Incentive to win: 11 Points Ahead of Spurs!

I don’t know why, but I feel quite optimistic that we will get a result at White Hart Lane this afternoon. I may well end up regretting writing that, but we’ll see. I suspect that a few changes will be rung in the team selection with Dean Ashton replacing Carlton Cole and Scott Parker possibly featuring either in the starting line-up or on the bench. Matty Upson is rated only 50-50, so expect to see Jonathan Spector come in for him. The last two results will hopefully have given everyone a wake-up call. Having reached 40 points certain players seem to have become rather complacent. Europe is still a possibility, even if not a probability now. But we certainly don’t want to let Spurs overtake us. If we win today, we’ll be 11 points ahead of them on 43 points. So, this is my expected lineup.

Green, McCartney, Neill, Upson/Spector, Ferdinand, Ljungberg, Noble, Mullins, Boa Morte, Parker, Ashton. Subs: Wright, Pantsil, Zamora, Cole, Tomkins.


14 Responses to Incentive to win: 11 Points Ahead of Spurs!

  1. matt says:

    I think you’re right about changes being made, or I hope you’re right, the Liverpool display wasn’t anywhere near good enough! And after lucas neil’s performance in that game I would give him a kick up the arse by replacing him with pantsil, but I can’t see curbs ever dropping his captain.

  2. NJ Hammer says:

    I still don’t get the LBM selection. Can someone please explain?

  3. crazyhorse says:

    We need 4-4-2 no more of this 4-5-1,we have to attack.Ashton and Zamora,with Sears on the bench.For gods sake curbs no more of the last 2 results please

  4. Damien says:

    Well 2-0 already to Spurs another poor game in progress =[

  5. Kent says:


    Hey Alan, Spurs have this forward named Berbatov. He’s good and he knows how to score. You should have the defense pay particular attention to him.

    Hey Alan, will you go to Blackpool now?

    That is all.

  6. crazyhorse says:

    as i said before boa morte is a liability,and more proof by being sent off at spurs

  7. NJ Hammer says:

    LBM getting sent off is a blessing. He’s a liabillity. At least Curbs won’t be ABLE to pick this idiot for a while. Thanks God!

  8. dj clipz says:

    LBM strikes again!

  9. crazyhorse says:

    why why why didnt curbs sub that idiot lbm when he was yellow carded,another bad decision

  10. vdm says:

    The answer to why LBM keeps getting picked is simple – £5 million quid! Now he’ll have to go without him

  11. Damien says:

    3-0 Gilberto he is a crap player but he scores against us which isn’t hard…man this sucks =[

  12. Damien says:

    4-0! Oh my you know I think Curbs needs to be seriously looked at!

  13. crazyhorse says:

    12 goals in 3 games…unnacceptable,utter disgraceful

  14. Joe says:

    West Ham are an absolute joke players and that pratt Curbishley, we need a new manager and a team that are willing to play abit of football instead of getting knocked around and embaressing the clubs name

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