The England Squad

So, there are two questions to be answered today. Will Mark Noble be in the England squad? And the second one is: why isn’t Robert Green in it?


15 Responses to The England Squad

  1. Jason Iles says:

    probably will be in the team now he’s let 13 goals in 4 games LOL

  2. Josh says:

    Dont think Noble will be in it, Papers are only speculating because he’s not in the U21 squad but Stuart Pearce said he left his regulars out because he knows what they are about and he wants to see some of the fringe players get a game.

    Green wont be in it because he’s conceeded 13 goals in his last 4 games.

  3. Hammers Darren says:

    And the answers will be… a) No, because inexplicably he’s not even an automatic pick for his club’s first XI when Parker is fit and b) Because like David James before him his West Ham colleagues sabotaged his chance at the point when not choosing him became indefensible. 0-4, 0-4, 0-4 should do it…

  4. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Marks nomination would be a huge suprice for me. He is not finished article yet and he has not been getting even to our starting eleven since Scottie Parker returned from injury. Although I love the kid, I must admit that I expected bigger progress from him after last season heroics. I hate to say it, but Hudlestone has earned more important role in Spuds team for example imo.
    Greeno had awesome first half of the season and it is almost inexplicable how he could have been overlooked by McClaren. Despite the fact, that he have had a dip in form during last weeks imo, he is definitely one of three best English goalies. Capello should give him a call.

  5. pjd says:

    sorry noble nowhere close yet,maybe in the ,unbelievable that he has not made any recent squads when clearly he is better than carson,kirkland and robinson.dont expect him to get picked,why i dunno

  6. Admin says:

    The answer is no to both, But good news, Upson is, if fit.

  7. aaron says:

    I would normally say that Rob Green should be picked but he has been out of sorts recently.I dont think he should take all the blame because our defence has been discusting.Anton has not had a bad season but when Upson aint there with him and bossing him about he looks lost.As for noble how can Capello pick him if Curbs doesnt even pick him?Mark Noble would be my first name on the team sheet at west ham without a doubt.

  8. colney says:

    forget england for a while,its not gona change with an italian in charge.he will pick the same old players that underperform every time and then the papers will have him thrown out of the country.we are a joke to the rest of the world and the sooner we realise it the better!!!!!

    3 lions on our shirt

    more like 3 hammers players in the team and we might win something ?

    bring on the micky mousers!

  9. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Noble is good but not near international class. With the return to fitness of our players, Noble should expect a lot of time on the bench as our midfield is very strong. I agree with Hammers Darren about Green’s chances after the 4-0s plus I don’t think Capello would have taken kindly to Green having “Englands Number 6” on his gloves.

    I know people may say that Capello’s got no sense of humour but international football is not a funny business unless you’re managed by Steve McClaren of course. Green should not have carried his frustration of not being selected by McClaren over into Capellos reign. This lead him to go along with that crazy gloves stunt. Can’t believe no one at the club advised him against it. Capello’s a serious man.

  10. DevoDevo says:

    Noble is not ready for England yet.

    Green should be in with kirkland and James instead of Peter Sutcliffe.

  11. chris says:

    Glad no ones in it iain,we dont want any more injuries,goodnight

  12. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    No and no !

  13. lanphuong says:

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  14. Matthew says:

    Morning Iain, looks like Noble reqested not to be called up, and Pearce wanted to blood new younsters anyway, he know’s what nobles all about. As for green, is it all down to that injury he got playing for england, seems there is something underlying. almost like he’s done something really bad. Strange!

  15. The Guru says:

    As a Norwich fan I still can’t believe Greeno isn’t in the squad. David James you can understand, as he’s in fine form. Stuart Carson is 50/50 for me, but KIRKLAND? The guy’s made from glass…

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