Everton: I Wish I Could Say I am Optimistic!

Against West Ham, Everton have won more matches (13), gained more points (45) and scored more goals (44) than against any other club, according to the Premier League. And that’s why I am not very optimistic about tomorrow! Mind you, they can’t be all that good if they lost to Fulham last week.

I imagine Curbishley will keep the same starting eleven that started against Blackburn. I’d love to see Freddie Sears start, but maybe it is best to keep him on the bench for a bit and let him finish the last twenty minutes or so of each game.

Luis Boa Morte is available for selection again. I shall refrain from further comment.


10 Responses to Everton: I Wish I Could Say I am Optimistic!

  1. Upton Spark says:

    L B Morte is the one who should be on the bench and Freddie Sears should get the nod.
    Mind you,this is Curbs in charge and not the supporters. Yes,L B M to start then,as Curbs seems to favour him so much,or is it that he’s good looking in the shower?

  2. jon.london colney says:

    ian,congrats for the no comment !! that must have been so hard?

    Dont push fred in just yet,hes had 20 minutes!

    great to see weve got nani in to help with buying the foreigners and then curbs says there not spending a penny this summer????????????

    f.me is that just me that noticed that one?

  3. brooking is still the best says:

    Lets hope for better luck on Saturday then, we owe them form earlier in the season when they beat us twice in a week at home!

  4. Hammerboy says:

    If Sears gets the nod then i think it will be too much pressure for him. However, i would much rather see Freddie Sears in the lineup than LBM. But, I nor anyone else on here is Alan Curbishley and being the idiot that he is we can expect LBM in the 1st 11.

  5. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Prediction: we will look flat, disinterested, disorganised, slow (are you reading this Lucas?) and already thinking about a summer break when we can ‘pork up’ for the new season.

    I still hope that one day we will be a BIG club….it just won’t be this year!

  6. ironsmith says:

    I will remain optimistic as always,UNTIL: LBM is selected or Anton/Lucas has a rush of blood or goes walkabout. However, these major weaknesses can be sorted out by the manager and I hope he does! We have beaten man u and liverpool so why not? I am expecting Ashton to continue with another class performance and I am quietly confident we will get our revenge on the toffees with our new look strike force!

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, i get the feeling we are due a good game against Everton too. We are expected to get beaten so the pressure’s off. Cut Sears a piece of the action last twenty minutes. All things taken into account, not that bad a season, we are safe. Nani is a great move, for sure. I don’t believe we have brought him in to buy no one. He knows Toni at Munich very well. A year into four year contract but massive strike rate. Maybe now we can keep our young Ferdinands & Coles. We expect a lot sometimes but we are going forward.

  8. brooking is still the best says:

    I think it’s time for a reality check. for the most part of this season we have had to put the same team out as last year, minus a certain Carlos Tevas. So to be tenth is a great achievement.
    I may not be too keen on the syle of football we have played for the most part of the year but tenth is great.
    With Bellamy, Dyer, Parker and Faubert missing, that takes away alot of pace in the side. Ashton has had a season that he has spent getting right from being out for over a year and is just starting to show his true pedigree.
    Any team outside the top four would miss five players like those so what more could we really expect of this season.
    Lets look on the positive side, if those players can stay fit, a couple of new signings in the summer, players from the youth team coming through, next season looks to be very exciting!
    Time to give Curbishley a break and get behind the revolotion that is taking hold at West Ham. No more con men like Terry Brown but true pros from the chairman down to Tony Carr.

  9. Jeff Cockney Boy says:

    Sorry for changing the subject but Heres a free link to watch the mighty hammers i think its a feed off setanta


  10. NJ Hammer says:

    Just seen the lineup and LBM is in the starting 11. What is AC thinking? Can somone PLEASE explain!!!!!

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