3 x 4-0 = The Sack?

Three matches ago we had the best defensive record in the league outside the top 4. Three successive 4-0 defeats is a record no team can be proud of. To lose 4-0 to a team 8 points below us is shameful. Today we read in a Sunday newspaper that the club will replace Alan Curbishley at the end of the season. There will no doubt be cries for that to happen now after this result. But let’s not forget what he achieved last season for us. Surely to God he can turn things round now. The players at his disposal are overall far superior in quality to those who won the last seven games last year. I reckon a riot act needs reading.

But when you drop your best player to the bench (Noble) and persist with the waste of space that calls himself Luis Boa Morte you can hardly blame people if they questions your judgement, can you?

Anyway, I wasn’t there and didn’t see the match. I’m told we attacked much better, but our defence played as if they had never met each other before. What did people think, who actually saw the game?


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  1. Damien says:

    I think its pretty awful and I have never rated LBM at all even when he was at Fulham and nearly cried when we signed him and I think the blame can’t be fully put on him to be honest the whole team is now losing morale by the game and really need to pick themselves up before it gets worse, I mean if we were 16th or 17th we would be seriously thinking about relegation with results like that.

  2. Jaime says:

    Only a couple of positives to come from the game.

    1, Ashton attacked well and showed glimpsies of the Ashton of old.
    2. Boa Morte will now miss a game (or two?)

    Maybe Freddie Sears will get a spot on the bench now that Boa Morte is out. I don’t go much on the bit about him being only 18. He’s scored something like 25 goals in 24 matches for the youths and reserves this season. If he’s good enough he’s old enough as the saying goes.
    Plus what have we got to play for this season? Europe is out, it’s all about staying in the top half and not letting those Spurs overtake us.

  3. Unhappy Hammer says:

    I’ve just sat and watched! yet another dreadful display by my beloved Hammers. losing 4-0 too Chelsea and Liverpool is bad enough, but for the same to happen again against the yiddo’s is just the end of the line as far as i’m concerned. We have season tickets in the BML and have tickets for everton away, but i wonder is it worth going up north.
    Curbs! although a past WHU player, seems to have forgotten what being a WHU player is all about, Passion, Desire, fighting til the end, confident attacking football etc.. Curbs has lost his way and we need this to be sorted ASAP.
    I think he should be sacked, then we can bring someone in to work with the team for the remaining matches, so they have a feel for whats needed before the transfer season.


  4. Robert says:

    Why Curbs persists with LBM and Spector is beyond a joke now. We are now becoming the new Charlton – season is now over and playing dull football.
    Fact of the matter West Ham will never be a big club with Curbs in charge, he hasn’t the tactics or the flair to break teams down, and to fill a 60,000 stadium

  5. james says:

    Look i never saw the game today but we are ment to be a team challanging the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham so why are we losing 4-0?
    The manager has got to go, he plays too negative when we go 1-0 down he wants to try and play for a draw – work that one out. When you have got a team with Ashton, Ljumberg, Noble and Parker why play Boa Morte or wait til the last 10 minutes to bring on Zamora or Ashton? Play one upfront? Curbishley hasnt got a clue how to change a game and if the chairman wants UEFA football over West ham he has to put his money where his mouth is and get a decent manager such as Billic big Phil Scolari

  6. Iron Lung says:

    He’s got to go. Losing 4-0 three times a row is unacceptable at any level, but its the points squandered against Birmingham and Wigan that hinted at a limp surrender before the floodgates opened. We had a genuine chance of a top 6 finish and you have to put the blame on the coaching staff for not capitalizing on it. He’s obviously lost the dressing room (if he ever had it). Boa Morte is a disgrace to the shirt. Are we going to drive Noble and Ashton out of the club? WHU legend or not, and thanks for last season, but let’s get someone who can take the club to the next level.

  7. Rick Fuller says:

    It is very simple – this man cannot motivate his players to achieve at the level that this club now aspires. The ambition is just not there with him. How many times did Charlton get to 40 points with a chance of Europe and then spend the last 1/4 of the season playing as if they couldn’t wait for their summer hols? That was good enough for them and probably for us this year but not going forward.

    He doesn’t have the guts to do whats necessary. Today was a day to drop some players who haven’t done it for us, not Noble who would at least have been up for the game. How can Boa Morte get in ahead of Solano? Can you imagine Clough not making wholesale changes after two 0-4 losses?

    Today I’m embarrassed to be a Hammer ….

  8. down to bare bones says:

    Didn’t see the game but listened on the radio. Once again we couldn’t turn early pressure into goals and were ‘sucker-punched’.
    Curbishley has to take most of the blame for the last 3 matches though. His team selections and substitutions are at times woeful.
    Spector and Mullins are not premiership players. Lucas Neill goes walkabout and I bet Fulham couldn’t believe it when we paid 7 mil for Boa-Morte.
    Why aren’t Sears and Paintsil getting a chance?
    If we are still in 10th place come the end of the season that will be a very good result as we are now in freefall and Curcbishley cant stop it.
    Unfortunately this is as good as it’s going to get under Curbishley and I just cannot see the new owners standing for it.

  9. Big Casino says:

    I’ve never been convinced by Curbs… but he hasn’t been helped by the players in the last 3 games……. it almost feels like we’ve been exposed for what we really are; a very mediocre side that lacks pace, urgency, inventiveness, fight, desire and goals…

    Not sure what else to say right now to be honest – I’m angry and embarrassed…. I don’t think with Curbishley at the helm we’ll ever be more than what we are now, but you can’t just blame him recent poor performances – the players need to take a look at themselves as well……….

  10. jon.london colney says:

    watched it on tv in the pub.

    our defending from crosses was…. well…. nill.ferdy,neil had shockers.neil sumed up the attitude ov the team.he was constantly bickering and being a stupid baby.

    lundberg didnt know which way we were playing.

    green touched the ball 4 times

    the only player that seemed to try was linda.mind you he was run ragged all afternoon.

    curbs never left the dug out however ramos was touchline all game? hows that work then?

    all the speculation today about him being told his job is finished at the end of the season may just be true,he just doesnt seem bothered and all he says is us fans have got it wrong???????????????? im trying very hard now not to use bad language at this point !!!

    oh + point,parker was back and played well.

  11. Unhappy Hammer says:

    I forgot to say! Louis Boa Morte & Jonathon Spector would find it hard to get into a Championship side, why curbs plays these two idiots week in week out is behond me. Leaving class players rotting on the bench, typical curbs man management ehh?

  12. chris says:

    oh yeah ashton attacked well, yeah thats why we scored an hat full!, dont tell me we can play 4 4 2 we were crap from start to finish,again the same as liverpool the difference in quality was massive, us no fullbacks one centrehalf,some real average players .Drop noble to bench keep blm on,thats that all about!Curbs has dug himself a hole now cos hes spent big money on lbm and neil,and wont drop them,this could be his downful.should of stuck with 4 5 1. thats why until chelsea and liverpool we were doing ok,,,,,our lack of quality in depth is killing us now ,SPECTOR are we havin a flippin laugh is that the best we can do,in the summer we must not dodge the issue and spend big money on a striker ,quality up front is the difference at any level.

  13. Tracey says:

    As a Spurs fan I should be delighted at the 4 nil thumping of West Ham. The only problem is I have Green in my fantasy team, which as a consquence has slumped down the Iain Dale league in recent weeks.

  14. crazyhorse says:

    ive stuck by curbs recently,but he has made some ridiculous decisions of late,and i feel that even if he lifts the team from now til end of the season he will be shown the door at the end of the season.I agree with many comments on here…he wont lead us any further than mid table

  15. crazyhorse says:

    curbs,do us all a favour and dont ever play LBM again,and give sears a chance for gods sake.No more excuses,you dont have any left

  16. chris says:

    These players are premiership….ashton bellamy noble parker upson lunjberg solano ferdinand(maybe) dyer faubert(fullback) ethrington
    these are not …….Spector mcartney neil lbm zamora camara mullins pantsil bowyer(legs gone)

  17. Hammer says:

    This is totally unacceptable. The last three games have all been difficult ones, to get anything out of Chelsea, Liverpool & Spurs you will have to play well but to play as poorly as we have done and get turned over 4-0 on all occations shows a complete lack of proffessionalism by the management and the players. One 4-0 loss is not acceptable at this level, although with the quality of the top teams it can happen. But what has happened shows that there must be real problems in the camp. I have held faith with Curbs. up ’till now but these last three games are indefensible. I could see the first one happening but surely any manager worth his salt can implement a training regime to ensure it does not happen again, let alone another two times. Unless things not only change but change drastically i can’t see Curbs. surviving this. All i hope is that if Curbs. does get the bullet it will be done properly i.e. not just a knee jerk reaction but after a real quality manager has been sourced and is ready to be in place. If that’s at the end of this season then so be it but i am worried about what is happening behind the scenes. If the camp is in as much disarry as the performances on the pitch suggest then something should be done sooner rather than latter as the damage could become almost irreparable.

  18. My lovely club falling apart, says:

    Bring in a manager that knows what he is doing ,as Curbs not doing it. The whole team gone a sleep! on us!, we need to get rid of all the old payers and bring in players that wont to play for us!.

    Curb help use last season but thats in the past and now it is the present!

  19. crazyhorse says:

    It wouldnt surprise me if a name has been selected to take curbs place come the end of the season,and there seems to be rumours abound about this happening

  20. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    I hate to admit it Curbs may have played a big part in staying up last year – BUT even despite the injury plagued season this canot continue. I like the guy but he really has never taken a club to the next level….Like Paul Jewell I get the impression some managers are best suited to season long relegation battles, others look at pushing on and contesting for Silver-ware…I think Alan has settled for mediocrity and the result is what we have seen in the last few weeks.

    He has never managed any ‘big time Charleys’ – Darren Bent is the only big name player to have played under Curbs and he didnt want to join us back when he had the chance to – what does that say? -he has to be able to manage big names and more importantly atract them for the transfer window periods!

    I really believe its time for a foreign coach at West Ham – I am life long supporter and I understand the tradition at the club but the long term future calls for a manager to match the ambition of the chairman.

    Curbs has got to go!

  21. DevoDevo says:

    Won’t last the season, thank God.

    Bilic must be appointed after the Euros. In the meantime, I’ll act as caretaker.

  22. Fred The Hammer says:

    Time for Curbes to go has not got a clue. Why the hell play Boa Morte he is crap and always has been .Worst sighning ever. TIME FOR NEW MANAGEMENT. CURBES OUT.

  23. DoverHammer says:

    How many times do we have to listen to the Injury excuse – we need a manager with balls not curbs.
    Lets face it he paid over the odds for a load of old has beens – and they are just not upto it.
    3 x 4-0 is an absolute disgrace – true hammers fans can surely take no more.
    Off with his head – time for a new king at fortress UP

  24. Kent says:

    I concur and have been saying that Curbs is NOT the answer for some time now. The Premiership is more competitive than ever and everyone’s desperate to stay up. There’s just no excuse for, say, City or Pompey to turn around seasons like a snap of the fingers (with youth, free transfers, African or other foreign players that are undervalued) while we do what???? We sign Bellamy, Parker, Dyer, oh-God-I-can’t-go-on. Where in the hell are the talent scouts in underappreciated or futbol saturated areas of the world? Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia, Japan, hell, even the USA and Canada? No, we sign Parker and cross our fingers that “this time” he doesn’t get injured.

    Get him out of here!

  25. vdm says:

    The worst thing about today is that you knew it was going to happen – we’ve ground to a halt and it’s really been coming for a while – probably since the two Everton games – the games we have won since Xmas have been ground out results with little good football – no pace and little passion – save the Liverpool game.
    Curbs is lile yesterdays manager before his time – it’s almost like he’s from another era – doesn’t convince in the interviews and usually tells us what we already know i.e ‘its been a bad week’!.
    It was always going to be a tough week but that’s when good teams role their sleeves up and battle.
    Another comment would generally be about Neil – he’s not a good player never mind captain – he moans too much and looks for excuses – much like his manager – the combination does not make for an inspiring dressing room!!

  26. nr2iron says:

    If you think back to last season Curbs refused to play Tevez and Noble until forced to do so and they made a huge impact to our seasons end but this year he has played the likes of Neil and Boa morte who have had the opposite affect as their performances have been shameful.

  27. Michael Szeder says:




  28. jimwhu says:

    hes got to go all his signings are gambals dyer agood player but always injured bellamy the same llundberg three years ago a class player lbm a good player for fulham but for us no comment faubert i dont know yet solano a good signing one that payed off parker idont know what i remember from curbs back in febuary 2007 he said he would be dissapointed if he made the signings pardew made before the start of last season not one of them are pushing for a first team place the players were green mc cartney cole bowyer spector all five have been the backbone of curbs side this seasonupson who is a good signing of his co st more than all of them put together this manhas had in our history great wealth llyall greenwood pardew never had money like curbs has had atleast modern times pardew sides had a go at teams butnow when is curbs team gonna keep a clean sheet and score a goal get rid of him now even put kk incharge until the end of the seasonfor agambler why dont he gamble on some of his youngsters or even loan them out

  29. bob clark says:

    lets get to the point , curbs is no winner , his selection of boa morte was the last straw for me , when he finally got himself booked he should have been substituted it was nailed on he was going to get another , leaving us with 10 , ( although we did better with ten ) am i the only one who thinks lucas neil is a liability , he has no pace his distribution is a joke , and gives away free kicks in dangerous positions ALL THE TIME , i hope we can get slaven bilic after the euros and then we can back to playing football the west ham way .

  30. alan says:

    Hi all……well what can I say 😦

    I live very close to Charlton fc a few friends of mine said to me curbs is a good manager if you want mid table finishes and dull football once you hit 40 points that’s it after last season I didn’t agree with then but im starting to see they may be right. once again curbs used the same old broken record in the after match interview on sky injuries but can someone please remind this guy that those are the players he got in and I say most of them were injury prone when we got them so what dose he expect. also I miss the egg man big time for some reason since he has left there seem to me there’s no passion over there only apart from the stands on match days what do you all think or is it just me??

    I don’t want to see curbs go but my attitude is changing come on curbs prove me wrong and sort this out

  31. ironsmith says:

    We started this game very brightly, looking well balanced with 4-4-2 and playing some good stuff, should have scored early on when z man had a goalscoing chance that hit LBM and went wide. After that LBM became an increasing liability with his poor play and lack of self control until he got sent off. I have always been a supporter of curbs but on the LBM issue alone I can no longer support him. Scott Parker was excellent, Ashton run himself legless and showed glimpses as did Freddie and following the departure of LBM the lads put in a great but unrewarding effort. It is abundantly clear that Ferdinand, despite being one of our better players, can not control his lapses in concentration- the two headed goals at free kicks were down to him and it was backs against the wall after that.
    Maybe the guardian report is correct and curbs is on his way which may explain the total lack of information about the new stadium and technical director. After all BG being a formidable business man does not want to upset his customers. particularly when he has to fill a 60/70000 stadium with them in 3 or 4 years time and has decided that keeping curbs may jeopardise his success and ours! Which leads to the question who have they made contact with?
    Whatever happens to curbs I think most of us reasonable fans will be thankful for the remarkable work he has done so far in saving us from relegation and achieving 40 points this season( which in itself may have triggered some board room action to move him on once he achieved safety) Time will tell!

  32. BamaBrit says:

    Ater last season I will take 10th 11th 0r 12th beggers can’t be chosers. “How” is my problem. The wack and hold is not the future it may work once or twice ala Man U and Liverpool but you soon get worked out. Look where wimbeldon are now. I think the the problems are all coming from one place they all attack our right side. Sorry but our skipper aint up to it. To higher percentage of the opposition goals come down our right flank. Lucas is slow as a snails poop. The rest of the premiership have worked us out.
    All the attacks come down that side. I was at the chelsea game. Thats where all the danger comes from. Why cant Curbs can see that. LBM ? is past his best but at least gives it a go and makes a pest of himself. Ashton, when are we gona hear that he’s fit. Sh*t Parker has been out 2 months and played great. If Ashton needs to get fit why doesnt he play him in the reserves. I think we are being fed Bull Sh*t on him. Carlton Bless him couldnt score if the goal was as wide as two corner flags.
    And I agree above Mullins is not premiership stuff.
    I think after last years heroics Curbs deserves a chance. It really was Roy of the Rovers stuff wasnt it and very exciting. A year of mediocraty I will take it. My poor old heart couldnt take another one last last year.

  33. Kent says:

    Bob, I’m with you. LIsten (or better yet: “read”), a Premiership manager’s gotta be better than any of us would be if we were managing the club. And while some of you laugh, I’m serious. What fucking sense told Alan that pursuing a guy like Parker or Dyer or Bellamy was a good idea (1) and would be worth the price (2)? Really, it’s like he–and not only Alan mind you, many do this–goes to the store of football and sees guys that “looks” good and who have big price tags. He then convinces himself that the “look” and the high price MUST mean that the guy’s a player.

    Hell, I’d rather have Chris Coleman running West Ham. Seriously, look at Fulham now–granted they’ve been pretty unlucky this year. Coleman kept them up for what (?) like six seasons; he also had Real Sociedad playing well (before his fall-out with new management). He doesn’t show an aversion to innovation or to finding players at low cost who produce. Paul Jewell? Yup, I’d rather have him than Alan too. But the my opinion is that for this club to move up and solidify a spot amongst the top 10 Premiership sides, it’s gotta spend money on its manager. Mr. Bilic, come on down.

    I’d argue that West Ham would benefit from studying (maybe management is doing so) the current trend in baseball in the United States. No wait, it’s not statistics–although they come into play to a GREAT degree–it’s about finding players who’re priced below market value, but who produce in ways to help the overall effort of Team X. It’s also about finding young talent BEFORE they reach the open market vs. paying through the nose for guys who’re approaching 30 (i.e. the downturn of their career) and who’ve already shown ability to play (i.e. they’re expensive). Which club are we? Right…we’ve got your Bellamy, Dyer, Lundberg (sp?), Parker, and Solano, These players, every damn one of them are bench players or marginal starters. What’s worse is that guys like Parker and Bellamy have a history of injury problems AND they’re getting older. So, what the hell is Alan doing, expecting their career trajectory to suddenly change? Not likely.

    There is no excuse for this club, with its history, its size, its money and its location (i.e. London) being in a position where 10th is all that we have to look forward to. And again I ask, where is the scouting for West Ham in Africa, Latin American, and Eastern Europe?

    Maybe this is too negative for this forum, but I believe that West Ham is fortunate to be where it is this season. We really should have less points, which would more properly place us at the lower half of the table. All those penalty saves were nice, but really, be honest, most of Green’s stops weren’t some inherent ability to stop penalties…the shooters blew their chances. Bolton drew late with us to add a few points to our tally, but a bad call screwed Fulham (and gave us a win), ManU was really unlucky with us, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a game or two. I know, I know, that’s why they play the game and one can’t go recreating what already happened. My only point is that good fortune (as opposed to last season’s bad fortune) has been on our side this season in a number of instances…and our “success” has been by a thread and not really because we have more talent than our rivals.

  34. crazyhorse says:

    Easy answer to the last response,we would have played better if curbs didnt put boa morte out there in the first place,he is shit and the sooner he goes the better that useless ex fulham nuttcase

  35. dave green says:

    Everton next ? the best thing I can say to you hammers fans is to cut your loses
    and put all your money on another 4-0 drubbing up there.

  36. richo says:

    recent results have been a joke. Ferdinand played like a blind man against spurs. I think Curbishley will go , so he should. We were a strong chance for Europe before these three latest demoralising defeats, now were no chance.

  37. HammerRon says:

    Shameful display! Sack LBM, hes bl………..dy useless
    0-12 says it all, shame on you hammers

  38. bryan says:

    sack the cluless negative idiot now before its too late.

    his target was 40pts, we got it and he is happy.
    the players are also a disgrace as have simply given up and are on their holidays already

    and the only fun we had the away yesterday was taking the piss out of our own team…not good

  39. phil says:

    This result was much more painfull than the 2 previous games although to be fair we played better (especially without Boa-Morte). There were some positive performances from Ashton, Zamora and particularly Parker. But who’s teaching Ferdinand about marking at set-pieces?
    I think Curbs should go purely for persisting with LBM. Also Ljunburg offers very little but seems to be an automatic selection when fit.

  40. Rapidhammer says:

    Slaven Bilic would be great, though I’m still not convinced that we can’t achieve anything better than 10th place with Curbs in charge. The team had a great run last year. This season they beat ManU and Liverpool – and they won enough games to bring us in a position above Tottenham (so far) and miles away from the relegation mire. But now Curbs has to show that he’s able to give it a go: if he’s not able to change fortune now in order to add a good end to a “solid season” he will be sacked, that’s for sure,

  41. Rapidhammer says:

    Last season’s 29th game also was against Spurs – West Ham lost 3:4 and started “the Greatest Escape” afterwards. The Hammers had only 20 pts. at the same time last year and stood on the last spot in the league table. Now they’ve got 40 pts and are 10th, hence this season has been twice as successful so far.
    But after these three defeats (0-12 !!!) everything will go south unless Curbs is able to motivate his squad and restore the confidence in the team. Though 6th place still is not too far away and could mean qualification for Europe (if England gets an extra ticket for the UEFA cup due to the “UEFA fair play table”) nobody should speak about Champions League and Europe anymore: this is ridiculous. What we need now is a rebuilding of West Ham’s pride and confidence whatever the final league position is.

  42. SamHam says:

    Curbs should go he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.L B M should never wear claret and blue again. Get someone new in now before the summer transfer. Someone who will inspire the team and attract the players we need. I appreciate we have had injuries etc but Curb’s brand of negative football does not work at West Ham.

  43. BAC says:

    West Ham need a manager who clearly has the confidence of the owner, the respect of the playing staff, and the affection of the fans.

    Is that Alan Curbishley? I doubt it. Rumour has it BG was unhappy with and dumped Eggert because of last years signings – mostly a bunch of crocks – and Curbs was Eggert’s appointment and obviously also responsible for the signings. Perhaps it was telling that no money was made available to Curbs in January. Could it be BG doesn’t trust Curbs’s judgement, and didn’t want to lumber a ‘new broom’ with more curbishley signings?

    I don’t know whether Curbishley has ‘lost the dressing room’ – somehow I doubt it – but he doesn’t seem to be motivating the players any too well at the moment.

    As for the fans, we are a fickle bunch, and a run of good results could well turn things around, but much more of this, and I doubt there’ll be any way back for the man. Which would be a pity, for we owe him for keeping his nerve and seeing us through to premiership survival last season.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, if things do not improve very quickly, if Curbishley were to ‘walk’.

  44. nr2iron says:

    Some great views here and i hope someone at the club reads this and notices that 100% of the posters are in agreement thet Boa Morte is awful and should be a reserve player for the rest of his West ham career.

    I feel too many players are comfortable in knowing they will not be dropped no matter how poor their performance’s are and it’s obvious that Curbs has neither the bottle or sense to replace players who do not perform as if so Neil would have been playing reserve team football weeks ago.

    I hope Bilic comes in the summer or we will start to lose crowd numbers with the boring unattractive football we seem destined to play under Curbishley.

  45. chris says:

    heres a story……..manager buys a couple of players,these 2 players turn out to be bad buys,manager cant drop them cos big boss man will say why did we buy them! in the end the inevitable happens and manager gets sacked,new manager comes in drops these 2 players cos that weren’t his buys!and we all lived happily ever after. the end

  46. chris says:

    NEIL YOU CARTHORSE!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Mr Moon says:

    What a load of sh1te you lot talk!

    Everyone is happy to slag Curbs off after what has been three abysmal defeats and a couple of very poor draws, but you can’t sack a manager because of 5 bad games!

    The league is full of clubs that change there manager every week, and they are all the teams at the bottom. Fulham, Newcastle, Wigan, etc.

    Look at the teams at the top. How many times could Everton have got rid of Moyes? It’s taken Mark Hughes how long to turn Blackburn around? How long before Fergie won a trophy for Man U? Chelsea got rid of ‘the special one’ and (as the song goes) they’ll win f*ck all this year!

    Honestly guys, give the man some time. You sound like a bunch of whinging Yiddos!

  48. Perth Hammer says:

    Nearly 200 years ago a man, after starting reasonably well, went through a bad patch and nearly got the sack. He wasn’t and went on to win the battle of Waterloo. The key to his ultimate success was his defensive line (admittedly Portuguese).

    If Curbishley is sacked, he will be replaced by a foreigner and once more WH will edge closer to being like any other club.

  49. Roshi says:

    My Auntie Doreen has offered to take the reins of management till the end of the season, she is in her 70’s born within a spit of the ground, understands the principle of traditional West Ham play and what the supporters want. She is passionate about the Hammers, and I reckon she would do a much better job than is being done now…….Curb’s was born in Stratford I believe, get a grip ‘ol son!

  50. Batman says:


    When you ran a post about whether we should appoint curbishley i argued that he was not the man to take us forward. I also said that all theose supporters who want him or an ex hammer will be regretting it. Sadly I have been proven right.

    Imbeciles like Tony Cottee will now keep their big mouths shut. Bringing in ex hammers is not the way forward. We were on par with clubs like Spurts and Villa but now we are well behind. Unless there are wholesale changes at the end of the season, we will always be a mid table team.

    A friend just said we are in a better position than last season. True, but we underperformed last season. Why do our fans accept mid table positions?

    I am fed up of his stupid excuses and his stubborn arrogant attitude. The bottom line is he is a backward thinker and he has been found out. People like him and Sam Salad Rice get found out when they have to think. They are boring narrow minded tacticians, whose philosphies are pre historic.

    The chairman must act fast at the end of the season, we need a man who will attract big name players and a man who talks to his players rather than writing instructions on the whiteboard.

    Bilic in.

  51. tim says:

    Even when things have been good this season, the football has been dire and unatractive. This is West Ham United ffs!

    Curbs has to go!

  52. Jamie Porter says:

    i fink it is a disgrace that alan curbishly stills plays luis boa morte the effort is there but he doesent diserve to be wearing the west ham shirt. He has the likes of Mark Noble and Nolberto Solano on the bench sometimes i wonder if he knows what he is doing to lose 4-0 three times is absulute rubbish. Other than Mark Noble Scott Parker and Robert Green the passion just isnt there. We have the likes of BLACKBURN EVERTON AND SUNDERLAND NEXT if there is 3 more defeats there alan curbishly should be a worried man.

  53. chris says:

    most of us are behind curbs and all want him to do well,but theres no way im gunna back him if he continues to play neil and boa morte, theres no manager in the world gunna make neil run faster and thers no manager in the world gunna make LBM do anything right…not a moaning yiddo!!!

  54. Sam says:

    you lose 4-0 against chelsea…ok, could happen to any1, bad day at the office

    you then lose 4-0 a second time, you have to stick a rocket up your players and make some wholesale changes…we can’t go down and we have tottenham next

    so what could have happened is we go to the spuds with some bright young players in the side (sears, noble etc etc – noble who has been proving himself all year) – we may or may not get a result but the manager would have proved a point to all the dead wood (lbm eg) that they’re not guaranteed a place in the team if they continues to play crap every single flippin week. those young players would have also definatley been up for the game/the fight/the battle that every fan wants to see from a person donning the c&b

    but no, mr.mediocre himself insists on playing his little favourites in pursuit of rebuilding an entire ex charlton side. spector, lbm, cole blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. you can read him like a picture book, his subs wont be made until 20-25mins left and when he does bring players on its always too late.

    his tictacs are from the same script no matter who we play…and we have been found out. simple as.

    so what actually happens is is we lose 4-0 again – but without having learnt anything new about our team, which at this stage of the season with the young talent we have at our disposal could be vital for starting something new and improved next year

    lets get a few bright young sparks who want to play for us out on the pitch – see what they’ve got to offer

    before we say goodbye to alan completely, he team itself needs a huge shakeup – we have nothing to lose this year, so its a perfect opportunity..

    drop lbm, spector (as CB), maybe mullins (but only cos i wanna see noble in), cole, maybe neill

    get in noble straight away (particularly for london derbies curbs!), sears, tomkins pleyers from this breed

    we have a lot of experience in our team and it has potential to fuse well

    then sack curbs!

  55. storm says:

    hi guys, bartman u wrote a niec peice and then reuned it right at the end. U say ex hammer is not the way foward and then the last think u say in your argument is billic in? im sorry is he not an ex hammer?

  56. Dezmondo says:

    To be honest I feel that there are a number of points that need to be raised and raised quickly. Firstly excuse my rantings which no doubt will ramble on:

    1) Rob Green – Seems disheartened and seems to be lacking a bit of concentration. It seems that when our goal was being bombarded last year he was outstanding. Not saying we or any one else has anything better though

    2) Lucas Neill – Despite turning 30 he seems not to have improved and still makes silly mistakes that need to be addressed. Despite these though, we have more urgent things to look at

    3) Anton Ferdinand – Yesturday he made a few mistakes that cost us goals. Specifically letting Berbatov in for those two headers. Had a good season though and working with Upson I feel he has a good future. One to keep me thinks

    4) Matthew Upson – Has been amazing this year. A true rock. I think we have seen that without him we fall apart. This has been proven by the fact that as Iain say’s one minute we have the one of the best defences in the league, the next we are hitting relegation form.

    5) George McArtney – Well in the battle of the Beatles it was Lennon that won. I will admit that I personally thought that LB was a position that we would struggle in but George has proved me wrong with a string of great performances. Would just like to see him get forward more. Abit like Evra, Bridge or Risse.

    6) Other Defenders – It seems that we have a lot of squad players that need to be dumped Pantsil, Davenport. Spector to name just 3. Collins and Gabbidon can stay a) to show loyalty for bringing us back up and b) they are good defenders on thier day.

    7) Lundjberg – Is it me or is this man past his best. A cry back to the old days of Radiciou, Futre and Dimitrescu. £80K per week (alledgedly). I would seriously think about cutting our losses and getting something new in. Faubert excites me but needs games.

    8) On thier day we could have the best CM in the country what with Parker, Nobes and Mullins. Yes even Mullins who for me has done little wrong. Against teams below us play Parker and Nobes. For the harder teams play with Mullins.

    9) Well this is where I start to get RAGE!!!!! IS CURBS BLIND!!! LBM is SHOCKING!!! Where is Etherington? Where is Reid? Where is Collinson all are better than this Tw*t. He sulks, he never passes and cant take on players. This is something that has been persistant all year yet Curbs continues to play him. WHY? It is descisions like this that will get him the sack!

    10) Forwards – Dean Ashton for me is the best forward we have. Controversial I know! but hear me out. This man was at the start of the year valued at close to 15Mil. Now I understand he has put on weight but with persistance and the fact we have nobody better, he WILL regain the form that propelled him into the England squad. Still our top Goalscorer and has played a hatfull of games! Cole is great as a 4th Choice behind Zamora, Bellers and Ashton and the lad has a canny knack of being able to hold up the ball which should be used against the big boys. Fair play to Curbs for experimenting but each games tactics should be based on who you are playing and not the fact that you won your last game. Still with Bobby Z back we have hope of a bit of competition for the forward places.

    11) The remainder of the squad. – Youth wise we are looking good again. Freddie Sears is on fire and needs games soon. Now we have nothing to fight for, what do we have to lose. The same goes with Collinson, Stanislas and Stech in goal.

    How do I come to the above. Well I have watched EVERY GAME HOME AND AWAY and can see what the response of the crowd is. Although we are all ranting and raving lets look back 12 months! In the bottom 3 and lets admit it. We were doomed. Still Curbs (with a little help from an Argie) pulled us back from oblivion. So lets give him another 12 months. Relegation to Europe in 2 seasons aint bad. Especially with all of the injuries we have had. Thats another thing! Curbs give the injury excuse a rest and be honest! sometimes we are good and sometimes we are awful. That’s Football.

    One final point. With the summer fast approaching we need to look at Transfer targets and we need to spend. Not big but sensibly. Giles Barnes for one is a good target. Left Mid is something we need to improve. Ethers is good but that is all we have? Perhaps a LB for cover/competition for George Mac. The rest of the team seems fine with good competitive competition all over.

    Enough of my waffling. Constructive comments welcome. however please bear in mind that these are my opinons and not that of others.

    I thankyou

  57. bored from chigwell says:

    Curbishley has to go,thats not the issue,the issue is lets get the right man to replace him.Slaven Bilic is that man.Hes clever,passionate and a winner,everything curbishley isn’t.We want entertainment,we lost tevez and yossi,where did he think the craft and brain of the team was going to come from? All these managers are the same,Mclaren,curbishley,allerdyce,the so called best of English,all haven’t a clue,all moved up a level and got badly found out.I know if i was the Chairman i would want the best man to take my club forward,someone that knows the foreign market,someone who knows how to play good football on the ground and someone whose not afraid to blood youngsters.Bilic in,sign him up before Croatia win the euros and he ends up in Italy or Spain.

  58. I’m tired of Curbishley now. It’s taken a while to come as I’ve never forgotten the miracle at the end of last season, but he has proven his critics correct. He is predictable.

    At the same time however, we have beaten Man United three times in a row under him and remain the only team to win at the Emirates.

    He has to go though, because he doesn’t have the character to bring in the required players for next season if we are going to have any chance of pushing for Europe. That was shown when Bent decided to take a U-turn at the last minute (thank god he did though).

    Bilic would be a great appointment, I just don’t know whether he’d take the job. Maybe if Croatia flop at the Euros, but then we wouldn’t want him because he’d be known as a bad manager.

    I’d actually quite like to see Di Canio as someones number two. He’s got the passion to motivate the players, something that is non-existent at the moment. I just hope, if we do get someone new in, that they are allowed to make the transfer dealings themselves, rather than being told who to buy by the board.

  59. Josh says:

    You have to assess Curbishley on the season and not on 1 string of (very) poor results, this is still a season where we’ve beaten Man U and Liverpool at Upton Park, and have virtually guaranteed ourselves premiership football again next season, coming from where we were last year, this is a success and should be seen as one by all the fans.

    It’s one thing for fans to say they want attractive football, but if we went back to playing like we did under Pardew sooner or later we’d end up in the same position we were under Pardew, Curbs’ approach gets us the points we need and those points get us the stability we need to really push on and try to become the next Everton or Pompey. Dont forget Evertons first shot at the Champions League (which they blew in spectacular fashion) came off the back of a season where they were 1-0 specialists, now they score for fun.

    There is NO CHANCE, of West Ham ever becoming the club BG and the fans want if we sack managers because ‘all’ they do is get points on the board. Points have to come first, flair needs to take a back seat for now.

  60. JackHammer says:

    Iain, I can’t believe some of the rubbish written above against Curbishly, we would be playing in the Championship if he hadn’t arrived, his only crime is one or two bad signings!! (LBM and Quashie).
    I seem to remember Harry making a good deal more without this criticism.
    Give Alan a few seasons and he will build a good team, it is some of the players who need a wake up call for very average displays lately.
    WHU is a club who have stuck by their managers in the past, and we need to stop this tabloid mentality of looking for the managers head every time we have a bad patch.
    Lets get real, now isn’t the time for a change.

  61. In answer to anyone that thinks Curbishley should be given more time because of the great job he done in saving us last season then lets remember some facts : Firstly – it was the fans constant singing and chanting for Tevez that finally got him the run in the team he deserved. Secondly, the other main factor was Mark Noble – and despite playing superbly whenever given a chance only finally got into the team because of injuries to others.
    We owe Curbishley nothing for last season – get him out now before the damage is irreversable.

  62. crazyhorse says:

    storm…slaven bilic is an ex hammer

  63. crazyhorse says:

    Betfair.Bilic has said many times that he would love to be back at west ham oneday,so dont be surprised if at the end of the season to hear of him being our new manager

  64. E7 Spur says:

    An observation:

    Charlton, under Curbishley, were notorious for starting the season well but fading badly. It looks like the same thing is happening to the Hammers.

    But what about last year, when you won 7 of your last 9 games to stay up? Curbishley wasn’t around for pre-season or the early games. So this is the first time you’ve seen his unique approach to team preparation and fitness at work.

    Regarding yesterday’s game, I was there. Apart from the first 5 minutes you weren’t in it and a more astute manager would have had LBM off long before the ref took the decision out of his hands. Only Parker and Ashton can leave with their heads held high – both were exemplars of hard and selfless work.

  65. Mac says:

    As we seem to be in backwards gear let’s not bet against Curbs bringing back Quashie as he battles to keep our mid-table mediocrity safe: ‘yeah Nigel could do a nice little job for us..’

  66. Russell says:

    Has this Nani geezer been confirmed as our new sporting director yet or not?

    I really really wanted curbs to succeed, was at his first game against man utd and thought we were sorted. Despite beatin the goons at the emirates and beating man utd another 2 times, I have given up on his abilities. Yes of course we dont wanna turn into a joke club that has a different manager every other season like spuds or the barcodes, but its frustrating and embarrasing. 4 nil three times in a row? That has to be a record in the premiership surely? Our 3 games previous to this dark dark week in our history, wigan, birmingham and fulham, should really have been 9 points, instead we just about managed 4 points. The signs were there. We knew a result like chelsea was coming, and when it did, most predicted the same against liverpool, when that happened it confirmed that yes we prob will get done 4nil again by the spuds. How are we not going to lose at least 4 nil to everton away in a fortnight? LBM WANTS to do well for the club but he can’t apart from with the reserves, wanting and actually doing something are not the same curbs. He is so poor and it really really shows, has done for a long time now. But of course curbs and LBM are not the only culprits. Motivation in my opinion is a key quality in a manager and curbs cant motivate! after chelsea we got told we have to sort it out. Nothing. After Liverpool, we have to sort it out. Nothing. Spuds. Nothing. YES we have injuries & YES he played his part in the miracle that kept us up last season. But he bought in the KNOWN injury plagued players. Can we not get refunds on bellamy, dyer, parker? (Parker played well yesterday but c’mon, he’ll get injured til the summer in our next game) Really not sure about Bilic, think he has potential but bit risky he’s never managed at club level! There are no realistic replacements that can take us to the next level at the moment we will prob have to wait til the summer, but this cant continue! I got sunderland away tickets today, I’m not sure why!?! 12 hour drive to play negatively and lose 4 nil. SORT IT OUT CURBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Joe says:

    I know this doesnt have alot to do with this section but Iain, i dont know if i feel very west ham till i die at the moment, i mean sure i love the club , and Curbishly has done a good job at West Ham but i think his time has come where every fan would be happy to see him resign dont you agree? and yeah maybe if we start playing like the decent premiership club we should be i may get that passion back which was taken away when West Ham continue to make fools of themselves

  68. pjd says:

    dear oh dear oh dear. what a boring season,lack of goalsl,lack of creativity,lack of effort from some.i have seen very little if any of the football traditions that make us support west ham.curbishley i dont really know.i never rated him before his appointment and still dont,but should we sack him?look at newcastle etc who chop and change without any improvement.at the same time his style of football is ugly has no style to it and is not good to watch.lets not forget that before all the money talk football is supposed to be entertainment and how many times can we honestly say we have been entertained this season?i pray things improve but curbishley has never been known for exciting good football has he?as for the recent results someone please tell me its all a bad dream.come on you irons……….

  69. I have no sympathy for curbishley or his arrogance.Why did’t he replace lbm after the first yellow card.? With his dirty style of play red had to be on its way.
    For me it was a stupid mistate,so out with curbishley.

  70. Upton Spark says:

    In our local paper today,it says Curbishley won’t have to drop Boa Morte now that he is suspended.
    He gave him marks out of ten as 1 point just because he turned up!!
    Says it all really.

  71. uncleoperative says:

    I was watching the game live yesterday with my two sons and we just couldn’t believe what was happening.One goal down from a set piece, ok it was a good header and we are thinking,come on you Hammers get em back.Then another set piece from the other side and we are all saying “for gods sake keep an eye on Berbatov”!! 2-0.LBM is on the field,gets a yellow and the three of us knowing the kind of player he is are screaming at the TV for Curbs to take him off before it’s too late!! 10 men!!!
    Sorry Alan,but for me you failed terribly as a manager at that point.If LBM was a class player like say,Ronaldo,Rooney,Tevez,etc I could understand you keeping him on and taking a risk,but he isn’t,is he?!! Like someone else said,West Ham played better without him anyway.Lastly I would like to say that being a West Ham fan since I was about 8 and having Geoff Hurst live in the road at the back of ours in those magic days of 66 etc I really do feel sorry for the youngsters nowadays who pay alot of money to watch their favorite team only to be let down so much as they have been in the last 8 days.

  72. i think its pathetic that we lose 4-0 times in a row, and all of a sudden he’s under pressure. whatever happened to the days when a manager was at a club for years. it seems now you get 4 poor results in the season, and your threatened to be sacked.

  73. although i do think they shouldnt have chose curbs to begin with

  74. nr2iron says:

    I think a lot of posters fail to remember that we have spent very big money in the last 15-16 months and imho had a very poor return on it with Boa Morte as bad as i have ever seen in a claret and blue shirt and unbelievably he still gets picked! why?? this is Curbs downfall as i believe as he signed him he has to play him no matter how bad he is and he is awful.

  75. NunheadHammer says:

    I’ve read lots of comments posted on this board and others, as well as the Guardian article (which I think is a total fabrication) – as well as the recent statement on WHUFC.com.
    But lets assess sensibly where Curbishley has taken us:
    1) We are a much stronger league position that we were last year, still with possible 6th place finish
    2) We have some exciting young talent coming through e.g. Noble, Sears, Collinson as well as Ashton, Green, Upson
    3) With the injuries this season, huge pluses go to Carlton Cole, Matthew Upson and George MacCartney, not to mention Hayden Mullins. Definitely a good sign of good management
    4) Signing of Scott Parker – very impressive player when fit
    5) Better defensively (with the exception of last results) – our hallmark has always been dodgy defence
    1) Boring dull brand of football – but suppose this has been constrained by our injury problem up front
    2) Bought injury prone players – need better scout
    3) Bought LBM – shoot him
    Solution: get rid of LBM, trim squad down, hope that injuries clear up and buy a couple of decent foreign players and stop whinging – we could be in the Coco cola league – get behind the team

  76. NunheadHammer says:

    I’ve read lots of comments posted on this board and others, as well as the Guardian article (which I think is a total fabrication) – as well as the recent statement on WHUFC.com.
    But lets assess sensibly where Curbishley has taken us:
    1) We are a much stronger league position that we were last year, still with possible 6th place finish
    2) We have some exciting young talent coming through e.g. Noble, Sears, Collinson as well as Ashton, Green, Upson
    3) With the injuries this season, huge pluses go to Carlton Cole, Matthew Upson and George MacCartney, not to mention Hayden Mullins. Definitely a good sign of good management
    4) Signing of Scott Parker – very impressive player when fit
    5) Better defensively (with the exception of last results) – our hallmark has always been dodgy defence
    1) Boring dull brand of football – but suppose this has been constrained by our injury problem up front
    2) Bought injury prone players – need better scout
    3) Bought LBM – shoot him
    Solution: get rid of LBM, trim squad down, hope that injuries clear up and buy a couple of decent foreign players and stop whinging – we could be in the Coco cola league – get behind the team

  77. Luis Boa Morte says:

    Hello I’m Luis and the most positive thing that came out of the Tottenham game was that Curbs won’t be able to play me next week because I’m a complete nut who can only make sloppy tackles when they are needed.
    By the way I would like to be known from now on as “Lose Boa Morte” .
    I should have taken up Kickboxing as my father advised me!!!!!
    I also wish I could pay BG my 5 million pound price tag back because I feel he needs to buy some strong coffee(preferably Douwe Eggerts) and for good measure some biscuits too.This could take some of the pain away from watching me fight, errrr whoops I mean play.

  78. crazyhorse says:

    Its difficult to get behind the team when they are slaughtered like lambs 3 times in a row,plus bad tactics from curbs dont help.In saying that booing wont help us win,but this run of results has to change asap,and we are lacking goals,and this is worrying.Lets just hope that after ashton put in a better workrate,that he keeps it going and gets back to the ashton we know.Still think sears should get a run out in the games

  79. Eric says:

    What do we do when we’re down 4-0?
    Have a laugh, get on with it and cheer for Wigan. Then sing Cheerio, Cheerio to all the Gunners fans as they file out the pub.

    We may lose but we Hammers supporters are top notch.

  80. ExPat_Iron says:

    I’m not the type to go baying for blood off of a couple of defeats but the thing that has got to me the most is seeing my passionate, gritty, and hard-working team turn into a defencive Charlton-esque nightmare. I just feel inclined to reply to the post above me as I see things slightly different…

    1) We are in a stronger position this year and could push for Europe if we can string together a good run in the closing games. But I feel as if there are more teams doing worse this year overall too, I don’t remember an 8 point gap (at least it was the other day) between 10th and 11th last season. Many of our wins have been very slight and not convincing at all.

    2) The exciting young talent we see has very little to do with Curbs, especially the academy players. They’ve been groomed by Merv, and probably should have received at least a 10 minute cameo by now in my opinion. Upson I will give you – good signing there and keeping him fit is a big key to our defence. Green and Ashton were brought in before Curb’s time, Green was largely neglected by Curbs last season too, and there are hints that Ashton is now (although he certainly doesn’t look up to par, but how can you get him match fit without playing him? They need to up his cardio on the training ground)

    3)Injuries, yes we’ve had a lot and it has been hard, but it’s no good coming out and praising the players for their committment when they come out and beat Utd and the Pool one week, and then saying that we’re losing to teams like Birmingham next week because we have too many injuries – that’s my main problem with Curbs right now, he takes no personal responsibility, and while I agree that it is the players that ultimately decide the outcome of the game, a captain should always go down with his ship.
    Cole has run his backside off and won many people’s respect, Linda has surprised a lot of people, Mullins is very underestimated, and Upson is a rock – they’ve all stepped up to the challenge. Good management though? Maybe more of a case of few options.

    4) Excellent signing, gritty and determined, wish we had 11 of him.

    5) Agree that we are better defencively and you can see that by the way we play the ball out of defence instead of just booting it up field. Midfield and attack are key though, we really have no player that follows in the footsteps of beneyoun, berkavic, cole, di canio, bishop genre – solano has shown glimpses but nothing consistent in that area this season. We desperately need a playmaker with a little trickery and invention out of the ordinary.

    6) Boring football – quite a bit, don’t know how this came about, too negative going foward and we absorb way too much pressure. I mean in all honesty John Moncur wasn’t the best technically but he was at least exciting to watch going forward, he had drive and ambition on the ball, not seeing that at the moment from anyone but noble and parker. I hope our brand of football returns, it’s what we’re all about. I don’t mind getting the occassional kicking as long as we try to play the game the way it was intended.

    7) Injury prone players – we do need a better scouting network, but everyone we bought minus Faubert was in the prem to begin with, not to mention Dyer had a track record of being injured. Plus Curbs must get one of the final signoffs on any deal that is made, he doesn’t give authority to the scouts to buy players on their own.

    8) LBM might possibly be the worst player I have ever seen at west ham, not fit to wear the shirt, i’d suggest using him as a ball boy but i think he’d probably get tackled by the advertising signs.

    Solution: well I certainly don’t have the answer, what I’d like to see though is a little flair back in our game, passion and grit, and a pride when they put on the claret and blue shirts. I don’t think Curbs out is necessarily the answer, I just think we need to rethink what we’re doing and get back to west ham football – raise the pace and intensity, play the players that will reward you for starting them, and for god’s sake let the young lads have a crack whilst we’re safe from going down. The best fans in the world will continue to be the best fans in the world, we don’t expect to win the league, we don’t expect to spend millions in the transfer windows, we just want players that will give there all for us, because saturday at 3 isn’t just a game to a west ham fan, its a war.

  81. chris says:

    B—–ks! our squads well short of quality.

  82. bedford hammer says:

    yesterday will be my last game 4 this season,ive been going 2 watch west ham since the 80’s and although there have been some awful times in those years (bond scheme,roeder,macari etc..) i still recall west ham sides trying 2 play football and even though the results were not always wot the fans wanted the football on the whole kept me entertained but this season the standard of football has been generally poor and tactically we look naive and sometimes bordering clueless!
    speaking 2 fans of both west ham and tottenham on the train home i found it interesting that some fans not all but quite alot said playing in europe was more important than being entertained,now i for one found this a bit sad as although i wud gladly welcome european football to upton park and follow them to some freezing cold 2 bit stadium in the middle of hell (palermo last season) i still want to see entertaining football,i sometimes yearn for the days of rotherham,crewe,burnley etc.. just for a few moments then realise that things have moved on and i have aswell yet for some reason west ham’s style of football seems to have gone backwards.thinking about this more or less since i left the concrete jungle aka white hart lane i have come to the conclusion that the manager surely most carry the responsability for our poor run but more worryingly our inability to pass the ball,move off the ball,create space,create opportunities and defend set pieces.
    sacking curbs is an option but only if we have a class replacement ready to come in with a proven track record and who has the ability to get results playing attractive football,i know there will be games where the players have to tough it out and scrap for points and i accept that but upton park was once a fortress and a place teams feared playing at now however it seems that the likes of wigan,bolton,reading can come and pick points up with relative ease,back to the manager situation i really dont know if there is anyone who is any better than curbs who we can realisitically attract,bilic has been touted for some while now but my arguement is national football is a big big difference from the hurly burly life of club football.
    i do hope that perhaps i am being a bit to cynical and hope that things will improve once players return to fitness and the youngsters get there chance (which cant be far off now) but then who knows!!
    on a positive note i thought the fans were outstanding yesterday and once again proved that we are the capitals and the worlds best supporters,totally out sung the home support and came up with a few of the funniest songs ive heard since the christian dailly song! i know its a bit sick but the song about tom huddlestone was hilarious.as for the tottenham steward who thought he was a comedian i hope you’re enjoying your new found freedom as im pretty sure there is already a p45 firmly in your hand!!!

  83. E1 says:

    we need to have clear out and bring in some quality introduce the young talent and look at weather curbs is up for it or just looking after himself hopeing for a long reign as manager. I dont think he has much ambition Bilic for me.

  84. richo says:

    expat_iron wrapped it up in a nutshell really didn’t he!

  85. Paul Morfey says:

    OK we’ve had a bad run, I predict a 1-0 win at Everton, then we will all be happy again. (Mmmmm)
    You heard it here 1st
    Sorry, but Curbs is not the man to take us forward, yes he has done well overall but we have reached our limits under his style of management.This is no bad thing but we all want more – don’t we?
    We need a top coach who can attract top players and the big fella needs to dip his hand in his pockets for top players to push us on

  86. luke says:

    Must say I agree with most of you. I was never sure that Curbs was the right man for us But it did seem like the next step up for him to come to westham and try to progress as a manager and move onto the next level. But his tactic are simple and bland and I strongly believe he will never get us into Europe and if he did we would be out in worst style than last time we was there. Up until the last summer transfer window things were looking very promising then came our cripples from Newcastle. I will admit I was glad to see us get Parker even with his history as he is a great and determined player, Dyer though was different, he never really seemed like he could be all that bothered as long as he got his wages and to get him and Parker dint make sense to me because of injurys. Bellers well has looked ok when he’s been fit but at the time I think we should of been looking for striker from Europe and with the season he has had I still do. LBM has has been a thorn in the teams side all season, and with there being no chance of selling him with his performances should be left in the reserve team for good. Quashie was another one I dint understand at the time, I could understand strenghing the team for the relegation fight but the player was never gonna bring anything to the team and he never did. Ljungberg I thought would make a good back-up or impact player from the bench and thought this signing wasn’t to bad at the time but he hasn’t proved to be as effective as I thought he would be but there is sill time. then theres Neill who looked a good signing at the time and was great in the relegation fight but this season has been all over the place and should be left out of the team for a game or two to show him performances get first team places not the captain arm band. Out of all the signings Curbs made Upson, Faubert and Solano are the only ones Im happy with, Upson has been solid and consistant and I think Faubert looks very promising and once he has got a proper run of games will start to show his stuff. Solano I wasnt sure about to start off with because of the amount of players in the squad that could play in that position but he has been great for us. So in my eyes all these mistakes in the transfer window are enough alone to get Curbs the sack let alone the dull football that he has brought to our park. As for a replacement Bilic sounds good but international and club football are totaly different where as he would bring the attacking style off football back to the club can he find the right players to bring in to strenghen the team correctly I dont know. I’m not sure now but aint Martin Jol still without a job if so he proved at Spuds he has a good football mind and it would be great to go to th lane next season with him commanding us and give them a 4-0 thrasing.

  87. chris says:

    Neil your slow

  88. sadhammer says:

    does anyone know the odds for us getting stuffed 4-0 on saturday v blackburn
    Curbs cannot see the woods for the trees – why oh why not play the youngsters and give them a good blooding for next season – what have we got to lose
    the PR from WHU is a joke – get it sorted or all the supporters will f*ck off for good.

  89. Fred The Hammer says:

    Boa Morte cant tackle cant shoot cant pass what can he do West ham should sell him on ebay (NO RESERVE) .

  90. brooking is still the best says:

    Oh dear, happy Hammers aren’t we!

    This season’s a write off,

    I’ve tried all season to support Curbs, The last three games has made me sick of football and I am not looking forward to Saturdays game! Do I go or stay at home and get dragged shopping with her indoors?

    I still think he should be given next season to see what we do.

  91. Painter says:

    Alan Curbishley is a good manager – we are on a bad run, thats all. we need to remember that we are not a top team – sad, regrettable…even fucking tragic for anyone who loves our history attractive football and heroic players, but we are not a top side like man u, arse and liverpool.

    we are going to have bad runs (even the top sides do) but there is no need for ludicrous and utterly pointless reaction. we are lucky to have curbishley and if we stick by him we will get the reward as we did with our last successful manager john lyall (west ham got relegated in his first season), and as a much more spectacular example, alex ferguson was at man u 7 years before he won anything! he was on the brink of getting sacked when they started winning…virtually everything!!

    forget about getting rid of curbs – think about supporting his effort to get us out of this mess.

  92. Adam Jones says:

    I WAS there. i got in caus a friend is a Tottenham season ticket holder with two season tickets. anyway i got in on that ticket and had to sit quietly in with the tottenham season-ticket holders. it was a depressing experience being forced to bite my tongue when each bloody goal went in whilst all around me cheered like looneys. The team didn’t turn up, pure and simple. The defense was a shambles and there was no fighting spirit in the team. As to whether Curbs should go, who knows, but it was and better be the last time we lose like that.

  93. Bored by Curbs says:

    Apparently if Curbs is still there in the summer, Eduardo will be at the top of his shopping list.

  94. E1 says:

    Fed up with it I just want to see some decent football being played by us bring in the youngsters !!!! give noble the captains arm band and give us (the fans) something to shout about.
    COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Plaistow54 says:

    Didn’t see the last three games but heard the results. My, how quickly things change. Back to the negative goal average days. Boa Morte only ever played well in the Championship & it is too late to start his career now. Choosing him in front of Noble is beyond belief. I am like most others who have been here a while in that i think Curbs has done nothing dreadfully wrong up to this point. I think he deserves until the end of the season & then i am sure all & sundry will assess his future. The last three games have not done him any favours. It has reinforced the war crys of those who didn’t want him in the first place. There are still 27 points up for grabs & i would think we can take 15 or 16 of those as we only have Utd. to play out of the four. I still think 8th is possible but Europe is gone. Teams do have bad runs & you can’t start sacking people every time a bad cloud comes over, but it would be in his interests to stop the rot quickly, very quickly. Yes, read the riot act Iain, with a loud hailer.

  96. Doc H Ball says:

    I don’t think Curbs has fully appreciated our feelings towards the Spuds and our committmnet to entertaining football. I can live with drubbings against the new Chelski and Liverpool away, but the Spuds are a different kettle of fish. Any W Ham player that doesn’t perform against them should be dragged out and shot like a horse with a broken leg.

    We stick with Curbs for the rest of the season and see what he comes up with, then we decide. I’m sure BG is thinking precisely that. It’s beyond me what he has to lose by not sicking in the youngsters and experimenting and it’s beyond me what he’s got to gain by dropping Noble and opting for LBM and the Swede in slippers, but it’s his own downfall.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm everyone, the rest of the season’s a cakerun and we should enjoy ourselves as best we can. Come the summer if things don’t improve, off with his head!

  97. Didn’t see the game but listened on the radio. Once again we couldn’t turn early pressure into goals and were ’sucker-punched’.

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