Curbishley is the Key to Nani’s Success

So the much heralded appointment of a new technical director at West Ham has finally come to pass. Gianluca Nani is to take on the rule from June 1st according to a club statement today. This is not quite the new venture it appears. In reality it was the role Ron Greenwood took on as General Manager after John Lyall took over in 1974. Alan Curbishley seems to have been fully involved in the appointment and he is the lynchpin here. If he is positive about the role it can work. If he views it has having someone looking over his shoulder all the time, it won’t. It really is as simple as that. I think the Board were looking for a half glass full merchant to provide a bit of optimism in the camp. Curbishley’s hang dog expression does not go down well with some members of the board.

So what do you think Nani will bring to the club? What should his main priorities be?


16 Responses to Curbishley is the Key to Nani’s Success

  1. Biffo the Bear says:

    I think the days of the manager doing everything himself and relying on a few old boys who hang around Hackney Marshes wearing sheepskin coats and scribbling boys names on the back of betting slips who are then invited to Upton Park to sweep the stands after a match are long gone.

    There have been some notable failures to establish a ‘director of football’ role at many clubs but I don’t think we should be worried.

    BG has decided to restructure the upper levels of the club from the chairman to the board. I think this side of football clubs is the bit that we as punters know least about, we can all imagine what it’s like to have a group of players, coaches and medical staff, six days to prepare for a game, tactics etc. but he structure of a privately owned multi-million pound sports business is something we don’t really have an insight into.

    I think we have to trust the owner when he says he is ambitious for the club, Curbs has said he was involved in the selection process from the job description up.

    I think it will take a while but I do believe the club is modernising itself which, I believe, is the only way to acheive any progress. Not forgetting that progress has already been made, I know people have short memories but I can remember staying after a fizzy pop game with a few thousand others chanting ‘WE WANT BROWN OUT….WE WANT BROWN OUT” well, he’s gone, we’re mid-table in the premier league with 43 points. That’s progress.

    i think this is too.

  2. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Unearth young foreign talent, and to look for young TECHNICALLY gifted English players so the national side can compete playing exciting football on the international stage.

    There’s only one Nani!

  3. getoutofthat says:

    We have an excellent record for developing and bringing through young talent, with Freddie’s dream debut on Saturday just being the most recent example, but our horizons have been quite narrow in signing players into the club. (Tevez and Mascherano excepted!) Hopefully Nani will help develop a truly global scouting network that will let us bring in promising young players from around the world to come through the Academy. Let’s be fair… You can’t beat the sight of a young lad like Freddie celebrating like he was Saturday or doubt for a moment the commitment of someone like Mark Noble who has grown up in the club but if we can retain that and supplement it with some Arsenal-style scouting it would be amazing…

  4. bedford hammer says:

    cant be no worse than having menace wise as the barcodes have!!!!
    seriously thou i welcome the appointment,he has unearthed some very good international players in italy and from wot he has been saying on sky sports news today he is keen on bringing thru more young english players at west ham which is a very proud tradition we still adhere to unlike other london clubs (arsenal,spuds,chelski).it also seems to have perked curbs up and as he had a major say in bringing him in it could bode well for next season!
    there is no better feeling as a west ham fan than a youngster making the grade for the club they support,noble and sears are testament to that and i defy anyone who didnt have hairs standing on end or a lump in there throat during sears goal celebration on saturday so if this tradition is to be kept going and made even more successful by the appointment of mr nani then im all for it.
    there will always be an element of risk wiv any new blood coming into the club be it on or off the pitch but early signs seem positive and its not been thrust apon anyone and has clearly been thought out so i think we have good reason to be encouraged.
    WHU 4 LIFE

  5. ironsmith says:

    I think his main priority at the start will be to secure the signings of the four or five top class players during the summer window that will be needed to really challenge next season.
    It sounds as if curbs has been involved with this appointment from start to finish and I get the impression they will make a good team and hopefully we can all look forward to an exciting transfer window in the summer but before all this we need 6 or 7 wins to qualify for europe!

  6. crazyhorse says:

    Nani has said he will keep with our traditions concerning our academy,and this is exciting times for the club.We have the prospect of keeping our home grown talent,aswell as being able to bring in talent from abroad.

  7. colney says:

    all seems a bit poncy at the moment to me.

    i mean i had a mum to look after me not a nani !!!!

  8. supernumbersix says:

    No bedford hammer I didn’t have a lump in my throat, I was too busy racing around the room with my forearms crossed Hammerstyle scaring the cat and pissing off the missus. The misery of twelve goals swept aside by the 18 year old that we have been urging the manager to play (reminds me of a year ago when we were all shouting for Tevez to be pulled off the bench and for Noble to start- rocket science eh Curbs?) for a few weeks now. Nani has said all the right things. If we can balance the side with great kids a bolstered by experienced players, both foreign and British, we’ll be sorted. Oh, and Tony Carr should be given a massive pay rise and a Knighthood.

  9. redkipper says:

    I agree with most of above; I also hope Nani can improve the teams fitness trianing which clearly is lacking. No other club has so many players unavalable becasuse of injuries; it needs a complete overhaul by a man in the know – lets hope Nani is this man.

  10. franc75 says:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained thats what I think. If Curbs is left to his own devices, we’ll again be mid table this time next season, and the season after that. All we need now is BG to find a position for Paolo Di Canio … Director of passion and motivation maybe ??

  11. brooking is still the best says:

    All sounds good to me.
    Lets hope he can help the club bring in top quality foriegn players to help complement our team it’ll be great.

  12. chris says:

    Get the impression iain, he’s here to unearth gems,lets hope their all not from foreign soil,hope we dont end up like arsenal,but Im all for a good mix.

  13. Roshi says:

    Just seen the opta stats that say West Ham have committed the most fouls in the Premier League.
    Will Nani address this so that we actually start playing football and not kicking the opposition.
    On another note, who are these sad people who record all these facts, Ive never sat next to one!
    Do the players have electronic chips in their boots to record how far they have run etc. Nobody in my office has a clue!

  14. HammerMalta says:

    Well let`s face it he`s italian,and he must know the job.What i mean is who done best over the years english or italian fooball,we did`nt do bad on club level but on national level they ran over us.On club level they can bring them from abroad and for the national from the youth ranks.Let`s hope for the best and the right man for the job. WEST HAM TILL I DIE!!!!

  15. Matthew says:

    I think the appt is good, we are a club in transition, with this adding to the new structure and business model BG has designed for success. Another part of the jigsaw(sorry for the pun). On a serious note, nani discovered Kaka, Baggio, Pirlo, + many more top stars, his cv is impressive and Curbs seems to be happy with it, just annoys me that press might try to drive wedge between Nani and curbs, the old favourite of whose in charge syndrome. I’m looking forward to the the remainder of this seaon and the summer now, this season has been a funny one but lots of positives have come from it, Sears, beating Man Utd, Sears, BG, Nani,…. Go on the C + B!

  16. Plaistow54 says:

    Nani is a highly experienced director & scout. Common knowledge. He will develop the youth & players that we have, & set up a scouting network as he has done in other clubs successfully for the next three years. This will allow us to keep talented kids & no longer have to pay an inflated wage bill for players who we have needed to buy in the past who must perform at the top level immediately. BG said he had a long term plan to take us forward. This is the type of appointment that smacks of a management that is thinking things out long term. This will allow Curbs to concentrate on the first team & it will bring stability to our performances. Sorely lacking in the past. He will know his priorities, they will be what he has been brought in to do, sign a couple of big names & cultivate what we already have, & we have much.

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