acid test for Curbs was always going be the direction the club took when it wasn’t fighting for survival. As with Charlton, something just seems to ‘go’ when his team know they’re safe. Perhaps his satisfaction at what he perceives as job done gets misread by the players as ‘season over’.

    He did make all the right noises when we beat Liverpool about this being the start of the run-in and a push for Europe, but that all looks very hollow now.

    We’ve somehow got to find the energy, and crucially, the desire, to get something from the remainder of the season.

  30. the headmaster says:

    oh my god – suddenly sunday looks absolutely massive for us. any result akin to the last tqo and i honestly think that curbs will have signed his own p45. probably not now but in the summer . maybe it is already more likely than not given the fans lack of passion for the man himself………..

  31. Kent says:

    WIth you vdm.

    This club will not break the top 10 with Curbs as manager. Send him to West Brom.

    Now Bilic and Di Canio is a duo that we all could love.

    Stop giving Curbs all the breaks and get him out of here.

  32. chris says:

    Everyone CHILL!!!! now listen, yes I to went to anfield and witnessed a shocker! you can talk 4 5 1 4 4 2 3 5 2 10 1 what ever,but at the end of the day the gulf between quality of player was massive,we coudn’t get anywhere near them, in most cases you get what you pay for,you pay 30 mill for a striker you get goals, our striker,lets be honest is a tryer at best.But my real concern is curbs decision to make a very slow and poor fullback captain,its now so obvious thats our weak spot managers are now targeting lucas neil,babel was picked left wing for one reason to roast neil, so lets play faubert instead curbs! put him inside to centre if upsons out,oh and yeah and before I go Iain,when we went 4 4 2 we looked worse!!!midfield just disapeared. I suppose its lennon verses neil then, pack your red bull lucas!!!!!!!

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