Blackburn Preview

I’m afraid I won’t be at Upton Park this afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I missed a game through illness, but for the last few days I have had a stinker of a cold. I thought it was going yesterday.but my head is throbbing ten to the dozen at the moment. Anyway, enough of my woes, what about the woes of our team. There will be those who think that anything better than a 4-0 tonking will be a result. Wrong. We need to put on a good display today and go for a clear win. Away with 4-5-1, let’s go for it. Boa Morte is out through suspension, thank God so I would have thought Ljungberg will play down the left with Solano on the right. I hope Noble comes in to play with Parker in the centre of midfield and that Ashton and Zamora start together up front. I’m not sure if Upson is still out, but it is to be assumed that Spector will fill in again despite his horrors last time out. personally, I’d like to see Neill rested and Pantsil given a chance. He’s obviously gagging for it. Here’s my expected team…

Green, Upson, Ferdinand, McCartney, Neill, Solano, Ljungberg, Noble, Parker, Zamora, Ashton. Subs: Wright, Mullins, Tomkins, Cole, Sears.

UPDATE: The Sun reports that Anton is out for three weeks with ankle ligament damage. They suggest that Lucas Neill will move to central defence with Pantsil replacing him on the right. The other alternative would be to play James Tomkins.


18 Responses to Blackburn Preview

  1. Solano on both wings?? says:

    I like your idea of putting Solano in the starting line up twice and playing with 12 men Iain! Very shrewd, just don’t tell Blackburn…

  2. Iain, funny you should mention Lucas Neill going into a Central Defence. Lucas actually plays in that position for Australia. He actually played central defence for Australia in the last world cup and was brilliant. I actually think he is better suited in that roll than fullback. If Upson iis still injured, it would make more sense to play Neill central and give Pantsil his shot at right back.
    Please no more Spector !

  3. richo says:

    I will be so pissed if we play with the 4-5-1 formation again. We need a more attacking formation. I think we should play with something like a 4-3-1-2, my line-up would be Green, Upson, Ferdinand, Neill, McCartney, Parker, Noble, Solano, Cole (just in behind the strikers), Zamora, Sears (considering Ashton aint fit). Subs: Mullins, Paintsill, Ljunberg, Tomkins. If Cole aint working out just behind the strikers we could have Parker or Solano move forward and replace them in midfield.

  4. Whammers, I would just love to see Lucash Neill play centre back today because it would guarantee Rovers a stonewall penalty. He is NOT a Premiership CB and seems to be a little loaded down with the cash in his back pockets.
    Seriously, it will be a tough game for us and I for one would like to break the Upton Park hoodoo after the way you stole the points last season. We owe you one big time and maybe today is that time. Heres hoping.
    Anyhow, for some of your fans who came to Ewood earlier this season, we had a great laugh, a pool and drinking competition which was great, it was just a pity that one fo them couldnt handle the real meat and tattie pies after scoffing 7 of them !!!

  5. chris says:

    Snap, me to iaian i’m also ill, listening on radio,but have to disagree for a change 4 5 1 for me!!,not to happy about spector and neil at fullback,should of played neil centre and pantsil fullback,cant believe nobles not playing! fingers crossed with my lemslip! hope neil does’nt get roasting

  6. Kent says:

    Come on you Hammers!

  7. Paul Morfey says:

    How many of us have shouted for Freddie Sears, at last something to shout about.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Ando so Sears scores………………………..weeks after most of us on here have been saying give the youngsters a chance.

    Curbishley, do yourself a favour and read what the supporters think. They seem to have a better grasp of football players than yourself. Why else would somebody play 2 players up front with 1 goal in about 30 matches between them?

  9. Upton Spark says:


    Reminded me of Tony Cotte’s debut.
    Couldn’t leave Cottee out after his bright start and I hope the same happens to Sears.
    Nowing Curbs though,he won’t do it that way,but you never know.

  10. richo says:

    Finally curbs wakes up. he only gave Sears quarter of an hour and he took his chance and showed Zamora how to score. Hopefully we’ll see alot more of Sears now.

  11. Young Sears looked good, amazing how West Ham always seem to unearth good youngsters, kudos.

  12. Young Sears looked good, amazing how West Ham always seem to unearth good youngsters, kudos..

  13. getoutofthat says:

    MOTD last night… Freddie scores. Cut to Sir Geoff Hurst in the stands with a big grin on his face. Cut back to Freddie giving it Hammers to the crowd. Cut to Sir Trevor Brooking in the stands with a big grin on his face. Lovely!

  14. chris says:

    Parkers back playing well very busy!Looks as if we can play 4 4 2 again,although blackburn had far to many chances.But again our right side was so exsposed,not gunna grumble though,this is time for celebration!!!OHHHHHHHHH FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE…………….FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE SEARS!!!!!!

  15. Eric says:

    Moments like yesterday make it all worth being a Hammer. Amirite?
    And it was just great when he crossed his arms after scoring. Proud to be West Ham. Well done.

  16. Doc H Ball says:

    One week we’re despondent, the next elated. Do me a favour everyone, bottle the questioning and just back the team come what may. We’ve all got issues with Curbs for sticking with certain players and not giving others sufficient chance, but let’s all just finally face facts and accept that from where we were a year ago, we’d all settle for this and NOBODY could have realistically done better.

    There’s a new crop of youngsters coming through, we’ve got some cash and there’s the prospect of a 60,000 stadia on the horizon. After the Spuds game I was as livid as the next fan, but when will we learn that the apprehension from the stands affects what happens on the pitch. Back the team, it’s what we’re famous for.

  17. colney says:

    simply a pleasure being a west ham supporter today.


  18. Hammerboy says:

    A west ham boy… a possible west ham legend if he stays …. ladies and gents …. FREDDIE SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (make sure the arms stay like this X)

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