Curbs: Youngsters Will Stay in Contention

I’ve just been watching Alan Curbishley’s post match press conference. His most interesting comment was to say that Sears, Tomkins and Collison will be in and around the team for the rest of the season. He said about Freddie Sears: “I’m going to give him a bit of a run”. Excellent. Freddie Sears certainly gave me a tonic yesterday when I was coughing my guts up at home! It will be interesting to see what he does against Everton. My bet is that Freddie Sears will start, alongside Dean Ashton. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if James Tomkins got a look in in the first team in the next two or three matches.


36 Responses to Curbs: Youngsters Will Stay in Contention

  1. Matthew says:

    Hopefully the youngstars of whufc will be given a chance to prove themselves, although they should have been given a chance alittle earlier instead of these overpaid idiots such as BOA, Mullins and Zamora. Noble has never let us down and these youngsters have the same pedigree, the same pride and enthusiasm which some of our first team seem to be missing. I am also interested and excited about the now comfirmed appointment of Nani, will we now have someone who is capable of attracting class players to the pride of east london?! Great Website Iain.

  2. crazyhorse says:

    For the short time Sears was on he did link up well with asthon,lets hope that continues.Sears is a bright intelligent player with a great future

  3. brooking is still the best says:

    I couldn’t help getting a bit carried away with Sears debut yesterday. I had been looking forward to seeing him in the first team for what seems like ages. We all should remember though, this is just the beginning and not to put to much expectation on the kid. Give him the chance to grow and hopefully he will become as good as we all hope he will be.

  4. brooking is still the best says:

    Thought I should add, didnt Curbs do well, he got it exactly right bringing Freddie Sears on when he did. It was a very brave decision to bring him on with the game level and it paid of big time! I hope we dont hear any more negativity for the rest of the season. Considering where we was last year, he has done wonders. Next season will be the telling one and if he and the team are given the right kind of support, then who know what could happen? COYI

  5. Hammerboy says:

    I said to my dad as i sat in the DR.Martens, what can we possibly expect of this 19 year old when he only has 10 minutes… seconds later its 2-1 and the crowds going mental. How could anyone not notice the fans lift when the youngster came on? Bit of advice to curbs, play him for the majority of our remaining games if not all of them. The prospect of this italian sporting director is very interesting; but lets show the premier league that our HOMEGROWN talent is sheer class.

  6. bobby says:

    well ,if iremeber well the goal of sears is like the one of tony cottee first goal against the spuds, the difference was that tony hit the post and the rebound in the net.we have a good future ithink, we can go places but we must be patient,here in malta we are few supporters but big in ian keep up the work i always look for your website be well soon bobby mizzi malta hammer till i die and happy easter

  7. crazyhorse says:

    With nani appointed and able to bring in class players and with the talented young players like sears coming thru this will be great times for the club.Seeing that young lad score on his debut took away alot of the pain of the previous 3 results.Good call curbs

  8. OzzytheIron says:

    was extatic when Freddie scored – was amazing, but agree with ‘brooking the best’, was a fairytale start and we dont want to put too much expectation on the lad cos of his goal. I hope curbs plays him, but lets hope – not expect that he continues producing for the first team.

  9. Hammeron says:

    Freddie has made an excellent start…Lets look after him and not expect too much too soon.
    Hopefully without Brown as chairman we have a chairman now with ambition and if we can hang onto these lads, if we do we could actually have a bright future.
    I am optimistic that our chairman is of the same mindset

  10. Biffo the Bear says:

    great debut for the boy. He’ll remember it for the rest of his life. Heard the news of the appointment of the director of football, good news i reckon. If we have ambitions to be a bigger club we need to have the right management team in place, the manager can’t do everything. Just because he’s Italian shouldn’t mean he ignores the homegrown talent. I’m really looking forward to the next few years, if everything is handled properly there’s no reason why we can’t make progress year after year. No-one else has produced the quality of players that we have, problem in the past was keeping them which i think will not be the same now we don’t have terry brown rubbing his hands together everytime an academy player joins the first team.

    good things are coming!

    i also still can’t really believe that people are being critical of Curbs, even alzheimers sufferers can remember where we were last season.

    also, Mullins didn’t have the best game of his career on saturday but he’s been fantastic all season. I thought the whole team did really well against Blackburn considering how poor they were in the previous three games. It takes a lot to bounce back after that kind of a week.

    Can we put in an appeal against Boa Morte’s red card?
    they might extend the ban

  11. colney says:

    biifo,got to agree,mullins has been a revelation this season and has kept our injury torn team together some games.i admit he has the odd quiet one but he simply does the un sung hero stuff that goes unnoticed.

    i think we should ban the word fred and seers for a while and not get carried away .

    give the kid a break and let curbs do his thing with him.lets be a positive lot for the rest of the season,im sure theres plenty of doom and gloom going around the spudlies at the moment to keep us all amused!!!

  12. mac says:

    Just great to see the Freddie do the x after his goal. Let’s hope this can be the catalyst for the rest of the season. Sounds like Curbs now has the confidence to blood the youngsters given that we’re safely mid-table. Hopefully his’ ‘knot’ in his stomach given the past three games has now gone and he can put out sides that will play the final games with freedom and flair(!).

    The whole squad seemed lifted by Freddie’s goal, so let’s hope they can keep that spirit going and get something from the Everton game.

  13. Kim says:

    Matthew, LBM was not missed but Mullins has been tireless in his work rate and overall should be proud of his season. As for Bobby Z – he has been injured for most of the season and set up Ashton’s goal yesterday. Also, I was annoyed with the papers saying that Deano and Z man can’t play together. If memory served me right they didn’t do too badly a couple of seasons ago when we reached the FA Cup final! How about a 4-3-3 for a few games with Sears, Zamora and Ashton. We have nothing to lose and it will make for an entertaining end to the season. Well done Freddy.

  14. Matthew says:

    Kim, i understand that Mullins has played well, but,…. That is for Mullins, not someone who is class. This is Hayden Mullins we are talking about, he’s a poor version of Ray Wilkins(the crab), he can only pass sideways and offers nothing going forward. Zamora is the same, he only played well for a 6 games, that is not good enough. As a west ham fan, and lover of the game i want more from my team, and the players who wear the shirt. A holding midfield player who can thread a pass, a striker who contributes more than just goals against weaker sides. If we want to move up from the middle of the table we need to think about what players offer for 38 games a season, not a few good performances, i would like us to keep thebritish core of parker, upson, noble, the youngguns and add a flamboyant midfielder, not a sidwell, dyer, boa morte, a player who will peak with us, noton the fall!

  15. NunheadHammer says:

    Great to see Sears come on yesterday – what I thought was he ran at the Blackburn defence and caused chaos – this is what we miss with Bellamy. All too often we lacked confidence to shoot, a couple of occasions when Scott Parker got in good positions. Zamora also looked as though he had lost a lot of weight from last season. Good positives from the game, although we kept losing the ball in midfield and looked shakey at the back especially from set pieces. Still we’ve come on miles under Curbs and well done for his substitutions yesterday.

  16. ironsmith says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I had a lump in my throat after freddies’goal and when camera zoomed in on billy bonds and trevor brooking in the stands with beaming faces and I realised just how wonderful it is to be a west ham fan appreciating the special moments like these! The south east asia hammers went to sleep very happy on saturday night!

  17. lanphuong says:

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  18. Stephen says:

    Pride! Without putting to much pressure on. These kids could banish the painful memory of seeing cole, carrick, defoe, lampard, rio and glen johnson leave the club. The football was so much better on Saturday and the crowd needed a lift, we could have a new hero or could that be heroes!

  19. HermitRoadHarry says:

    One thing that’s very obvious, though, is that physically Freddie Sears is still just a kid. Yes, it’s very exciting to have someone with such talent coming through, but it would be stupid to let him get kicked around by big thugs like Vidic and Senderos and Terry every week before he’s ready. Watch how Wenger introduces his youngsters – little by litte. Coming off the bench first, then maybe a Carling Cup game, the odd League game… and hey presto, at 21 you’ve got a world-class footballer. Let’s try to be patient.

  20. colney says:

    Matthew,you are a prime example why theres is so much expectation around the have to do the basics first,you dont just sudenly become a top 4 side over night.players come and go form wise and no player has a blinder every week.even fatty boy has the off day(usually when he pulls the 3 lions on i admit).if you watch mullins all game you will see the work he gets through that goes so un noticed.he is the fittest player in the squad(first hand knowledge).i know hes no gerrard but then thats why we need him to keep stability in front of the back 4.keep it real,where would we have been this season without him?

  21. DevoDevo says:

    Good to see Curbishley finally listen to the fans (again!) – wasn’t it the same last year with Tevez and Noble?

    Let’s not get carried away, Curbishley won’t take West Ham anywhere and this victory shouldn’t gloss over the fact that Blackburn were one up and coasting until a glimpse of Deano’s old class brought us level.

    Personally, I thought deano looked a lot shaper and chased tirelessly. As for Matthew’s critism of Bobby Z, words fail me. This is the same player than ran through brick walls to help keep us up last year, playing on despite knee problems, which came back to haunt him this season. Then, when he finally gets himself fit AND improves the balance of the side immediately, clowns still criticise him?

    Personally, I would start with Deano and Bobby Z again and keep Sears back for the last half hour.

    Finally, good to see Parker coming through another hour – he is vital to the club’s improvement next season.

  22. The Academy says:

    I feel that young Mr Sears may have just saved Curbs his job. Should we have lost and the results keep going against us, and playing the way we are, he may have been off by May. However, Freddie is the embodiment of everything we want to be. Passionate Hammers fans, pulling on the shirt and scoring in front of the fans. Thats why the ground lit up when he came on and went bananas when he scored. Lets hope we go onwards from here. Lets hope that Freddie causes some of the bigger names to start playing, lets hope Curbs feels the same elation we did and sees that its better to have a noisey Upton Park than a quiet crap one that we have had for most of the season. Well done lad.

  23. colney says:

    me 2 dev

  24. Bored by Curbs says:

    Dissapointed with Curbishly in his interveiw after the game. He said when he told Sears before kick-off he was not going to be starting, he did not get a reaction. What sort of reaction did he expect from a kid? Did Curbs want him to start crying or smash the place up and call him a C**t. He has absolutly no idea when it comes to man management and how to handle players.

    Anyway, well done Freddie Sears. Hopefully we will be allowed to see a lot more this season X

  25. chris says:

    Cant flippin believe the only game I miss this season through illness(like you iain)is the game sears scores his first goal,Im gutted!!! it does bring a tear to the eye, just wish I’d made it ,Im sure i’ll see many more, ive heard he’s special,24 goals in 25 games thats a great return at any level,great result saturday,but did anyone notice blackburns gameplan,to ping diagonal balls to our right(lucas neil), not gunna grumble though,good luck freddie!!!!!!

  26. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    He reminds me of a Cottee or Pop Robson, especially the way he followed up to finish it off the goal and he will play well off a guy like Ashton. He has a real nose for goal. Classic sniffer.

  27. Doc H Ball says:

    Like some others I want to stick up for Mullins. He’s probably our most consistent, least injured and underated player. One big question for next season is who plays in the central midfield – Parker/Mullins; Parker/Noble or Noble/Mullins?

    With regards Matthew’s comments, I too would like to see another attacking central midfielder added to the squad. It would be great to get Jimmy Bullard back methinks.

    As for the youngsters, I’d stick with Ashton and Sears up front for the remainder of the season with Bobby Z on the bench. What do we have to lose? Bobby’s still not match fit, Cole’s hopeless and we need someone to play off Deano.

    I’d also have Tomkinns, Collison and Reid on the bench for the rest of our games. Tomkins can come on as sub in central defence in any game we’ve made safe, Reid (or anyone for that matter) is better than LBM on the left whilst Etherington is perpetually unfit and Collison can have a few cameos.

    Maybe just maybe Curbs learned on Saturday that he needs to take a few risks and if he can’t now, he’ll never be able to. If we start next season 4-5-1 (esp at home) then he’ll lose the crowd once and for all. For now, keep the faith, blood these kids and back the team!

  28. Mike Hornchurch says:

    We are never going to win anything with Mullins in the side. I like him and he has had a good season for him but he simply gives the ball away too much. I don’t know what the Opta stats are but he must give possesion away at least one in four passes. Good dependable Championship player but we won’t win trophies with him in our side. How can we possibly leave Noble out? He should be the first name on the sheet.
    Agree with the Nani appointment as Director of Football as far as transfers, new stadium and training ground are concerned, but hope Tony Carr was fully consulted and agreed to any involvement in respect of the Acadamy. Carr has created miracles over the years and in my book is up there with all the WH greats. Hope he hasn’t been treated badly over the Nani appointment?

  29. Biffo the Bear says:

    I blame fantasy football and Championship manager. everyone’s an expert, players can just be swapped over from one team to another and it all works out. Gives people the idea that they know how to manage a football club and which players can play together.

    Mullins and Zamora not good enough for West Ham?
    Absolute bollocks mate.

  30. Ollie says:

    Can’t believe the stick Mullins is getting from the less intelligent of our supporters. He has been fantastic for us since he came. Does what it says on the box. We are West Ham, at present a mid-table team, not long ago in the championship. We are not going to attract the essiens and fabregas of this world.

    We will build and climb the table by solid youth investment (Noble, Sears, Tomkins, Spence etc) and unearthing NEW YOUNG TALENT either from the lower leagues (Mullins, McCartney, NRC, Harewood) or abroad (eg Benayoun). The latter will not happen under Curbishley I’m sad to say. He has not unearthed any gems but just bought overpriced has beens with medical records as long as your arm.
    Sears debut has plastered over the cracks for Curbs. I think Bilic will be in place by the summer, but even he will only succeed if our scouting network is top-draw.
    A blind man could have suggested last summers buys.

    On the plus side we still have the core of Pardew’s team and they have been our saving grace – Green, Linda, Noble, Mullins, Ashton, Zamora, Etherington, Bowyer, Anton, Super Johnny Pantsil, plus Curbs sole good bit of business – Upson.

    The bad buys make up the numbers and we know who unearthed these gems – Dyer (Permanent Crock), Faubert ( Le train? more like Le Milk Float!), Ljungberg & Neill (Greedy Bastards), Boa Morte and the diamond in the crown – Quashie !

    The people backing Curbs now are the same ones who were so eager to sack Pards. Have a look around you next time your at UP. You could still sing “Alan Pardew’s claret and blue army” cause it is.

    Even his signings who followed him out the door – Benayoun, NRC and Harewood made the club £millions in the transfer market. Can’t see the same return coming our way when Emergency Ward 10’s cast from above leave on a freebie, can you?

  31. DevoDevo says:

    Some good points, Ollie, but I wouldn’t write off Faubert and Dyer just yet.

    I’ve seen Faubert a bit and he is quick and strong, it will take him a while to settle in the Premiership. Let’s not forget it took Tevez 19 games to get off the mark!!

    As for Dyer, whilst evryone knows he has had his injury problems, when Curbishley bought him, he was on a decent run without injury, playing well and in the England squad. His injury this season was due to an outrageous hack at his leg and nothing to do with his previous problems.

    I feel he could be a top player for us, especially in the hole.

    Major concerns at the moment are right back and left midfield.

  32. We should nurture young Sears the same way Everton built Rooney into a class player. Unfortunately Man United stole him, as they normally do. Hopefully Sears will stick with the Hammers. Loved the crossed hammers he displayed after scoring, it put a lump in my throat.

  33. aaron says:

    Good luck to the young lad.Curbs finally made a descision to change a game.Lets not forget Mark Noble though.I think he made a big difference when he came on with Sears.Mark Noble is someone for Sears to look up to.Perfect rolemodel.Only thing that baffles me is that curbs leaves him out of starting eleven again.

  34. Upton Spark says:

    10 out of 10 for Ollie’s comments(March 17) At last,someone with a brain and not just a BIG mouth.
    Well done Ollie.

  35. Upton Spark says:

    Sears wil be the new Cottee for the Hammers,and look what happened to him.
    Eventually sold to Everton and who would argue with our track record of unloading players that the same won’t happen again.
    Just watch the Man U’s and the Chelsea’s come crawling when Sears starts banging in the goals.

  36. Hammerboy says:

    Well said ‘Upton Spark’ and ‘Ollie’. Everyone knows of our record of unearthing QUALITY english talent then offloading it to bigger clubs. Flamin’ hell. Lets not get rid of Ferdinand (who i think needs a bit of support, the past few games he’s been off but who’s to say the whole team hasn’t been ‘off’), Sears, Collison, Tomkins and Spence. Also that rumour about Noble off to Arsenal … to use Upton Sparks phrase IT MAKES ME SICK!!!! Lets keep the youngsters here, or damn it lets go down to the championship!

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